The 7 Step Luck Multiplier Technique You Need to Do Now

The 7 Step Luck Multiplier Technique You Need to Do Now

Luck is an important factor in our lives that determines our destiny. Having good or bad luck might have a direct impact on our future. While there are many different views on luck and whether it is real or not, most people agree that having good luck can make your life easier.

The good news is that you don’t need any prior knowledge of Chinese philosophy to understand this article. To understand luck, you can examine your Bazi Charts by looking at the Luck Pillars. Therefore, we’ll look at our Bazi Chart’s Luck Pillars and the techniques you can take to multiply your luck in this post.

Definition of Luck Pillars

You can plan and prepare for what lies ahead if you can see what lies ahead. When we discuss the ability to foresee, we refer to the ability to see into the future. Therefore, we’ll use our Bazi chart’s Luck Pillars to help us with this. You can plot your Bazi chart here.

Every ten years, the stages of our lives change. So, if we want to know what opportunities are available, we’ll check our current Luck Pillar. The Luck Pillar represents your existing opportunities. And every ten years, each Luck Pillar will reveal new prospects for you. As a result, you’ll notice various possibilities and have different priorities in life. You may have conflicting ideas or meet new people. Changes will occur in your health, job, and environment.

Definition of Luck
Definition of Luck

Step 1. Define Your Better Future

“Preparation is the key to success”

Alexander Graham Bell

We all want a better future, even if we don’t realize it. Whereas you will have your interpretation of what a brighter future looks to be. Consider what you wanted ten years ago versus what you desire now. Along the process, our understanding of a better future will evolve.

Because knowing what you want out of life is the first step toward creating your destiny. You can plan for your future once you know what it is. Are you aware that preparation is essential for success? For example, your parents have sent you to school since you were a child to prepare you for a brighter future.

Imagine you’ve learned you have a tremendous possibility to become someone significant in the next ten years, such as a CEO of a multinational corporation. Then you’d better get ready. Because even if your Bazi chart indicates that you have those opportunities, if you do nothing, they will not happen. As a result, being prepared is the best option.

Preparation is the key to success
Preparation is the key to success

Step 2. Concept of Balancing

The majority of individuals will inquire if they are having excellent luck at the moment. Good fortune indicates that your life is becoming easier. In addition, you’ll be able to receive whatever you desire more quickly and with fewer issues. It’s also simpler to get assistance. So, how can you know whether you’re experiencing a lucky streak?

To begin, look over your Bazi Chart’s 5 Structures and concentrate on your Natal Chart. Ideally, you would focus on bringing balance to your five-element strength based on your Natal Chart. Your life will be more steady and easygoing if your chart is balanced. You can cope with tension and deal with a variety of life’s surprises.

There are two options for rebalancing it.

  • Look for the element with the highest value in your Natal Chart and strive to reduce it.
  • Find the element in your Natal Chart that has the lowest value and try to raise it. (the preferred method)

As illustrated in the graphic below, the Earth element in the Natal Chart is the weakest of the 5 Structures. Next, we’ll look at the Luck Pillar and see if there’s anything related to Earth in there. It can be either in the Heavenly Stem, the Earthly Branches, or the Hidden Stems. If the Earth element appears in the current Luck Pillar, it indicates that one has had some good luck during these ten years. In addition, we can look at the other Luck Pillars to determine if the Earth element is there as well.

Moreover, it is weaker and unsustainable if the element you require emerges at the top (Heavenly Stem). If you discover it at the bottom (Hidden Stems), this one is stronger and has more value to it.

The 5 Structures
Check your weakest element and try to raise it

Step 3. Activate Your Wealth Luck

It’s great if you’re lucky in some way. While luck isn’t everything, it is a nice thing to have. Hard work is necessary, but it’s much better if you can combine it with good fortune.

If you are experiencing good fortune, pay attention to the two aspects listed below. Check to see if either of them appears at the top or bottom of your current Luck Pillar. In this scenario, the position is irrelevant.

  • Direct Wealth (DW)
  • Indirect Wealth (IW)

If these show in your current Luck Pillar, you are experiencing a period of good fortune and wealth luck. It will also have an impact on how you think and prioritize wealth in your life. You may begin to consider the value of money.

Direct Wealth (DW) Luck Activation

To activate the Direct Wealth (DW), the more you work, the greater your reward. As a result, you must work harder and with greater diligence. Make an effort to pick up some new skills that will assist you and your organization. You can start with the most basic skills and move on from there, as acquiring new skills is a lifelong endeavor. Therefore, if you want to succeed in the long term, you must invest time in your intellectual development and the team you work with. Otherwise, your good fortune will be worthless.

