The Meaning Of Life Introducing Qi Men Awakening

The Meaning Of Life Introducing Qi Men Awakening

Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) can help you become a co-creator of your life. Being a co-creator means you actively participate in shaping your life rather than letting others dictate it. The goal here is to empower you to be in control and understand the meaning of life. You can create the life you desire. It’s about having a plan and not waiting for the next year to start working towards your goals.

Next year’s transition to a new phase will be crucial as we move into Period 9, a major cycle. It marks a significant change and presents both opportunities and challenges. We’re facing this transition and must learn to navigate this change like riding a wave – either we surf it or get crushed by it. The universe’s energy will move forward regardless of your readiness.

So, how are you going to achieve these goals? By learning tools and techniques to access your inner intelligence. Everyone has this ability. But you may be more attuned to it than others. Therefore, it’s essential to recognize the value of this skill by investing your time in learning it.

Take Control of Your Life with Qi Men
Take Control of Your Life with Qi Men

Common Misconceptions of Qi Men

Many others have asked the same thing. A few questions related to Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲):

“I tried manifesting, but how do I know if it worked?”

“I find Qi Men too technical, is there a simpler way?”

“Can Qi Men assist me in closing the deal?”

The key takeaway is that you shouldn’t expect the universe to respond in a specific way. You might have preconceived notions about how the universe should communicate with you, but it doesn’t work like that. The universe’s response can come in various forms, and you’ll recognize it when it happens. By staying relaxed and open-minded, you’ll know when the universe is answering you. It’s like someone talking to you; you’ll understand when it happens. There’s no need to overcomplicate things.

Qi Men isn’t as difficult as many make it seem. People often complicate things. It’s vital to stop labeling things as complex. Instead, shift your language and thoughts. Don’t say, “I’m confused,” but ask, “Help me understand this better.” It’s a subtle yet powerful shift in how you approach problems. Many wish to know the meaning of life or achieve specific goals. It’s similar for many, but how you approach it matters. The way you frame challenges affects the outcomes.

Transforming Fear into Faith

Success requires a downward journey before it heads upward. You can imagine a seed that needs to grow downward in darkness before becoming a towering tree. This principle applies to the best athletes, successful business people, and many other areas.

If you feel stuck in a downward spiral, know that this phase might be essential to reinforce your foundations before moving upward. It’s normal to experience setbacks, uncertainties, and doubts. Many of you might resonate with situations where you’re unsure about the meaning of life.

Here’s the key: understand that fear can be a powerful tool if used correctly. You can convert fear into power. Fear can hold you back or propel you forward. Thus you could acknowledge your fears, be it a fear of change, success, rejection, failure, or the unknown. Embrace these fears and turn them into the power of faith.

Therefore, the key lies in turning fear into faith. Faith is essentially positive imagination, envisioning positive outcomes. On the other hand, fear involves imagining everything going wrong. By recognizing this and embracing positive imagination over negative, it’s possible to overcome fear and unlock the power to manifest, forecast, and achieve success.

I attract all good things with Qi Men
I attract all good things with Qi Men

Identifying Your Core Skills

To skyrocket your career, financial situation, and decision-making abilities, you need to identify your core skills and expand upon them. Your core skills can transform and help you understand the meaning of life. Your core skill is your eternal strength.

When looking at skills, there are three layers: the tertiary skills (like hobbies and side gigs), the secondary skills (technical know-how), and the primary soft skills (communication, empathy, leadership, etc.). But the ultimate is the core talent, which, if activated based on your Qi Men natal chart, gives you an unfair advantage.

It’s crucial to focus on your annual focus points for the year. It can help navigate life challenges, handle crises, and conquer the external world. Therefore, there are two aspects to consider: the natal Qi Men chart, which defines your core power across your lifetime, and the annual chart, which is more immediate.

So, the two things you need to do are where to find your core skills and what to focus on. This process is vital for transformation, and the goal is to keep this as simple as possible.

Identifying Your Core Skills
Identifying Your Core Skills

Focusing On Your Career Palace & The Meaning of Life

Now, based on where your Qi Men Natal Career Palace is, you can determine the core skill that you should focus on for the remaining months of 2023. The next year will transit officially on the 4th of February 2024. You can plot your natal Qi Men chart via this link. Understanding the alignment of core skills with your career can contribute to a deeper sense of purpose toward the meaning of life.

Grass Star (蓬) in the North East

If you have the Grass in your Career Palace – focus on networking, procurement, and the ability to bring people together. These skill sets will be crucial for solving the challenges and experiences presented to you this year. As you navigate the situations that require it, you’ll upgrade your ability to connect people and resources effectively.

