2023 Feng Shui Flying Stars New Fantastic Strategies for You

2023 Feng Shui Flying Stars New Fantastic Strategies for You

2023 is a great time to begin turning toward Period 9’s new energies. People are now preparing for the new Period 9 which is starting next year. You need to set up your Feng Shui at this time and look at the annual 2023 Feng Shui flying stars to be in a better position to accept Period 9 energy going forward. The yearly flying stars for 2023 start officially on the 4th of February 2023. Besides looking at our Bazi, it is additional info to see what we need to do to prepare for the forthcoming transitional point to Period 9. You will begin with a great start and be miles ahead of your rivals.

You can use the Flying Stars and Sectors to improve the Feng Shui in your home. It is because the study of the environment’s vibrational energy is the true essence of Feng Shui. Therefore, it is less about employing decorative elements in a Westernized approach. Using a location’s Flying Stars, you can quickly distinguish between good and bad sectors because they represent nine different sectors at a given time. It could indicate either positive or negative Qi (气), giving you either inspiration or unhappiness.

Positive health, relationships, and prosperity can all be made manifest by good energy. You can establish a solid connection with these aspects by using the fundamental principles of Feng Shui and its flying stars. If you can change your home’s Feng Shui, it will help you develop your mind too. Therefore, your ability to connect with cosmic forces and the environment can help you attract positive opportunities. You become more productive in 2023 as your mind strengthens.

2023 Feng Shui Flying Stars
2023 Feng Shui Flying Stars

Three Ways of Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui can be easily applied in your home using one of three methods. You can plot your Bazi Chart using this link if needed.

  • Your Life Gua is connected to one of the nine sectors or palaces and is always active, regardless of year’s energy. It is a form of passive activation.
  • Place yourself in the sector to take advantage of the energy. For example, consider your sleeping area (bedroom), main door location, kitchen, or working space (study room).
  • Utilize activation techniques to gain temporary access to the sector’s energy. You can also employ remedies to combat any negative energy. Some examples include using water or fire activation, salt lamps, consistent loud noises, or groundbreaking activities. Do note that these activities will affect the rest of the household members. You can select an auspicious date and conduct an appropriate Feng Shui study.

Furthermore, you should know your objectives for 2023 and beyond and take steps to achieve them. The activated energy will help you achieve them. Additionally, you want to be aware of negative sectors if you practice activation. It is because you should avoid activating those sectors.

Plotting the Flying Stars of Your Property

To start, we need to identify the direction your house is facing. It involves understanding which sides are north, south, east, and west to the center of your home.

  1. First, you need a floor plan. If you don’t have one, draw your property layout. Then, unless a bedroom above the garage needs to be included, you can omit spaces like balconies and garages that aren’t part of your living space.
  2. Then, you need to square off the overall space of your property, excluding the balconies, and mark an X at the corners. It will help you find the center of your home, which doesn’t need to be exact but should be within three to four feet.
  3. Next, stand at the center and use a compass to determine the north, south, east, and west directions. You can use a compass or an app on your phone to find your coordinates.
  4. Then, place a stencil over the compass to mark the north direction on the property. It will help identify the property’s quadrants.
  5. Lastly, plot the flying stars of your property and you can apply the Feng Shui principles of 2023 to your property.
Plotting the Flying Stars of Your Property
Plotting the Flying Stars of Your Property

The South West Sector – The Resourceful #1 Victory Star (一白贪狼星)✔️

Blessings#1 Victory Star
InfluenceEveryone in the household
Goat and Monkey sign
Life Gua 1
EnhanceConnecting with others
Business savvy
Success luck
ActivationPosition yourself in the
South West sector
#1 Victory Star Blessings

The visiting star for the South West sector is star #1, also known as the Nobleman star. It’s a star of connection, so if you want to connect with people who can help you, you should be in the South West sector. It combines with star #8, which adds energy to star #1, making it a healthy combination. Southwest has no negative connotation, but if you were born under the sign of the monkey, you would be subject to the Three Killings.

