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  • How You Can Attract Spiritual Wealth and Good Luck in Period 9
    Most people think of money as the ultimate goal of wealth. However, spiritual wealth is an often overlooked aspect of wealth. In this world, you’ll find two distinct groups of people. One group of individuals is all about making money and maximizing profits. On the other hand, the spiritual group prioritizes making a positive impact … Read more
  • Your Key To Success, Money, And Wealth With Feng Shui
    Your key to success with Feng Shui begins with a framework. It can make success more predictable and helps you overcome past setbacks or bad choices. We all make mistakes. But with Feng Shui, you can override those choices and make success more dependable. Feng Shui is a tool that works for you constantly, even … Read more
  • Building Your Special Feng Shui Home That Makes You Rich
    In Feng Shui, the study of space is fundamental. It involves understanding the available space within your house. Wherever you live, you confine yourself to a specific place, which can be your house. Some people may wonder why, over time, they experience a decline in their financial situation when they move into a new home. … Read more
  • Best Feng Shui Principles to Succeed In The New Year
    Feng Shui principles is a practice that involves studying and optimizing the energy flow within your living space, such as your house or apartment. Therefore, it focuses on creating a harmonious environment that supports well-being and positive energy. By understanding the arrangement of furniture, colors, and other elements in your home, you can create a … Read more
  • The Truth About Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection Techniques
    The Feng Shui negative energy protection against “Sha Chi” (煞气) is paramount to the overall well-being of your household or business. The term “Sha Chi,” or “Sha Qi,” which can refer to “negative energy” or “killing energy,” describes the detrimental energies that can harm a person’s well-being, interpersonal connections, and financial success. Sharp objects, congested … Read more
  • Boring Business Ideas That Make Money Easily in 2023
    You may know 2023 won’t be a fantastic year for many people. This article will help you learn more about what to expect this year and, more importantly, how to achieve success and happiness with these boring business ideas that make money quickly in 2023. To begin this year, we can assess opportunities by understanding … Read more
  • 2023 Feng Shui Flying Stars New Fantastic Strategies for You
    2023 is a great time to begin turning toward Period 9’s new energies. People are now preparing for the new Period 9 which is starting next year. You need to set up your Feng Shui at this time and look at the annual 2023 Feng Shui flying stars to be in a better position to … Read more
  • The Complete Guide To The Chinese Zodiac 2023
    The Chinese New Year, which represents fresh starts, new experiences, and renewed hope, is the most significant day in the Chinese lunar calendar. The movement of the planets in the solar system ushers in fresh energy along with the new year. They are known as the 12 Chinese Zodiacs. 2023 is also referred to as … Read more
  • Investing Your Wealth in The Metaverse And Crypto Currency
    When an opportunity presents itself, we must quickly act since it ceases to be an opportunity when everyone is aware of investing in the Metaverse And Crypto Currency. Otherwise, we refer to it as general knowledge. But the price would have gone too high for you to invest in once everyone knew about it. However, … Read more
  • Breaking the 9 Invisible Chains That Make You Poor
    When we meditate or when Qi Men manifest, there may be many doubts, anxieties, and cynicism. Even while we can genuinely break those invisible chains holding us back using the daily Qi Men charts, generally, we’re sabotaging our efforts to achieve our goals. Many times, if we stopped self-sabotaging, we could realize how successful and … Read more
  • The Best 3 Secrets Of Feng Shui Applications
    We can assume that most individuals have heard of the term “Feng Shui” and that they are familiar with the meanings of the words “Wind” and “Water.” Nevertheless, each person has a different impression or perception of what Feng Shui is. All Feng Shui energies and element comes from the natural environment. Landform Feng Shui, … Read more
  • Megatrends and Hidden Job Opportunities in the New Period 9
    It’s possible that some of you studied Period 9 and know what to expect. Most of you are aware that we are moving towards Period 9. However, you might not know the megatrends, hidden job opportunities, or what occurs during this transitional era. Whether we like it or not, Period 9 is the new world … Read more
  • How To Be Successful in 2022 | Bazi & Qimen Analysis
    The clash month, which lasts from August to September, is crucial because it can set you up to become successful in 2022 and beyond if you take the correct actions. Additionally, we will expect significant impacts on the financial markets. Therefore, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. You can plot your Bazi chart here … Read more
  • How To Perform QiMen Forecasting For Answers You Want
    This article is designed for those who are just learning about Qi Men Dun Jia and the idea of Qimen forecasting. This post will be helpful to you if you have heard about Qi Men but are unsure of what it is or how it can help you live a better life or accomplish your … Read more
  • Aligned Goals Start With The Day Masters 2022 Now
    With the first half of 2022 ending soon, it’s paramount that you’ve already set aligned goals that are consistent with your long-term objectives. There’s still plenty to look forward to in the second half of 2022. However, what we’ll look at isn’t the typical way of looking at the year of the Water Tiger 2022. … Read more
  • Bazi For Beginners: Complete Guide To The 10 Profiles
    How can you prepare yourself to be strong and ready when opportunities present themselves? Then you need to figure out what your true talents or skills are. By understanding your innate abilities, you may be able to determine what to do in a given scenario and how to apply your abilities to get the desired … Read more
  • Powerful Future Predictions 2022 With The Forbidden Mother Earth Oracle
    Do you think 2022 will be a rebound year or a disaster year, and will we be able to recover? The COVID-19 epidemic occurred in 2020, as we will see when we look back. Many astrologers and metaphysical practitioners were perplexed why the Bazi charts did not suggest a pandemic. As a result, they combed … Read more
  • This Dumb 7 Secrets To Success In Unlocking Better Opportunities
    This guide will show you how to unlock the 7 secrets to success and better opportunities in 2022. Many believe that they will achieve significant success if they have more chances in life. It will provide them with additional opportunities to advance in their careers, increase their money, or maybe meet someone new in their … Read more
  • Bridging Wealth Opportunities In The Deluge Tiger Year 2022
    This article focuses on the short-term expectations in 2022. It will provide you with knowledge and insights about what actions you may do this year to increase your wealth and get richer. As a result, you’ll know what to expect in the whole year. Once you have this information, you can plan and be aware … Read more
  • Flying Stars 2022: The New Feng Shui Guide For All Beginners You Need To Know
    With all of the Flying Stars 2022 returning to their original palaces, it will be an interesting and exciting year. It marks the beginning of Period 9 with a system reset. As a result, you’ll be able to see a lot of your traits in their most natural state. However, for individuals who are unaware … Read more



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