New Flying Star Feng Shui 2024 for High Flyers

New Flying Star Feng Shui 2024 for High Flyers

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that uses the natural energies of the environment, called “Qi” or 氣, to help people achieve their goals. The name comes from the Chinese words ‘wind’ (Feng) and ‘water’ (Shui). It has a long history in Chinese culture, going back to the time of the first emperors. In short, Feng Shui is about being in the right place at the right time. By tapping into the Feng Shui 2024 energies around us, you can boost your energy, improve concentration, and motivate yourself to reach your goals.

Imagine Feng Shui as a cosmic chessboard where your living space is split into nine zones, forming a Qi energy grid. Each zone has its unique energy called a “Flying Star.” There are nine of them, with one zone at the center “empty.” However, these Flying Stars change regularly. They are like cosmic nomads, moving around each year. Therefore, we call them the “Nine Flying Stars.” One year, they might bring good vibes. But the next year, they could switch to a not-so-happy mood.

As a result, to navigate Feng Shui 2024, you need to stay informed. Keep an eye on how these stars align each year, and take actions that boost the positive vibes while avoiding the negative ones. It’s like a fun puzzle where you’re the master of your Feng Shui destiny!

Flying Star Feng Shui 2024
Flying Star Feng Shui 2024

How You Can Plot The Flying Stars of Your House

You can make the most of Feng Shui 2024 and get the good vibes. Let’s start with the basics. First, know the different zones in your home and find where your Main Door is. It’s easier than it seems. We made a simple guide with all the steps. Let’s get started!

  1. Start applying Feng Shui by preparing your house plan and compass. Find out the direction your house faces using the compass. You can utilize the compass app on your phone as well.
  2. Square your house by excluding balconies and garages that are not your living space. Divide it into nine equal boxes.
  3. Place the annual Flying Star chart on your house plan. Make sure to align the numbers correctly based on the right directions.

Congratulations! You’ve just started your first and easiest journey into Feng Shui. With this grid as your guide, you’ll explore the energy dynamics in each room of your house. Therefore, you’ll figure out the balance between positive and negative energies and learn how to make them work for a successful Feng Shui 2024. In the following sections, we’ll dive into the Nine Flying Stars and how they interact with each part of your home, uncovering their potential benefits. Keep reading!

Flying Stars 2024 Auspicious and Inauspicious Sectors
Flying Stars 2024 Auspicious and Inauspicious Sectors

The East Sector – #1 White Victory Star (一白贪狼星)✔️

Blessings#1 Victory Star
InfluenceEveryone in the house
First Son
Life Gua 1
Rabbit sign
EnhanceConnecting with others
Business savvy
Success luck
ActivationPosition yourself in the
East sector
Use Water to Activate
#1 White Victory Star Blessings (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

The Victory Star, number #1, brings success and new chances. In Period 9, it’s getting stronger, making it even luckier. However, it’s not just about winning; it’s also about future prosperity now. It attracts fame, fortune, and luck in competitions. In addition, it also brings a good reputation, status, recognition, and good health.

People with big goals, those in competitive fields, athletes, and students should pay attention to Star #1. It’s good to be in or work in this area to boost your career. Thus, you could activate this Star’s positive vibes. However, the Wood energy in the East sector is weakening the Star #1 energy, so you must make the best of this sector.

Your Goal for Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Meet Noble People | Star #1

In 2024, Mentor Luck or Noble (helpful) people are related to the East Sector. Water activation in this area can help activate this energy. However, to truly benefit from having a mentor or guide, you can ask for help and prove yourself worthy of their guidance. Remember the Law of Equivalent Exchange: you must give something to get something. So, activate the Mentor luck energies in the East sector and intentionally seek out people you want to learn from. Therefore, you can offer them something of worth first, and in exchange, you will receive their assistance and advice. It creates a win-win situation. So, you should activate the energies in the East sector for Mentor luck in 2024.

The East Sector - #1 White Victory Star 2024 (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The East Sector – #1 White Victory Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

The South East Sector – #2 Black Illness Star (二黑巨门星)❌

Afflictions#2 Black Illness
AffectsElderly & sick
Pregnant women
First Daughter
Life Gua 2
Dragon & Snake Sign
Poor health
RemediesUse Metal to weaken Earth
#2 Black Illness Star Afflictions (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

In the last twenty years, the number #2 Sickness Star has caused concern because it was related to severe illness, accidents, and sudden misfortune. However, things take a positive turn in Period 9. The characteristics of the #2 Star transformation, reduce its ability to cause harm. Instead, more positive qualities start to show.