Therefore the answer to questions like changing jobs or starting a business is likely “yes.” It is because these endeavors often involve bringing people together and procuring the right resources, which aligns with your core skill set.

Remember, this is a starting point, and as you develop this skill, you’ll find new opportunities and avenues opening up in your career and financial life. Stay attuned to the experiences and challenges that come your way, as they are stepping stones toward mastering the art of networking and resource procurement.

Heart Star (心) in the North

Having the Heart star in your Qi Men Natal Career Palace means you’re naturally good at investigative and research work in 2023. This core skill is valuable because it helps you understand the details, especially in finance.

You can see the tiny things that make a big difference, like understanding a financial formula or how specific things operate. Knowing how things work lets you make tweaks that can lead to significant improvements—that’s the power of the Heart.

The wealthiest people, especially financial analysts and investors, often have this investigative mindset. They don’t just guess; they get how things work because they know how to interpret data. It’s like they have a conversation with the data itself.

Pillar Star (柱) in the North West

If you have the Pillar in your career Palace, the core talent to focus on is the ability to sell and influence. This talent, like any other, requires honing and development.

In today’s world, promotion is crucial across various fields. Whether you’re promoting a business, yourself as an artist or actor, or your skills, being able to sell and influence is a valuable asset. Even top artists and celebrities are encouraged to actively promote themselves because, as you rightly pointed out, if people don’t know you exist, they won’t know about your skills or creations.

Your advice to take charge of self-promotion and not solely rely on agents is essential. Whether starting a teaching program, exploring new ventures, or finding innovative ways to use your influencing skills, leveraging your core talent can lead to unexpected and exciting possibilities.

Grain Star (芮) in the West

Teaching is a powerful core talent for the Grain in your Career Palace. Some of the best leaders are exceptional teachers. In the digital age, the impact of teaching has expanded. Online platforms allow you to share your expertise and build a massive following.

Some inspiring examples are students achieving success by teaching cooking recipes and yoga training. Therefore, teaching is a skill that can be applied in various fields, whether creating how-to videos, offering online courses, or conducting training sessions. Your ability to teach can allow you to grow and open up opportunities.

Hero Star (英) in the South West

For those with the Hero star in their Qi Men Natal Career Palace this year, it’s a signal to focus on creating and inventing. Great ideas and innovations often happen when you step outside the usual office setting.

If you are unsure of what to do or what to create, look around and see what others are doing. It can be a rich source of inspiration. If you’re struggling with a new product or business idea, consider taking a short trip, attending exhibitions, or participating in events. These experiences can provide the spark you need to innovate.

The idea is to break away from your routine and explore different environments. It applies not just to your professional life but also to your personal life. Sometimes, feeling stuck comes from being too focused on your challenges and not seeing how others have tackled similar problems. Therefore, you might discover new ways to approach issues and find inspiration by stepping out and observing.

Assistant Star (辅) in the South

If you have the Assistant star in your Qi Men Natal Career Palace, you likely have a skill: storytelling. Think about leaders, political figures, and motivators—many of them are exceptional storytellers. Even in creative fields like writing books, storytelling is a core talent.

Nowadays, storytelling isn’t just for books or creative endeavors. It has become crucial in business and branding. Brands use storytelling to connect with people and get their message across.

Destructor Star (冲) in the South East

The Destructor is associated with trading, which can open up many opportunities. Some examples include e-commerce, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and real estate ventures, such as Airbnb and property flipping.

Therefore, whether it’s navigating online markets, managing product distribution, or engaging in real estate transactions, the ability to trade effectively becomes a valuable asset.

Exploring the deeper levels of trading skills can contribute to your long-term growth. It’s about leveraging this core talent to excel in the specific areas of trading that resonate with your strengths and interests.

Ambassador Star (任) in the East

If you have the Ambassador star in your Qi Men Natal Career Palace, you could be skilled at managing, improving, and administrating things. It involves making something work better than others in the market. Great ambassadors don’t reinvent the wheel; instead, they take the wheel and make it larger or put it on the right track. Therefore, your success lies in taking something already functioning and making it work even better.

So, you could focus on your ability to improve and manage existing systems. This skill can lead to success, not by creating something entirely new, but by making what already works in the right market.

Focusing on Your Career Palace in 2023
Focusing on Your Career Palace in 2023

Finding Out Your Karmic Palace & The Meaning of Life

Understanding the eight karmic chains is crucial for recognizing what might be holding you back from wealth or causing recurring issues in understanding the meaning of life. This insight can shed light on your journey and why some problems persist. Let’s break it down.

