How To Get More Sales Using Flying Star Feng Shui

How To Get More Sales Using Flying Star Feng Shui

Welcome, sales executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners, to an enlightening post on enhancing your sales using Flying Star Feng Shui. In today’s competitive business landscape, finding ways to increase sales and attract wealth is critical. Thankfully, Flying Star Feng Shui offers a unique approach to harmonizing the energy in your workspace to stimulate financial growth and success.

This technique is called “Chasing the Wealth Star”. It is one of the secret techniques of Flying Star Feng Shui. You’ll be able to explore practical strategies to optimize your sales potential. From identifying auspicious wealth areas to activating positive chi, it can transform your business’s fortunes for Period 9.

We’ll discuss three types of wealth stars that we advocate chasing and their results. If you’re in sales, chasing monthly flying stars can be helpful. But if you’re on a fixed salary, you might want to focus on yearly flying stars instead. Therefore, it’s essential to understand which star to chase based on your circumstances.

On the other hand, stock traders should also consider their trading frequency when deciding which star to chase. If you trade daily, focus on daily flying stars. Otherwise, the monthly flying star might be more suitable.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, your approach to chasing the wealth star will vary depending on your level and business needs. For employees with side gigs, focus on following the flying star for your side gig, not your job.

Flying Star Feng Shui - Chasing the Wealth Star
Flying Star Feng Shui – Chasing the Wealth Star

Get Started: Grab a Compass and Floor Plan! 🧭

So, to begin, you need to focus on where you’re living or working. Today, all you need are two things: a compass and a floor plan. However, you could rely on your phone’s compass, but it may be inaccurate. Therefore, you could invest in a basic handheld compass or a Chinese Luo Pan.

First, find a floor plan for your place. If you don’t have one, you might need to hire someone to draw it for you. Then, stand outside your place, facing away from it. Measure the direction you’re facing with your compass. Next, find the center point of your place by drawing lines from one end to the other of your floor plan.

If your place isn’t a perfect square, it’s okay. You still draw a square around the inside areas of your place. Do not include exterior areas such as balconies, gardens, or swimming pools. Once you’ve located the center point, overlay your compass measurements. It tells you which directions are crucial to your location.

Each level will have its center point if your house has multiple levels. And if you have a few homes connected by doors or corridors, each one will have its center point too. So, that’s how you find the center point and use the compass. Let’s move on!

Your Floor Plan - The Nine Flying Stars Feng Shui for 2024
Your Floor Plan – The Nine Flying Stars Feng Shui for 2024

Xuan Kong Nine Stars (玄空九星): Chasing The Wealth Star! 🎯

The next step is to understand which stars you want to focus on. In Flying Star Feng Shui, there are nine stars. Currently, we’re in Period 9. So, you’re looking to chase Star 9, Star 1, Star 2, and Star 4.

Why are these stars good? Star 9 is the most prosperous in Period 9, hence the name. Star 1 represents future wealth as Period 1 comes after Period 9. While Star 2 and Star 4 are also beneficial because they form a “Hetu” combo with Star 9.

But you don’t have to chase all of them. We recommend focusing on just three stars: Star 9, Star 1, and Star 4. These stars give you fast results, especially if you’re in sales for quick revenue, need more people to help you, or want to enhance your network.

You may consider chasing the annual stars if you don’t need good monthly results. It means sitting in the area associated with the star for a whole year. It’s handy if you’re in a business where sales don’t happen every month. Remember, when choosing which stars to chase, consider your goals and the nature of your work. It’s all about getting the best results for your specific situation.

Let’s dive deeper into understanding Star 9, Star 1, and Star 4.

4 Flying Stars To Chase for in Period 9
4 Flying Stars To Chase for in Period 9

Flying Star Feng Shui: Star 9 – The Future Prosperity Star (九紫右弼星) 💰

The number 9 means future success. It’s the main number for the next 20 years, from 2024 to 2044. Nine is like a helper in the group of stars and is called the “Right-hand assistant star.” Star 9 helps to boost sales and popularity. It can make good or bad things bigger, especially when paired with other stars.

