Feng Shui: All You Need to Know About Your Home in Period 9

Feng Shui: All You Need to Know About Your Home in Period 9

You might have experienced this before. The result would be terrible if you took the incorrect action at the wrong time. Similarly, you are making a mistake if you perform the incorrect action at the appropriate time. But at the very least, you can learn from your mistakes. You will encounter a great deal of resistance if you take the incorrect action at the wrong moment. As a result, you will achieve success if you do the right thing at the appropriate moment. Thus, everyone’s timing is varied, and in Feng Shui, timing is important too.

But there’s another crucial component lacking from the equation above. The right place refers to this crucial component. So, to be successful in life, you must also be in the right location, taking the correct action at the right moment. Michael Jackson is the clearest example of this, as he soared to popularity after performing “Billie Jean” and the moonwalk signature dance during the television special “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever.” back in 1983.

Feng Shui: how to be successful in life
Feng Shui focuses on being at the right place

Introduction: Being at the Right Place in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese art form that assists you in aligning your best “Chi” (气) flow with the best energy in the environment. It’s akin to locating the best spot with the best WiFi signal. However, to receive excellent results, you must also be able to connect to it. Period 9 requires you to comprehend the flow of “Chi.” It’s like being in the best place with the best WiFi when you connect to Period 9.

When you’re in the correct place, opportunities for success will present themselves. Consider this: if you have the same Bazi Chart as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, don’t you believe you have the same chance of succeeding as them? But what if you were born in an impoverished country or into a hostile environment? Even if you’re gifted, it’s improbable that you’ll be successful. As a result, the location in which you find yourself is crucial.

Feng Shui: A Starting Point

There are three major goals to keep in mind:

  • Do you happen to be in a good location? It can allow for opportunities to come without effort and frequently. Furthermore, it enables you to spot opportunities before others.
  • Are you in a comfortable setting? You’ll be able to nourish and foster your development, and you’ll be able to take every chance that comes your way.
  • Do you have a long-term strategy in place? It signifies that you can stay for a long time with little inconvenience and no negative energy surrounding you.

The Path of Least Resistance

Being in the proper place is putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed. Feng Shui shows you the best road to success while removing as much resistance as possible. Therefore, your surroundings pave the way for your achievements. Finding a site that is Period 9 compliant will allow you to succeed with less resistance.

Your surroundings determine whether you should work harder or smarter, as they set the setting for your success. It doesn’t mean you’ll fail if your setting isn’t Period 9 compliant. Instead, it implies you’ll have to put in more effort. On the other hand, if your surroundings are Period 9 compliant, you will have less resistance and will not have to work as hard. All you have to do now is work smarter.

As a result, you should be aware that a new age known as Period 9 is approaching. Working smart doesn’t imply not working hard in Period 9. You’ll still have to put forth some effort. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it if you put out your best effort. As a result, if you put 100 percent of your work into it and don’t waste a single ounce of it, all of your efforts will pay off eventually.

Explaining Period 9 and Feng Shui

The landscapes are changing, and they do so every 20 years. We are presently in the process of transitioning from Period 8 to Period 9. When these environments change, you must ask yourself three questions to determine whether you are in the correct location:

  • Have you discovered where in your environment the good natural “Chi” current exists? It refers to whether you know how to position yourself to take advantage of the possibilities that lie ahead.
  • Do you use Period 9 compliant Feng Shui on your property, or do you rely solely on your Bazi strengths? It refers to whether you rely on the stars and energies for assistance or depend only on your abilities. If it’s the latter, you’ll have to put in more effort and rely heavily on your Bazi strengths.
  • Is there still a lot of resistance in your way? Have you attained the desired outcome or are you always battling it out? If you’ve been obtaining the results you want for the past 20 years, there’s a good possibility the place you’ve been staying is already Period 8 compliant.

As a result, are you encountering opposition or seeing results in the last two years, last year, and this year? If you’re getting results, there’s a high probability your property already complies with Period 9.

Transition of Period Energy

Two schools of thought determine the period transition.

  • Early Heaven – Also known as “Xian Tian,” (先天) we divide the period energy into two cycles and eight periods.
  • Later Heaven: Also known as “Hou Tian,” (后天) this concept divides period energy into three cycles and nine periods.

Period 9 begins in 2017 and lasts 27 years in the Early Heaven energy. However, the Period 9 of the Later Heaven energy begins in 2024 and lasts for 20 years. As a result, the shift from Period 8 to Period 9 will occur in 2024, and currently, we are still in that period. Without a doubt, now is the time to learn more about Period 9 rather than waiting until 2024.

