Investing Your Wealth in The Metaverse And Crypto Currency

Investing Your Wealth in The Metaverse And Crypto Currency

When an opportunity presents itself, we must quickly act since it ceases to be an opportunity when everyone is aware of investing in the Metaverse And Crypto Currency. Otherwise, we refer to it as general knowledge. But the price would have gone too high for you to invest in once everyone knew about it. However, given the nature of people, as the cost of investments increases, everyone will hurry to buy. On the other hand, when the price drops, people usually decide to sell to make a profit. However, wise investors will invest more when the price falls because they know it’s a good investment. As a result, it requires long-term thinking as we consider Period 9 as the future.

Because of the Early Heaven effect, Period 9— is about the future—started in 2017. Although the Later Heaven won’t begin until 2024, when Period 9 will formally begin, its effects on society are already quite noticeable. Period 9 is a “Li Gua,” which belongs to the fire element. We can illustrate the symbol of Li Gua by a Yin line inside and two external Yang lines. It means that while there may be something solid on the exterior, there is nothing inside. Virtual, fake, or artificial would be the appropriate words here. You can see and feel it, but it’s not there.

As a result, when we talk about investing in the future, we also talk about NFTs, Cryptocurrency, and Metaverse. This article will explore the Bazi and Qimen aspects of investing in these virtual assets.

⚠️ Disclaimer: The information below is only offered for educational purposes and is the author’s opinion on investments. It would be best if you did your homework before making any investments.

Period 9 Investments: Metaverse and Crypto, and NFTs
Period 9 Investments: The Metaverse, Crypto, and NFTs

The Definition of Metaverse ♾️

The Metaverse people talk about all the time comes from the “Li Gua,” which means “virtual.” In other words, Metaverse is a concept or idea of a virtual world. People are interested in establishing this imagined alternate reality. Because Metaverse is only a concept for creating a virtual environment, it is neither a product nor a firm. People will visit it to live there, work there, travel there, or play there. Therefore, many industries claim this idea will take the world by storm. Some reports even claim that the Metaverse economy will reach 13 trillion in 2030.

But why does the general public find the Metaverse to be so fascinating? It’s almost like being granted a new existence when you have a virtual world. You get to design an avatar that represents your unique personality. Furthermore, there are no limits placed on you by lines or lengths. Thus, you can pretend to be someone you’re not if you wish to look younger, slimmer, or prettier. Anyone is possible for you to become.

When you’re feeling lonely, you can find individuals to interact with within a virtual environment. Some people even go as far as purchasing virtual land and property to engage with the community. They might become friends with someone online, and when they finally meet in person, they might fall in love.

Although it might all be a dream, to them, it feels genuine. These are the main reasons most individuals are keen to engage in these activities in the virtual world.

Metaverse – The New Wealth Economy 🤑

The Metaverse is attracting a lot of attention because of the new wealth that some people make. We can only spend so much money on the earth. However, your wealth will be limitless once you create a virtual world. Consider that there are limited resources, such as land, food, and water. If you are a seller, you will be in a better position to sell resources to more people if there are more people in the Metaverse. Therefore, the virtual economy offers numerous business opportunities.

Similar to before, there is disagreement regarding making payments online. However, most people today view online payments as a way of life. India, China, and South Korea are the top three nations for real-time digital payment transactions. Big companies are putting a lot of effort into attracting more users to the Metaverse to build a virtual economy and earn more money. They achieve this by offering products like augmented reality AR headsets and virtual reality VR goggles for sale. More and more people will join the Metaverse as it becomes more “real.”

Metaverse - Where anything is a possibility!
Metaverse – Where Anything is a Possibility!

Gaming in the Metaverse 🎮

Some people feel that the Metaverse is a scam because it is not real. However, alot of people continue to enter these virtual worlds because of alternate views. Some of our big organizations are investing in and entering the Metaverse market. The first Metaverse pioneer is Meta (former Facebook). Thus, they changed their name to Meta for this reason. Because businesses see how much money they can earn in the virtual world, they have also developed a range of products that rely on micro-transactions, including games, entertainment, and other products.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll notice many micro-transactions asking you to buy skills and gear to level up when you play online. Most buyers do so to amuse themselves, feel good about themselves, and establish their online authority. So, if you give it some thought, you can see that those games bring in money for the companies. Even if some games are free to play, statistics have shown that the revenue generated from 5% of players through these in-game purchases is still very profitable. Roblox, Epic Games, and Meta are just a few of these Metaverse game companies.

