Embracing The New Work Era: Freelance Jobs In Period 9

Embracing The New Work Era: Freelance Jobs In Period 9

Let’s discuss how full-time jobs and freelance jobs have changed over time. We’re in a period called “Period 9.” Before we dive into the changes, let’s look at some interesting facts. Did you know that we’ll spend around 90,000 hours working? That’s nearly 10 years straight, or over 20 years if we count only waking hours!

On average, a person will have about 12 jobs in their lifetime. Yes, you heard it right, 12! That means we’re likely to switch jobs quite a bit. Thus, the average age for a career change is around 39 years old. Many successful business owners have switched around that age, seeking something more fulfilling and starting their freelance jobs.

Why do people change careers? Well, there are many reasons. Sometimes, it’s about finding a job that aligns better with our interests or values. Other times, it’s about seeking new challenges or opportunities for growth. So, it’s no surprise that many of us consider a career change around our late thirties. Thus, it’s like a midlife career reassessment!

Why People Change Jobs (To Freelance Jobs)

People often switch careers for various reasons. Firstly, salary or benefits can be a factor. If the current job doesn’t pay well or match the effort put in, people tend to look elsewhere. Therefore, understanding your hourly value can help in negotiations and freelancing.

Secondly, changing personal goals can lead to a career shift. Initially, jobs like consultancy may seem exciting, but if they become repetitive and don’t align with your growth, you might seek new opportunities.

Thirdly, bad leadership can be a reason for changing careers. Dealing with micromanagement or poor leadership styles can be frustrating and demotivating. Thus, cultural fit and perceived value within the company are crucial aspects.

Fourthly, the pandemic has reshaped views on work flexibility. As a result, you may have realized the benefits of remote work and are seeking jobs with flexible arrangements.

Lastly, job satisfaction can play a significant role. Therefore, you want to feel fulfilled and happy in your work. Sometimes, this means exploring different career paths until finding the right fit.

Five Reasons Why You Prefer Freelance Jobs
Five Reasons Why You Prefer Freelance Jobs

Evolution of Career And Freelance Jobs

Let’s take a look at how careers have evolved. In the days of our parents or the Baby Boomers, careers were typically long-term commitments. They’d stick with one job for 20 to 30 years, often until retirement. Therefore, we can see this in companies offering pensions and job security benefits.

Then came Generation X, who started to see a shift. They tended to stay in one job for three to five years before moving on to something new. This change allowed for more flexibility and varied experiences but still maintained a sense of stability compared to today’s standards.

Nowadays, things have shifted even more. With the modern career, people often have multiple jobs, freelance jobs, and side gigs at the same time. Thus, it’s like layers of work on top of each other. This overlap of jobs is becoming more common, especially with the rise of freelancing and remote work, which got even more popular during and after the pandemic.

Despite these changes, there’s a societal belief that stability comes from traditional employment. This mindset is deeply ingrained in us, influenced by our parents and society’s expectations.

Career Evolution and Freelance Jobs in Period 9
Career Evolution and Freelance Jobs in Period 9

The Period 9 Career and Freelancing

Period 9 is a 20-year cycle in Feng Shui starting from 4th February 2024 until 3rd February 2043. This period is associated with the Fire element, representing transformation, passion, and standing up for oneself. Therefore, you might expect rapid changes in various areas, including careers, technology, and how we interact with others.

In Period 9, having more than one source of income is favored because of economic instability and the desire for personal stability. Currently, freelance jobs and starting a side gig are in high demand. Thus, risk-averse people may find it challenging to adapt to freelancing or taking on side gigs, while those more open to risk may find it easy as pie.

You can check your Chinese astrology chart to decide if you’re more cautious than others. If your main profile or top two profiles include traits like “Seven Killing,” “Indirect Wealth,” “Indirect Resource,” “Hurting Officer,” or “Eating God,” you’re likely more open to risk. On the other hand, if your main profile or top two profiles include traits like “Direct Officer,” “Direct Wealth,” or “Direct Resource,” you may be more prudent. Lastly, if you have the “Friend” or Rob Wealth” profile, you tend to be more adaptive and flexible than others.

