The Complete Guide To The Chinese Zodiac 2023

The Complete Guide To The Chinese Zodiac 2023

The Chinese New Year, which represents fresh starts, new experiences, and renewed hope, is the most significant day in the Chinese lunar calendar. The movement of the planets in the solar system ushers in fresh energy along with the new year. They are known as the 12 Chinese Zodiacs. 2023 is also referred to as the Year of the Water Rabbit. Based on your Chinese Zodiac 2023, this forecast provides an overview of the opportunities and obstacles that can present themselves from February 4, 2023, for the next 12 months. It is based on the auxiliary stars associated with your animal sign and provides guidance.

Based on the Chinese astrological system, there are 12 animal signs: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. In addition, each animal sign is associated with one of the five elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, or Wood, and is either in the Yin or Yang polarity. You can use the following link to plot your BaZi Chart. But did you know that each person may have up to four animal signs on their Bazi Chart?

Every pillar in your Bazi chart will tell you different influences in various aspects of your life. This is what your BaZi chart reveals about you.

  • Year Pillar: It represents your network, influence, reputation, and how other people perceive you.
  • Month Pillar: It symbolizes your career, business outlook, relationship with your boss, and parents.
  • Day Pillar: It represents your relationships, views, opinions, and your spouse.
  • Hour Pillar: It represents your assets, ideas, dreams, thoughts, subordinates, and children.
The Bazi Natal Chart
The BaZi Natal Chart

The Rat in 2023🐭

The Rat Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Rat Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch:Rat (鼠 / 子)
Ranking in 2023: #2
Auspicious Colors:Brown, Gold,
Yellow, White
Auspicious Number(s):5 & 9
Benefactor Sign(s):Dragon & Monkey
Year:1948, 1960, 1972,
1984, 1996, 2008
The Rat (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

In 2023, you will find that you are more likable and attractive. Thus, it could be the year you will fulfill your prayers if you’ve been looking for a loving partner. However, if you are not the right match for someone special, all efforts will be futile. You can expect increased opportunities and the potential for higher income at work. You have to be brave and take advantage of these opportunities, but also be careful not to get caught up in your ways of doing things.

It is crucial to have a positive mindset and the ability to share that with others to attract potential suitors rather than seeking someone to fill a void in your life. Understanding self-love, confidence, and charisma is crucial in achieving this. Lastly, never overlook people who are good to you, and always be mindful of your emotions.

Positive Stars for Rat in 2023 ✔️

It is generally a positive year with a host of good stars like Heavenly Virtue (天德), Prosperity Star (福星), Happy Red Matchmaker (紅鸾), and Thriving Star (禄神). However, having these positive stars does not mean things will naturally fall into place. You must set an intention and take action to get the desired results in your relationships and personal development. It can improve your social standing and networking abilities in your work. Moreover, it’s critical to make the most of this period by concentrating on developing self-love and confidence. These actions will benefit you in the long run.

The Thriving Star indicates that you will have increased self-confidence and self-awareness. By understanding your values, you can develop a charismatic energy that attracts others. It can be your opportunity to stand out in a crowded environment.

Even though the year 2023 has positive stars for relationships, you still need to put in the effort to make things happen. You need to develop self-love first and then use that to care for yourself and others to attract new love or strengthen existing relationships.

Negative Stars for Rat in 2023 ❌

There are many negative stars such as Year Punishment, Salty Pool, Curl Tongue, Three Punishment, and Crossing Sha. But it’s important to understand that these stars are not always negative.

Most people dislike the Salty Pool star (咸池) because they consider it a one-night stand or short-term relationship. So don’t worry about it as long as you understand the concept of non-attachment. Instead of having the misconception that trust entails never making mistakes, you can start relationships as friends and gradually build trust through time.

There may be potential for breakups or betrayals in weak relationships due to the Year Punishment (岁刑), Curled Tongue (卷舌), and Crossing Sha (绞煞). However, you can focus on the positive aspects of these stars. Examples include developing new relationships and learning to trust yourself. Faith and trust should be liberating rather than constraining. It’s crucial to let go of previous connections that are no longer working to make a place for new ones.

Areas to Note for Rat in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: You may see your friends getting married, starting new relationships, or taking their current relationship to the next level.
  • Month Pillar: You might find new opportunities for relationships, both personal and professional. It could mean developing a romantic relationship with someone you meet at work. Alternatively, you might realize your worth and thrive in your career, potentially leading to financial prosperity.
  • Day Pillar: Starting a family might be an excellent idea. It could be a time for happy celebrations and enjoying life with loved ones, whether that means traveling the world or simply spending time at home. If you don’t currently have a partner, you can work on developing self-love to attract one in the future.
  • Hour Pillar: You may have new ideas or opportunities for collaboration. If you are newly married, it suggests that there may be the possibility of having a new child or a baby being born in the family.

The Ox in 2023 🐮

The Ox Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Ox Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch:Ox (牛 / 丑)
Ranking in 2023: #11
Auspicious Colors:Blue, Black
Auspicious Number(s):1
Benefactor Sign(s):Rat
Year:1949, 1961, 1973,
1985, 1997, 2009
The Ox (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

If you have the ox as your Chinese zodiac sign, 2023 will be a year of spiritual growth and self-exploration. It will be a time to challenge yourself, expand your mind, and examine your spiritual values. In addition, it’s crucial to focus on self-care and self-love and to remember to rest and be kind to yourself. This year is an opportunity to take stock of your talents and find your center. Nothing will prevent you from realizing your full potential once you have a strong foundation.