Virtual Land in the Metaverse 🏚️

If you were a real estate agent, wouldn’t it be cool if you could give your clients a virtual tour of the property? A few developers will even give you a virtual home if you buy a real house from them. But nobody can be sure how well this idea will work out because it is still in its early stages. It is comparable to current social media, such as Google+, Vine, or the old Friendster. It is unknown which platform—Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok—will prevail as the overall winner.

Decentraland, Sommonium Space, and Voxels are the companies that deal in land in the Metaverse. Although these businesses make significant investments to involve users in their ecosystem, no one stands out as the clear winner. Each of them is vying for control of this area. As a result, they use their unique cryptocurrencies, like MANA, CUBE (ERC20), VOXELS, etc., to make their platforms distinctive. Furthermore, these large companies invite big brands to advertise and host their online events, allowing people to attend these events from the comfort of their homes.

When fans buy homes near their idols, these businesses gain too. In 2021, one fan shelled out around $450,000 to own a piece of virtual real estate next to Snoop Dog. Some people may buy the land to sell at that auction so that they may make a 10X return on their investment.

Metaverse Virtual World
Metaverse Virtual World

Investing in the Metaverse 💱

There are three ways you can invest in the Metaverse:

  • Crypto (₿)
  • Digital Assets 🤖
  • Stocks 📈

Crypto Currencies (₿)

You cannot use fiat money to purchase virtual objects in the Metaverse. Government-issued money such as the USD, EUR, JPY, and so forth is known as fiat currency. However, you can only purchase digital goods with cryptocurrency, which is set up differently from our physical world. There are many different virtual worlds, and each platform uses a cryptocurrency specific to its ecosystem. As a result, some investors purchase particular cryptocurrencies by anticipating that rising demand will drive up their prices. Some of the crypto exchanges even employ their native coins such as BNB (Binance), CRO (, and NUT (Coinbase). You can register with exchange using my referral code: 57nfedbx67

Digital Assets 🤖

Digital assets include assets such as items, collectibles, documents, and virtual events are virtual. Due to their popularity, people will pay money to buy these objects, or they may decide to sell them to others. With the state of technology today, businesses will also make a lot of money when they arrange virtual events or concerts for celebrities. Digital assets may also include blockchain-based NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens. Each purchase has a specific identifier called the smart contract address. Thus, no one can copy, replace, or divide these unique assets.

Stocks 📈

Investors will have a wide selection of stocks to choose from because many businesses are still trying new things and competing to rule the Metaverse. The companies that have invested significantly in the Metaverse are Meta (Facebook), Nvidia, Cloudflare, Microsoft, Nike, Tencent, etc. These businesses are primarily in the technology industry and are well-established on the US and Chinese stock exchanges.

Crypto – The New Currency 💎

Cryptocurrencies would be another type of investment in Period 9. Especially in light of the recent fall of FTX, which raised the question of whether investing in this asset is safe. Due to the lack of financial institutions, many countries have implemented regulations to safeguard their citizens against risky investments. Cryptocurrency operates on a distributed ledger since it is a digital asset. Like a bank, there is no centralized ledger. As a result, consumers can send money to others without using a bank. However, each transaction is recorded in an online database so that users can easily track it.

New crypto may evolve in the future which will solve the blockchain trilemma. A compromise between security, decentralization, and scalability is also known as the “blockchain trilemma.” Due to its volatility, most experts can also find it challenging to anticipate how crypto behaves. Therefore, experts will advise investing less than 5–10% of your overall wealth. You shouldn’t even consider investing in crypto if you have short-term goals or are easily affected by emotions. Since crypto is still not widely accepted by the general public, it will take time for the technology to be developed.

