The Truth About Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection Techniques

The Truth About Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection Techniques

The Feng Shui negative energy protection against “Sha Chi” (煞气) is paramount to the overall well-being of your household or business. The term “Sha Chi,” or “Sha Qi,” which can refer to “negative energy” or “killing energy,” describes the detrimental energies that can harm a person’s well-being, interpersonal connections, and financial success. Sharp objects, congested areas, and unfavorable environmental impacts are just a few of the Feng Shui theories contributing to this “Sha Chi.” Therefore, it is crucial to implement effective Feng Shui practices to protect against “Sha Chi” and create a positive energy flow in your living or working space.

“Sha Chi” elements in Feng Shui are long-term influences that can’t immediately affect you, even if they are menacing features in your environment. Some examples include electric towers (pylons), sharp roof corners, or nearby trees. Only yearly energy can ignite the negative traits brought on by these elements. So, when reducing “Sha Chi,” practitioners focus on mitigating the annual energies, which can render the negative features inactive. On the other hand, enhancements are done based on the natal chart. It is essential to note that the timely energy of the year is always the activator.

Is “Chi” Energy Real or Not?

The Chinese word “Chi” is translated as “energy” in English. Everything that vibrates produces some form of energy. Feng Shui is the study of how this energy, or “Chi”, flows. Although “Chi” cannot be seen, touched, or smelled, it does exist. “Chi” was once difficult to explain, but modern science has made it easier to understand. Some examples include Wi-Fi, cell phone signals, and radio frequencies that cannot be seen or touched. However, your modern equipment can identify them. It makes sense to think that “Chi” exists when you consider these other forms of energy too.

Feng Shui involves optimizing space to facilitate a smooth flow of positive energy or high vibrational “Chi.” It focuses on the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected. When you optimize your physical environment, it creates a flow of positive energy or “Chi.” Therefore, you can use this energy for balance, harmony, and prosperity. The goal is to ensure that the property’s function benefits the residents, as good Feng Shui can bring positive effects, while bad ones can bring harm. Therefore, you must consider both aspects when performing a Feng Shui analysis.

Identifying External Negative Feng Shui “Sha Chi”

What should you do if you encounter physical aspects that are harmful? You got to recognize when these physical characteristics start to threaten you. It typically occurs during the arrival of the yearly flying stars, and it’s a bad combination. For instance, let’s say you have electric pylons hanging outside in the East area of your home, and in 2023, star #2 arrives. When star #2’s illness energy interacts with this bad attribute, star #2’s negative features are activated. Therefore, only those whose homes have negative “Sha Chi” confronting them will experience issues; not everyone with East-facing homes will.

1. Construction Zones

The first source of “Sha Chi” is the construction zone. The construction zone may include heavy-duty machines like piling machines, excavators, and crane towers. However, the machinery digging the ground during construction can activate the Five Yellow Calamity Star. The Two Black Illness Star is also considered inauspicious. Moreover, due to the pillar structure of the crane tower, it can create “Sha Chi” in neighboring homes based on its direction.

People living near construction sites need to be mindful of their health. The “Sha Chi” emanating from the construction zone can potentially lead to health problems and even cancer in a household member. You might want to relocate away from the area if possible. If moving away from the construction site is not an option, you can try to reduce the unfavorable effects of “Sha Chi” by closing curtains or windows that face the construction zone. However, it is essential to note that this may not eliminate the adverse effects.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How to Identify "Sha Chi" (Construction Zones)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How to Identify “Sha Chi” (Construction Zones)

2. Electrical Pylons

Pylons are tall metal towers that support electrical wiring. If an electric pylon is positioned very close to your home, it can pose significant health risks. There is a high risk that someone in the family may experience health problems, including the potential for cancer. If you continue to live in such a place for an extended time, then health issues will occur. Given these risks, you should consider moving away from the property if you have pylons or similar features near your home.