Positive Stars for Ox in 2023 ✔️

In 2023, it will be a challenging and problematic year for those born under the sign of the Ox, as there are no positive stars. However, just because there are no positive stars, it doesn’t mean that the year will be pessimistic for those born under that sign.

There are methods to make the negative stars in your chart this year work in your favor though they may appear violent. It may be an excellent time to reevaluate your career or relationships and make changes if necessary. This year is the perfect time to make changes if you experience an epiphany or realize that you need to. Focus on what you can do to contribute and make a difference in the lives of others. It is when you will find true fulfillment and happiness.

Negative Stars for Ox in 2023 ❌

The Sky dog star (天狗) represents pain and injuries. However, pain is temporary, while suffering is more long-term or emotional. Additionally, it is important not to dwell on past traumas or use them to define yourself. Instead, you can let go of the past and move forward, focusing on how you have survived and grown from those experiences.

Having a Lonesome Star (寡宿) doesn’t have to be negative. It could mean you have more time to improve yourself without distractions. It can be a positive thing and can help you become more self-sufficient. Instead of trying to fill the loneliness with others, use this time to focus on yourself.

Funeral Guest (吊客) refers to situations where you are dealing with other people’s problems. You may be too compassionate towards them. The Moon Sha (月煞) might cause you to worry excessively. Therefore, it is important to set healthy boundaries in these situations. It will help you to maintain a healthy and balanced mental state.

Leopard Tail (豹尾) and Peeling Head (披头) indicate that you might offend people easily. It’s advisable to be more cautious and not purposely offend people. However, if you have to do something that might offend someone to move forward, you should do it. It’s important not to let the fear of offending others hold you back from doing what’s best for yourself and possibly others.

Areas to Note for Ox in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: There may be a lot of lonely, irate, or emotionally hurt persons whom you come across. However, you do not necessarily have to involve yourself in their problems. Remember to set healthy boundaries for yourself.
  • Month Pillar: You may need to step on some toes or offend others to move forward. However, if you set boundaries and focus on making positive changes, you can overcome any challenges you may face in your career.
  • Day Pillar: It may be advantageous to have a better understanding of yourself. It can help address any internal conflicts that may be causing tension in your relationships. Use this time for self-discovery and spiritual development to improve your relationships.
  • Hour Pillar: Your ideas and suggestions may not receive a lot of support from others. However, validation from others is not necessary for you to move forward. If you believe in your ideas and that they are worthwhile, you should go ahead regardless of others’ opinions.

The Tiger in 2023🐯

The Tiger Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Tiger Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch:Tiger (虎 / 寅)
Ranking in 2023: #10
Auspicious Colors:Red, Orange,
Brown, Yellow
Auspicious Number(s):7 & 11
Benefactor Sign(s):Horse, Dog
Year:1950, 1962, 1974,
1986, 1998, 2010
The Tiger (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

You’ll probably have a lot on your plate in 2023 as you work on perfecting your trade and take advantage of more work opportunities in your business and career. Although having a problem like this can be positive, don’t forget to put self-care first because the additional workload may harm your health. Thus, it’s crucial to incorporate stress-relieving hobbies or outlets into your daily routines to help you cope with the increased burden.

Positive Stars for Tiger in 2023 ✔️

The Golden Carriage (金舆) symbolizes an award or reward that you receive as a result of overcoming challenges. If you don’t like challenges, you won’t receive any recognition. But if you’re determined to overcome obstacles and achieve goals, you will receive the rewards for your efforts.

Heavenly Doctor (天医) suggests that there may be a chance to cure particular problems or illnesses. It can include not only physical issues but also mental and emotional ones. Therefore, it may be a good year to put your ego aside and seek the assistance you need, especially when dealing with setbacks like emotional pain, mental challenges, or health issues. You can try to catch problems early by going for checkups or scans and addressing them before they become more severe.

Negative Stars for Tiger in 2023 ❌

Death God (亡神) indicates that it can be challenging because others might not appreciate your work and contributions, or you might encounter sabotage from petty people. It can be overwhelming, and some people may give up easily. Despite this, if you persevere and do not give in to these challenges, you will ultimately receive the reward represented by the Golden Carriage.

It will be easy to get sick due to the Sickness Charm (病符). However, getting sick is necessary to upgrade the immune system. Occasionally getting sick is good for you since it strengthens your immune system. Building immunity by getting sick is a good thing. Otherwise, your body’s immunity will not improve.

Clouding Sha (流霞) refers to things you cannot see that may cause harm or danger. These unseen things can lead to accidents like falls or cuts. The level of risk depends on your age and overall situation. It is essential to be cautious and aware of potential hazards.

Areas to Note for Tiger in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: Most of your friends will receive awards if they put in the effort and take on responsibilities you don’t want to. You must work hard, overcome obstacles, and be willing to do things others might not want to do to succeed in this competitive environment.
  • Month Pillar: You will face challenges and problems in your workplace. To overcome these challenges, you should volunteer to take on these issues and step out of your comfort zone. It could be challenging, but if you put in the necessary effort, you can overcome it and receive the rewards.
  • Day Pillar: Your partner or spouse may experience changes, such as receiving an award or recognition for their work. Even if it doesn’t directly affect you, you should still encourage and celebrate their accomplishment. You’ll be happy too.
  • Hour Pillar: You may have the opportunity to invest in businesses or assets in difficulties. While this may seem counterintuitive, these opportunities can be valuable because you can add value to them by solving their problems and building up the assets. It’s important to note that some people may shy away from these opportunities, but if you have a strong background and skillset, it can be a great chance to make a profit.

