Boring Business Ideas That Make Money Easily in 2023

Boring Business Ideas That Make Money Easily in 2023

You may know that 2023 won’t be a fantastic year for many people. This article will help you learn more about what to expect this year and, more importantly, how to achieve success and happiness with these boring business ideas that make money quickly in 2023.

To begin this year, we can assess opportunities by understanding the animal sign. This year is the Water Rabbit year, which consists of Water (水) and Wood (木) elements. It suggests that the year favors innovation and those who like to create new things, explore, and get out of their comfort zone. Water represents thoughts and ideas. But, it is essential to translate these ideas into reality, symbolized by the wood element, as wood is the only element that consistently strives to grow. Therefore, this year favors those willing to challenge the status quo and try new things, while those who prefer the same old ways may be left behind.

Many people believe that certain things are out of their control, such as whether or not they will experience difficulties. However, this kind of thinking is narrow-minded. Instead, it’s better to focus on opportunities for growth and improvement. There will always be issues, but if you work on improving, you’ll be better able to deal with them. Here’s when creativity comes into play.

Rather than waiting for things to happen, you should aim to make things happen. Those who wait for events to happen ask questions like “When will I meet my nobleman?” or “When will my good luck pillar come?”. However, those who make things happen ask questions like “How can I create breakthroughs this year?” This year, 2023, is favorable for those who take action.

Boring Business Ideas - Gui Rabbit 2023 Encourages Creativity
Boring Business Ideas – Gui Rabbit 2023 Encourages Creativity

An In-depth Analysis of the Bazi Chart 2023


Yin Fire

Yin Water

Yang Wood

Yin Water

Yin Fire

Yin Fire

Yang Wood

Yin Wood

(Geng) (Bing) (Wu)
+Metal +Fire +Earth
🪓 🌞 ⛰️

(Geng) (Bing) (Wu)
+Metal +Fire +Earth
🪓 🌞 ⛰️

(Wu) (Jia) (Bing)
+Earth +Wood +Fire
🌍 🌳 🌞

Heavenly Wealth (天财)
Blood Knife (血刃)
Blood Knife (血刃) Robbery Sha (劫煞)
Sickness Charm (病符)
Golden Lock (金匮)
Grand Duke (太岁)
6 Realms
Year of the Water Rabbit 2023 (4th Feb 2023, 1044hrs)

1. Trading or Investing in Assets, not Liabilities

Can you tell which is the dominant element in 2023? It’s the Fire (火) Element. This element represents money, so there will be a lot of money in circulation in the economy. Moreover, there is a substantial Wood Element, which equals even more money because wood produces fire.

Yet, inflation can develop when the money supply expands more quickly than the economy, which will result in higher prices. Inflation leads to people buying less, so spending will decrease. People’s outlook on spending is also more pessimistic due to the absence of Yang Water (壬) in 2023.

If you have the Water Element, especially Yang Water, it means that despite inflation, you will still buy more. If your finances are in order, this is not a concern. But if you are having financial difficulties, having a Yang Water element in your Bazi chart during an inflationary period could be problematic. If so, you should exercise caution when making purchases this year. However, if you have extra cash, spending is not necessarily a bad thing. You can spend on assets instead of liabilities.

However it is possible to spend money on assets, and today, some people categorize handbags as an asset class. You can make a lot of money if you recognize which handbag is in demand. This year, those with Yang Water may acquire new talent for shopping. But, it’s essential to be mindful of your spending habits and prioritize your needs over your wants.

Boring Business Ideas - Invest in assets, not liabilities
Boring Business Ideas – Invest in Assets, not Liabilities

2. Focusing on Inclusive Businesses

Many people are worried about stability because it affects the economy and businesses. Among the five elements, the Earth (土) element represents stability. However, in the Bazi chart for 2023, the Earth element is not dominant and resides in the hidden stems. Since the stable Earth element is not prominent in 2023, there is hidden tension. We can observe global tensions like the war in Ukraine and conflicts between Iran and Israel, China, the United States, and Taiwan. Also, the chart’s sturdy wood element shows that stress is building, and its energetic fire element points to explosive scenarios.

When there are certain months when the Yang Metal (庚) appears on the Heavenly Stem, chaos will likely happen during that month. Instability will become more noticeable during months such as August when the Yang metal rises to the top. Because Earth is producing metal, it becomes weaker. As Earth represents stability, it follows that political stability has deteriorated.

