How to Improve Self-Control and Willpower Using Qi Men

How to Improve Self-Control and Willpower Using Qi Men

Most people are interested in Astrology to know how their luck will fare in different years. You’ll likely ask whether your luck will be good this year, next year, or in the coming decade and which direction you should be heading. Thus, we’ll start by looking at the locus of control, improving your self-control, and how to increase willpower. The idea behind locus of control is that life is constantly changing, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Thus,

However, Chinese Metaphysics does suggest that our luck fluctuates. We experienced both good and bad years. Therefore, you can use it as a tool for awareness and to help you navigate those unstable and challenging years. The goal is to empower you to turn unfavorable situations or obstacles into something positive over time. Thus, the key to this transformation is having awareness.

Over time, you’ll notice that you’ll have both positive and negative phases. The problem often arises when you become complacent during bad times, thinking you can’t do anything. Thus, improving your self-control is crucial, especially during difficult years. These tools allow you to thrive even when things seem difficult. In some cases, they can even open doors to unexpected possibilities. It can allow you to focus on the positive aspects of life.

Locus of Control
Locus of Self-Control

What You Are Not Able to Control

The key here is to keep taking action, even when facing adversity. Life is not perfect. There are aspects of life beyond your control. Thus, you can constantly improve your ability to navigate them through awareness and taking thoughtful actions.

Environmental Changes: You can’t control the weather or unexpected events like a pandemic. These external changes can trigger anxiety or panic if you can’t control your emotions.

Official Policies: Politicians can decide for the country, but not you. As an individual, your ability to change these policies is limited.

Other People’s Reactions and Motives: You can’t control how others react to your actions or what motivates them. People may appreciate your efforts, or they may not. It’s beyond your control.

Obstructions: Sometimes, you’ll face obstacles in life. While you can’t control them from happening, you can reduce them through your actions and awareness.

What People Think of You: People’s opinions of you are not something you can control. Some may like you, while others may not. You can focus on the positive rather than the negative.

Situations You’re Dealing With: Life can throw issues at you, and you may feel powerless. However, with awareness and the right tools, you can handle these situations more effectively the next time they arise.

What You Can Control
What You Can Control

Self-Control With Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲)

The metaphysical tool known as Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) has been a closely guarded knowledge for a long time. So, what is Qi Men Dun Jia? It’s a chart that serves as a map of energy and space. Thus, it refers to your subconscious power. Your Qi Men chart can help you understand the deeper aspects of yourself, why things happen the way they do in your life, and what drives you. To plot your Qi Men chart, you can visit the link.

Qi Men Dun Jia is not just about understanding energy and space; it’s a tool that can unlock doors in your life. It can analyze your subconscious reactions to life events, tap into your spiritual gifts (which essentially means becoming a better version of yourself), predict outcomes of decisions, create strategies, and optimize your living space. Additionally, it can help neutralize your natural weaknesses, especially if you have a messy Bazi chart.

The philosophy behind Qi Men Dun Jia involves life planning. You create a grand plan, but to make it work, you must address and fix the circumstances that can produce opportunities for you. These opportunities require your active participation in life. In essence, Qi Men Dun Jia aligns with the concept of “subtle winning,” where you prepare and set the stage for success before taking action. It is similar to the strategies described in Sun Tzu’s work on warfare. This approach focuses on creating favorable conditions for success rather than engaging in aggressive battles.

Planning and Increasing Willpower in Yourself

We must address and improve our conditions to make this grand plan function. These improved circumstances present us with new opportunities. Opportunities can involve saying yes to some things, saying no when necessary, and knowing when to act.

Your active participation is crucial. When opportunities arise, your actions determine the outcomes. Positive activities result in favorable outcomes, while poor actions result in negative ones. After reaching a goal, you don’t stop there. Instead, you start a new plan, and so on. This process allows for continuous improvement and adaptation. This cycle continues, with each plan building on the previous one.

The approach aligns with the concept of “subtle winning” from Sun Tzu. It is about preparing and creating good conditions before taking action. It’s about ensuring that when we do take action, our chances of success are already high because we’ve set the stage for it.