If it is further away, it depends on how far. When it’s more than three kilometers, it would still be fine. Even one kilometer of distance is not too bad. But if it’s about 150 meters away, it might be problematic. You can block it with large trees with plenty of leaves if it is far away. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t disregard pylons. So, if you have one near your property, you should shift homes as soon as possible.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How to Identify "Sha Chi" (Electrical Pylons)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How to Identify “Sha Chi” (Electrical Pylons)

3. Highways

Busy main roads located directly beside your home can generate negative “Sha Chi” energy, harming your well-being and that of the household. You can visualize highways as modern rivers. A fast-moving river or road is typically unfavorable, producing excessive noise and negative energy that affects nearby properties. Although some may argue that living in such locations can bring quick wealth, it can also cause you to experience sudden wealth loss.

The noise emitted by cars can be annoying to the ears, leading to potential discomfort and negatively impacting the well-being of individuals living near main roads. In addition, the noise may disrupt sleep and affect your ability to rest peacefully. While some may underestimate the impact of noise pollution, it is essential to note that sound energy can disrupt the smooth flow of “Chi”, the vital life force.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How to Identify "Sha Chi" (Highways)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How to Identify “Sha Chi” (Highways)

4. Trains

It is crucial to note that railways can potentially create negative “Sha Chi” energy. It depends on how the railway track intersects with the house. Even if the train track does not directly cut across the house, it is common sense that trains can be noisy, and noise itself is a form of “Sha Chi.”

Therefore, it is not ideal if the apartment is too close to the railroad tracks. This is especially true for low-floor apartment units, which are nearer the train tracks and subject to more noise. In countries like Singapore, it is common for train tracks to be constructed near apartments. These train tracks are usually located around the middle floor units.

However, the effects might not be as adverse on higher floors. A railway is generally not a good idea to have nearby, especially if there are regular train passages.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How to Identify "Sha Chi" (Trains)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How to Identify “Sha Chi” (Trains)

5. Rivers and Seas

There are two types of rivers in the modern world:

  • Artificial rivers (also known as roads, highways, and drains that are man-made)
  • Natural rivers (created by Mother Earth and nature)

Generally, people prefer living near freshwater rivers rather than saltwater bodies. Facing the sea with no nearby islands in sight is considered unfavorable for a unit. The vast sea disperses the positive energy gathered in the surroundings. Despite the captivating view of the sea, it can be challenging to assemble wealth in such locations. Nearby plants may even face difficulties thriving in this environment.

The formations of rivers can create negative “Sha Chi” energy that can affect the occupants of a property. Rivers with sharp turning angles and lacking gentle bends can produce “Poison Arrows.” These can have long-term health implications. A fast-moving river or drain too close to your home might drain away your money.

An ideal river formation consists of gently flowing water with meandering bends that surround your property, similar to the river formations in Mid-Valley Malaysia. These formations foster positive energy and a harmonious flow, creating a favorable environment for the occupants of the property.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How to Identify "Sha Chi" (Rivers and Seas)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How to Identify “Sha Chi” (Rivers and Seas)

6. Piercing Shoulder Water

The phenomenon commonly known as “Piercing Shoulder Water” occurs when water flows or cascades from the side of a mountain. In certain instances, houses built next to hills with these water features will experience “Sha Chi.” Furthermore, some hills with water pipes that release water during rainfall can generate a similar negative impact on your home’s Feng Shui.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand that this formation, whether situated at the back, front, or side of your property, is considered unfavorable in Feng Shui. The fast-flowing water from the mountain can negatively impact health, despite its potential to attract business or visually resemble a tourist attraction. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid such formations to ensure the well-being of those residing in the area.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How to Identify "Sha Chi" (Piercing Shoulder Water)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How to Identify “Sha Chi” (Piercing Shoulder Water)

7. Satellite Dishes

A satellite dish can also create “Sha Chi,” acting as negative energy. However, the pole that holds the satellite dish or the parabolic antenna is the “Sha Chi,” not the shallow bowl itself. The longer the pole or feed antenna, the more negative energy it creates. When a satellite dish is aimed directly at your house, it might cause “Poison Arrows” in Feng Shui. These are aggressive energy forms that can harm the property’s Feng Shui.

