Secrets of the 5 Elements in your Bazi Chart

Secrets of the 5 Elements in your Bazi Chart

If you have learned Bazi before, you might be familiar with and often hear about the 5 Elements. The 5 Elements is a concept that energy exists and energy governs everything whether it is a phenomenon, cosmic cycle, our reality, and life itself. Therefore, we can imagine the 5 Elements as a concept whereby everything is made up of energy, and energy is everything. This is a concept that is adopted throughout all Chinese metaphysics like Bazi, Feng Shui, Yi Jing, etc.

The 5 Elements are also related to the concept of how things are generated and destroyed in the universe. It plays a part in how life functions on Earth. When we talk about Bazi or Feng Shui, we’re talking about a system that uses an understanding of the 5 Elements to achieve specific goals. Because Chinese Metaphysics is all about getting better results, we may use our knowledge of the 5 Elements to generate and forecast outcomes. Therefore, when you grasp the 5 Elements, practicing Chinese Metaphysics will become second nature because they are all based on the same concept.

The Concept of the 5 Elements

The name 5 Elements comes from the fact that each of these elements oversees five different energies. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood are their names. The Chinese word “Wu Xing,” which means “five actions or five transformations,” is directly translated as “The 5 Elements.” Thus, the Chinese place a strong emphasis on change and transformation phases. As a result, the entire 5 Elements concept is based on energy constantly traveling and changing from one form to another.

In addition, each of these elements has a planet linked with it. Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are the five planets. The 5 Elements depict the movement of these five planets. These five planets’ magnetic shifts can affect the energy on Earth, affecting all living things in the universe.

Life CycleChildhoodYouthYoung
Mid-lifeOld Age
Cosmology and the 5 Elements

When we think about it, this is the same notion that describes life. In life, the only thing that remains constant is change. As a result, life is constantly changing and evolving, no matter how much we wish for things to stay the same. So, regardless of what scenario you’re in right now, things will change.

The 5 Elements
The Concept of the 5 Elements

Using the 5 Elements in Chinese Metaphysics

When we create our Bazi Charts, we use these 5 Elements to characterize your inherent energy. As a result, we all have different amounts of energy. You can use the Bazi Chart to assess your personality, thoughts, and actions.

Hence you will need to include your date and time of birth, as well as your gender, every time you plot your Bazi Chart. You will be able to determine what type of energy is accessible at that time using these details. These invisible cosmic energies will be passed to you the moment you are born. Since the energy configuration is the same every two hours, all babies born within two hours of your birthday will have the same Bazi Chart, which will change every two hours.

On the other hand, when we talk about Feng Shui, we’re talking about the energies we can extract from our surroundings. But, as you may have noticed, it also employs the 5 Elements. For example, a Feng Shui practitioner may say that your house has too much of an element, etc. As a result, if you can live in an environment with positive energy, your health, luck, and prosperity will improve.

Thus, two people born simultaneously with the same Bazi Chart may have different outcomes as they may live in separate houses. Even if they dwell in the same home, the differing energies will affect them. Alternatively, they could have mixed with a different group of friends, and the energy received will have an impact on the outcome of these two persons too.

Examining Your Inherited Elements

You will have elements in your Bazi Chart that you inherited at birth. To improve anything, you must first improve yourself. The more you understand the 5 Elements within you, the more you may take steps to improve specific items and outcomes. Meanwhile, you can plot your Bazi Chart here.

The first place you should look is in your Day Master. You will be able to locate the Day Master on the Day Pillar, which is on your Natal Chart. If you require additional information, please see my previous post here as well. Our Day Master, on the other hand, only gives us hints about one component of our Bazi Chart; it does not reveal the entire arrangement of our 5 Elements. As a result, we’ll want to start with the larger picture. Thus, we may concentrate on the 5 Structures in our Bazi Chart.

On your 5 Structures, you’ll be able to find the 5 Elements as well. The 5 Structures can help you figure out how strong your 5 Elements are and provide you with a summary of your Bazi Chart. You’ll note that there are two diagrams inside the 5 Structures: a Natal and an Annual diagram. The Natal Chart is what you get when you’re born, whereas the Annual chart changes every year.