Bazi Work Repeat
Bazi Work Repeat

Improving Self-Control in Your Wealth Palace

Most people have these two primary concerns in life: money and relationships. In this section, we’ll talk about the Wealth Palace first. Recognizing these obstacles is the first step in improving your self-control and willpower. Here’s a breakdown of how to do it:

  1. Identify Your Wealth Palace: Each person’s Wealth Palace is specific to their birth chart. It could be on the South, North, Southeast, etc. You can find this Palace on your natal Qi Men chart. If you can’t find it, then refer to your Life Door (生).
  2. Locate Your Counter Palace(s): Refer to the table below to locate your Counter Palace(s). For example, if your Wealth Palace is in the West, your Counter Palace would be in the South. 
  3. Examine The Door: Once you’ve identified your Counter Palace, we can examine the contents, including the “Door.” This Palace is where you can address obstacles related to your money matters.

You can refer to the table below that can quickly identify your Wealth Palace and its corresponding Counter Palace, allowing you to gain insight into the specific challenges you face in your financial life. 

Wealth PalaceElementCounter Palace(s)Counter Palace(s)Element
North West (NW)Metal 🔩South (S)Fire 🔥
North (N)Water 💧South West (SW)North East (NE)Earth 🌍
North East (NE)Earth 🌍East (E)South East (SE)Wood 🌲
East (E)Wood 🌲West (W)North West (NW)Metal 🔩
South East (SE)Wood 🌲West (W)North West (NW)Metal 🔩
South (S)Fire 🔥North (N)Water 💧
South West (SW)Earth 🌍East (E)South East (SE)Wood 🌲
West (W)Metal 🔩South (S)Fire 🔥
Your Wealth Palace and Counter Palace on Your Natal Qi Men Chart

Life Door 生门 (Counter Your Destiny Palace)

This scenario is about poor money management. If your “Life” door counters your Destiny Palace, you may be weak at managing cash flow. Therefore, you can learn to manage your money more effectively. Or you can focus on increasing your income until you can hire someone to help with money management.

As your Life Door could be your Wealth Palace, it’s not possible to counter itself. We could only take reference to your Destiny Palace.

Open Door 开门 (Counter Your Wealth Palace)

The “Open” Door is related to your career. When it counters your Wealth Palace, there are a few key points to note. You may find it challenging to see salary growth in your job. The income you receive may not align with your capacity or abilities. In addition, you may find that you cannot stay in a position for an extended period, which might lead you toward entrepreneurship.

Being self-employed can provide more control over your financial situation. Therefore, you can explore side gigs or freelancing. These additional income streams can help bridge the gap. Your side gigs may even provide more income than your primary job. On the other hand, if you’re considering investments, maintain a clear focus and strategy rather than pursuing multiple unrelated ventures.

Rest Door 休门 (Counter Your Wealth Palace)

If you have a “Rest” door countering your wealth, you may be in a routine without much financial growth. There’s a lack of progress in your income. In addition, you might not be open to learning new skills or exploring new opportunities to increase your earning potential. You can take proactive steps to enhance your financial situation.

The countering Rest door can also indicate that you spend a significant portion of your income on family matters. It could be your family members, children, or other dependents. Instead of trying to remove these obligations, you can focus on increasing your income to meet these obligations comfortably.

Scenery Door 景门 (Counter Your Wealth Palace)

When the “Scenery” door counters your wealth, it indicates an issue with your reputation or branding. Your reputation might be lacking or not well-established in your field. People may not recognize you as an expert or a go-to person in your industry. Therefore, you could create a positive image for yourself.

Your networking efforts might not be as effective as they could be. Networking is crucial in career growth, and having a good reputation can facilitate meaningful connections. You could focus on building your branding or within your industry. It could lead to more opportunities coming your way.

On the other hand, if you’re a freelancer, you may not receive as many job offers or projects as you’d like because potential clients may not have heard of you or don’t perceive you as an authority in your field.