It is a beneficial sector if you are looking for investors and want to connect with those who have resources. Resources don’t just mean money but also time and specific skill sets that you can borrow if not in use. To increase your income as an employee, you can work with your company by connecting with your boss and proposing a new idea that can generate more revenue. It is possible through intrapreneurship, where you introduce a product inside the company, use its market, and share some of the profits. This path can lead to becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur in the long run.

Consequently, this is the sector you should choose if you want to meet noble and helpful people in your career or business consultations. You can focus on setting up your reputation and brand to command higher prices for your goods or services. It can keep rivals from capturing your market. Consumers will pay extra for quality when they believe in your principles and brand. Use the South West sector to create your brand, build your reputation, and conduct business activities.

Star #1 White Victory Star for 2023 (South West Sector)
Star #1 White Victory Star for 2023 (South West Sector)

The East Sector – The Unhealthy #2 Black Sickness (二黑巨门星)❌

Afflictions#2 Black Illness
AffectsElderly & sick
Pregnant women
Eldest Son
Life Gua 2
Poor health
Stomach issues
RemediesUse Fire to counter Wood
#2 Black Illness Afflictions

We can find the #2 Black Sickness Star in the East sector for 2023. This star can aggravate those who are already sick. If no one is sick, then there is no need to worry. However, if someone is sick, avoid placing them in a room located in the East direction. Elderly persons or young children should also not be placed in the East sector. The #2 Black star does not cause sudden sickness. However, it does represent accumulation. Therefore, if you neglect your health, you’ll likely fall sick.

The combination of the #2 star and #9 is constructive, as star #9 is the star of joy and will further enhance star #2. From a Flying Star perspective, any energy that doesn’t belong to the base number (e.g., Star #2) is considered positive. Star #2 represents consultation, training, and development. It benefits those gradually advancing their abilities or creating something for themselves. However, since we are still in Period eight, be careful with Star #2. The #2 Black star will be considered a wealth star for the next 20 years because of the Period 9 effect starting from 2024.

Last but not least, to grow your business and get more resources, use the East sector and focus on the positive side of Star #2. It’s linked to future wealth and assets, making it ideal for negotiating with banks and land deals. Alternatively, you can hire someone to be in charge of asset accumulation. However, it’s important to note that if you’re not using this sector as a workroom but as a bedroom, it may not be great for long-term health.

Star #2 Black Sickness Star for 2023 (East Sector)
Star #2 Black Sickness Star for 2023 (East Sector)

The South East Sector – The Argumentative #3 Jade Star (三碧禄存星)❌

Afflictions#3 Jade Argument
AffectsEldest daughter
Dragon & Snake signs
Life Gua 3
IssuesRelationship conflicts
Mood swings
Legal issues
RemediesUse Fire to counter Wood
#3 Jade Argument Afflictions

The #3 Jade is a resilient star known as the “Courage” star. We can find it in the South East sector of your home in 2023. It represents wood energy that keeps growing and doesn’t know when to stop. The combination of star #1 and star #3 does suggest that in 2023, the water energy from star #1 will strengthen the wood energy. The wood star is related to networking, connections, and traveling. This combination is good for growth and mentors and can help improve your level of fame. Hence to enhance your reputation, it would be wise to concentrate on the Southeast sector.

Star #3 also gives you more courage and makes you want to take opportunities, making you feel like a winner. Place the in-charge individual in the area of star number three to advertise the new product or explore the new territory to open up a new market, product line, or domain. As a result, the person will become bold and more eager to take chances. You don’t need to be everywhere as a business owner; all you need to do is put the right person in the right spot to make the job easier.

However, if applied to relationships, it can lead to constant arguing with others, which is not beneficial. It’s important to know how to control oneself and not let this energy cause needless arguments, especially in the office. However, you can use this area if you wish to improve your resilience. You can use the fire element to reduce the intensity of this energy by lighting a candle in the sector.