The Rabbit in 2023 🐰

The Rabbit Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Rabbit Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch: Rabbit (兔 / 卯)
Ranking in 2023: #3
Auspicious Colors:Brown, Green,
Auspicious Number(s): 4 & 11
Benefactor Sign(s):Rabbit & Dog
Year:1951, 1963, 1975,
1987, 1999, 2011
The Rabbit (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

You’ll be the center of attention because you’re seated with the Grand Duke star in 2023. The obstacles you confront this year will be more meaningful but not necessarily effortless. If you have been seeking a position of authority, this is the year where your words will hold weight. It is crucial to use this authority wisely, as it can pave the way for your success. However, you risk being penalized for cowardice if you avoid accepting new responsibilities, so proceed with caution. 2023 is also a year for academic pursuits and self-learning. You can spend at least 30% of your time honing the skills that will help you when new opportunities present themselves.

When you have a good year, it’s crucial to prepare ahead and ensure that your job, business endeavors, and initiatives are all planned and organized. Be strategic, and if you can add them to your calendar and eliminate unimportant tasks, your chances of success will increase.

Positive Stars for Rabbit in 2023 ✔️

You have the Duke’s Arrival (岁驾), a strong leadership star. The Duke’s arrival indicates that everyone will be more attentive to you in your work, social life, and projects. If you prefer not to be in the spotlight or make decisions, you may face challenges and obstacles this year. To overcome these challenges, you should step out of your comfort zone and take on a leadership role.

You also have the Golden Lock (金匮), a wealth star. In addition, you have a second wealth star called the Jade Hall star (玉堂). If you have accumulated assets that have grown in value, it signifies you have substantial wealth. To amass wealth, you need to acquire assets. If you are someone who is unwilling to obtain resources or takes unnecessary risks, this wealth star will not be helpful.

The General star (将星), Intelligence star (文昌), and Academic star (学堂) come next. You can acquire new skills in 2023, particularly those related to money and business. It is how you can turn your knowledge into a wealth-producing ability. Your job is to learn a new skill related to your industry or work, such as investments, asset buying or selling, or increasing your value as an employee.

Negative Stars for Rabbit in 2023 ❌

When it comes to negative stars, it is safe to ignore most of them. Sword Edge (剑锋) and Hidden Corpse (伏尸) suggest taking care of your health, especially your liver and kidneys. You should go for a health check-up, take supplements, and pay attention to your overall health. Otherwise, 2023 should be a prosperous year for those with the rabbit animal sign as long as you are proactive.

To have a great relationship, you should develop leadership skills and not be a doormat. You may improve your connection by standing your ground, encouraging improvement in the other person, and providing helpful suggestions. However, the Grand Duke’s (太岁) influence may also indicate that you need to take on a leadership role, which may involve ending an old relationship that has been abusive or unfulfilling.

Lastly, the Sky Cry star (天哭) refers to feeling lonely. When someone feels alone and autonomous, it frequently results from having too much control or authority. However, the stars are in your favor this year, so take a stance for yourself and go on to a new, healthier relationship.

Areas to Note for Rabbit in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: It suggests that your team might have new leaders you might or might not like. Working with and supporting visionary leaders is crucial, though. Additionally, this year can be an opportunity to upgrade and add value to your long-term investments. Other assets include knowledge and skills, and now is an excellent time to start.
  • Month Pillar: It means that in your work, you must develop new skills, take on a leadership position, and volunteer to solve problems. If you dislike politics, be prepared for a year full of politics in your work environment. As a leader, it’s critical to deal with criticism and disagreement with your ideas while being objective.
  • Day Pillar: This year, you may find that your spouse is bossy and gives a lot of opinions or tells you what to do. Alternatively, you may decide that you do not want to put up with their behavior anymore and pursue a new relationship. Thus if your partner mistreats you, this might be the year to end an unhealthy relationship and start a new one.
  • Hour Pillar: You may find that many people are inspired by your ideas and motivated by what you say. Consider using your knowledge and experiences to counsel, coach, and help others.

The Dragon in 2023 🐲

The Dragon Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Dragon Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch: Dragon (龙 / 辰)
Ranking in 2023: #8
Auspicious Colors:Blue, Black,
Gold, White
Auspicious Number(s):1 & 9
Benefactor Sign(s):Rat, Monkey
Year:1952, 1964, 1976,
1988, 2000, 2012
The Dragon (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

Although this year may appear stable on the surface, be careful that there may be hidden difficulties. Before making significant financial decisions, it’s critical to conduct extensive research and confirm that you have the necessary knowledge, experience, and mentality for the endeavor. Don’t be afraid to help others when they need it – this is the year when people will turn to you for leadership and possibly even financial support. Thus, be generous with your time and resources, as this will help you build goodwill for the future. By helping others and learning from their experiences, you will gain their trust and potentially be an ally in the future.

Positive Stars for Dragon in 2023 ✔️

Those born in the year of the dragon have had a rough year (2022), as there were no promising stars in their destiny chart. However, things will be different this year as the Sun Star (太阳) will be present in the chart, considered one of the four significant influences in Chinese astrology. When the sun enters a particular animal sign, that sign becomes extremely prosperous throughout the year.

It’s crucial to recognize that this prosperity does not imply that everything will go according to plan. It’s up to you to choose whether to embrace this opportunity and become a noble, helpful person or to allow negative beliefs and past trauma to hold you back. But rather you should support and assist others, bring joy and happiness to those around you, and turn into a source of light and warmth for others. You will be the person others look to for answers this year, and by helping others, you will create opportunities for yourself. It can be especially true if you are a coach, teacher, leader, or business owner, as helping and supporting others can lead to future success.

