The Ultimate Guide to The 12 Animals Zodiac 2022 Forecast

The Ultimate Guide to The 12 Animals Zodiac 2022 Forecast

The Water Tiger Year will formally begin on the 4th of February, although the Chinese New Year falls on the 1st of February. In 2022, the Tiger year, out of the 12 Animals Zodiac, will present us with difficulties, possibilities, and changes. The Five Yellow Authority Star (五黄灾星) will dominate this year, and it will be ruled by powerful water and wood aspects, signifying a year that will take grit and resolve to compete. Nevertheless, you will still make progress regardless of potential roadblocks. When confronted with difficulties, you should stay optimistic and resourceful.

Besides that, you can always utilize this link to print your Bazi Chart. If you are a beginner, you might not know that there are four distinct animal signs in your Bazi Chart. As a result, your year, month, day, and hour pillar may have the same or different animal signs. Furthermore, each of the pillars is in charge of a specific aspect of your life.

  • The Year Pillar: It symbolizes your industry, market, social circle, and associates, which includes people you have never met before.
  • The Month Pillar: It has to do with your profession, work, and job role.
  • The Day Pillar: It is related to yourself, your spouse, your relationships, your own beliefs, or your living situation.
  • The Hour Pillar: It refers to your thoughts and desires, as well as your ideas, junior staff, children, and assets.

Last but not least, we can look at the Shen Sha (神煞) table each year to see the good and bad auxiliary stars for each of the 12 Animal Zodiac signs. Keep in mind, that whatever awaits you in 2022, it will be up to you to make it happen. Join forces with someone who possesses the animal sign you require. You should plan ahead of time and take charge of your destiny.

The Rat in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)🐭

The Rat 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Rat 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch:Rat (鼠 / 子)
Ranking in 2022: #12
Auspicious Colors:Blue, Black
Auspicious Number(s):12
Benefactor Sign(s):Pig
Year:1948, 1960, 1972,
1984, 1996, 2008
The Rat 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

The Rat sign is having a bad year in 2022 since there are no lucky stars. Since there is no interaction between the Rat and the Tiger, you are responsible for most of your problems. Fortunately, this also means you don’t have any external negative energy acting on you, which means you may reduce your risk by restricting your actions. As a result, mastering the art of knowing when and how to exit potentially dangerous situations or violent disputes should be your top focus.

Furthermore, you should avoid any regions known to be hazardous or busy, such as conflict zones or disaster zones. It can help you avoid potentially harmful scenarios where you could be injured or trapped in unfavorable circumstances.

There’s also a good probability you’ll get caught up in a misinterpretation of sexually connected connotations. Avoid circumstances where you can be subjected to sexual harassment by someone of the opposite gender.

Positive Stars for Rat in 2022 ✔

Unfortunately, without the blessing of the auspicious stars, you must be cautious in whatever you do. Before you do anything, think twice. On the plus side, all of the unfavorable stars that the Rat sign faces do not inflict significant harm or death, but you will still suffer a little.

Because you can’t get support from external sources, you’ll have to rely on yourself. You can work on developing courage and taking advantage of this opportunity to broaden your worldview. Strength comes from within, knowing who you are and accepting responsibility for your happiness. There will be difficult periods, but these difficulties will aid in the development of your emotional or mental strength. If you’re unsure, take the next logical step, one at a time.

Alternatively, you might use the last month of January 2021 to do some good karmic work by assisting others and preparing for the new year. Those indebted to you may be able to help you in difficult times.

Negative Stars for Rat in 2022❌

In 2022, the Rat sign has a lot of inauspicious stars that can cause physical harm. Physical injuries will necessitate extreme caution. Petty conflicts or accidents with the Sky Dog (天狗) can result in permanent scarring. In addition, try to be cautious when doing things, especially if working with sharp objects.

The phrase Funeral Guest (吊客) implies that you are a guest attending a funeral, but it has a few implications. First and foremost, you will never be attending your funeral, so pay attention to your family member’s health and safety. Second, wakes or burials can be associated with bacteria and contamination, therefore if at all possible, avoid attending funerals to prevent absorbing any negative energies.