Early HeavenLater Heaven
Period 118 years1864 – 1881Period 120 years1864 – 1883
Period 224 years1882 – 1905Period 220 years1884 – 1903
Period 324 years1906 – 1929Period 320 years1904 – 1923
Period 424 years1930 – 1953Period 4 20 years 1924 – 1943
N/APeriod 5 20 years 1944 – 1963
Period 621 years1954 – 1974Period 6 20 years1964 – 1983
Period 721 years1975 – 1995 Period 7 20 years1984 – 2003
Period 821 years1996 – 2016Period 8 20 years2004 – 2023
Period 927 years2017 – 2043Period 9 20 years2024 – 2043
Early Heaven vs Later Heaven

Period 9 Formation Chart and Feng Shui

According to the Luo Shu squares diagram, Period 9 is related to the purple star 9 and the south direction. Therefore, the best number is 9 and the best direction is south in Period 9.

In terms of the global economy, the best countries in the South will grow at the fastest rate during Period 9. Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand are examples of these countries. Similarly, we can apply this concept to homes located in the South area. As a result, you should look at homes in the South, as this sector will become prosperous due to the Period 9 energy.

Period 9 Formation Chart
Period 9 Formation Chart

Facing of Your House

To establish your house orientation and find the facing on your house, follow these steps:

  • If you have a landed property, you must go outside and face out; this will be your facing.
  • If the object is a building, you must examine the structure to determine which side is the most attractive, which is the facing. Therefore, you stand behind the building, looking out to see which way the building is facing.

The Trapped Prominent “Facing” Star 9

Unknowingly, we may be staying in our home built with the star number 9 imprisoned inside. Because star number 9 is the most essential in Period 9, you will not gain from these houses if your house is stuck. If you’re having trouble with Period 9, then you should visit a Feng Shui master or relocate to a new location with favorable Period 9 energy.

Your house is a Period 8 house if it was built between 2004 to 2023 and you moved in during that time. However, it will have star number 9 caught in the center if facing the North-West direction. It makes no difference whether your home faces North-West 1, 2, or 3. As a result, it will be more difficult for you to receive Period 9 energy in this dwelling when this occurs.

On the other hand, you will realize that the star number 9 is caught in the center of your house if it was built in Period 7 (between 1984 – 2003) and is facing the West direction.

Last but not least, if your house was built in Period 6 (between 1964 – 1983) and faces North-East, you also have an issue with the star number 9 becoming caught in the center of your home.

The Trapped Prominent “Sitting” Star 9

Similarly, we have another facing with the sitting star number 9 trapped in the heart of the house. As a result, activating the Period 9 energies will be challenging for you. However, unlike the imprisoned facing star number 9, the trapped sitting star number 9 can still make it into Period 9.

Houses facing the South-East direction will have a problem with the imprisoned sitting star number 9 in the center of their residence for the Period 8 house.

Apart from that, residences in Period 7 facing East will have the imprisoned seated star number 9 in the center of their home.

Finally, residences built during Period 6 and facing southwest have the same impact too.

Changing the Period of Your House

You may have shifted into your new home during a different period. For example, you moved in during Period 8 while the house was built in Period 7. If needed, you can change the Period of your home by following the steps below in no particular order:

  • Have you taken down your house’s roof? Let’s pretend you refurbished your new home before moving in and decided to add a second floor to convert it from a single to a double story, and as a result, you removed the roof of the house. If you moved in after 2004, your home is considered a Period 8 home.
  • Have you made any changes to your home’s size? Your new home must be at least one-third larger than the previous one. This condition applies only if your home was extended after 2004, making it a Period 8 home.
  • Have you kept the residence unoccupied for at least 100 days? It means that no one should live there or even visit your house. Meanwhile, you can take a vacation and leave all of your goods and furniture behind. Your home will be transformed into a Period 8 residence once you return after 2004.

If you’re thinking about changing your residence in Period 9, don’t. Some charts from Period 8 or earlier may be better than Period 9. All you have to do now is locate a location that is already Period 9 compatible and relocate to that location.

Trapped Prominent Period 9 Stars
Trapped Prominent Period 9 Stars

How You Can Succeed Using Feng Shui

There are five different strategies to achieve life success. Firstly, having excellent luck makes it easier for you to succeed. Here’s a link to a previous post I wrote about How to Be Lucky Using Bazi. However, some people do not believe in Feng Shui or luck and instead rely on their abilities and skill set to attain success in life.