It’s important to remember that true happiness often comes from being able to help others and seeing their accomplishments. The Sun also represents the idea of standing out and being exceptional. Therefore, if you can put it to use, you may have a particularly successful and memorable year.

Negative Stars for Dragon in 2023 ❌

If you resist or reject the positive energies of the Sun star, you may end up activating negative energies called the Yin Sha (阴煞) and the Six Harms (六害). The Yin Sha refers to you offending others, and they have resentment towards you. This negativity can lead to more negative experiences and outcomes. However, it’s important to remember that you have the choice and free will to decide how you want to approach the year and that astrology is simply a tool to guide you in making those decisions.

The Six Harms refer to feelings of being constantly taken advantage of or cheated by others. Instead of feeling like the world owes you anything, it’s critical to explore whether you had built these views on false premises and to consider how you may make a difference in the lives of others.

Areas to Note for Dragon in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: You might encounter many people battling resentment or dissatisfaction and will come to you for advice and support. When you focus on helping those in need, you may find that your problems begin to fade into the background. It is the power of the sun, and it’s worth trying to see how it can make a difference in your life and those around you.
  • Month Pillar: You will expect to coach or mentor in work or personal relationships. It may involve helping someone struggling with a challenge or feeling frustrated and in need of support. Your role will be to offer guidance and to help bring light and positivity to those around you.
  • Day Pillar: You may need to be supportive and encouraging to your spouse and to be a source of light and positivity in their life. Addressing people’s needs and giving them what they desire is more important than giving them what you wish to provide.
  • Hour Pillar: There may be some distance or communication challenges with your children, but your ideas and contributions will stand out. If you are willing to speak up, contribute, and start new projects, you can become successful and stand out remarkably.

The Snake in 2023 🐍

The Snake Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Snake Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch: Snake (蛇 / 巳)
Ranking in 2023: #7
Auspicious Colors:Red, Orange,
Gold, White
Auspicious Number(s):8 & 10
Benefactor Sign(s):Horse, Monkey
Year:1953, 1965, 1977,
1989, 2001, 2013
The Snake (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

If you have the snake as your Chinese zodiac sign, 2023 will be a good time for new beginnings, adventures, and trying new things. Thus, you can try to find a new hobby, make new friends, learn new skills, or even start a new business. As opportunities to learn from mentors may arise this year, remember to seize them. Additionally, now can be an excellent time to ask for spiritual advice, especially if you want to open your third eye. However, you must keep a clear mind and control your emotions since they can significantly impact your relationships and financial decisions.

Positive Stars for Snake in 2023 ✔️

There are three positive stars for the Snake. They are the Sky Horse (驿马), the Heavenly Yi (天乙), and TaiJi Nobleman (太极贵人). These stars are particularly beneficial if you’re pursuing an entrepreneurial path or are a business owner. However, these stars might be helpful to individuals looking for freedom in terms of how they wish to manage their careers and lives.

In particular, the Sky horse star stands for the freedom to do whatever one wants, whenever one wants, and with whomever one wants. If you are not already on this road, it might be worthwhile to do so in the future year since opportunities might be formed or developed.

The TaiJi Nobleman star would be beneficial for building a network and connecting with people who have already achieved success or are pursuing a similar path. It may include like-minded professionals from business or the sector willing to impart their skills and experience. It will create possibilities for more prosperous business ownership or management.

Alternatively, you can consider seeking mentors, focusing on finding people who can teach them what skill set or mindset they need to accomplish in whatever path they choose.

Negative Stars for Snake in 2023 ❌

If you don’t take advantage of positive stars, you may be affected by negative ones. Two specific negative stars are the Flying Chaste (飞廉) and the Great Sha (大煞). These stars indicate the presence of “Petty people” or naysayers in one’s life who may actively work against you and can be harmful to achieving your goals. When dealing with “Petty people” or backstabbers, you may be in a downward cycle of bad experiences if you don’t maintain positivity. Thus, you may grow more pessimistic. You got to improve yourself and get out of a negative spiral.

The Funeral Door (丧门) and Earth Funeral (地丧) stars indicate potential health-related issues, either for yourself or family members. Favorable activities and making a difference in one’s life are encouraged because doing so will activate the positive stars and lessen the impact of negative influences.

The Broken Star (破碎) and Flying Blade (飞刃) stars can affect personal relationships. These stars can indicate vengeful and resentful temperaments in individuals. But it would be pointless and time-consuming to harbor grudges or seek revenge. Instead, you can focus on becoming wealthier, which will be more productive. On the other hand, if you lent money to someone in the past, it is unlikely that you will get it back. Rather than wasting time trying to recoup the money, focus on becoming wealthier.

Areas to Note for Snake in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: It may bring helpful people, good teachers, and mentors. However, to benefit from these connections, you must actively seek out and work to gain the acceptance of these mentors. You have to take the first step and strive to seek out and gain the acceptance of these potential mentors.
  • Month Pillar: You might meet people in positions of authority, or potential clients, who can serve as mentors to you in your workplace. These people may be able to offer helpful advice and learning opportunities not only in the professional world but also in areas of your personal life, such as improving yourself or developing your talents.
  • Day Pillar: It may indicate that your spouse or partner becomes a helpful and supportive figure. Your spouse may inspire you with new ideas and provide constructive criticism. But if you listen and take the criticism to heart, it may lead you to a better version of yourself and help you to add more value.
  • Hour Pillar: You’ll have the chance to train and coach others, excel as a teacher, and take charge of a team. If you take the initiative and pursue this role, you will have many opportunities to inspire others and make a positive impact.