Harm Door 伤门 (Counter Your Wealth Palace)

When the “Harm” door counters your wealth, it points to two primary issues. There is a lack of foundation and impatience.

If you frequently change jobs without building a solid foundation, you may find it difficult to advance in your career. Jumping from one industry or skill set to another can prevent you from achieving long-term financial success because you lack a stable base. Therefore, you can focus on building a foundation in your career or business. Choose a field that aligns with your skills and interests and commit to it for a reasonable period to gain expertise and financial stability.

Impatience can also affect your financial growth. It can apply to your investments or business ventures. Making hasty decisions or seeking quick shortcuts can lead to financial losses. It’s essential to have a balanced approach to investment and business. You can plan for long-term growth rather than immediate gains. Remember that wealth-building often requires a long-term outlook.

Delusion Door 杜门 (Counter Your Wealth Palace)

The “Delusion” door indicates issues related to planning and mastery in your life, affecting your ability to create wealth.

You could find yourself making decisions and spending money without a clear strategy. This lack of planning can reduce your ability to accumulate wealth. Therefore, you should make a plan for your career or financial goals. Set clear objectives, create a budget, and establish a timeline for your milestones. Planning will help you stay on track toward your goals.

In addition, you can develop knowledge in a specific field to increase your wealth. It might be difficult to excel in your work if you lack skills. Thus, you can expand your abilities and continue learning. Identify an area of interest that aligns with your career and business goals.

Fear Door 驚门 (Counter Your Wealth Palace)

The “Fear” door countering wealth can manifest in several ways. It can be related to a fear of investing and having an extreme approach to financial decisions. You may hoard money rather than support it. There is a deep fear of losing your money in investments. Therefore, you can seek professional financial counsel to address your fear of investing. It will allow you to attain more financial success and stability by developing a balanced attitude to investment.

In your career or business, you may become stagnant. You may be unwilling to take on new responsibilities due to the fear of stress. It can result in limited career growth and income potential. You can open up to innovative solutions. Thus, you should avoid clinging to routines and processes that you have followed for years.

Death Door 死门 (Counter Your Wealth Palace)

The “Death” door countering wealth affects your outlook for investment decisions. You tend to overcommit to investments. You might acquire multiple assets without a clear investment strategy. In addition, you are drawn to risky investments. It can lead to significant financial losses if those investments don’t perform as expected.

Therefore, you could take a balanced and diverse strategy for investments. Learn how to diversify your investments and ensure you have the means and skills to handle them properly.

8 Ways to Build Wealth Using Qi Men
8 Ways to Build Wealth Using Qi Men

Improving Self-Control In Your Relationship Palace

Let’s focus on another area of your life: love and relationships. Depending on where this Relationship Palace is in your Qi Men chart, it can reveal specific challenges you might face in your love life. If you can’t find the Relationship Palace, then you can look for the Six Harmony (合). These doors represent your actions—things you are currently doing. They prompt you to take specific activities or make choices in your life.

If your Relationship and Wealth Palace are both in the same Counter Palace, it may suggest that your relationship is impeding your finances. You might find yourself spending a significant amount of money on your partner or that your partner relies on your financial support. In such cases, you could approach this situation with a wholehearted mindset. Instead of complaining, remember that your Qi Men chart suggests that you enjoy spending money on your partner and making them happy.

You can refer to the table below that can quickly identify your Relationship Palace and its corresponding Counter Palace, allowing you to gain insight into the specific challenges you face in your love life. 

Relationship PalaceElementCounter Palace(s)Counter Palace(s)Element
North West (NW)Metal 🔩South (S)Fire 🔥
North (N)Water 💧South West (SW)North East (NE)Earth 🌍
North East (NE)Earth 🌍East (E)South East (SE)Wood 🌲
East (E)Wood 🌲West (W)North West (NW)Metal 🔩
South East (SE)Wood 🌲West (W)North West (NW)Metal 🔩
South (S)Fire 🔥North (N)Water 💧
South West (SW)Earth 🌍East (E)South East (SE)Wood 🌲
West (W)Metal 🔩South (S)Fire 🔥
Your Relationship Palace and Counter Palace on Your Natal Qi Men Chart

Life Door 生门 (Counter Your Relationship Palace)

When the “Life” door counters your relationship palace, it often leads to financial issues. Money can become a source of arguments with your partner. You often disagree on managing money due to different spending habits, saving priorities, and financial goals. These differences can create tension in your relationships.