Therefore in Period 9, the #2 Star delivers good fortune, including wealth luck. It’s worth noting while the energy has improved, it remains weak. Despite being less harmful in 2024 than in previous years, people with illnesses, low life force, or weak energy might still be affected by its negativity.

In addition, the effects of the Star get worse by the Robbery Star and Yin House brought by the 24 Mountains to the SE sector. It’s advisable for the elderly, those not feeling well, pregnant women or those born in the Year of the Dragon or Snake sign to avoid sleeping in a bedroom in the SE sector for 2024.

Your Goal for Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Good Health | Star #2

If you want to stay healthy in 2024, it’s best to limit your time around Star 2, which resides in the South East sector. For example, you can still watch TV in this area, but avoid placing your bed there. The energy in this sector could worsen health problems. If you cannot avoid being in the Southeast sector, you can mitigate the effects by placing a heavy metal item, such as dumbbell weights.

On the other hand, Star #2 can bring property luck for the year. If you want to diversify your investments, utilizing the Southeast sector can provide opportunities. You don’t need to sleep in this sector to benefit from its energy. Instead, use the space intentionally for your planning, such as calling agents or financial advisors. Consistently using this area for your goals will yield results aligned with your intentions.

The South East Sector - #2 Black Illness Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The South East Sector – #2 Black Illness Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Grand Duke Star (SE1: 112.6-127.5°) ⚠️

So, the Grand Duke or Tai Sui (太岁) falls into the South East 1 under the Dragon Sign between 112.6 to 127.5 degrees. This area will have the highest energy signature, so using it may mean experiencing heightened energy. Pay attention to common Feng Shui principles, like the direction of your main door, bed, stove, balcony, or study room.

For example, if your bed is in the Grand Duke’s area, resting may feel more tiring because you could feel more aroused or nervous. It’s not necessarily harmful unless you’re already mentally strained. Being in the Grand Duke’s direction is like being at the center of an explosion. It can bring good and bad effects, but generally, the unfavorable effects outweigh the good ones. If you can accept the potential hazards, you can use the Grand Duke’s sector.

The South East Sector - Grand Duke Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The South East Sector – Grand Duke Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

The Center – #3 Jade Argument Star (三碧禄存星)❌

Afflictions#3 Jade Argument
AffectsEveryone in the house
Life Gua 3
IssuesRelationship conflicts
Mood swings
Legal issues
RemediesUse Fire to weaken Wood
#3 Jade Argument Star Afflictions (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

In Period 9, the #3 Argument Star remains very negative. This Star brings problems like arguments, rumors, fights, and legal issues. It’s linked to misunderstandings and problems caused by anger. If the #3 Star shows up at the wrong time, it can also lead to liver or limb health problems.

In the Year of the Dragon 2024, the #3 Argument Star can disrupt your home’s harmony. It could cause conflicts among family members and married couples. This disharmony can spread to workplaces, making the atmosphere unpleasant with more office politics, trust issues, and competition among coworkers. In addition, it might even lead to legal problems and financial losses.

Star #3 also represents resilience. It is similar to a soldier who keeps fighting despite challenges. But in modern times, it translates to people being unwilling to let go of arguments. In 2024, you can expect a lot of conflicts and disputes because this energy affects everyone. However, the central energy in your house, where the Star #3 is, is generally safe unless you activate it by getting involved in arguments. So, avoid unnecessary fights and walk away from conflicts.

Therefore, it’s crucial not to activate the Star #3 to reduce these effects. Avoid noise or activity in the central sector of your home and remove wind chimes or stereos from that area.

Your Goal for Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Improve Courage | Star #3

The Star #3 argument star may lead to arguments or challenges, but it also strengthens you. You can enhance courage by adding water elements, like an aquarium, in the center of your house. However, if you’re prone to arguments or conflicts, using fire elements can help reduce these issues. Therefore, depending on your nature, you can choose the appropriate element.

Sometimes, you may have difficulty resolving relationship issues because of a lack of courage to address them directly. We tolerate what we’re willing to accept, so if you tolerate bad behavior, that’s what you’ll get. Therefore, this area can help you face challenges and overcome fears.

On the other hand, if you want a harmonious family, try not to spend most of your family time in the area of Star #3 in the Center. This place can make arguments more likely.