In addition, you’ll be able to tell which element is the strongest or weakest by looking at the diagrams. For example, the Wood Element is found to be the most dominant in the Natal diagram, as shown in the figure below.

Natal vs Annual 2
Our 5 Elements are also depicted in the 5 Structures

The Best Element For Each Industry

So, once you’ve figured out what your dominant element is, this element is the one that draws the most relevant traits throughout your life. For example, if your dominant element is wood, you will be drawn to many people, events, or employment that involve wood. Working in a wood-related field will also provide you with extra career opportunities and probably the highest pay. We can use affinity to describe this notion.

It may, however, be one of the tiring options you will have throughout your career. Since working in your dominant element will attract both opportunities and challenges. As a result, you must mentally prepare yourself to face challenges to reap the most rewards from working in industries that correspond to your dominant aspect.

Alternatively, by serving consumers who belong to your dominant element, you can benefit without changing sectors. If you already have an F&B business, and your dominating element is metal, you might want to consider servicing clients from your most profitable industry. Take, for example, the banking and finance sector.

Therefore, if the following is your main element: (regardless of whether yin or yang)

5 Elements – Dominant Fire Element 🔥:

  • Career-related to computers; artificial intelligence; fireworks, energy, or heat-producing industries. For example, food; airlines; oil and gas; hospitality; military; electronics; mobile technology; electronics; and semiconductors are some industries to consider.

5 Elements – Dominant Earth Element 🌎:

  • Career-related to real estate, properties; soil, land, rock, or mining industries. For example, insurance; architecture; construction; real estate; property consulting; land surveyor; escrow services; storage and warehousing; and many others.

5 Elements – Dominant Metal Element 🔩:

  • Career-related to money; mechanical engineering; and metal-related industries. For example, financial; banking; accounting; security; engineering; molding; hardware stores; military; and a range of other services.

5 Elements – Dominant Water Element 💧:

  • Career-related to sales, marketing; freight; tourism; outdoor activities, and water-related industries. For example, sportsmen; logistics; shipping; transportation; tour guides; outdoor newscasters; navy, etc.

5 Elements – Dominant Wood Element 🌳:

  • Career-related to education; apparel and fashion; health care; and wood-related industries. For example, agriculture; botany; horticulture; fashion; carpentry; publishing; teaching; medicine; nursing; textiles; and so on.
Type of Industries for Each Element
Type of Industries For Each Element

Identifying Health Issues From Your 5 Elements

Physical Health – Weakest Element

Then, under the 5 Structures, we’ll look at your Bazi Chart’s weakest element. If your weakest element is wood, for example, the energy in your liver and gall bladder will be frailer from the moment you are born than the rest of your organs. Therefore, the lack of energy in the weakest element is the cause of this observation.

As a result, you should take extra steps to protect your most vulnerable organs. Consider how your weaker organs are likely to be the first to be affected if you get sick from a virus. You can see how your body organs relate to the various elements in the table below. It can also be a lifeline for many people because it allows them to plan ahead of time to avoid future issues. Therefore, Bazi’s primary focus in this field is to prevent rather than treat problems in the future.

Yin OrgansLiverHeartSpleenLungKidney
Yang OrgansGall
Physical Health and the 5 Elements

Mental Health – Weakest Element

In addition, we can forecast how someone will behave emotionally using the 5 Elements. We can link the 5 Elements to our mental and emotional well-being. For example, if the earth element is your weakest, you are more likely to experience anxiety and tension. Your emotions have the potential to shape your fate.

Many times, we make poor decisions because we are emotional at the time of decision-making. We will be sorry for making poor decisions based on our emotions. Moreover, we would be able to make a lot more reasonable decisions if we weren’t all so emotional. Thus, you can forecast your destiny since it will regularly tell you what feelings you are experiencing.

Mental Health and the 5 Elements

The Transformation of the 5 Elements

The 5 Elements are also referred to as “five actions or five transformations,” as stated in the introduction.
As a result, we’ll need to know how the 5 Elements interact with one another.

Mutual Generation – Productive Cycle

Each of these elements is continually generating new ones. We refer to this process as “mutual generation,” and it goes like this: Fire produces Earth; Earth produces Metal; Metal produces Water; Water produces Wood; Wood produces Fire. We refer to this as the producing cycle.