Many people talk about karma, but what is it? In this context, think of it as energy imprints or pre-programming that influences your experiences and behaviors. These imprints might be from past lives or different realms of existence, forming energy patterns that affect your present life.

To uncover these karmic chains, follow these steps:

  1. Get your achievement natal chart: Identify your Karmic Palace, which may be in the North, West, or another sector. Focus on the Karmic Palace, not Destiny or Wealth Palace.
  2. Look for the Heavenly star inside the Karmic Palace: This star represents the energy imprint or pre-programming influencing your experiences.

Understanding and breaking these karmic chains doesn’t require complex rituals or endless good deeds. Instead, focus on deprogramming and rewriting these pre-programmed patterns with positive ones. The key is to gain understanding, which may lead to spiritual improvement. It will free you from the constraints of these karmic imprints.

Grass Star (蓬) in Your Karmic Palace

Let’s break down the idea of the Grass being your Karmic Palace main star. In this case, your karmic chains are related to wisdom. This connection could manifest as a lack of insight, a strong desire for knowledge, or sticking to ideas that hinder foresight. 

  1. Lack of Wisdom: It could mean you lack wisdom in certain areas or struggle to make wise decisions when opportunities come.
  2. Desire for Wisdom: On the flip side, it could indicate a strong need and pursuit of wisdom. You might find yourself actively seeking knowledge and understanding to overcome obstacles.
  3. Preconceived Ideas: Sometimes, being too intelligent can create barriers to true wisdom because you stick to what you already know.

Heart Star (心) in Your Karmic Palace

If your Karma palace has the heart star, it signifies a discipline issue. It means there might be a lack of assertive decisions and follow-through on commitments. Accountability is also a part of this category, indicating a tendency to avoid taking responsibility.

Even if you are smart or come from a well-off family, the karmic bond associated with the heart star may lead to challenges in discipline, affecting your ability to see things through and achieve your goals.

Pillar Star (柱) in Your Karmic Palace

The pillar is associated with love or with joyful communication. When we say “love” in this context, it means having difficulty experiencing or expressing joyfulness. It’s like being unable to connect with others or convey your thoughts and emotions happily and pleasantly.

Therefore, it might create challenges in expressing love and joy. There could be a need to address and undo this tendency to keep your communication and expressions closed off. Recognizing this can be the first step in resolving these love-related issues.

Grain Star (芮) in Your Karmic Palace

Your habits are related to the rain. These habits, often unconscious, can impact your financial, family, and health conditions. Grain is associated with health. Thus, lifestyle habits can influence your well-being. Habits, by definition, are things you do without being consciously aware of them. For example, if you have a habit of eating a specific type of food without realizing why, it could lead to health problems.

Extreme habits related to your attitude and choices around food, for instance, may create challenges for you. Recognizing these habits, understanding their impact, and consciously making positive changes can help break karmic bonds associated with Grain Star and improve your overall well-being.

Hero Star (英) in Your Karmic Palace

The hero, representing Li Gua Hexagram and spirit, might be connected to recurring karmic issues. You might notice a pattern where you begin things with lots of energy and enthusiasm, but it eventually fades. It could be because sustaining high energy across different realms – earth, man, heaven, and spirit – becomes challenging. Whether in thoughts, emotions, or physical actions, it can become difficult to maintain intense and vibrant energy. Fatigue sets in, and you may find yourself giving up too quickly.

Therefore, to address this issue, you may need to cut these energetic bonds that hinder your ability to sustain and rebuild them. Understanding this pattern and breaking the cycle can lead to a more sustainable and fulfilling journey.

Assistant Star (辅) in Your Karmic Palace

In terms of character, the Assistant star represents learning, knowledge, and know-how. If you’re stuck or facing recurring issues, it could be because your character tends to hinder the learning process. For example, you might start something, but halfway through, you feel you can figure it out without completely learning. This lack of education could be causing problems in various aspects of your life.

For instance, if you’re losing money in investments, it might be because you haven’t taken the time to learn how to invest. Similarly, you could improve your skills, write better sales copy, or enhance communication. However, you might resist learning due to fear of being cheated or a general aversion to learning.

This karmic problem keeps you stuck in a cycle of losing money and facing challenges because your character resists learning and acquiring new knowledge. Breaking this pattern involves overcoming the reluctance to learn and actively seeking knowledge in areas that can improve your situation.

Destructor Star (冲) in Your Karmic Palace

The Destructor Star means embracing new things, while “inertia” is about clinging to old things. Destructor represents the force that pushes for change and innovation. However, if your Karmic palace is associated with this star, you tend to stick to the same routine or habits. This repetition occurs because the familiar feels safer than venturing into something new, illustrating the concept of inertia.