However, if the satellite dish is on top of a roof and your building is not the same height as the dish location, you don’t need to worry about it. If you live in the same building as the satellite dish, it won’t affect you since it only affects the other building. So, there is no need to worry too much about it.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How to Identify "Sha Chi" (Satellite Dish)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How to Identify “Sha Chi” (Satellite Dish)

8. Sharp or Lowered Roofs

Sharp roofs have pointed edges and can cause problems if these are directly facing your bedroom or main door. It can cause health issues or higher risks of accidents for the occupants. The height of your house and the roof’s height also matter. For example, if the roof summit is on the 5th story and you are on the 18th floor, there should be no problem. However, if you are on the fourth, fifth, or sixth floor, you may have an issue. You will need to consider the distance between your floor unit and the roof.

However, you shouldn’t worry too much about pointed roofs if your floor is significantly higher or lower than the roof. Not all roofs are problematic; it depends on their height compared to yours. Conversely, if you reside next to buildings with a taller roof than yours, it can impact your personal and professional growth opportunities. You can consider reconstructing your roof so that you align your roof with your adjacent neighbors.

Furthermore, roofs with steep angles that slope towards the center of the building can generate “Sha Chi” energy. This arrangement disrupts the harmonious flow of Qi, leading to increased stress levels for those staying in the house.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How to Identify "Sha Chi" (Sharp Roofs)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How to Identify “Sha Chi” (Sharp Roofs)

9. T-Junctions

Many people know about the potential negative impacts of having a T-junction in front of their home, but this only applies if the main entrance door is facing it. The T-junction can be referred to as the “Poison Arrow,” like an arrow shooting straight toward your heart. This negative energy can also affect everyone who lives in the house.

However, not all T-junctions are bad. Some can be good, depending on the shape of the junction. If the T-junction is straight and narrow, the negative energy flows faster. But if it’s curved and wide enough for at least four cars to pass through, it’s not considered a significant problem. Therefore, the best way to prevent the negative impacts of a T-junction is to avoid having your main door facing it.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (T-Junctions)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (T-Junctions)

10. Water Towers

You will be surprised to know the legs or pillars holding the water tank are the issue. It is not the water tower. A water tower is a tall structure with a tank filled with clean water. The tank is usually placed at a high enough position to create pressure in the pipes that distribute drinking water. It can also serve as a backup source of water for firefighting. However, the water tank has these legs attached to multiple separate pillars, which serve as the tower’s anchors. Therefore, it becomes a source of bad energy due to these pillars, or “Sha Chi.”

If the tower is too near your house, you will have more health problems. It would help if you planned to leave as soon as possible as long as your financial situation allows. Water tanks built on hills or mountains without any legs are okay. However, it is difficult to quantify the severity of the negative energy or “Sha Chi.” Therefore, it is best you avoid it and move away from such areas.

Lastly, having a water tank on the rooftop of your apartment or penthouse can pose challenges due to the stress it can induce. It can impact the health of those staying below the water tank.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Water Towers)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Water Towers)

11. Wind Gaps

A wind gap is a narrow gap between two mountains or tall buildings that can be dangerous for energy flow. If the wind gap directly faces your property, it can generate “Sha Chi” and cause many health issues, including cancer. The situation can be likened to a knife that cuts into your property. Maintaining a positive energy flow requires avoiding the wind gap.

To prevent this, you can install plants with thick leaves, a cabinet to block the view or use thicker curtains or blinds to cover the window. However, it cannot fully mitigate the effects of the negative “Sha Chi.” The idea behind this is that by doing so, you are creating a physical barrier that stops the flow of negative energy from entering your property.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Wind Gaps)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Wind Gaps)

12. Yin Environment (Too Many Trees)

The overly Yin “Sha Chi” is a form of negative energy that can occur when there are too many trees in front of your house. It can block the sunshine, either in front of your door or the Yang side of your property. The Yang side of your property typically refers to the side with more activities. Examples of the Yang side of a property can include the side facing the main road, the side receiving more light, or the side with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

This Yin effect can create passive and unsettling energy in your home, giving it a spooky or haunted feeling. When a person passes away, their soul, a form of energy, is released from their body and can influence the surrounding environment. Most people believe that the lingering energy or spirits will seek shelter in shaded areas. It is why you can find ghosts hiding under trees.