Yin Water will be the closest element to represent crypto. Yin Water resembles a cloud in shape, symbolizing freedom and difficulty in exercising control. It also tends to gravitate towards Yang Earth, the mountain. To determine if you have a stronger affinity for cryptocurrency, you may check if the Hour Pillar on your Bazi Chart contains any of the Yin Water (💧) or Yang Earth (⛰️) elements. The combination of these two yields the Fire element, which is the theme of Period 9.

The Blockchain Trilemma of Crypto
The Blockchain Trilemma of Crypto

Bitcoin – A Bazi Analysis

The first Bitcoin was mined on the 3rd of January 2009 at 18:15:05 GMT. It is also known as the genesis block of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin were a person, their Bazi Chart would resemble the one shown below.

The Bazi Chart of Bitcoin
The Bazi Chart of Bitcoin

There are several Yang Earth (戊) and Yin Water (癸) elements in Bitcoin’s Bazi chart. The Month Pillar also features the “Jia Zi” combination, which stands for a natural leader. The first of the sixty pillars of Bazi analysis is called the “Jia Zi.” Since Bitcoin has the highest market capitalization out of all the crypto, you can consider it the leader.

We can see that the Year of the Tiger 2022 clashes with the Monkey in the Day Pillar. When there is a clash, it also suggests that the year will be very volatile and turbulent. We observed more regulatory organizations stepping in after the fall of FTX since the Year of the Tiger also coincides with the Yang Wood (甲), which counters the Yang Earth. Therefore, unless you adopt a contrarian strategy, it is still not a good time to buy Bitcoin.

We can anticipate Bitcoin to improve or progress in 2024, the Year of the Dragon, as these three animals (Rat, Monkey, and Dragon) share a “Three Harmony” combination. The Yang Earth on the Day Pillar favors the Yang Water, which combines into a wealth of Water structures in this formation. Therefore, given that water can easily flow and control the Earth, we may assume that Bitcoin will become widely used in 2024. On the other side, given that 2024 is the “Jia Chen” formation, in which Yang Wood will counter Yang Earth, Bitcoin may end up being regulated by governments. Additionally, it coincides with the 2024 Bitcoin halving event.

Ethereum – A Bazi Analysis

The first Ethereum genesis block was launched on the 30th of July 2015. If Ethereum were a person, their Bazi Chart would resemble the one shown below.

The Bazi Chart of Ethereum
The Bazi Chart of Ethereum

On its Month Pillar, Ethereum has a “Gui Wei” combination that is spiritual, metaphysical, or philosophical. Thus, it also happens to coincide that Ethereum is utilized to buy and sell NFTs (virtual art).

In addition, we see that Ethereum’s Bazi chart features three Goats. The Rabbit and Goat will combine when the Year of the Rabbit begins in 2023 with the formation of the “Three Harmony.” Therefore, there will be a significant upgrade because there is a total of 3 Goats in Ethereum. It is also consistent with the developer’s intention to continue with ETH 2.0 development. Meantime, you can register with exchange using my referral code: 57nfedbx67

NFTs – The New Digital Art 🖼️

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are unique and cannot be exchanged for another type of token. You cannot just take a screenshot of an online media and claim ownership of the work. To receive the certificate of ownership, you must contact the NFT’s originator and purchase the art on NFT platforms such as using Crypto tokens. The owner stores this certificate on the blockchain. The proof certificate may include details about the object, including its origin, history, and authentications.

NFTs’ singularity gives collectors and enthusiasts a chance to boast. Because there will be a lot of followers, well-known celebrities use this as an opportunity to sell their goods on NFT markets. BTS, Blackpink, and other established K-pop groups are one such example. People will buy and sell these popular NFTs as a result of this demand, making money off of their investments when the value rises.

Based on their Ten Gods profile, those linked to NFTs frequently have high Eating God (EG) or high Direct Resources (DR). These people can appreciate digital art even when it defies common sense. On the other hand, you don’t care how these NFTs work if you have a zero DR or EG. You should do more research and have a high DR because most NFTs are not making any money.