Risk Taker for Bazi 10 Profiles
Risk Taker for BaZi 10 Profiles
Risk Adverse for Bazi 10 Profiles
Risk Adverse for BaZi 10 Profiles

Identifying Your Best Freelance Jobs

Now, let’s talk about temperament. The BaZi chart shows your personality, reactions, and behavior patterns. It helps us understand what you’re naturally inclined to do more or less. For example, you prefer listening to talking if your “Hurting Officer” is zero. The BaZi chart isn’t set in stone but gives insights into your preferences.

Now, about side gigs and freelance jobs. A side gig is a second income, like doing Grab deliveries, performing music, web design, etc, after your day job. In Period Nine, having more than one gig is favored, but it doesn’t need to overlap with your day job. It’s about doing different projects and activities on the side.

Starting a side gig can be daunting, but many have already leaped. Some started due to unhappy events, which led to new opportunities. Even if you gain insights into your life, it doesn’t mean you’re immune to difficulties. Thus, it’s about making better decisions and learning from your experiences as you grow.

Hurting Officer (HO) – High (>70%) or Main Profile

If you’re more inclined toward “Hurting Officer,” you might find success in creative fields like design, marketing, or music. People with this as their main profile often have a knack for influencing others and can explore various opportunities to earn extra income.

Being good at freelancing is natural for some people, especially for the Hurting Officer (HO). Even if we don’t mention it, you might already have a side gig. For example, you could paint at home, sell your artwork, compose songs, and post them on YouTube to earn money. Thus, some could even excel at marketing and gaining a large following online.

Below are 10 suggestions of careers with a High HO (>70%) or as your main profile:

  1. Actor/Actress
  2. Musician
  3. Magician
  4. Social Media Influencer
  5. Dancer
  6. Public Speaker
  7. Stage Performer
  8. Voice actor
  9. Radio/TV Host
  10. Event Host/MC
Hurting Officer Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9
Hurting Officer Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9

Eating God (EG) – High (>70%) or Main Profile

People with a high “Eating God” as their main profile are often very creative and strategic. They’re different from “Hurting Officers,” who are more outgoing and flashy, like actors or singers. As a result, Eating God (EG) is more behind-the-scenes, like scriptwriters, graphic designers, or directors.

Eating God also excels in writing, creating content, and solving problems. They’re inventors, always playing around with things and creating new ideas. Sometimes, they’re perfectionists, which can hold them back because they want everything to be perfect from the start. But it’s important not to overthink and start doing things, knowing they can improve en route. The period we’re in right now favors this creative energy, so if you’re inclined this way, it’s a good time for you.

Below are 10 suggestions of careers with a High EG (>70%) or as your main profile:

  1. Illustrator
  2. Fashion Designer
  3. Animator
  4. Interior Designer
  5. Art Director
  6. Multimedia Artist
  7. Photographer
  8. Makeup Artist
  9. Creative Director
  10. Scientist
Eating God Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9
Eating God Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9

Direct Resource (DR) – High (>70%) or Main Profile

“Direct Resource” excels in analytical thinking. They possess strong analytical skills and are often considered intelligent, like walking encyclopedias. However, one challenge they may face is overanalyzing due to having too much knowledge and perspectives. As a result, it can sometimes lead to indecision.

Despite this challenge, Direct Resources (DR) makes excellent analysts and data specialists. They are skilled programmers and are adept at developing programs for others. They can also assist in structuring company workflows, particularly in startups. Additionally, their advisory roles may focus more on official certification training, such as SAP, UI Path, or Oracle training. It is different from the coaching or healing aspects seen in other roles.

Additionally, Direct Resources tend to work in healthcare, medicine, and nutrition due to their interest in data and analysis. Thus, these areas allow them to apply their skills effectively.

Below are 10 suggestions of careers with a High DR (>70%) or as your main profile:

  1. Financial Analyst
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Market Researcher
  4. Market Trader
  5. Statistician
  6. Risk Analyst
  7. QA/QC Engineer
  8. Nurse Educator
  9. Wellness Coordinator
  10. Medical Researcher
Direct Resource Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9
Direct Resource Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9

Indirect Resource (IR) – High (>70%) or Main Profile

Are you good at giving advice or mentoring others? Many people drawn to Chinese metaphysics have a high “Indirect Resource” as their main profile in their BaZi charts. Thus, it means they’re inclined to be good coaches or mentors, guiding others in planning their futures.