Therefore, inclusive businesses allow companies or individuals to reduce poverty by involving people at the bottom of the income scale in their operations. It not only improves the lives of those individuals and reduces their chances of falling back into poverty, but it also extends business opportunities to low-income groups and allows governments to focus on helping the poorest people in society.

Some examples of inclusive business models include hiring people as franchise agents to rent or sell mobile batteries or solar home systems. Another approach is to work with cooperatives that organize the home industry or small-scale producers of handicrafts or other local goods.

Boring Business Ideas - Inclusive Businesses For the Society
Boring Business Ideas – Inclusive Businesses For the Society

3. Marketing Goods and Services Related to Health

The wealth factor appears dominant in the Bazi chart due to fire elements, while the self element is weak. When the self element is controlling the wealth, it is exerting and producing energy. Since the self element is Yin Water (癸), we anticipate that there will be a lot of health problems in 2023. These businesses might be anything from health clubs to nutritionists, medical offices, and mental health counseling services. Therefore, the key is for you to offer health-related goods and services that satisfy the demands of your clients. You can remain ahead of the competition and get an advantage with these solutions.

We have already established that the Water Rabbit year will weaken the Earth element, which has health implications. Specifically, there are two primary areas of concern. The first is stomach issues, so if you have a pre-existing condition, it’s important to avoid aggravating it further. For example, if you have gastric acid reflux or heartburn, you should be careful about what you eat. The second area of concern is the urinary bladder, which could affect both men and women. If you have any issues in this area, you should pay extra attention to your health in 2023.

4. Opening Yourself To Opportunities

On the other hand, there are many job openings in 2023 due to many wealth opportunities, there is also a skill shortage, so there will be a rivalry for positions. Expanding your skill set and developing a wide range of skills are essential to succeed in 2023 since employers will be looking for employees who can handle multiple duties. As a result, if you focus on one area of your profession, you could be in a potentially dangerous situation. It is recommended to become proactive, accept extra responsibilities, and contribute to the company in different ways to increase your chances of success.

As this is a yearly analysis, you shouldn’t switch jobs every year. Just be aware of the clients you can target and the sectors to research for new business prospects. You don’t necessarily need to change careers to move into a different industry. Changing jobs every year doesn’t make sense. Hence, you can successfully transition into a different industry when you realize how your current skills can be used and learn new ones.

Boring Business Ideas - Develop Your Personal Skills
Boring Business Ideas – Develop Your Skills

5. Rising Opportunities in Green Technology

The Month pillar related to our career and wealth potential in 2023 is very sturdy. The Yang Wood (甲) element in the Heavenly Stem is fully supported and rooted due to another Yang Wood in the Hidden Stem. Additionally, the presence of Earth elements (戊), and Fire elements (丙), creates a healthy environment for the tree, similar to how the month pillar appears strong and healthy. Nevertheless, although the water element is missing, it is found in two adjacent pillars next to the month pillar, contributing to the overall health of a tree sitting on the Earth element with fire and sunlight.

Therefore, the main focus for 2023 is to protect and make the environment healthy, and green technology is the in thing for this year. The government will create policies and pass bills related to green technologies, and there will be business opportunities in this field. By implementing effective strategies, companies can take advantage of these policies and develop creative solutions that support sustainability and minimize their environmental impact. This approach can not only lead to cost savings but also have a positive effect on the environment. Therefore if you’re an investor, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and choose the right company to invest in.

Boring Business Ideas - Investing in Green Technologies
Boring Business Ideas – Investing in Green Technologies

6. Integrating AI Into Your Business

The Yang Wood (甲) also represents the head or the brain of people. Additionally, since water can be found adjacent to Yang Wood, water produces wood, whereby water is considered a resource element. The resource element represents learning and thinking. Yin Water (癸), being an intangible element, can symbolize things that are not visible to the naked eye. So, if we mix learning and thinking with something that isn’t real, we can create artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is a computer program that can learn and improve without humans notifying it what to do. Many businesses are focusing on AI because it can do some of the jobs that people currently do. It means it’s essential for people to make sure they have valuable skills in their line of work. Different types of AI, like Chat GPT and adaptive AI, are constantly growing but still have room for improvement. Therefore, you can consider using AI daily because waiting until it’s completely perfect might be too late.