The Horse in 2023 🐴

The Horse Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Horse Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch: Horse (马 / 午)
Ranking in 2023: #6
Auspicious Colors:Yellow, Brown
Auspicious Number(s):11
Benefactor Sign(s):Horse, Goat
Year:1954, 1966, 1978,
1990, 2002, 2014
The Horse (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

This year is an excellent time to concentrate on personal growth if you were born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the horse. You will find fulfillment and happiness when you develop or master new skills. Thus, it is a great time to start that new project you have been planning. Maybe it’s time to focus on improving your health or starting a new fitness regime.

This year also holds the two most significant things in life, the ability to earn lots of money and the potential for dedicated relationships. 2023 is a great year for resetting and new beginnings. You can also consider pursuing a long-term relationship commitment. In addition, try to maintain mental clarity and attention. It’s crucial to have clarity around what you genuinely desire if you want to accomplish your goals.

However, the key is understanding how to make the most of these opportunities. There is a high likelihood of success provided the appropriate energy and strategies are in place.

Positive Stars for Horse in 2023 ✔️

The Moon (太阴) is known as an entrepreneurial star. It means you may desire to start your own business or pursue a path of freedom and independence. You can identify problems and create solutions to provide services or products for the market. If you are working for others, this year is especially advantageous because it is a fantastic time to establish a side business or additional source of income. Even though the economy may be facing challenges, it is an opportunity to find gaps in the market and provide solutions. Thus, the Moon’s energy is the ability to see these gaps and be proactive in taking advantage of them.

On the other hand, Sky happiness (天喜) is for those seeking long-term relationships. This star indicates an inclination to bond with others. Thus, you can build a long-lasting relationship with someone you can rely on and share your happiness with. It is important to remember that love is a two-way street, and you must strive hard for your other half too.

Negative Stars for Horse in 2023 ❌

If you look at the negative stars, one such star is called Piercing Rope (贯索). This star represents internal stress that you experience from pressure or self-imposed limitations. It is crucial to recognize that this pressure is often self-inflicted and not caused by external factors. Being cheerful, radiating warmth and happiness, and making those around you feel comfortable are essential to releasing the piercing rope and enhancing relationships.

It is also similar to the Hook spirit (勾神). It represents past mistakes and guilt that causes a person to believe they don’t deserve success. These feelings are often subconscious and may be related to past traumas or resentments. It’s critical to break the internal chains restricting you and realize that you can decide how you want to emotionally and energetically engage with other people. By bringing your best self to work and relationships, 2023 can be a fantastic year, regardless of any negative stars in your chart.

Areas to Note for Horse in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: You may notice that many of your friends and family members are getting married, having a grandchild, or starting new relationships. Instead of feeling envious, remember that life is like a magnet. You can attract happiness by surrounding yourself with happy people and places. The key is to consciously focus on attracting positive energy and experiences.
  • Month Pillar: You might discover new revenue streams. You may find a new way to make money through your current job or by starting a side hustle. The key to these opportunities is to overcome shyness and lack of self-confidence. To gain confidence, look at people who have succeeded in similar endeavors, study how they did it, and ask for advice. Start small and take baby steps, and you will eventually get there.
  • Day Pillar: It is time for you to build a family, a long-term relationship, or strengthen an existing one. If you are not in any relationship, this may be the year to consider starting one. Concentrate on the enjoyment and value you can add rather than looking for a partner who will satisfy your demands.
  • Hour Pillar: If you are starting a family or expecting a child, this might be a good indication for you. However, having a child requires effort and diligence. The likelihood of conceiving is high regardless of gender if you are actively trying to start a family. If not, adoption is also a viable option, as there are many children in need of a loving home.

The Goat in 2023 🐐

The Goat Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Goat Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch: Goat (羊 / 未)
Ranking in 2023: #4
Auspicious Colors:Green, Orange, Red
Auspicious Number(s):4 & 7
Benefactor Sign(s):Rabbit, Horse
Year:1955, 1967, 1979,
1991, 2003, 2015
The Goat (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

After a year of failures, 2023 appears to be a year of substantial progress for the Goat zodiac. Your story this year may involve overcoming challenges and emerging victorious in unexpected ways, like the story of David versus Goliath. But it’s crucial to keep working toward growth and adaptation rather than getting carried away with the joy. Therefore, success this year will depend on remaining adaptable and ready for the difficulties ahead.

Positive Stars for Goat in 2023 ✔️

The Relief God (解神) and Three Stages (三台) stars appear in your chart, indicating the potential for finding solutions to current problems and increasing status or rank. You might want to address any problems you may currently have instead of ignoring them. Examining your situation honestly, comprehending the causes, and identifying any actions you have not performed or areas in your life where you are lacking may help uncover potential answers.

Even while the Three Stages indicate the prospect of promotions, not everyone will receive one. You need to be able and willing to take the next step ahead to take advantage of this opportunity. It entails putting in extra effort and preparing spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically for the promotion. Overall, 2023 may be a year many people forfeit their jobs. However, if you possess the necessary abilities, it may also be an opportunity for advancement. Instead of waiting for others to give you the opportunity, you must be able to generate it for yourself and be a value provider.