Investing in NFTs - The New Digital Art
Investing in NFTs – The New Digital Art

Should You Invest in the Metaverse? 📣

Most of the Metaverse’s stocks are related to technology. Therefore, we always refer to the Hour Pillar in our Bazi Chart while looking at investments. However, the Earthly Branch’s animal sign in the Hour Pillar will be the area of focus. According to the Luo Shu chart below, each sector has an animal sign assigned. You will have a higher affinity with a particular sector based on your animal sign. You will have more opportunities in those industries with greater chemistry, but this does not guarantee that you will always be successful. Meantime, you can go to this link to plot your Bazi Chart.

We can also see that info tech occupies the center of the Luo Shu chart. It implies that everyone can invest in one. The closest element is Yin Fire since “Li Gua” symbolizes the Metaverse. The strength of your Yin Fire element on your Bazi Chart determines whether or not you have a better affinity for the Metaverse. If you scored 70% or better, you might consider devoting additional time and effort to learning this topic. The simplest way to do this is to check the percentage of the Yin Fire (丁) in your Ten Profiles section. An increase in the percentages of your annual Ten Profiles may indicate that you will soon have additional options to invest in the Metaverse.

Stock Market Sectors Based on Luo Shu Chart
Stock Market Sectors Based on Luo Shu Chart

Your Investment Risk Profile 😨

You should also adhere to your investment risk profile, also known as Personality Analysis (PA). Do you make long-term, medium-term, or short-term investments? Can you tolerate risk and remain calm at night, even if your investment loses more than 50% of its value? The question of how long you should keep an investment is more relevant than when you should buy it. You will know when to purchase an asset once you realize its intrinsic value through research, fundamental analysis (FA), or intuition.

Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful

Warren Buffet

Having good intuition is crucial when it comes to investing. Intuition also comes into play because there is alot of info on the internet. Even if you possess all the required knowledge, skills, and market understanding, you may still be unable to get to the “best” decision. Intuition can help us process info and make decisions quickly. Thus, you may narrow down the essential data and eliminate the unimportant ones with good intuition. Additionally, they can profit more than someone who merely follows trends blindly because they can spot trends before anyone else.

Cryptoverse Investing Golden Rules
Cryptoverse Investing Golden Rules

The Intuitive Investor 💡

You can plot your Qi Men chart by clicking on the link. Among the 10 Deities, Surging Snake is one of the most powerful when we talk about intuition. You can identify where the Surging Snake is on your Natal Qi Men chart. If “Destiny” is also in the box, your intuition has always been excellent. When your intuition is strong, you can tell when an opportunity presents itself or when danger is just around the corner. For instance, if your Surging Snake is in the North box, you can turn your back in that direction to train your intuition.

You can say a mantra or anything else you like as you are backing in the direction of the Qi Men. For instance, you can repeat the mantra below to develop your intuition day by day and earn the right to benefit from your investments via skill, time, and knowledge:

"As my investment intuition continues to develop, I have a right to earn from my experience, knowledge, and skills. I enjoy conducting thorough market research. Allow me the capacity to maintain composure when things are uncertain. When things are difficult, make it simple for me to manage the circumstance. I should be able to identify investments and multiply every investment I make. I'm the intuitive investor."
Backing towards Qi Men direction
Backing toward the direction of Qi Men

Good Days For Investing

Heavenly Wealth (天财) is one of the suitable days for investing. This day provides you with the capacity to produce unanticipated wealth or unexpected windfall. It can improve your financial intuition when you manifest on your days of Heavenly Wealth. The good news is that this special day will reappear on the daily Chinese calendar every ten days.

The other days that you can manifest for investments are listed below. However, these days only occur once every 60 days. You can use these particular days for the activities you want to do.

  • Trading: Earth Rooster (己酉) Days
  • Investing: Water Dragon (壬辰) Days
  • Legacy (Real Estate): Wood Rat (甲子) Days
  • Metaverse: Metal Rabbit (辛卯) Days

It’s important to note that manifestation is the only purpose for the above dates. In the world of investing, there is no “perfect date to invest.” The entire industry believes that if investors pick the proper day to invest, they will profit and that if they choose the incorrect date, they will lose money. However, we don’t have the power to influence the market. We can’t control the stock market and cause prices to rise or fall. Everyone will be able to profit from the stock market if this is the case!

Manifesting on Heavenly Wealth Days
Manifesting on Heavenly Wealth Days

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