Boring Business Ideas - Adaptive AI for your Business
Boring Business Ideas – Adaptive AI for your Business

7. Shaping the Future with EVs

In the 2023 Bazi chart, we can locate two Snake (巳) signs on the Hour and Day Pillar. When there are two or more repeated elements, they can attract other components, just like a magnet. When two Snakes appear on the Bazi chart, their coalition strengthens and can attract the Monkey (申) sign because of the six combinations between Snakes and Monkeys.

The Monkey sign can represent the vehicle or forms of transport in Bazi. Therefore, the electric vehicle (EV) industry has good growth potential. Monkeys can also clash with the Tiger (寅) sign in the Month Pillar and combine with the Rabbit sign in the Year Pillar because it contains Yang Metal (庚) and combines with Yin wood (乙). Since the Monkey can impact all four branches in the Bazi chart, it can change the rules of an existing business.

If you have a Monkey sign in your Bazi chart, this is the year for you to make a difference and be a game changer. You may have more confidence and be willing to change things. However, since the Monkey contains Yang Metal (庚) which clashes with the Yang Wood (甲) representing infrastructure, the take-off for the EV industry is hindered due to the lack of charging stations globally. Therefore, if you are in the EV industry or providing infrastructure for charging stations, you will see a lot of demand in 2023. The Monkey in your Bazi chart for 2023 is a winning move and a disruptive innovation that can make a huge difference.

Boring Business Ideas Electric Vehicles - The Future Of Automobile
Boring Business Ideas Electric Vehicles – The Future Of Automobile

8. Starting as an Indie Entrepreneur

The wealth element of 2023 is fire. So, all the pillars (month, day, and hour) have the fire element, except for the year pillar. Therefore to make more money, you should aim for others except for the Year pillar, as the Year pillar represents large organizations or MNCs. If you want to start something in 2023, it’s a great year commencing as an independent business.

Additionally, small indie companies are becoming more popular too. People are shifting towards local or small brands because they pay more attention to environmental health and natural ingredients. This demand makes it an excellent opportunity to start something. Independent brands can offer more personalization, which big companies cannot. Furthermore, independent brands can provide tailored advice and support to customers, making them feel valued and heard. This personalization can help build a strong bond, ensuring loyalty in the long run.

The presence of Yin Fire (丁) and Yin Water (癸) adjacent in the Bazi Chart can relate to metaphysics. It means commencing a spiritual business, like offering healing, meditation, Reiki, yoga, etc., could be very successful this year. Additionally, because Fire represents beauty and personalization, starting a beauty-related business such as anti-aging services, packaging design, or fashion could be profitable. Even if your business is not in these niches, allowing customers to customize can make them feel unique and special.

Boring Business Ideas - Becoming an Indie Entrepreneur
Boring Business Ideas – Becoming an Indie Entrepreneur

Final Thoughts on Starting Ahead

Focusing on your actions and thoughts will help you thrive in your business or career in 2023. Since the wood and fire elements are the two dominant aspects in 2023, you should act swiftly and fast. As the water element is weak, we have to use the metal element to produce more opportunities. Therefore, the first important factor is speed, followed by execution. Even if you don’t have all the information, you can prioritize launching a new product first. It is the year to implement your plans rather than merely talk about them.

The hour pillar also becomes the wealthiest pillar in 2023. The Fire Element represents expression, freedom, and standing out. To win in 2023, you can aim to become high profile. If you prefer to be low-profile, you cannot complain about a lack of opportunities. You must learn to speak well, network with others, become more confident, start a social media account, and share your knowledge with others. The key is to become outstanding and gain more followers.

Last but not least, water is the weakest and lacks focus in 2023. Yin Water (癸) compares brains to a cloud with no structure, disorganized and distracted. Therefore, one important skill to learn is prioritization. You must make your goals non-negotiable and have clear priorities. If you negotiate your goals, you will become distracted and fail to achieve success. When you fix a goal, you can gain control over distractions and achieve success in 2023.

Boring Business Ideas - How to speed up your success factor in 2023 and beyond
Boring Business Ideas – How to Speed Up Your Success Factor in 2023 and Beyond

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