Star #3 Jade Argument Star for 2023 (South East Sector)
Star #3 Jade Argument Star for 2023 (South East Sector)

The Center Sector – The Scholastic #4 Peach Blossom Star

Blessings#4 Peach Blossom Star
InfluenceEveryone in the household
Life Gua 4
ActivationPosition yourself in the
Center sector
Use Water to activate
#4 Peach Blossom Star Blessings

You can upskill yourself to multiply your revenue. If you use the same skills as last year, you can’t expect your income to grow. Therefore, you can study successful people in your field and identify what they’re doing differently. The Flying Stars of 2023 suggests activating the center of your property to help you learn more effectively. It is because Star #4 is a wood star that represents growth, progress, and development.

As a result, you can choose one skill to work on and commit to improving it. Spend time acquiring and developing your public speaking skills, for instance, if they are essential in your work. It can also include improving your relevant job skills such as soft skills such as communication, time management, and influence. It’s about doing better in what you do and producing results that your clients or customers want. Remember that skill development requires effort and direction but is essential for success.

As a business owner, you can improve your sales and product quality by developing your skills and connecting with your customers. This sector can also make you more attractive when you learn about grooming, makeup, skincare, or personal grooming. Dress up appropriately and meet more people to increase your chances of being found more attractive. You can activate star #4 in the center of your space and ensure that the center to the north is not blocked. It creates good energy for learning new skills and dominating your industry. If you rent a studio, you can occupy the center space for planning and work.

Star #4 Peach Blossom Star for 2023 (Center Sector)
Star #4 Peach Blossom Star for 2023 (Center Sector)

The North West Sector – The Misfortune #5 Calamity Star (五黄廉贞星)❌

Afflictions#5 Five Yellow
AffectsEveryone in the household
Dog and Pig sign
Loss of wealth
Victim of politics at work
RemediesUse Metal to weaken Earth
#5 Calamity Afflictions

The #5 calamity star is in the Northwest sector for 2023. It can represent unstable and temperamental energy, which can cause accidents, bodily injuries, and financial losses. In addition, this energy can also make you aggressive and affect your decision-making. The bedroom occupant needs to be cautious due to a tendency towards risk-taking. On the other hand, if you find the Five Yellow at the main door, it may indicate a challenging economic year. If your bedroom or kitchen is there, cook less or move to a different room. It is better to avoid using this star at all.

The visiting Star #3 arrives at Star #5 in the Northwest sector and has a combination of energy that can be difficult to handle. It’s crucial to refrain from becoming overly hostile and instead direct that energy in a different direction. You can focus your attention on something productive and avoid getting into unnecessary trouble. This sector is good for building resilience and fighting back against challenges. Just make sure to direct your attention toward positive things and not toward people.

Avoiding the star is the simplest solution, but it may not always be possible. In such cases, you can place six metal dumbbells to help mitigate its unfavorable effects. Proper day selection and mitigation techniques based on your house’s Feng Shui would be crucial. Yet, you can utilize this sector to be successful and a market leader in 2023. This hidden formation is known as the “Fast Wealth Fighting Three Killing Formation.” If you can use this formation effectively, you may emerge successful despite the difficulties.

Star #5 Yellow Calamity Star for 2023 (North West Sector)
Star #5 Yellow Calamity Star for 2023 (North West Sector)

The West Sector – The Authoritative #6 Heavenly Star (六白武曲星)✔️

Blessings#6 Heavenly Star
InfluenceYoungest Daughter
Rooster sign
Life Gua 6
Decision Making
ActivationPosition yourself in the
West sector
#6 Heavenly Star Blessings

The West sector visiting star #6, is an excellent sector for those seeking power and authority. However, star #6 is countering star #4, and the reduction of energy in this sector occurs. Nevertheless, it still forms the Combo 10, also known to be a beneficial formation. It is a conducive sector for smart and authoritative people to work together. This sector can also boost those looking to improve their decision-making and work with others.