The Imperial Advisor star (唐符) is present in your chart, indicating that a great teacher or coach may appear. It would be an opportunity to seek guidance in certain areas to improve. The Eight Seats (八座) suggests opportunities for fame and popularity, particularly for those in creative fields. The Elegant Seal (华盖) also appears, indicating potential success in creative endeavors.

Negative Stars for Goat in 2023 ❌

Five Ghosts (五鬼) in your chart may indicate the presence of people who are backstabbing or speaking negatively about you. However, you cannot be overly suspicious and let it affect you. The key is to focus on developing the correct skill set, being confident in your abilities, and being able to take up that new position or ranking. On the other hand, Officer Charm (官符) pertains to legal matters and may involve you being summoned for a legal proceeding or court case.

The presence of the Blood Knife star (血刃) and Flying Charm (飞符) in your chart may indicate the possibility of surgery or cuts. However, it is essential to view this in a positive light. Since you have the Relief God star as well, it suggests that a current problem might get fixed. It can be a good year to consider elective medical care to solve any health issues you may have permanently, even if it is painful in the short term. The Blood Knife star can also be an indication of treatment and renewal.

Overall, 2023 can be a year for improvement, but it is crucial to remember that you are responsible for your own life and destiny. If you are willing to make the first step and be open to change, things will work in your favor.

Areas to Note for Goat in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: The Three Stages star, which indicates the potential for promotions, may suggest that many of your friends and colleagues at work have the opportunity for advancement. Even though they have this opportunity, it does not necessarily mean that you do as well. You have to be careful and not assume that you are also entitled to a promotion based on the presence of this star.
  • Month Pillar: It’s possible to take on more responsibility and have a substantial influence. While earning more money could be an option, it ultimately comes down to your influential power. Being involved in your organization’s revenue stream and in positions that generate income for the business is crucial.
  • Day Pillar: Your relationship may have underlying issues to be resolved. It can be the year to deal with any problems that you have ignored for a while. If you don’t have a partner, it may be the year to reflect on why you are alone and whether being in a long-term relationship is something you want. While some people are content with their single status, others yearn for relationships and companionships.
  • Hour Pillar: The Three Stages star in your hour pillar denotes the possibility of promotions or value increases for those who work for you. It may be challenging for you if you are not careful and in an organization where many people are working under you, as they may climb above you in terms of rank. As long as you are working hard, then it will be a fantastic year for you.

The Monkey in 2023 🐵

The Monkey Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Monkey Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch: Monkey (猴 / 申)
Ranking in 2023: #5
Auspicious Colors:Blue, Black,
Brown, Yellow
Auspicious Number(s):1 & 5
Benefactor Sign(s):Rat, Dragon
Year:1956, 1968, 1980,
1992, 2004, 2016
The Monkey (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

This year will be full of twists and turns, like a roller coaster ride. Even though it could be frightening at times, this year will be one you can look back on and share stories about with your grandchildren. You may also receive help from unexpected sources. However, you may have to deal with some stupidity from your colleagues at work. Thus, your ability to deal with emotional turmoil and solve difficulties will be crucial to making it through this year. Remember that sometimes it’s your attitude toward the problem that makes things the most difficult; it’s not always the problem.

Positive Stars for Monkey in 2023 ✔️

The Taiji Nobleman (太极贵人) star grants an individual an affinity and connection with spiritual powers. When this star appears, you may possess abilities such as sixth sense, intuition, or the ability to learn mystical arts. You can see inwardly and understand your inner truth as an individual and your spiritual energy, not just your thoughts, emotions, and external world.

It can also help business owners improve their business sense and capacity to recognize which ventures would be more valuable to society and improve the lives of others. In addition, it can upgrade your community and enrich the lives of others. In terms of personal life, it can make you more sympathetic, empathetic, and compassionate towards others. Therefore, it can help you become a better leader, teacher, or mentor to others.

The National Treasure star (国印) can help you to see past the hype and concentrate on an asset’s value. It is necessary for making financial decisions and avoiding the herd. It also means that you are making better business decisions and looking at the bigger picture to understand the long-term value of something. Additionally, it also indicates an increase in rank and fortune.

Lastly, the Earth Relief Star (地解) can help you to solve minor issues and problems. This year, if there are any annoyances, problems, arguments, or disputes, you will be well-equipped to deal with them once and for all. People’s emotions and temperaments will be more under control, making it easier for you to approach and resolve the issue.

Negative Stars for Monkey in 2023 ❌

There are only a few so-called negative stars this year, such as the Lesser Consumer star (小耗) and Robbery Sha (劫煞) which means you may be spending a bit more money. But it’s crucial to note that investing in acquiring assets or anything more valuable at a discount will benefit you or investors, especially in a year like 2023. It’s a fantastic opportunity to purchase expensive assets at deep discounts that will increase in value.

But you should do your homework and spend your money wisely. It’s critical to comprehend that collecting assets and possessing expensive property are the two main ways people get wealthy.
Therefore, be mindful that value comes in various forms.

Being aware of the Death Charm (死符) requires caution and avoiding contaminated, congested areas. Examples could be traveling to countries where many people have COVID. Thus, you can exercise caution and avoid environments that could put your health at risk.

Areas to Note for Monkey in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: You may meet someone who is an expert in spirituality and can teach and guide you on your spiritual journey. It is excellent for those who want to learn more about spirituality and find a mentor or guide.
  • Month Pillar: When you are more aware and in tune with yourself, you will make better choices about business and money. It’s critical to work on understanding yourself better and making progress. This way, you can see through fear and find good opportunities. It will help you be good at making business decisions and knowing what to do without being told.
  • Day Pillar: Your partner may be going through a change in their spiritual beliefs, which might not be easy for them. If this is the case, it’s essential to give them space and not cause them any more stress. It will help you build a better relationship.
  • Hour Pillar: You may find different things to buy or own, like businesses or assets. It might cost you some money, but it’s vital to look into these opportunities carefully. It means checking if they’re worth less than they should be and if they can grow in value.