Banana trees hold a lot of water, which makes them have high Yin energy and attract negative spirits. You should avoid planting too many trees in front of your door since it can make your home dark and spooky.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Yin Environment)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Yin Environment)

13. Surrounding Buildings

The neighboring buildings play a significant role in shaping the Feng Shui of your property. Their structure, height, proximity, and nature can affect the energy flow and overall harmony within your living or working space.

Residing near certain buildings like police stations, federal courts, hospitals, temples, and others can have a negative impact unless you are a businessperson engaged in dealings related to these establishments. Hospitals constantly deal with matters of life and death, causing significant fluctuations in their Yin and Yang energies. Similarly, temples tend to attract poor people and ghosts. It can lead to challenges in wealth and relationships for those staying near these buildings.

Moreover, when you live near a rubbish dump, it can create negative “Sha Chi” energy that negatively impacts your mood. The unpleasant odors emanating from the rubbish dump further contribute to this detrimental effect.

The height of neighboring buildings also holds importance in Feng Shui. Taller buildings towering over your property can create a sense of oppression or overshadowing. Thus it can block the flow of natural light and limit your access to beneficial energy. Conversely, shorter buildings may allow a more open and expansive energy flow.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Surrounding Buildings)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Surrounding Buildings)

14. Property Designs

Weird and unusual design structures, such as curved buildings or irregular shapes, can cause internal “Sha Chi” and affect the inhabitants of a property. Buildings constructed resembling chopsticks can symbolize a sense of malnourishment. Occupying such buildings can potentially upset your career and professional growth negatively. Additionally, if you are unsure of the front of your building due to the artistic designs, it can also negatively affect your ability to attract wealth.

Living in a high-rise apartment where the unit is situated directly above a car park or walking corridor can impact your Feng Shui. Moreover, if you are missing an open space in front of your property, it is considered a negative aspect. It is because it is a lack of a “Bright Hall” (明堂) or an open area for energy to gather. This arrangement may hinder the unit’s capacity to accumulate wealth and can lead to its depletion over time.

It is crucial to be aware that having a property surrounded by barbed wire or sharp spiky fences can pose risks to your physical health. These structures have the potential to cause “Sha Chi” that can harm your eyes, hands, or legs. Thus, it is advisable to take necessary precautions to ensure your safety. Lastly if your building is old and in need of a paint refurbishment, it is advisable to repaint the entire building. This helps to introduce fresh “Chi” energy into the building.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Property Designs)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Property Designs)

Identifying Internal Negative Feng Shui “Sha Chi”

External Feng Shui can cause serious health problems and long-term harm. On the other hand, internal Feng Shui holds great importance alongside external Feng Shui. Studies of internal Feng Shui relate to minor health issues that may not be life-threatening but can cause significant inconvenience. In terms of internal Feng Shui, you should primarily concentrate on five areas:

  • The Bed
  • The Stove
  • The Main Door
  • The Study Room
  • The Balcony

These factors are essential for establishing a peaceful and well-balanced atmosphere in your house. When you grasp the interplay of these elements, you have the power to create a soothing and peaceful ambiance in your home. Understanding how each component interacts enables you to establish harmony within your living space, fostering an environment that nurtures your well-being with tranquility.

The 5 Factors of Internal Feng Shui
The 5 Factors of Internal Feng Shui

1. Main Door

If your main door directly faces a pillar, it signifies a challenging Feng Shui condition. Likewise, if your main entrance directly faces a lamp post, it indicates a problematic situation. This alignment can cause blockages in various aspects of your life, affecting your opportunities, health, and wealth luck.

Another situation to consider is when your main door opens directly and faces a narrow gap between two buildings. This alignment can negatively affect the energy flow and create an unfavorable Feng Shui condition. It is also known as the “Sky Crack Sha.”

Having a beam above your door is also considered inauspicious. It is crucial to understand that while a beam may not pose a life-threatening risk, it can still result in inconveniences and health issues. Exposure to a beam in your living space can cause problems such as stress, mental health issues, or migraines.