If you have a fixed-salary job and want to enhance your leadership skills to get promoted to a managerial level, focus on utilizing the Star #6 sector. This sector represents leadership. By developing your leadership abilities, you can effectively manage a team of people, leverage their skills and time, and motivate them to work their best for you. On the other hand, if you have a health issue and need immediate recovery, go to Star #6. Bring your medication and supplements, and cook healthy meals to aid in your recovery.

But it’s also a Year Breaker sector, and the Rooster zodiac sign is particularly affected, so be careful about relationships. It may cause relationships to break rather than build one. If this is your Life Gua then you can try to work with intelligent or influential people. This year, it’s possible that you’ll naturally gravitate toward authoritative individuals. It can help you establish a powerful position and become indispensable.

Star #6 White Heavenly Star for 2023 (West Sector)
Star #6 White Heavenly Star for 2023 (West Sector)

The North East Sector – The Discord #7 Robbery Star (七赤破军星)❌

Afflictions#7 Robbery Star
AffectsEveryone in the household
Youngest son
Ox & Tiger sign
Life Gua 7
Office politics
RemediesUse Metal to weaken Earth
#7 Robbery Star Afflictions

In the Northeast, Star #5 is visiting and will empower Star #7, also known as the Discord star. Star #7 is often associated with negative things like theft and broken promises. Therefore, this combination will create bad energy. It’s best to avoid using the Northeast and Northwest sectors if possible. You can control your communication and avoid making empty promises if you have no choice but to use this sector.

Nevertheless, star #7 is beneficial for communication. As a business owner, you can utilize this by placing your public relations, media, customer service, and sales teams where Star #7 would be. It will help them communicate better with your clients. Remember, you don’t have to be present everywhere, but placing the right people in the right location can make a big difference. Therefore, when you want to improve your communication skills, consider this sector as it offers many opportunities to practice and learn how to move with the weather. If you’re a lawyer, this is a great place to be because lawyers know how to adapt and be flexible with their work.

Star #7 can benefit talkative people, but you should present yourself as appealing. To enhance your looks, use Star #4. After attracting people, you must know how to communicate well. It is where Star #7 comes in. Placing a mirror in the west sector and envisioning yourself speaking with someone you’re interested in will help you improve your communication skills. If you find yourself uninteresting, others will too. Therefore, you can use Star #7 to enhance your communication skills and stand out accordingly.

Star #7 Red Robbery Star for 2023 (North East Sector)
Star #7 Red Robbery Star for 2023 (North East Sector)

The South Sector – The Prosperity #8 Wealth Star (八白左辅星)✔️

Blessings#8 Wealth Star
InfluenceWorking Adults
Middle Daughter
Horse sign
Life Gua 8
ActivationPosition yourself in the
South sector
Use Fire to activate
#8 Wealth Star Blessings

One of the favorable sectors is the South, with star #8, which can make you busier at work. There’s an additional star #6, which represents power and authority. This combination of stars #8 and #6 exhausts some of the energy of star #8. It makes star #6 more dominant and allows one to train and become a better leader at work. The advice is to learn how to move back into an actual leadership position and help train people to improve their skills. The job of a leader is to get things done through another person. The overall idea is to develop leadership skills, especially in delegating tasks.

It’s important to note that the wealth star doesn’t bring in money directly. Simply activating the star won’t bring in cash or make people pay you more. However, the ability to perform more jobs, especially if you can do them more quickly than others, can boost your earning potential. As a result, the South sector can help newcomers improve their abilities by giving them additional opportunities to work and gain more experience.

Lastly, you can start a side business or activity after work to increase your income while working a nine-to-five job. It can be anything that doesn’t conflict with your current job, such as drop-shipping or starting an online business. To succeed, you need to plan and structure your promotions, create marketing materials and a website, and focus on your side gig in the South area of your home every day. If you work hard, you could have a second source of income in two to three months.