Mutal Overcoming – Controlling Cycle

The other relationship is the countering process. This is what we call “mutual overcoming,”, and it works as follows: Wood controls Earth; Fire controls Metal; Earth controls Water; Metal controls Wood; Water controls Fire. We refer to this as the controlling cycle.


Transformation of the 5 Elements

So, what exactly does it all imply? Some elements are productive, while others might be controlling. As a result, if we want to enhance properties, we must employ producing elements. In turn, if we wish to solve issues, we must use the appropriate element to control them. Thus taking an example, if your Water element is the weakest, you’ll need to employ a Metal element to boost it.

The 5 Elements
Transformation of the 5 Elements

Formations of the Fastest and Slowest

Furthermore, among all the elements, the Wood element produces the Fire element the fastest. You can consider how quickly a fire would spread if we set fire to wood. The Earth element, on the other hand, creates the Metal element the slowest. Because metal is such a valuable mineral, producing it on Earth will take a very long period. Therefore, you can consult your Bazi chart using this information.

For the sake of comparisons, we can disregard whether an element is Yin or Yang while performing a fast check. We can also rule out the hidden stems that are present on the Bazi Chart.

Wood-Fire Element Formation

If you find Wood and Fire at the top or bottom of someone’s Bazi Chart, this could indicate that they can think and respond quickly. This person will be bright, quick-witted, and quick-thinking. They also have a high rate of learning. Alternatively, if Fire appears alongside Wood in the Bazi Chart, it means the same thing.

Earth-Metal Element Formation

Similarly, you can check if either Earth or Metal is beside or on top of the other in the Earth-Metal element configuration. If you see this combination in the Bazi Chart, the person takes longer to ponder and consider things. However, this does not imply that the individual is unintelligent. It simply means that they think, plan, and carry out ideas slowly.

Multiple Formations

If you have both Wood-Fire and Earth-Metal formations in your Bazi Chart, these forms will cancel each other out. As a result, you work quickly at times and slow at others. It all depends on where your formations are on your Bazi Chart.

  • If the formation is on the Year Pillar, it has an impact on your mentors and friends. It has to do with your friendships with people who aren’t in your immediate circle.
  • Your career and wealth are affected if the formation is on the Month Pillar. Most people value the Month Pillar because it connects them to the outside world, such as their workplace.
  • If the formation is on the Day Pillar, it has an impact on your future and relationships. We’ll also look for connections between your behavior, relationships, and living situations, such as where you live.
  • It may affect your children and assets if the formation is on the Hour Pillar. It has something to do with your financial resources and offspring.

The Study of 10 Stems

As we progress to the advanced usage of the 5 Elements, we will examine the Yin and Yang of each element. Thus, our Bazi Chart has a total of “10 Elements.” We name them the Ten Heavenly Stems.

We’ll pay attention to our Day Master. You can find the Day Master on the Day Pillar of your Natal Chart. It is a representation of who you are as a person, your actions, and your personality. You can check out my previous post on the Day Master for more information.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick-start way to see if your Day Master has any clashes with other elements:

Yin Fire and Yang Metal Formation

  • Yin Fire – it is symbolized by the light of a candle. In their Bazi Chart, they require the Wood Element. They don’t have the resources to keep the fire going if the Wood ingredient is missing. Resources in Bazi can also represent Mothers. As a result, Yin Fire persons adore their mothers.
  • Yang Metal – it is represented by unrefined metal or an axe. The purpose of this element is to chop wood as wood element is their wealth element. Thus, if they have a lot of wood elements in their Bazi Chart, this means they would have alot of wealth.

Let’s assume you’re passing through the Yang Metal and Yin Fire luck pillars based on the two scenarios above. You’ll have the mental fortitude to chop wood, as well as the fire to reforge your blade when it becomes dull. As a result, if you stay focused on your goals and objectives, you can make a lot of money. However, you have to note that no pain, and no gain since success necessitates a significant amount of labor during the forging process.

The Ten Stems
The Ten Heavenly Stems

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, we can use the 5 Elements to help us shape our destiny and impact our outcomes. Thus, we may learn about how these elements interact with one another by studying the 5 Elements. Furthermore, each of these Day Masters has unique strengths and limitations. If you understand more about the 5 Elements, you’ll be able to do a lot of analysis quickly.

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