On the other hand, the pillar, lamp posts, and “Sky Crack Sha” in front of your main door can pose life-threatening risks. Therefore, it is crucial to take proactive measures to minimize the unfavorable effects of these aspects on your well-being.

You will also want to be mindful of the floor outside your main door if it slopes outward, as it can potentially result in a loss of wealth.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Main Door)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Main Door)

2. Balcony

Your front door facing the balcony is considered bad Feng Shui because it affects family privacy, wealth accumulation, and harmony in the house. It can disrupt the flow of energy and hampers the prosperity and well-being of the household. However, there are ways to address this issue. You can hang a curtain, build a wall, or use elements like a fish tank, potted plant, or vine to create a barrier between the front door and the balcony. These solutions help counter the nasty effects and restore a more harmonious and positive energy flow in your home.

You should also avoid having your balcony facing directly towards a lamp post, pillar, or the narrow gap between two buildings. This approach is similar to the main door. It is considered unfavorable in Feng Shui as it symbolizes a cutting or dividing of energy, potentially leading to negative consequences. Thus, it can bring harm to you and your family members.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Balcony)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Balcony)

3. Bedroom Bed

A beam above your bed can contribute to health issues such as migraines, stress, and mental health. However, it cannot cause life-threatening illnesses and is generally not considered dangerous.

Similarly, if your room door faces a sharp or angled wall, it creates “Sha Chi.” It can be inconvenient for your health but is not life-threatening. However, if your door directly opens and points towards the bed, it can lead to various health issues. It is crucial to avoid such arrangements.

Likewise, having a window built behind the bed may cause health issues like insomnia, and also reduce the support from Noble People. Another potential problem is a slanted ceiling in the bedroom, which can also contribute to insomnia and stress related to sleep difficulties.

Having a mirror that looks at you while you sleep can affect your spiritual well-being. Mirrors reflect and make energy stronger. When you’re sleeping, it can disturb the balance of “Chi” in the room. It can also make it harder for you to concentrate, stay motivated, and do well in your job.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Bedroom Bed)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Bedroom Bed)

4. Kitchen Stove

Having your door directly facing a kitchen stove is a significant issue. If you find yourself in this situation, it increases the likelihood of someone in your household being diagnosed with cancer. It is also depending on the alignment of the animal sign with the stove during a Feng Shui evaluation.

Positioning a beam directly above the stove can potentially lead to health issues, particularly affecting the digestive system. In contrast, when the water basin and stove face each other, it can create relationship challenges between husbands and wives.

It is advisable to avoid placing the stove too close to the dining table. It can create a disruptive atmosphere and lead to conflicts among individuals. The fire energy emitted by the stove can contribute to heightened emotions. Thus it can cause anger and irritability among those sharing the meal.

Lastly, constructing a stove on an island can contribute to various health problems, even though they may not be life-threatening. You should address these concerns actively if the above-mentioned is to minimize potential health issues and prioritize overall well-being.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Kitchen Stove)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Kitchen Stove)

5. Study Room

Place your desk against a wall without any gaps in between. This arrangement helps create a stable work environment for your career and encourages support from Noble People. Avoid having wall corners pointing towards you from behind, as this can lead to workplace gossip and relationship problems with your colleagues. It’s crucial to maintain a harmonious and supportive work atmosphere.

Creating a pleasant outside view is essential for an energizing living space. You should avoid having any dying trees facing your property. These dying trees can release negative energy. Additionally, allowing ample sunlight to enter the study room is beneficial. Sunlight carries a positive energy that can boost productivity and create a positive working environment. With a well-lit and vibrant study area, you can foster an environment that enhances focus, motivation, and overall well-being.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Study Room)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Study Room)

6. Living Room (Other Areas)

Some popular interior designs feature a washed industrial aesthetic, cement walls, and flooring. However, it is crucial to note that such styles can emit a vibe or energy associated with poverty. The appearance of these designs can create a perception of financial hardship and hinder the ability to build wealth.