Indirect Wealth (IW) Luck Activation

When it comes to activating Indirect Wealth (IW), the greater the risk, the greater your reward. If your Luck Pillar contains IW, you must learn how to take calculated risks. Being risk-averse will not benefit you; consequently, you must be willing to take certain calculated risks. When deciding whether or not to take risks, many factors come into play. Take, for example, your personality type, your previous risk encounters, and the risk’s magnitude. Always do your due diligence and conduct lots of research before making a decision. You could consider these aspects before taking any risks; otherwise, you risk creating more issues than you solve.

Activate your wealth luck: Direct Wealth vs Indirect Wealth
Activate Your Wealth Luck: Direct Wealth (DW) vs. Indirect Wealth (IW)

Step 4. Obtaining Life Clarity

You might have an awakening moment when you pass by a particular luck pillar. So suddenly, you may keep talking about something you didn’t dare to do in the past, and you’ll feel compelled to do it right now. You’ll want to go after your dream because that’s who you are. In addition, you have a clear understanding of your life mission or what is important to you. Your heart and mind are in sync. As a result, you’ll feel more at ease embracing yourself.

You can study the Day Pillar element in your Bazi chart and see if the same exists in the Luck Pillar. For example, the Day Master in the table below is Yang Fire, so we check the Luck Pillar to see if Yang Fire is also present. There is no difference whether the Yang Fire is at the top or bottom of the Luck Pillar. When the Yang Fire appears in the Luck Pillar, it indicates that life has awakened.

As a result, this is the ideal time for a breakthrough. The majority of people who are going through their luck pillar awakening will make more money in life. This is because they know what they want out of life and will work hard to achieve it, despite the obstacles and disappointments they may face. Due to their self-awareness, they are often confident with their decisions throughout this time.

Day Pillar
Yang Fire🌞
Yang Earth🌍
Ding Wu Xin
-Fire🕯️ +Earth🌍 -Metal💍
Day Pillar On Your Natal Chart

Step 5. Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Seven Killings (7K) comes to mind whenever we talk about life’s challenges and hardships. There may be occurrences or persons who push you beyond your comfort zone as you go through 7K in your Luck Pillar. These people or circumstances will compel you to work harder and force you to take up new responsibilities. Therefore, you will feel uncomfortable.

But, if you think about it, all of our progress occurs when we are uncomfortable and try something new. We try something new, and as a result, we grow. Building muscles in our bodies follows the same principle. We may experience muscle pain or soreness after exercise. After that, though, we reap the benefits of exercise: a healthier body and mind. You will be more refined after the 7K Luck Pillar transition is over if you can take advantage of this time to grow yourself. Focus on your long-term goals once more, and things will become easier to manage.

You can check your Luck Pillars to determine if you have 7K. It can be found either at the top or bottom of your Luck Pillar in the same way. If 7K is present in your Luck Pillar, for you to succeed in life, remember that the pain you feel today will become the strength you feel tomorrow. In addition, those having a higher output element in their 5 Structures will benefit more. When you go through 7K, if the output element is high, you will accept responsibility in your life.

Seven Killings (7K) Examples

As events evolve, here is how 7K might come into play. For example, suppose you want to start a business, but nothing has happened after ten years. When you have 7K in your Luck Pillar, you may end up fighting with your boss and lose your job. As a result, you have no choice but to start your own business. Somehow if you don’t change yourself, an event or certain people will force you to do something you don’t want to do.

To govern 7K, you must own your thinking and actions. Consider this scenario: you’re going through 7K, yet you avoid difficulties and obligations. In this instance, you will only feel discomfort and receive no benefit. 7K is a moment when you must accept responsibilities. It’s not only about your career or the work you do when it comes to taking responsibility. You will need to be accountable for your actions and thoughts in life too. Take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your foundation and become more resilient so that you can endure more stress in the future.

No pain no gain
Seven Killings (7K): No Pain No Gain

Step 6. Focus on Period Luck

Don’t worry if the above Luck Multiplier strategies don’t work for you or if you don’t have a good Luck Pillar for the next 30 years; this technique will address such difficulties. We had previously concentrated on our Luck Pillars. If you’ve determined that your current Luck Pillar isn’t working out, you can usually move on to the following few Luck Pillars. However, if you only obtain a favorable Luck Pillar after you’re old, this isn’t the best situation.

Therefore, looking outside of your Bazi Chart is the best strategy to solve an inferior Bazi Chart. Period Luck is a controlling force that is even more powerful than this and has the power to change your future. It is an energy transition that occurs every twenty years. Those in their prime years can make the most of these twenty years if they understand how Period Luck works. As a result, this is an opportunity for those who have terrible Bazi Charts to reset them. You should not assume that if you miss this, you will be able to find the next one, which will be twenty years later.