The Goat Blade star (羊刃) is associated with robbery wealth and suggests that you may have to pay money to repair your injuries or contribute to a burial fund. The Calamity Sha (災煞) is related to natural disasters, and you may find yourself in an area prone to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and so on. Furthermore, if you live in a city, you may need to be cautious about property damage due to unusual events like fire hazards.

Additionally, you must be cautious when dealing with situations that may lead you to difficulty, as the Prison Inmates Star (囚獄) may suggest litigation-related matters created by your conduct. Last but not least, the Red Chamber (红艳) is associated with the peach blossom star, which suggests that you are concerned with sex issues or inappropriate relationships.

Areas to Note for Rat in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: To prevent getting into trouble, you should be cautious about what you do in public or consider minimizing your interactions with people. Someone may pick a fight with you, and you’ll end up badly hurt. If you engage in any sexual activity, you may find yourself in legal problems. When you get trapped in a rut in terms of industry practice, you’ll need to have the confidence to shift things around.
  • The Month Pillar: If your line of business puts you in danger of getting into legal difficulties, it’s a good idea to hire someone to help you with agreements or legal matters. Conversely, if you frequently travel abroad, be aware of the potential for natural disasters and be prepared. However, if your profession has grown stagnant, you may need to include fresh ways of working or new ideas.
  • The Day Pillar: This year, you might not be as daring and eager as you were last year. If you rely on your partner to make you happy, you may not receive anything in return. As a result, you should find things that make you happy and build your happiness.
  • The Hour Pillar: Be concerned about self-harm and maintain a positive attitude at all times. Get rid of the idea that you aren’t good enough or that you require other people’s approval. On the other hand, you may not have access to information about financial prospects, so you should be more proactive in speaking with professionals and seeking guidance. Avoid gambling and unnecessarily taking risks.

The Ox in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac) 🐮

The Ox 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Ox 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch:Ox (牛 / 丑)
Ranking in 2022: #7
Auspicious Colors:Red, Orange,
White, Gold
Auspicious Number(s):6 & 10
Benefactor Sign(s):Snake & Rooster
Year:1949, 1961, 1973,
1985, 1997, 2009
The Ox 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

Even though the Ox will step down as Grand Duke in 2021, it will still perform admirably and stand out in 2022. There will be a Hidden Combination (暗合) with the Ox and Tiger signs, but it will be tough to employ because it requires some strategy. It suggests you have invisible supporters you and others are unaware of supporting you during difficult times.

Your popularity with others will soar. Learning to leverage some of your charms to achieve your goals, such as finding a mate or starting a relationship, will be beneficial. It is an excellent year to do so because you are receptive to new experiences. Being more outspoken, open-minded, and charismatic will attract a good and long-lasting relationship with others.

You can also learn to look after your overall health. Make sure you have frequent health exams and get enough rest. You don’t have to get too worked up over it; think of it as a means to strengthen your immune system. You should consider getting vaccinated if you haven’t previously, especially now that the COVID-19 virus is spreading.

Finally, you must be comfortable in your skin, or you may feel hollow and out of place even while amid crowds. Even though this is a good year for the Ox sign, you may feel empty on the inside, so try to fill that emptiness with something you are passionate about helping others.

Positive Stars for Ox in 2022 ✔

The Ox has two peach blossom stars, perfect for singles or those looking for a mate. The Red Matchmaker (紅鸾) indicates that you have a strong desire or enthusiasm for a particular subject. It also implies that you are more receptive to love and relationships. However, you must also evaluate your connections before investing your time and energy.

Furthermore, in the past, the Golden Carriage (金舆) signifies the family sending the daughter off with the dowry and marrying into a wealthy household. If you are a woman, your chances of finding a suitable family to care for you are high. When you network and form meaningful relationships with people, you can improve your wealth possibilities too.

Finally, the Surpassing Path Star (陌越) implies that certain aspects of your life may exceed your goals and expectations. It means that you discover that what you’re going through is better than you had anticipated. You may establish better goals for yourself because it will benefit you.