Ambassador Star (任) in Your Karmic Palace

If your Karmic palace is associated with the Ambassador star, it might point to financial karma. It suggests that there could be resentment or negative feelings towards money matters, sales, or dealing with financial aspects. Your reluctance to engage with financial topics, manage your finances, or sell something keeps you stuck in certain aspects of your life.

Finding Out Your Karmic Palace
Finding Out Your Karmic Palace

Becoming the Generational Chain Breaker

For each of these steps, there are specific exercises you can do to break the karmic bonds and overcome the challenges that are holding you back. As a result, you will generate new momentum and become a generational chain breaker. Generational chain breakers are people from humble or difficult beginnings who break the cycle of suffering within their family.

Many successful people today can trace their roots back to generations of hardship. By cutting karmic bonds and deciding to create exponential success, they become the ones who uplift their entire family. You could be breaking the chain of difficulties and paving the way for a better life for future generations. Therefore, you have the potential to be that positive change for your family.

Unlocking The Meaning of Life

So, how do you nurture and activate your intuitive abilities? It’s not something you’re born with or without; everyone has it. It’s just that many haven’t used it for a long time. Here’s how activating your intuition can help you understand the meaning of life:

  1. Guidance from the Divine: It helps you use the right info at the right moment, guiding you when making decisions.
  2. Building Unbreakable Confidence: It aligns you with growth, boosting self-esteem and confidence.
  3. Fostering a Growth Mindset: It promotes continuous improvement, pushing you upwards.
  4. Improving Relationships: It helps you connect deeper, making relationships more meaningful.
  5. Finding Passion and Purpose: It is crucial for breaking free from karmic bonds that hold you back.
  6. Attaining Sustainable Wealth: It goes beyond hitting the jackpot; activating intuition allows for consistent and lasting wealth.
  7. Creating Lasting Happiness: It contributes to long-term happiness and clear focus.
  8. Enhancing Creativity: It sparks ideas and solutions, driving creativity.
  9. Transforming Financial Situations: It guides you when you’re unsure about the best steps forward.
  10. Expanding Social Media Influence: It helps you connect with your audience, going beyond tactics.

Remember, activating intuitive intelligence is the foundation. It’s like building the structure of a house before focusing on the interior design. This foundation is vital for successful forecasting and navigating life’s challenges.

Unlocking The Meaning of Life
Unlocking The Meaning of Life

Activating Intuitive Intelligence

Here are the eight spiritual alignments, known as the seven-star path, found in your Qi Men natal chart:

  • 1st Level – Survival
  • 2nd Level – Desire
  • 3rd Level – Power
  • 4th Level – Connection
  • 5th Level – Growth
  • 6th Level – Intuition
  • 7th Level – Soul
  • 0th Level – The Dao (Infinite Wisdom)

Therefore, to locate the 6th Level, which is Intuition, in your natal Qi Men chart, look for the box with six stars. It’s labeled as intuition. Now, find the sector in your chart where this is located, such as Southwest or East. Please take note of this direction as it is crucial for the next steps in activating your intuition.

First off, there’s meditation. Then, there’s Qi Men, timing and direction. If you combine these two, you can speed up your Qi Men intuition by ten times. Thus, it’s like a combo move that makes you progress faster. We call it Qi Men stacking. So, here’s the plan: figure out your intuitive direction, and then align your meditation and Qi Men practices with that. It’s more about gaining clarity.

When you command your third eye to open in your intuitive direction, you’ll start seeing things differently, both in yourself and your life situations. It’s about understanding your problems, like maybe a fear of greatness holding you back. Sometimes, we’re afraid of reaching our full potential. Once you grasp that, reading your Qi Men chart becomes like decoding your personal treasure map to success.

The 8 Spiritual Alignments in Qi Men Dun Jia
The 8 Spiritual Alignments in Qi Men Dun Jia

Concluding Remarks

Steve Jobs put it like this: the best artists, like Dylan, Picasso, and Newton, took risks and embraced the possibility of failure. Mark Zuckerberg echoed this sentiment, stating that the biggest risk is not taking any risk, especially in a rapidly changing world. The only strategy guaranteed to fail is avoiding risks altogether.

Qi Men empowers you and those who care about you. By becoming a generational chain breaker, you could change the trajectory of everyone’s life. Therefore, Qi Men Dun Jia Awakening isn’t just a short-term study; it’s a lifelong journey. Moreover, it’s a transferable skill to apply to any area of your life. As long as there are winners and losers, Qi Men will continue to be a valuable tool in life.

If You Risk Nothing, You Risk Everything
If You Risk Nothing, You Risk Everything

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