Currently, we are in Period 8, which began in 2004 and will end in 2023. The governing energy of Period 8 has allowed for a few things to happen. For example, we’ve seen the rise of successful young male entrepreneurs like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Mozilla Firefox’s Blake Ross. It was also a period when there was a strong emphasis on health and relationships, and numerous MLM companies selling health products grew in popularity.

Period 9 Energy Activation

Meanwhile, Period 9 will begin in 2024 and will last until 2043. However, the transition had already started back in 2017. Throughout the energy transition to Period 9, women will have increasing leadership influence. In the workplace, women are typically underpaid. They will have more money to spend on getting their nails done or buying clothes as their authority develops. As a result, more women will have more money to spend on self-care. Furthermore, as older women grow more established and driven, we will see an increase in young men being attracted to them.

Another trend is for chubby ladies to become the new face of beauty. Women are now proud of their physical appearance because chubby, fuller-figured ladies are becoming the new ideal for beauty in the fashion industry due to social media. These new values are both empowering and inspiring, which will hopefully help inspire more young girls to be proud of themselves. This information will be helpful if you are currently running a fashion business to take advantage of the opportunity. Imagine being able to develop a profitable business out of this if you take action during this time.

There will undoubtedly be many more changes in Period 9. You may refer to my previous postings for further information on what you need to accomplish during Period 9.

The Period 9 Trigram
Period 9: 2024 – 2043

Step 7. Luck Aid in Period 9

Due to the energy adjustments during the following twenty years, several of the elements in your Bazi chart will provide you an advantage over others as they amplify your luck in Period 9. You might be able to make a breakthrough with Period 9 Luck with this help. However, only a few structures in your Bazi chart can benefit from this.

Presence of Yin Metal (Xin)

First and foremost, having Yin Metal (Xin) in your Bazi Chart is advantageous. Hopefully, you can find it in your Year, Month, Day, or Hour Pillars at the top of your Natal Chart. Otherwise, the bottom of your Natal Chart will suffice. In Period 9, you’ll be surrounded by powerful and tough noblemen if you have Yin Metal. Noblemen are persons who can assist you in difficult situations. The only disadvantage is that the Yin Metal-attracted robust noblemen are rather aggressive. They are more direct and may chastise you, but they may be able to assist you.

Presence of Dog and Tiger

Secondly, having both the Dog and the Tiger in your Bazi Chart simultaneously in Period 9 is advantageous too. You can verify if this combination appears in your Natal Chart or Luck Pillars during Period 9. If one of the animal zodiacs is missing, this combination is invalid. The Dog, for example, could show up in your Natal Chart, while the Tiger could show up in your Luck Pillar, and vice versa.

Fire Day Master

🔥: If your Day Master is Fire and you have both Dog and Tiger in your chart, you may have many opportunities to gain a lot of popularity in Period 9, akin to a celebrity. If you’re an influencer or a business owner, you should take advantage of this window of opportunity.

Water Day Master

🔩: For the Metal Day Master, if you have both the Dog and the Tiger in your chart, Period 9 may be the time when you ascend in power and influence, especially in your industry or society. As your social status rises, you will gain greater respect and influence.

Wood Day Master

🌳: If your Day Master is Wood and you have both Dog and Tiger in your chart, you might become creative and come up with some brilliant ideas that could change the world. You can take some time to evaluate whether the concepts you’ve come up with are realistic enough to turn into reality.

Earth Day Master

🌍: For the Earth Day Master, if you have both the Dog and the Tiger in your chart, Period 9 may be full of tremendous financial investment opportunities in the property sector. As a result, you must earn more money first to have the funds necessary to carry out your investments.

Water Day Master

💧: If your Day Master is Water and you have both Dog and Tiger in your chart, you are likely to become a business tycoon. You should take advantage of this chance to learn about starting and running a business if not already done so.

Note: The Yang or Yin of the element is irrelevant in this circumstance.

Day Pillar
Yang Fire🌞
Yang Earth🌍
Ding Wu Xin
-Fire🕯️ +Earth🌍 -Metal💍
Day Master is located at the top of the Natal Chart.
For example, Yang Fire for this case.

Final Thoughts

As we examined the Luck Pillars and Natal Chart in our Bazi Chart using the above principles, it is also critical that we take action to begin to realize the benefits of using these concepts. I hope you are excited by these opportunities because I know that there are many ways that I can help make a positive impact on others and contribute to the world on a larger scale than just one project at a time.

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