Therefore, you should address these issues openly and find ways to communicate about money matters. You can start by setting financial goals and creating a budget. In addition, you can discuss your financial expectations with your partner to build a healthier relationship around money.

Open Door 开门 (Counter Your Relationship Palace)

The “Open” door can make you prioritize your work over your relationships. You could spend long hours at work and avoid spending time with your partner. In addition, you may resist committing your time, energy, or emotions to a relationship. You will prefer to pursue other interests or connections. It might cause confusion and instability in your relationships.

Therefore, it’s crucial for those with an “Open” door countering their Relationship Palace to strike a balance between their work and life. You could discuss it with your partner about commitments. The need for quality time together is crucial for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Rest Door 休门 (Counter Your Relationship Palace)

When the “Rest” door counters your relationship palace, one common problem is that your family may dislike your partner. It can create tension and conflict within your family. Dealing with family disapproval can be emotionally tiring for you and your partner.

The Rest Door represents sexual intimacy. If the Rest Door counters your relationship, it may lead to a lack of love between you and your partner. It can manifest as a decrease in sexual activity and weaken the emotional bond between you two.

Addressing these issues requires open communication, understanding, and a willingness to work on the relationship. You and your partner can focus on building intimacy, nurturing self-love, and finding ways to overcome family disapproval if it exists.

Scenery Door 景门 (Counter Your Relationship Palace)

When the “Scenery” door counters your relationship palace, it often means that one or both partners prioritize their reputation and public image over the relationship itself. As a result, the desire for social recognition becomes more important than the well-being of the partnership.

It’s essential for you facing this challenge to reassess your priorities and consider the value of your relationship beyond its public perception. External looks and reputations should always take second place to develop a solid and meaningful connection.

Harm Door 伤门 (Counter Your Relationship Palace)

When the “Harm” door counters the relationship palace, it can lead to various challenges due to the keyword “impatience.” Impatience often results in a constant need for excitement. You can get bored quickly and show unhappiness with your partner, leading to frequent arguments.

You also have a desire to push for quick decisions or want to progress the relationship rapidly. For example, you might pressure your partner to get married as soon as possible. Thus, you want instant results and may not have the patience for the natural ups and downs that come with any relationship. This impatience can hinder the growth and maturation of the partnership.

Therefore, it’s essential to find a balance and have practical expectations. You should talk openly with your partner and try to become more patient. Also, look for ways to bring fun and new things into your relationship without making changes all the time. It can help make your connection more stable.

Delusion Door 杜门 (Counter Your Relationship Palace)

When the “Delusion” door counters your relationship palace, it means there’s a lack of trust with your partner. It frequently occurs when there is a lack of communication or a clear path for the future.

You build trust when working towards the same goal with your partner. One such example is marriage. You discuss their future ambitions and expectations. If this does not occur, trust begins to erode.

In a healthy relationship, partners should stick together through good and bad times. But when the Delusion door interferes, you might disappear when things get harsh and only return once the problem is solved. This behavior can be frustrating for the other person in the relationship. So, dealing with the Delusion door in love is essential for maintaining trust and communication in your relationship.

Fear Door 驚门 (Counter Your Relationship Palace)

When you have the “Fear” door countering your relationship Palace, you tend to bring up past baggage, old traumas, or previous arguments to use against your partner. Instead of working together as a team to tackle problems, it becomes a situation where you’re fighting against your partner.

A good partnership should be “you and me against the problem.” Both partners should be on the same page, facing challenges together. But with the Fear door interfering, it may become “I am fighting you, and you are the problem.” It can lead to bringing up old events from years ago, down to the finest details, and using them as ammo in fights.