When a living room contains too much clutter, such as scattered items, unused belongings, or excessive furniture, it disrupts the natural flow of energy in the space. These physical obstacles can create stagnant pockets of poor energy, preventing the free movement and circulation of favorable “Chi.” It can lead to feelings of overwhelm, stress, and a lack of clarity, affecting the overall balance within the space.

Using paint designs on the entire unit in pure white or black can create an atmosphere reminiscent of a hospital or morgue. However, incorporating some white or having a white ceiling is acceptable. It’s crucial to consider the overall ambiance and energy that different paint colors can bring to your living space. By choosing colors wisely, you can create a more inviting and harmonious environment within your home.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Living Room)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Living Room)

7. Stairs & Lifts (Other Areas)

It’s best to avoid placing stairs or lifts in the center of your home. It is because it can disrupt the energy flow along the central, known as the Tai Chi line. When this energy flow is blocked, it can negatively impact your physical health, especially your heart, and affect your emotional well-being. You can consider alternative locations for stairs or lifts to maintain a positive and balanced energy flow in your home.

Avoid placing the stairs next to the main door, as it leads to the loss of wealth and opportunities from your property. This arrangement makes it difficult to accumulate wealth. The energy and favorable circumstances escape instead of being utilized. You should choose an alternative location for the stairs to ensure energy remains within the house and supports wealth accumulation.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Stairs And Lift)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Stairs And Lifts)

8. Praying Altar (Other Areas)

When it comes to the praying altar, it is crucial to maintain its sacredness by avoiding an excessive number of deities to pray to. You can have an odd number of gods. It is preferred to have only one deity on your altar. It allows for better focus on your wishes and desires during prayers, preventing the dispersion of spiritual energies. By keeping the number of deities on the altar to a minimum, you create a space conducive to deep concentration and connection with the divine. It ensures that your prayers are more focused and effective, maximizing the spiritual energy and intention behind them.

The praying altar should be clean and well-lit so that positive Yang energy can enter to create an atmosphere conducive to spiritual practice. Furthermore, you can enhance the praying altar by using high-quality materials and ensuring it is well-maintained.

Avoid placing the praying altar below any stairs, as this arrangement can create stress for family members. The energy flowing down from the stairs can disrupt the tranquility of the sacred space.

Lastly, if you find it challenging to maintain the praying altar due to time constraints or other reasons, it is acceptable to omit it from your home. It is better to have no altar than to have one that is neglected and poorly maintained. Prioritizing your well-being and ensuring a balanced living environment is essential. If maintaining a praying altar becomes burdensome, it is perfectly acceptable to make that choice.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Praying Altar)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Praying Altar)

9. Toilet (Other Areas)

If you locate the toilet above the main door, the downward flow of energy can directly impact the entrance area. The main entrance is a gateway for positive energy and opportunities to enter the home. The negative energy from the toilet can disrupt the harmonious flow of energy. It can create an unfavorable environment for your career advancement and financial prosperity. It also represents the draining of luck and fortune.

Avoid placing the toilet directly behind the bed or its windows towards the kitchen, as this can have adverse health effects over time. The proximity of the toilet to the bed can also create disturbances in the energy flow and impact your overall well-being.

Lastly, it is crucial to consider the placement of the toilet within the house. According to Chinese beliefs dating back to ancient times, the central line of a property holds significance. Because there is no room for negative energy to dissipate when the toilet is in the center of the room, it can spread to other rooms. Thus, it can lead to health problems including heart and liver issues for everyone in the house. Therefore, you should plan the toilet layout carefully to ensure a balanced energy flow throughout the living space.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection - How To Identify "Sha Chi" (Toilet)
Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection – How To Identify “Sha Chi” (Toilet)

The Five Ways To Mitigate “Sha Chi”

How can you reduce “Sha Chi?” Well, you can start by using these five methods to mitigate it.

1. Blocking with Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection

The first and easiest way to mitigate “Sha Chi” is to block it. It means deflecting or pushing it away to another side or preventing it from entering your house. Blocking means physically obstructing the negative feature by adding a structure such as a wall, a tree, or a canvas or closing a window or balcony. If you do this, the negative aspect is concealed from the inside, minimizing its impact. For instance, the negative effect is less if the “Sha Chi” is outside the home but blocked by a tree. Additionally, you can engage landscape artists to mitigate the outcome of unfavorable factors.