The Center - #3 Jade Argument Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The Center – #3 Jade Argument Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

The North West Sector – #4 Green Academic Star (四绿文曲星) ✔️

Blessings#4 Academic Star
InfluenceEveryone in the house
Life Gua 4
Dog & Pig Sign
ActivationPosition yourself in the
North West sector
Use Water to activate
#4 Green Academic Star Blessings (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

When a star number enters the phase known as Dead Chi, it means there’s danger and things aren’t progressing. The energy of Star #4 stops existing during this phase. However, Star #4 in Period 9 is in this state. Even though it’s usually lucky, it needs a push to bring out its good luck. Therefore, reviving dead chi isn’t hard.

The #4 Green Star represents wisdom and scholarship. It’s about learning, beauty, and success through studying literature. This Star is linked to education, making it great for study rooms or students getting ready for exams. Also, the #4 Star is good for writers, academics, and creative people like musicians. It suggests financial success from these pursuits. Thus, if you are young and starting your journey, it can encourage you to learn new things.

Moreover, the #4 Star encourages positive relationships and romance in your personal and career. Therefore, it can benefit your business by building sales, marketing, and public relations relationships.

Your Goal for Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Learn New Skills | Star #4

For anyone aiming for a better income and life in the Year of the Wood Dragon, activating the North West sector in 2024 could help achieve these goals. It’s not a magic fix, though. It’s about aligning the energy in your space with your goals. This area is ruled by Star 4, known as the academic star.

Traditionally, the Northwest is known as the academic sector for boosting kids’ grades. But let’s modernize that idea. Success isn’t just about good grades; it’s about acquiring the knowledge and skills to reach your goals. So, if you want to earn more, improve your career, or enhance your life, focus on learning new skills. Thus, you could think about where you want to go and what skills you need to get there. Then, dedicate time to study or practice in the Northwest sector.

It could be anything from job-related skills to improving your relationships. If that’s not possible, add a bit of water activation there. It’s not about sleeping in that spot—it’s about actively pursuing your goals and improving yourself. This advice is beneficial if you’re working for someone else or trying to start your own business.

The North West Sector - #4 Green Academic Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The North West Sector – #4 Green Academic Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Year Breaker Star (NW1: 292.6-307.5°) ⚠️

The polar opposite of the Grand Duke is known as the Year Breaker or Sui Po (岁破). While the Grand Duke represents the highest energy point, the Year Breaker is the lowest. The Year Breaker is often feared more than the Grand Duke because it can grind everything to a halt. You can find the Year Breaker by locating the Dog Sector opposite the Dragon Sector. Therefore, you can discover the Year Breaker in the Northwest 1 sector between 292.6 and 307.5 degrees.

For example, if it’s at the front door, your financial position will be affected negatively this year. Every year, the Grand Duke and Year Breaker directions change positions, ensuring fairness for everyone. So, just be cautious and avoid doing anything in these areas. If you’re affected, try to mitigate the impact with your best efforts.

The North West Sector - Year Breaker Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The North West Sector – Year Breaker Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

The West Sector – #5 Yellow Calamity Star (五黄廉贞星)❌

Afflictions#5 Five Yellow
AffectsEveryone in the household
Youngest Daughter
Rooster sign
Loss of wealth
Victim of politics at work
RemediesUse Metal to weaken Earth
#5 Yellow Calamity Star Afflictions (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

In Period 9, Star #5, also known as the Five Yellow or Wu Wang, stays unlucky and brings lots of bad luck. The Yellow Flying Star, also known as Star #5, holds alot of influence in the constellation. It’s called the “Emperor Star” and commands respect. Therefore, it’s a star with potent energies that need careful handling. This star often leads to unfavorable outcomes, like fatal accidents, money problems, sickness, sadness, family or business betrayals, and endless troubles. Thus, these are just some examples of the bad things this unlucky star can cause.

The energy of the Five Yellow is like a volatile volcano. It fluctuates a lot and can cause problems. In addition, it’s most unstable during Period 9, which makes it even worse. So, avoid doing renovations there. Vibrational energy can activate the negative energy, so don’t slam doors or have subwoofers on for too long. If your house has missing sectors, it can make things worse.

Your Goal for Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Minimize Accidents | Star #5

One method is to maintain peace to avoid triggering its negative energy. This star’s power can cause troubles like accidents and illness if disturbed, especially if your energy is weak. Accidentally activating it, say by digging or hammering in the West sector, can lead to calamities swiftly. We must be mindful of this every year, resisting the urge to undertake activities like groundbreaking in the West when our energy levels are low.