Imagine someone remembering something you did or said long ago, down to the smallest details, and using it in an argument today. It can cause heated conflicts and hurt feelings within the relationship. You should recognize the situation and stop yourself from hurting your partner.

Death Door 死门 (Counter Your Relationship Palace)

When the “Death” door counters your relationship palace, it can lead to a lack of emotional connection. It’s like being with someone who appears trustworthy but lacks affection. Your spouse may find this irritating and upsetting.

In addition, one significant issue that arises with the Death door is poor communication. It’s like talking to a wall because one or both partners don’t express feelings or thoughts. They might keep everything bottled up. Unfortunately, it can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.

In such cases, both partners need to open up and connect. You can resolve most issues if you understand your spouse’s point of view and support one another during difficult times. Communication is key to every healthy relationship.

8 Tips For Improving Your Relationships with Qi Men
8 Tips For Improving Your Relationships with Qi Men

Seeking Divine Help with Qi Men (Wealth)

Now that you’ve identified the problems, it’s time to seek solutions and divine intervention. Remember, when identifying problems, it’s essential to come up with solutions. Let’s focus on money-related issues since having money can solve most problems in life.

In your Qi Men chart, find your Wealth Palace, which could be the Wealth Palace or Life Door. Then, identify the deity associated with it. Each of them represents a different aspect of wealth and prosperity, such as Chief, Heaven, Moon, Earth, Harmony, Tortoise, Snake, Tiger, Hook, or Phoenix.

Once you’ve identified your deity, it’s time to call upon divine help. It is about opening the door to opportunities, a fulfilling career, or a path where you can utilize your talents and make more money. It’s not necessarily about investing in specific assets or ventures.

Think about what direction you’d like your financial situation to take. Do you want to excel in your current career, explore a new job opportunity, start a business, or invest wisely? The door that opens to you will depend on your unique situation and what the divine intervention guides you toward. Remember, divine help can bring unexpected opportunities and changes. Therefore, you should stay open and be prepared to act when the right door opens for you.

The Chief (符)

When you have Chief in your Qi Men chart and want to raise your wealth, you should focus on a broader calling. It means directing your efforts toward problem-solving and contributing to others’ well-being. You can do this by freelancing, starting a business, or taking on a side gig.

Your key to unlocking more wealth lies in your ability to contribute and help others. By becoming a problem solver, mentor, or trusted advisor, you’ll attract financial prosperity over time. Remember that you have a choice in how much you want to contribute. If you choose to do less and give less, that’s entirely up to you, but your wealth may not reach its full potential.

To maximize wealth, consider shifting your vision and goals towards something greater than yourself. Find ways to make a difference in the lives of others by offering solutions and support. This change in focus can lead to your financial success and fulfillment.

The Nine Heavens (天)

If you have Nine Heavens in your chart, there are several ways to increase your income. Firstly, you should aim to climb the corporate ladder. The higher you go, the more money you’ll likely earn. However, you can aim for a side gig or become an entrepreneur. It is where substantial income can come from.

Additionally, consider venturing into entrepreneurship even if you’re primarily a career person. Having a side business or freelancing can boost your earnings. Another way to enhance your income is by traveling more and breaking cultural barriers. It broadens your horizons and can lead to new opportunities.

The Great Moon (陰)

Great Moon represents informational power, which means you work with knowledge. It involves creating knowledge, analyzing it, and providing knowledge-based services or expertise. The more you know and the better at applying that knowledge, the more money you can earn.

However, investment may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, you could assess if it aligns with your financial goals. If it does, you should learn about investment strategies and gain the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions.

The Nine Earth (地)

Having Nine Earth in your wealth palace is a good sign. It indicates that you are resourceful and can find financial solutions when needed. You are the type of person who can manage your finances effectively, even when things are tough.

In addition, you can explore new ventures, investments, and financial opportunities. The ultimate goal is to achieve financial freedom. Financial freedom means having enough money to live life without financial worries. Once you have achieved financial freedom, you can focus on giving back to others.