One technique for deflecting a big “Sha Chi” from another building is to curve the house or building outward. However, it can be challenging to directly redirect the negative energy sometimes due to the size of the building. There is another approach to dealing with a negative feature in front of your house. For instance, you can alter the fence and open the gate on an alternate side of the house. It allows the placement of large trees in front of the undesirable feature, obstructing its direct influence. Negative energy is blocked or deflected with this technique. However, not everyone has the means or financial resources to implement physical changes.

2. Diffusing with Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection

Another way to mitigate “Sha Chi” is through diffusion. It means weakening the energy of the area to reduce its intensity. You can deploy physical elements that diminish the negative feature elementally. However, this method may not work if the negative part is overly intense.

The diffusing technique in feng shui involves weakening the negative energy directed onto your house. For instance, if the negative feature activates star #3, which symbolizes disputes and legal issues, a constantly burning lamp or a candle can be positioned in front to weaken the negative energy. It is because star #3 is the wood element, and wood produces the fire element. Therefore, this technique diffuses the negative features, and trees or other physical barriers may not be required.

When unfavorable factors are absent, the strategy may not always be necessary. The elemental diffusing of the annual energies is a technique to lessen the effects of negative energy in years when it is present by employing specific methods.

3. Controlling with Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection

Controlling undesirable aspects is the third strategy for handling them. If the “Sha Chi” is not too strong, you can manage how much of it there is and change it into something positive. One example is “Fighting the Three Killings” to attract wealth quickly. Control is based on positioning, specifically the branches and stems. In contrast, the diffusing method uses physical objects with elements. When controlling “Sha Chi,” you use the stems and branches of your 24 mountains.

For example, the theory of “not having your back to the Three Killings” means you should not ignore or turn away from negative directions yearly. You don’t necessarily have to fight it directly on your own, but you can overlook the direction of the Three Killings on particular dates that counteract its negative energies. By doing so, you can transform undesirable situations into desirable ones.

4. Dissolving with Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection

To dissolve negative energy in a specific area, you can use a technique that involves deploying certain months and times when you can make changes to the structure or implement physical changes in that area. Certain energies will reside in that area based on the date and time. This technique can diffuse different types of negative energy, such as Grand Duke Energy, Year Breaker Energy, Three Killings Energy, and even Five Yellow Energy. Therefore, date selection is considered a form of heaven energy and can be used to diffuse negative energy.

The month and day charts represent the energy of the month and the day, respectively. For instance, to disperse the negative earth energy from star #2, you could employ the dissolving technique on the metal month and day. You can place a tiny metal object in that region to dissolve bad energy on these particular days. It is possible to hang the artifact on a wall or plant it on the ground. When you place the item, it activates the energy that helps to dissolve negative energy in that area. Even if you remove the object after a month or two, the positive energy will continue in that area for the entire year.

5. Disconnecting with Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection

The fifth and most advanced way is known as Disconnecting. It involves disconnecting the affected person from the “Sha Chi” through Hexagrams and Guas. By creating a protective circle outside the domain of the “Sha Chi’s” influence, the person can avoid being affected by the negative energy. It is a more complex technique, but it is considered the highest level of feng shui practice.

One of the easiest ways to apply the concept of “Out of Gua” is to consider your Life Star number and the location of your Self Palace. If you are purchasing a home and your Life Star number is 7, with your self palace in the west, you can prevent unfavorable characteristics in the property by designing the home that excludes the west area. Therefore, this will lessen the impact of the “Sha Chi’s” adverse effects on you.

The more advanced method involves using the Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦) compass. Within the 64 hexagrams, each “Sha Chi” will be faced with a specific hexagram. By aligning the house with the center point and adjusting its structure, it’s possible to position the “Sha Chi” in a way that doesn’t affect someone with a specific Life Star number. It requires skillful repositioning of the center and external point, which can be challenging.

5 Ways Of Feng Shui Techniques to Mitigate Sha Chi
5 Ways Of Feng Shui Techniques to Mitigate “Sha Chi”

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