Indirect resource (IR) represents consulting and advising. It could be in BaZi, Feng Shui, Qi Men, teaching online, or healing practices like Reiki or traditional Chinese medicine. Even careers like engineering or consulting fall under this category because they involve advising people. Therefore, you could be a great coach or healer, guiding people to better paths.

If you’re considering doing similar work, don’t wait until you’re perfect. You can start practicing with friends and family after your training. Whether you’re just starting out or already experienced, keep going, and don’t be afraid to charge for your services as you gain more expertise. Just keep practicing, and you’ll improve over time.

Below are 10 suggestions of careers with a High IR (>70%) or as your main profile:

  1. Advisor
  2. Life Coach
  3. Business Coach
  4. Career Counselor
  5. Personal Development Coach
  6. Leadership Trainer
  7. Tutor
  8. Health and Wellness Coach
  9. Sports Coach
  10. Spiritual Mentor
Indirect Resource Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9
Indirect Resource Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9

Seven Killing (7K) – High (>70%) or Main Profile

“Seven Killing” is known for its aggressive nature, often taking action before considering consequences. They are proactive and assertive, making them suitable for leadership roles. While having this trait is beneficial, it’s important not to let it lead to procrastination or overthinking.

As a result, the Seven Killing (7K) excels in project management, politics, and advocacy causes. They can also thrive as micro-influencers, using their platform to fight for causes they believe in. It’s essential to embrace these traits while balancing assertiveness with thoughtful action.

Below are 10 suggestions of careers with a High 7K (>70%) or as your main profile:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Political Campaign Manager
  3. Public Affairs Consultant
  4. Lobbyist
  5. Legal Advocate
  6. Advocacy Coordinator
  7. Public Relations Manager
  8. Community Organizer
  9. Corporate Strategist
  10. Crisis Manager
Seven Killing Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9
Seven Killing Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9

Direct Officer (DO) – High (>70%) or Main Profile

“Direct Officers” are skilled at providing structure and organization, making them great for project management, HR restructuring, and social media management. They excel in optimizing processes and can also be effective counselors.

In business, the Direct Officer (DO) may thrive in franchise operations and programming tasks that require attention to detail and efficiency. However, in industries like interior design, they can create a signature look or focus on high-end designs for elite clients.

Other freelance jobs involve managing social media accounts for others. Therefore, you can oversee platforms like Instagram and TikTok for individuals or businesses. By doing so, you can start creating content, scheduling posts, and strategizing to increase engagement and monetization opportunities.

Below are 10 suggestions of careers with a High DO (>70%) or as your main profile:

  1. HR Consultant
  2. Social Media Manager
  3. Operations Manager
  4. Compliance Officer
  5. Talent Acquisition Specialist
  6. Training and Development Manager
  7. Process Improvement Manager
  8. Project Coordinator
  9. Employee Relations Manager
  10. Teachers
Direct Officer Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9
Direct Officer Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9

Direct Wealth (DW) – High (>70%) or Main Profile

“Direct Wealth” is more cautious when taking risks if we compare them to others on the chart. They are usually the last ones to venture into freelancing. However, we recommend starting a side gig while still working, as they value stability and assurance.

Direct Wealth (DW) can perform well in finance managers, project management, and personal assistant roles. This is due to their meticulous nature. You can also freelance in auditing. If your Direct Wealth percentage is low but started in the luck pillar, consider focusing on projects or areas that align more with your strengths.

With conflicting percentages of Indirect Wealth and Direct Wealth, you might feel torn between staying in a comfortable job and venturing into entrepreneurship. In such cases, you can consider managing both, holding a job while running one or more freelance jobs. As a result, it allows you to navigate the dilemma without choosing between the two options.