Thus, the best way to deal with the #5 Star is to leave it alone and avoid affected rooms. You should also avoid making any renovations in the West sector. If that’s not possible, it’s important to use Feng Shui solutions to lessen its effects. Therefore, one proposed solution is to place six pieces of metal in the sector or one giant metal structure.

The West Sector - #5 Yellow Calamity Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The West Sector – #5 Yellow Calamity Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

The North East Sector – #6 White Heavenly Star (六白武曲星)✔️

Blessings#6 Heavenly Star
InfluenceYoungest Son
Life Gua 6
Ox & Tiger Sign
Decision Making
ActivationPosition yourself in the
North East sector
#6 White Heavenly Star Blessings (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

In this new Period 9, the Star number #6, similar to the #4 Star, is in a phase called “Dead Chi”. Despite its lucky nature, it needs strong boosting to revive its energies and bring good luck. The #6 White Star represents authority, power, and status. Thus, it shows the recognition and influence gained by climbing the career ladder or holding positions in public service.

The Heavenly Star #6 also brings celestial blessings, windfalls, and the presence of helpful mentors and supporters. It can help you network, build alliances, and attract people who can provide help. It brings luck when everything seems to go smoothly.

Therefore, during Period 9, it’s crucial to activate this Star. You can do this by making the Northeast part of your home lively. Have gatherings, play music, and use the space actively. Bringing the #6 Star to life opens up a world of potential and possibilities.

Your Goal for Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Climbing the Corporate Ladder | Star #6

If you want to advance in your career, establish authority, and strengthen your position, focus on the Northeast sector of your home in the year 2024. Star #6, which symbolizes career opportunities, is active in this sector. Therefore, you can spend time in this area when working from home, communicating with your bosses, or planning your career.

But before you rush to activate this star, understand that power comes from within you first. You must embody the qualities of leadership and capability before seeking recognition. Thus, using the Northeast sector can help you plan your career, organize your thoughts, and take action toward your goals. However, simply sleeping in this area won’t bring success. Success doesn’t happen by chance; you can be deliberate about your goals. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour daily to organize your finances, plan your career, or structure your schedule for the year. By utilizing the positive energy of the Northeast sector, you can improve your prospects for the year ahead.

Whether you’re a boss, manager, or team leader, utilizing the North East sector for your meetings, planning sessions, or work can give you a boost in achieving your objectives. So, be intentional about your success and harness the power of the North East sector to drive your ambitions forward.

The North East Sector - #6 White Heavenly Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The North East Sector – #6 White Heavenly Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

The South Sector – #7 Red Discord Star (七赤破军星)❌

Afflictions#7 Discord Star
AffectsEveryone in the household
Middle daughter
Life Gua 7
The Horse Sign
Office politics
RemediesUse Water to Weaken Metal
#7 Red Discord Star Afflictions (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

This year and the next 20 years are more dangerous because of the #7 Loss Star. It’s already known for causing harm. However, it’s even worse in this period. Therefore, it brings financial losses, thefts, violence, and betrayal. These effects worsen until it becomes “Killing Chi” in Period 9.

The #7 Robbery Star increases the risk of burglaries, hostage situations, blackmail, or even violent incidents like accidents with cuts or bites. In extreme cases, it could even mean the chance of being murdered. Health-wise, it’s linked to surgeries, sexually transmitted diseases, and other serious illnesses.

Lastly, the #7 Robbery Star and the Direct Spirit of Period 9 will shift to the South sector in 2024. Thus, it makes it harder for households financially and affects the luck of family members. The South, which usually brings fame and recognition luck, now brings monetary loss and damage to reputation because of the #7 Star in 2024. It is made worse by the Natural Disaster Star and 3 Killings in the same area, brought by the 24 Mountains.

Your Goal for Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Improve Communication Skills | Star #7

Star #7 is often associated with theft and disputes, but it’s not all bad. If there is no ongoing construction or sharp structures near the South sector, it can assist you if you are in professions that require alot of talking. Some of these careers include sales or teaching. Therefore, this star supports speaking abilities and charm.

To make the most of it, engage in activities that enhance your communication skills, like online courses or reading books. You don’t necessarily need to put objects in that area; instead, focus on using the space effectively. You should be careful if construction or sharp objects are nearby, as these can increase the chance of accidents. Being aware of your surroundings can help you avoid potential dangers.