When paired with the numbers 2 or 5, it can make bad things worse. But with the number 8, it makes good things even better. Nine is linked to the fire element and is very lucky in the Southwest or Northeast.

On its own, the Fire Star 9 is often lucky, especially in Chinese Cantonese culture. It’s even more popular than Eight among some groups because it’s the highest number. Nine always stays the same, no matter how many times you multiply it. 9 brings fame, success, and happiness. But at its worst, it can bring arguments, fire, and health problems to the eyes and heart.

Flying Star Feng Shui: Star 1 – The Victory Triumph Star (一白贪狼星) 🏆

The number 1 star is about winning and beating competitors, making it a super positive star. It brings luck that’s mostly about your job or career, affecting how well things go at work or in business. When you need this luck, look for the water star number 1 and use water to boost your income luck.

Star 1 promotes success and growth in your job. It’s extra lucky if it shows up in your workplace or bedroom. When the yearly or monthly star 1 lines up, it usually means promotions and progress at work. To activate the water star 1, put a bubbling water feature where it appears. But don’t put water features in the bedroom because they can bring loss and betrayal.

Number 1 belongs to the water element and is excellent in the North or wood sectors like East and Southeast. It’s not so good in the West or Northwest and can clash with the fire element in the South.

Flying Star Feng Shui: Star 4 – The Literacy Arts Star (四绿文曲星) 📖

The Wood Star number 4 is about academic success and writing abilities. It’s great for achieving high marks and literary skills. In the group of nine stars, it’s connected with learning and writing. These positive traits are displayed in all nine periods, but their strength varies.

During periods 7, 8, and 9, the number 4 tends to weaken. But when combined with Star 1 and 9, it becomes lively and brings positive results. Water can boost the energy of the number 4, like a plant coming to life in spring. But too much water can turn things negative, especially in the West and Northwest metal sectors.

It’s also linked with romance, but too much water can lead to problems like infidelity. With Star 1, it’s already good, or adding movement or sound is enough. Too much water in a corner with Star 4, especially the mountain sitting star, can lead to marriage problems.

Flying Star Feng Shui 2024 – Monthly Sectors 📅

To make every month successful for selling, you should learn to follow the Flying Star Feng Shui for that month. You have two options: Follow the star for the yearly chart or the star for the monthly chart. Let’s focus on the star for the month.

The star for the month is crucial for your success. You can refer to the chart below for the yearly and monthly stars. Once you have the chart, you’ll see smaller and bigger numbers. The smaller number represents the month star, and the bigger number represents the annual star.

For example in May: the month star, number nine, is in the East sector from the 4th of May to the 4th of June. Therefore, you should sit and work in the East sector in May. However, for this strategy to work, it is best to chase the same star for three months. Consistency is essential for success. After three months, you can select whether to stick with the same star or change to another.

If the star for the month is in a less favorable area, like the West sector due to Five Yellow, there might be some challenges. But if you stick with it, you’ll see positive results. Remember to adapt your activities based on the star you’re chasing. Thus, if you’re chasing the star for sales, focus on closing deals. If it’s a relationship star, work on building connections. Lastly, if it’s the literacy star, conduct your research and studies accordingly.

2024 Annual and Monthly Flying Stars Chart-1
2024 Annual and Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui Chart (Jan to June 2024)
2024 Annual and Monthly Flying Stars Chart-2
2024 Annual and Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui Chart (July to Dec 2024)

Advanced Strategies: Facing Your Favorable Directions (本命吉方) 🔂

First, let’s address something important. To use the “Chasing the Wealth Star” technique, you should be in a specific location, facing any direction. Ideally, you should be backed up against a wall, as it works best this way. But if that’s not possible, don’t worry, you have options.