The Six Harmony (合)

Having Six Harmony in your Life Door indicates that your key focus should be building connections with people. While this doesn’t mean you have to be everyone’s best friend, you could establish friendships with others. These connections can lead to more opportunities and more financial gains in the future.

In this context, “name-dropping” is not about showing off but leveraging your network to your advantage. When you have well-built connections with others, people in your network may recommend you or vouch for your abilities. It can be especially useful in fields like freelancing. Your reputation can play a significant role in securing projects and opportunities.

The Black Tortoise (玄)

Having influential power, symbolized by the Black Tortoise, means you can influence and persuade others effectively. However, this influence is not about being a social butterfly or talkative; it’s about making your words count when you do speak.

People with influential power have a knack for connecting with others emotionally. They can relate to and understand the emotions and feelings of those they interact with. This emotional connection allows them to influence people on a deeper level. For example, if someone values their family, you could tap into that. Your clients are more likely to trust and seek your guidance if you can understand and resonate with their emotions and values.

The Surging Snake (蛇)

The Surging Snake in your Wealth Palace can grant you persuasive and intuitive power. It is a favorable combination as it can open doors to numerous investment and financial opportunities. Those with the snake tend to have a knack for sensing or stumbling upon the right opportunities at the right time.

The key to making the most of this combination is to be open to these opportunities and to trust your intuition. When you encounter a financial opportunity, trust your gut feeling. If it feels right, say yes and go for it. Snakes often have a strong sense of intuition, and their instincts are usually on point.

The White Tiger (虎)

The White Tiger in your Wealth Palace symbolizes energy and vitality. In this case, the more vigor you have, the more money you can earn. However, taking care of your health and well-being is critical because you may lose opportunities if you are constantly ill or lack energy.

Therefore, you could maintain a healthy lifestyle. By staying physically and mentally fit, you can better harness the potential for financial success associated with the White Tiger energy.

The Grappling Hook (陳)

If you have the Grappling Hook in your Wealth Palace, you might excel as a consultant, analyst, or healer. You possess strong analytical skills. It allows you to dissect complex issues and get to the root of problems. Your ability to evaluate past patterns and historical data is a huge asset.

Therefore, your success comes from delving into past events and studying similar situations to gain insights before making any decision.

The Red Phoenix (雀)

The Red Phoenix in your Wealth Palace is associated with communicative power. This energy is similar to the Black Tortoise’s influential power but with a different approach. You are generally skilled at motivating and inspiring others. In addition, you excel in public speaking, sales pitches, and coversing. The better you talk with others, the more financial prospects and success you will have.

Therefore, you could leverage your communication skills to see financial gains. It might involve actively engaging with stakeholders or delivering sales presentations. You could even become an influential figure in your field through your ability to inspire and persuade.

Qi Men 10 Deities for Wealth
Qi Men 10 Deities for Wealth

Seeking Divine Help with Qi Men (Relationship)

The practice described utilizes the energy of the Monthly Qi Men Chart to achieve specific goals and manifest desired outcomes. One of these can include solving relationship issues. Here are the key steps:

Back Face the Palace with Positive Stars: Stand or sit with your back facing the Palace. Alternatively, you can use your guardian of destiny.

Set Your Intentions: While back facing the Palace, set clear intentions for what you want to achieve or manifest. You can ask for help, guidance, or solutions to your current challenges or goals.

Examples of Intentions:

  • Ask for help from Noblemen or mentors.
  • Seek investment tips or advice.
  • Clear negative energy or blockages.
  • Cultivate positive energy, happiness, and productivity.
  • Address relationship issues.

Passive Manifestation: Pay attention to meaningful occurrences or signs in your daily life. These could be people, conversations, articles, or events that provide insights or solutions related to your intentions.

Continuous Practice: You can do it throughout the month. Consistency in setting intentions and observing the signs will help you work toward your goals.

Benefits of Manifestation
Benefits of Manifestation

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