The South Sector - #7 Red Discord Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The South Sector – #7 Red Discord Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Three Killings Star (South S1 to S3: 157.6-202.5°) ⚠️

The Three Killings occurs in the South sector in 2024. It includes self-harm, environmental dangers, and third-party harm like robbery. Self-harm is when you accidentally hurt yourself. Environmental dangers happen when you put yourself in risky situations like natural disasters. Third-party harm is when someone else harms you, like robbery. Therefore, to avoid these, do not activate your home’s south sector or avoid being in that sector altogether.

Self-harm, environmental dangers, and robbery are serious, so be cautious. If you’ve activated these energies, be careful when traveling and avoid showing off valuable items. In 2024, there are more favorable spaces to use, so focus on those instead.

The South Sector - Three Killings Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The South Sector – Three Killings Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

The North Sector – #8 White Wealth Star (八白左辅星)✔️

Blessings#8 Wealth Star
InfluenceWorking Adults
Middle Son
Life Gua 8
Rat Sign
ActivationPosition yourself in the
North sector
Use Water to activate
#8 White Wealth Star Blessings (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

In 2024, the beloved number 8 is gradually losing its power. Thus, its energy is getting weaker, and some negative aspects are starting to appear. While the #8 Wealth Star brought prosperity and wealth during Period 8, it’s now losing its strength in Period 9. In this state, it can create hurdles to success and lead to health issues. So, it’s wise to handle this Star carefully and use Feng Shui methods to activate it.

When the #8 Star is in a good state, it indicates financial growth and prosperity. But when not, it can bring money problems like being too thrifty or overly cautious with spending. Health-wise, a negative influence from the #8 Star suggests ongoing health issues related to the back, spine, nose, and fingers.

Your Goal for Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Grow Your Wealth | Star #8

The general wealth star for 2024 is in the North sector of your home. Find out where the north sector is by standing in the middle of your house with a compass.

If you have a job or a fixed income and want to increase it slightly, activating the North sector can help. Therefore, moving water in the northern sector triggers energy to improve cash flow, like collecting money. But if you want a lot more money, you might need to change what you do. For example, if you work for others, you have few options for increasing your income unless you create a side business. Activating the North sector can help you reach your goal faster, so you could double or triple your income.

Activation is about balancing Yin and Yang energies. Water is a common way to enhance this area, but matching activation with your activities is essential. Therefore, if you activate without intention or action, it can lead to imbalance and frustration.

Lastly, you can keep this area tidy to attract prosperity energy. Also, you can bring in positive energy through human activity by positioning yourself in the North sector. Thus, if your main door faces North, keep it well-lit and open to let Chi of Star #8 flow freely.

The North Sector - #8 White Wealth Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The North Sector – #8 White Wealth Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

The South West Sector – #9 Purple Prosperity Star (九紫右弼星)✔️

Blessings#9 Prosperity Star
InfluenceEveryone in the household
Life Gua 9
Sheep and Monkey sign
EnhanceFame and recognition
Joy and celebration
ActivationPosition yourself in the
South West sector
#9 Purple Prosperity Star Blessings (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

In Period 9, the number 9 boosts its strength and good luck as it becomes the Star of Current Prosperity, bringing wealth and fortune for the next 20 years. Over the last two decades, this number has hinted at future prosperity and has grown in importance. But now, in Period 9, it takes the spotlight as the main star of the period. Thus, it has fully matured, making its effects even more powerful.

The number 9 is the luckiest in Period 9, bringing wealth, abundance, and success. It represents promotions, good news, important events, and positivity. In addition, it shines with popularity, beauty, warmth, and glory. Plus, it stands for clarity, passion, and talent expression. Thus, people influenced by this star often want to show off their skills and make an impact. You can put lights in the SW sector because the element associated with #9 is Fire.

Your Goal for Flying Star Feng Shui 2024: Venture into Investments | Star #9

Firstly, are you an entrepreneur, investor, or working for someone else? It matters because different types of wealth require different approaches. Wealth isn’t just about activating something and suddenly becoming rich. It’s about attracting positive energy by being optimistic, recognizing opportunities, and working hard.

If you’re working for someone else, activating this wealth sector might help you work more energetically. But there’s a limit to how much you can grow in that role. For business owners and entrepreneurs, activating the southwest sector can help you spot opportunities, provide value, and make more money.

If you’re into growing wealth through investments, you could work in the South West sector, where Star #9 shines. It’s the perfect place to research and plan your investments. Plus, this area brings fame and recognition, especially in Period 9, when attention is highly valued.

The South West Sector - #9 Purple Prosperity Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)
The South West Sector – #9 Purple Prosperity Star (Flying Star Feng Shui 2024)

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