Below are 10 suggestions of careers with a High DW (>70%) or as your main profile:

  1. Quality Assurance Specialist
  2. Regulatory Affairs Manager
  3. Insurance Underwriter
  4. Financial Controller
  5. Contract Administrator
  6. Health and Safety Specialist
  7. Financial Planner
  8. Legal Consultant
  9. Relationship Manager
  10. Accounting Operations Support
Direct Wealth Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9
Direct Wealth Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9

Indirect Wealth (IW) – High (>70%) or Main Profile

“Indirect Wealth,” even if they have the ability, often struggle to focus for long periods. So, if you’re 100% in this category, you may find it tiring to stick with something for too long. However, you can overcome this tendency by exploring other options. For example, if you’re comfortable in your current job but want to start a side business, you might consider a different path. Thus, you can tackle hesitation by taking action and follow through.

The Indirect Wealth (IW) is inclined towards entrepreneurship and freelancing. Therefore, you can consider starting your own e-commerce business or exploring dropshipping. These ventures allow you to leverage your skills and interests. Ultimately, starting your business can help you to pursue your passions and work on your terms.

Below are 10 suggestions of careers with a High IW (>70%) or as your main profile:

  1. Startup Founder
  2. Business Consultant
  3. Venture Capitalist
  4. Strategic Planner
  5. Business Development Manager
  6. Investment Analyst
  7. Franchise Owner
  8. Growth Hacker
  9. Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor
  10. Deal Negotiator
Indirect Wealth Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9
Indirect Wealth Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9

Rob Wealth (RW) – High (>70%) or Main Profile

For “Rob Wealth,” finding freelance jobs is easier because they’re more adaptable. Therefore, Rob Wealth (RW) and Friend Star are good at connecting with people, building networks, and bringing them together. Consequently, they excel at influencing others. It can be through teaching, speaking, or motivating.

While teaching might suit Direct Officers better due to their structured approach, Rob Wealth can still be a nurturing teacher, especially in non-traditional, motivational styles like Tony Robbins. As a result, they thrive in speaking engagements, workshops, and empowerment sessions.

They’re also skilled at creating platforms, sourcing funds, and networking. Therefore, it makes them ideal for roles in fundraising and business networking platforms like BNI. If you’re a Rob Wealth, affiliating with companies that seek angel investors can be a lucrative side gig.

Below are 10 suggestions of careers with a High RW (>70%) or as your main profile:

  1. Community Manager
  2. Event Coordinator
  3. Talent Scout
  4. Networking Specialist
  5. Relationship Manager
  6. Strategic Partnership Manager
  7. Social Media Influencer
  8. Network Administrator
  9. Corporate Trainer
  10. Sales Representative
Rob Wealth Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9
Rob Wealth Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9

Friend (F) – High (>70%) or Main Profile

“Friend” profile excels in customer service, virtual experiences, and virtual services, like VR engagements. They’re skilled at bringing people together, making them great for networking events like BNI. They’re flexible, blending both traits of Friend (F) and Rob Wealth. As a result, it makes them suitable for multi-level marketing and commission-based sales roles.

Therefore, if Friend and Rob Wealth are your top profiles, you’re a natural facilitator, inspiring and motivating others. Keep an eye on your chart’s other elements to enhance your profile further.

Below are 10 suggestions of careers with a High F (>70%) or as your main profile:

  1. Customer Support Specialist
  2. Online Community Manager
  3. Digital Marketing Specialist
  4. Online Tutor or Coach
  5. E-commerce Manager
  6. MLM specialist
  7. Tour Guide
  8. Online Course Creator
  9. Concierge Service Provider
Friend Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9
Friend Main Profile Career or Freelance Jobs in Period 9

What You Need to Start Your Freelance Jobs

Consider your natal chart for long-term business planning, but if short-term goals are your focus, look at your annual chart under the 10 Profiles Strength Chart. Now you understand what you can do, or at least you have some ideas. But there are two key things you need.

First is confidence or empowerment to take action. While it’s easy to talk about carrying out the tasks, doing them can be stressful for some. So, understanding your strengths and weaknesses is crucial. Knowing what you’re good at gives you confidence, even for challenging tasks.

The second thing you need is to know when to start. Timing is crucial in Chinese metaphysics. Choosing the right time to act is vital for success. Some of the good dates include “Open,” “Success,” and “Initiate” days. You can multiply the effect of these dates with positive Constellation Stars such as “Horn,” “Room,” and “Wall.” It can bring you positivity and higher chances for long-term success.

What You Need to Start Your Freelance Jobs
What You Need to Start Your Freelance Jobs

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