The Rooster in 2023 🐓

The Rooster Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Rooster Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch: Rooster (鸡 / 酉)
Ranking in 2023: #12
Auspicious Colors:Brown, Yellow
Auspicious Number(s):5 & 11
Benefactor Sign(s):Dragon, Dog
Year:1957, 1969, 1981,
1993, 2005, 2017
The Rooster (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

In 2023, people born under the rooster sign may have difficulties and challenges according to traditional Chinese astrology. It is because the rooster and rabbit are in opposition and considered to be “clashing” with each other. Astrologers say that this can lead to health problems, obstacles, and drama in one’s life. However, it’s important to remember that this is just one way of looking at things.

Changes can be good for you. It might work out well for you if you are willing to change and take action to make it happen. Don’t be afraid to take on more responsibilities and face your fears, even if it means doing hard or unpleasant work. You will find life lovely when you look at the bright side and avoid the urge to whine.

This year you can make a change in your life, whether it’s in your job or business. It could mean taking on new tasks, starting a new project, or doing things differently. You can try out new markets or products if you own a business. It’s crucial to thoroughly consider the changes you want to make and what you want to accomplish because changing things costs money and time. Always study what people need and want before implementing significant changes. This way, you can guide the changes to meet your goals and make the most of the so-called “Clash of Grand Duke.”

Lastly, you can remember those you cherish and appreciate those around you since they will support you in 2023 while you go through significant changes.

Positive Stars for Rooster in 2023 ✔️

The idea of a “Clash of Grand Duke” does not always mean bad things will happen. Some changes can be good for you. For example, it could mean starting something new or taking the next step in your relationship. It doesn’t always mean breaking up. The same goes for health issues since this year might be a good time to take care of your health by seeing a doctor and making positive changes in your lifestyle. Change can be scary, but it’s important to remember that change can be good for you, and seeking help from experts can lead to better results.

Month Emptiness (月空) means that big problems become small and small problems disappear. It may seem like a negative thing, but it’s actually about solving problems. To solve a problem, it has to exist first. If you can’t solve a problem, it’s not a real problem. To solve a problem, you need to use your time, energy, resources, and money or seek help from others. If you choose to do nothing and wait for the problem to go away, it may not happen, especially during a Grand Duke year. It’s essential to take action and solve the problem yourself.

Negative Stars for Rooster in 2023 ❌

Year Breaker (岁破) refers to significant changes coming shortly because of a clash of energies. The conflicting energies of the rooster and the rabbit zodiac sign cause the changes. This change can be difficult for some people because it may require letting go of certain things. But the change will also bring new opportunities and possibilities. So it’s an end and a beginning at the same time.

The Greater Consumer Star (大耗) is a concept in traditional Chinese astrology that is said to cause people to lose a lot of money. However, this is not necessarily true. If you spend money intelligently, it can be beneficial. For example, you can spend money to purchase something of value or to invest in a new skill. Instead of grasping what you have, it’s better to channel your resources into things that will benefit you in the long run. It includes learning a new skill, building relationships, supporting loved ones, or investing in your health and experiences.

The Calamity star (災煞) and Obstacle star (栏杆) are signs of blockages and mistakes in the year ahead. However, you can avoid these obstacles and mistakes with proper planning and understanding of your situation. Accepting that change has a price to pay is crucial during a Grand Duke year, but investing in relationships, knowledge, and experiences will pay off in the long run. Use your resources wisely, and don’t be dismayed by the challenges ahead.

Areas to Note for Rooster in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: Some of your friends may need your help as they face challenges such as job searching or financial difficulties. It is because the “Clash of the Grand Duke” may bring challenges for people in your social network.
  • Month Pillar: Your job, career, or business will likely experience significant changes this year. These changes can be initiated by you or imposed on you by external factors. It’s best to take control of the situation and actively choose the changes you want to make instead of feeling uncomfortable. By being proactive and taking charge, the changes will ultimately work in your favor.
  • Day Pillar: There will be changes in your relationship status, but it’s not a negative thing, as sometimes a breakup can be necessary to move on from a bad relationship. It may be a time to confront your boundaries and what you want in a relationship.
  • Hour Pillar: If you own assets, you might consider selling them for cash or transferring them to someone else. Your investments, such as stocks or equities, and your approaches to owning them will change.

The Dog in 2023 🐶

The Dog Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Dog Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch: Dog (狗 / 戌)
Ranking in 2023: #1
Auspicious Colors:Green, Red,
Auspicious Number(s):4 & 7
Benefactor Sign(s):Rabbit & Horse
Year:1958, 1970, 1982,
1994, 2006, 2018
The Dog (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

Your relationships and career would prosper in the year of the water rabbit. Your hard work will start to bear fruit, but it’s critical to maintain your drive and avoid complacency. When it comes to financial problems, it is crucial to be cautious and have a strategy in place, even when success may attract unwanted attention. Thus, it is a year to face your fears and make a lasting impact. But remember to enjoy yourself and prioritize your relationships.