Aside from luck, you can rely on the decisions you make based on your free will. You can still make choices. Indeed, the better judgment you make, the more likely you are to succeed. You can also rely on tactics and strategies to help you succeed in life, but it may be demanding to put into practice.

Finally, when you’re in the right position at the right moment, your environment can assist you. There’s a notion that if you hang out with four millionaires, you’ll become the fifth. This is because you might absorb their expertise as well as their successful tactics.

5 ways to succeed in life
5 Ways To Succeed In Life: Luck, Choices, Strategy, Skills, Environment

Good Environment, Good Luck

As a result, staying in a favorable environment increases your chances of success. When you are in a good location, which means good Feng Shui, it can help you improve your luck too.

In terms of Feng Shui, there are both internal and external aspects to it. Internal Feng Shui refers to the “Chi” flow inside your property, while external Feng Shui is the “Chi” flow that is coming from the external environment into your property.

What’s the best way to start the flow going? To begin, you must learn how to align your home so that you may get “Chi” from the surroundings directly. There are a couple of possibilities:

  • Alignment: You can receive “Chi” by aligning your house with Feng Shui.
  • Receiving “Chi”: You locate a location where you can receive the “Chi” flow directly from the surrounding environment.
  • Connection: You may also try connecting the “Chi” energy from external Feng Shui if the “Chi” doesn’t flow with your home.
  • Receiving water: The “Chi” energy flows through the water flow. As a result, you align and search for a location that can receive the water flow.
  • Negating: Finally, if your environment has a lot of negative energy, you can try to neutralize it entirely. However, it is preferable to seek out a location with positive vibes

Long-Term Feng Shui Strategy for Period 9

There are many different systems of Feng Shui. However, we can divide them into two categories: “San He” (三合) and “San Yuan“ (三元). Short-term, long-term, and evergreen are the three sub-categories that follow. Period 9 belongs to the long-term Feng Shui category because it will last for the next 20 years.

Long-term Feng Shui has the advantage of allowing people to adjust their personality traits, attitudes, and talents. Even if favorable opportunities present themselves, people can’t achieve anything if they don’t change. Therefore, Feng Shui can assist you if you wish to improve yourself from the inside out.

Period 9 Compliant Feng Shui

So how can you create a positive, good-natured environment that complies with Period 9? You can use the direct and indirect spirit formula. The image below will show you where to go to see the best mountain and water views.

When we examine the Luo Shu chart, we can see that the number 9 is pointing south. If you can view mountains from your property in the south, then it is Period 9 compatible. You can’t obtain Period 9 energy if other properties or features are blocking the mountain. Furthermore, the closer you are to the mountain, the more energy from Period 9 you will receive.

Fabricated structures, such as buildings, cannot be considered mountains. It has to be created naturally, like hills or mountains. Furthermore, a mountain with a lot of vegetation is also appreciated since it represents growth and abundance.

If you can’t find any mountains, go to the North Sector and see if there’s any water. You can still benefit from Period 9 energy if you can see water features in the North sector. River flow, ponds, and lakes are examples of water features. The water should ideally be clean and clear, flowing directly to your property from the north. Alternatively, an artificial swimming pool is another option.

Direct and Indirect Spirit Locations
Direct and Indirect Spirit Locations

The “Facing” Star Number 9

Last but not least, we can go back to the Luo Shu diagrams for more information. You can make your house Period 9 compatible by activating the star number 9 if it’s located in the upper right corner of the square.

You have the option of opening a door in that direction or in that area of your home. The main door is the finest choice, but other types of doors, such as balcony doors and sliding doors, may suffice. However, the door must connect the inside of your home to the outside world. On the other hand, we can’t utilize windows to substitute doors.

Despite this, the exterior environment contributes roughly 70% of the Feng Shui energy, while the interior of your home contributes only 30%. As a result, the earlier Direct and Indirect spirit location technique is still a far better option.

Period 8 formation charts 1
Period 8 Formation Chart – Facing S, SW, W
Period 8 formation charts 2
Facing NW, N, NE
(But NW, N have trapped Star 9 charts)
Period 8 formation charts 3
Period 8 Formation Chart – Facing E, SE

Concluding Thoughts

We can assess and know the growth regions in Period 9 for your properties and home utilizing Feng Shui. This gives you a glimpse into the future, allowing you to forecast whether or not this location will grow. It will not be easy to discover a Period 9 compliance property, so get started as soon as possible. It may take some time to find a suitable Period 9 compliant home.

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