Star #8 White Wealth Star for 2023 (South Sector)
Star #8 White Wealth Star for 2023 (South Sector)

The North Sector – The Creative #9 Future Prosperity Star (九紫右弼星)✔️

Blessings#9 Future Prosperity Star
InfluenceEveryone in the household
Middle son
Rat sign
Life Gua 9
EnhanceFame and recognition
Joy and celebration
ActivationPosition yourself in the
North sector
Use Water to activate
#9 Future Prosperity Star Blessings

We can find the North sector with the combination of the #9 and #7 stars. The #7 star can help refine communication skills, while the #9 represents positivity and joy. However, the #7 star will remove some of the energy from the #9 star, reducing the effect of the #9 star. If you are bold enough to act on your creative ideas, you can still use this sector to increase your chances of getting a job promotion or finding great business opportunities. However, it’s crucial to coordinate with your manager or to work in the sales department to maximize your commission. If you can do this, you will have the company’s full support and are unlikely to lose your job when times are tough.

This combination can also be associated with content creators and influencers. Therefore, you can plan to develop your performance-related skills. You can use Water activation for the North sector. During Period 9, the #9 star is considered lucky. If you establish a solid foundation this year, it is likely to result in success in the following year. Alternatively, you use Star #9 to build happiness in your home by spending family time there, playing games, talking, and watching movies together.

As a business owner, you can focus on the North sector, which governs joint ventures. This area can help you connect with people from different fields and work together on projects to boost your revenue. The North sector will also benefit you for marketing purposes, and it’s advisable to make crucial decisions and hold meetings there.

Star #9 Purple Prosperity Star for 2023 (North Sector)
Star #9 Purple Prosperity Star for 2023 (North Sector)

The Three Killings (三煞)❌

The Three Killings’s direction is somewhat dangerous and can cause physical harm. It is located in the West sector spanning a huge direction between South West 3 to North West 1 (between 247.5° – 292.6).

One of the issues is the result of the “Robbery Sha (劫煞),” which can cause injuries and robberies. You will want to stay safe by sticking to brightly lit streets and places with many people around. In addition, you shouldn’t take shortcuts through dark alleys or park in isolated lots or garages. Walking in a group or with friends is safer than walking by yourself. Don’t display cash, jewelry, or designer clothes because doing so can tempt thieves.

Another deadly result could be from “Calamity Sha (災煞),” which can occur due to natural catastrophes such as flooding. Avoid activating this direction and take precautions if you are traveling abroad. You can be ready for natural disasters to avoid these accidents.

Lastly, the other thing you need to note is the “Year Sha (岁煞),” which can involve physical harm or damages like getting into an accident or getting hurt. You can still earn money back if you have lost it accidentally. However, losing a body part is irreparable. Therefore, it is advised not to challenge or test them, as even minor harm can be painful and permanent.

Three Killings for 2023
Three Killings for 2023 (South West 3 to North West 1 Sector)

The Grand Duke (太岁) and Year Breaker (岁破)❌

The two most important directions to pay attention to each year are the Grand Duke Direction and the Year Breaker Direction. These directions show the highest and lowest energy points in your current location.

The Grand Duke is assigned as the Rabbit sign this year, with the direction of East 2 (between 82.6 – 97.5°). The Grand Duke itself is not harmful, but it can amplify any stars in that direction when activated. Furthermore, if you have skill in date selection, you can utilize the positive energy to make the day even better. Therefore, if you plan to do renovations, activations, drilling, or nailing in the Grand Duke sector, it is crucial to choose the right day. It is generally advised not to continue the work if you don’t.

The Year Breaker with the Rooster sign signifies the weakest energy of your location. Hence, it is not a favorable direction, causing energy disruptions and instability. You should avoid activating the Year Breaker and instead pick a sector with steady energy to prevent these issues. The Year Breaker sits in the direction of the West 2 (between 262.6 – 277.5°).

Grand Duke & Year Breaker for 2023
Grand Duke & Year Breaker for 2023 (East 2 & West 2 Sector)

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