If possible, choose to back up against a wall. If you can’t, it’s okay. You can still choose which direction you want to face. Either way works fine. Now, once you’re in position, you have a choice. Therefore, you can pick a direction or use a Luo Pan or “Period 9 Compass” to align yourself with your favorable directions. You can refer to the table below for your reference. The four ideal favorable directions include “Life Generating,” “Heavenly Doctor,” “Longevity,” and “Stability.”

Your Gua
Life Gua
1Kan (坎)South EastEastSouthNorthWestNorth EastNorth WestSouth West
2Kun (坤)North EastWestNorth WestSouth WestEastSouth EastSouthNorth
3Zhen (震)SouthNorthSouth EastEastSouth WestNorth WestNorth EastWest
4Xun (巽)NorthSouthEastSouth EastNorth WestSouth WestWestNorth East
6Qian (乾)WestNorth EastSouth WestNorth WestSouth EastEastNorthSouth
7Dui (兑)North WestSouth WestNorth EastWestNorthSouthSouth EastEast
8Gen (艮)South WestNorth WestWestNorth EastSouthNorthEastSouth East
9Li (離)EastSouth EastNorthSouthNorth EastWestSouth WestNorth West
Life GuaPersonal
Creation &
Health &
IdentityAdventureSpiritualLikeabilityTrials &
Facing Your Favorable Directions

The 8 Types of Qi (Auspicious Directions)

  • Sheng Qi (生气) – The Life Generating: Sheng Qi is like the good energy that influences money and how others see you. Thus, it’s all about boosting your finances and making people think highly of you. You can use it to attract wealth and enhance your reputation and status. It belongs to the Yang Wood element.
  • Tian Yi (天医) – The Heavenly Doctor: Tian Yi is like a boost for energy and health. Thus, it helps you recover from sickness and stay strong. Plus, it brings support and guidance from noble people or mentors when required. It belongs to the Yang Earth element.
  • Yan Nian (延年) – The Longevity: Yan Nian is like a lucky charm for relationships. It boosts your luck in connecting with others and building friendships. In addition, it helps you communicate better, boosts your networking skills, and makes parties and gatherings more enjoyable. It belongs to the Yang Metal element.
  • Fu Wei (伏位) – The Stability: Fu Wei is like a peaceful breeze in Feng Shui. Thus, it’s perfect for calming down and finding inner peace. You can use it for meditation, self-improvement, or taking a break. It’s also the direction that supports your personal development, helping you grow and become a better version of yourself. It belongs to the Yin Wood Element.

The 8 Types of Qi (Inauspicious Directions)

  • Huo Hai (祸害) – The Mishaps: Huo Hai causes minor annoyances like conflicts, chaos, and hassles, but they’re not too serious. It makes people feel restless and scattered, focusing on minor issues and missing the main point. This distraction could lead to losing money or facing mishaps. It belongs to the Yin Earth element.
  • Five Ghosts (五鬼) – The Five Ghosts: Wu Gui Qi brings illness, bad luck, and financial troubles. Thus, it can lead to betrayal, fraud, and sometimes even theft. However, this energy is fast-paced and chaotic, causing irritability and anger. It belongs to the Yin Fire element.
  • Liu Sha (六杀) – The Six Killings: Lui Sha causes issues related to lawsuits, disputes, and conflicts. Thus, it may lead to bodily harm from these disputes. This energy pulls things downward and can lead people to indulge excessively in negative habits like alcohol or gambling. It belongs to the Yang Water element.
  • Jue Ming (绝命) – The Life-Threatening: Jue Ming Qi brings misfortunes like severe health issues, accidents, and family problems. Therefore, it could even lead to psychological distress or life-threatening diseases like cancer. It belongs to the Yin Metal element.
The 8 Types of Qi Feng Shui 8 Mansions
The 8 Types of Qi Feng Shui 8 Mansions

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