Positive Stars for Dog in 2023 ✔️

The Emperor star (紫微) suggests that in 2023, you may have access to many resources like other people’s time, energy, or assets. It means that you will be able to get things done efficiently. However access to resources is only helpful if you know what you want to achieve. So, to achieve greatness, you must set great goals and take action toward achieving them.

In addition, the Grand Duke combination (岁合) provides opportunities to work with high-ranking officials or people in positions of power. It is due to the combination of the Chinese Zodiac of the dog and the rabbit of the year. You can make the extra effort to network and form connections with people with authority and take advantage of this opportunity.

Lastly, the Dragon Virtue star (龙德) suggests that you can solve difficult problems in your career, work, or business. This year, there may be obstacles and challenges that you’ll need to overcome. In addition, other people can approach you for assistance in resolving their issues. Thus, you have a fantastic opportunity to succeed in your area.

Negative Stars for Dog in 2023 ❌

The Brutal Defeat star (暴败) indicates that there will be sudden and unexpected changes in 2023, which may cause some ups and downs. However, if you have a specific objective and the motivation to achieve it, you will eventually get there. It’s crucial to remember that these possibilities won’t just present themselves to you; rather, you must actively seek them out. You can align yourself by having a target and clear direction.

Heaven Sha (天煞) is a warning to be careful of accident-related matters. It can mean that you might misjudge a situation. Therefore it’s crucial to be cautious and pay attention to potential dangers. Lastly, the Dark Sky star (天厄) signifies the potential for unfortunate events caused by natural forces or supernatural entities, such as natural disasters, accidents, and illnesses. It can also indicate a chance of demotion or other unfortunate events.

Areas to Note for Dog in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: You might meet and connect with higher-ranking people in your industry. You have to be proactive and initiate contact with these people to build relationships. However, remember that building relationships take time, effort, and sincerity. If you don’t follow up after establishing the initial contact, it might be challenging to get results.
  • Month Pillar: You can become a leader or a highly respected figure in your career. To achieve this goal, you must make the necessary efforts and have the right intentions. It is crucial to take the initiative to establish yourself as an influential figure in your sector or field.
  • Day Pillar: Your spouse’s aggressive and dominant behavior may affect your marriage. They may come across as bossy and stern, but this could also mean that their decisions and ideas are good. It’s essential to communicate and understand each other’s perspectives.
  • Hour Pillar: The people you work with or the staff you hire could be challenging to manage because they have strong personalities or a desire to strike off alone. As a business owner, you ought to be aware of this potential issue and be cautious if you rely heavily on key players, as they may leave to start their venture.

The Pig in 2023 🐷

The Pig Chinese Zodiac 2023
The Pig Chinese Zodiac 2023
Earthly Branch: Pig (猪 / 亥)
Ranking in 2023: #9
Auspicious Colors:Blue, Black,
Auspicious Numbers:1 & 4
Benefactor Sign(s):Rat & Rabbit
Year:1959, 1971, 1983,
1995, 2007, 2019
The Pig (Chinese Zodiac 2023)

If the pig is your Chinese zodiac sign, you might see financial opportunities in 2023, but it’ll also be crucial to control your spending. Thus, it may be an emotionally dramatic year, so you should avoid getting caught up in unnecessary drama. Be ready to assist others in solving their difficulties as well as your own because they may look to you for direction and decision-making. You might want to pay attention to shady or untrustworthy individuals in your workplace and focus on showing compassion to heal relationships. Those who are indecisive or fickle may face more challenges in the coming year.

Positive Stars for Pig in 2023 ✔️

The Heavenly Chef star (天厨) in 2023 suggests that you may have the opportunity to enjoy good food, wine, and other lifestyle experiences. It may include going on vacations, exploring nature, and simply being present and enjoying life. You can take advantage of this positive star by making time for these enjoyable experiences rather than focusing solely on money.

Negative Stars for Pig in 2023 ❌

In 2023, you have to be mindful of your actions, words, and attitude when interacting with others. The Goat Blade star (羊刃) indicates potential injuries or conflicts due to excessive energy and a bad temper. It’s crucial to direct that energy in a constructive direction, such as through a job or physical activity like going to the gym. Additionally, practicing mindfulness can help you become more aware of your actions and prevent conflicts. By being mindful, you can ensure a great year ahead.

White Tiger (白虎) represents excessive Yang energy which can lead to fights and accidents. It’s important to channel this energy into other aspects of your life, such as acquiring a new skill or starting a new business. It may be frustrating, but it can also be a breakthrough year for you if you use your passion and turn it into a positive force in your work or new projects.

There may be people talking behind your back due to the Back Poking Star (指背), but you shouldn’t let it distract you from moving forward. Instead, focus on enjoying life, experiencing new things, and using your excessive energy towards positive goals.

Areas to Note for Pig in 2023 📝

  • Year Pillar: This year is an excellent opportunity to travel and experience new things. Don’t let some people who may talk behind your back hold you back from enjoying your experiences. Your focus should be on living and making the most of your opportunities.
  • Month Pillar: There may be people talking behind your back and office politics, but instead of focusing on that, channel that energy into being disciplined and performing better than others, and you will be miles ahead. Try not to focus on scolding people, as it will lead to more people talking behind your back.
  • Day Pillar: It is quality time to have fun and enjoy life with your romantic partner. You can take time for romantic dinners, getaways, or weekends together. It could be a perfect time to locate a partner if you don’t already have one because you might be happy with someone.
  • Hour Pillar: There is a possibility that the people working under you, such as subordinates or vendors, may talk behind your back. It could happen if you are overly angry or abusive towards them. You can be kind and compassionate towards them to prevent this from happening.

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