Negative Stars for Ox in 2022❌

Even if you are surrounded by people or with your partner, the Lonesome Star (寡宿) effect will make you feel lonely and empty on the inside. You may be unable to communicate your emotions. It differs from the Solitary Star (孤辰), which states, “I’m fine with being alone.” However, if you want to improve your relationships, you must learn to articulate and express your feelings.

You might become ill occasionally if you have the Sickness Charm (病符). As a result, you’ll need to exercise often, eat a balanced diet, and rest as needed. There will also be no serious issues because the Heaven Sha (天煞) deals with surface-level harm caused to your friends and family by the surrounding environment. Nevertheless, you can try to separate yourself from the negative aspects of other people’s situations.

Areas to Note for Ox in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: If you’re a public figure, you might gain some new die-hard fans. On the other side, some of your friends might get married, or they might form new business ties.
  • The Month Pillar: At work, you might be able to outperform yourself and fulfill your career goals. In addition, you may discover something you are passionate about in your profession and devote all of your time and efforts to it. You might even meet new colleagues, forming new friendships and partnerships.
  • The Day Pillar: It means that you have a deeper grasp of your current connection and may be able to express your love more effectively. As a result, you will gain and possibly receive tender loving care from others.
  • The Hour Pillar: You could be in line for some investment opportunities. It’s great if you can jump in and out quickly and don’t keep your money for too long.

The Tiger in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac) 🐯

The Tiger 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Tiger 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch:Tiger (虎 / 寅)
Ranking in 2022: #9
Auspicious Colors:Green, Blue, Black
Auspicious Number(s):4 & 12
Benefactor Sign(s):Rabbit, Pig
Year:1950, 1962, 1974,
1986, 1998, 2010
The Tiger 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

The Tiger is dubbed the Grand Duke (太岁), with the Jupiter star aligned in the Tiger position for 2022. It has absorbed the most amount of cosmic energy from this constellation and, as a result, has become supercharged.

Therefore, anyone born under the Tiger sign will be noticed by others with the Duke Arrival Star (岁驾), and whatever you do in 2022 will be scrutinized. You may need to pay attention to the level of scrutiny. Hence some people may opt to keep a low profile, while others may use this chance to market themselves through social media. Furthermore, those who do not know how to deal with the extra attention may feel under strain. When it comes to choosing a decision, you might be a little unsure of yourself.

There will also be old persistent issues, such as your health or illness, that will reappear to demand your attention. You should take the time to sit down and assess your situation to avoid any negative consequences.

Be wary of any bodily harm or accident-related activities if your Bazi Chart has a Tiger sign too. It is simple to handle as long as you limit your risky activities and exercise caution. Furthermore, if you can’t perform some tasks, you should delegate them to someone else. Moreover, if the Tiger is in your Day Pillar, this influence is enhanced because it represents you directly.

Positive Stars for Tiger in 2022 ✔

It simply implies you have the Duke Arrival Star (岁驾) in a Grand Duke Year. It implies that you are the boss or the star, to whom everyone refers. If you loathe being the center of attention and despise making decisions, you’ll be irritated in 2022 because everyone seems to be looking up to you and asking you to make a choice. Being the Grand Duke, on the other hand, is a terrific year for someone who lives on attention and is resolute.

You will have the opportunity to learn a lot thanks to the existence of the Intelligence Star (文昌星). If you want to master a new skill or advance to the next level, the boost in energy in this area will allow you to accomplish it more effortlessly than others. There’s always room for development in your profession, even if you’re doing well.

The Heaven Officer / Heaven Chef Star (天官符) will give you power and authority, meaning you will most likely be required to show up in an official setting. As a result, you have to know how to carry yourself in front of the public. When conditions are difficult while you are learning to lead, there will be those who support you in the end. It is not about people worshiping you; leadership is about serving and being able to help someone get from where they are to where they want to be.

Negative Stars for Tiger in 2022❌

There are some negative stars, but they don’t pose a significant threat to the Tiger Sign. The Sword Edge Star (剑锋) may cause bodily harm. Furthermore, because the Hidden Corpse Star (伏尸) indicates a hidden health issue, you should schedule a medical health check which may be necessary. As a result, the Tiger sign may be slightly more prone to injuries simply due to a lack of awareness.

Other the other hand, the Back Poking Star (指背) will drive others to gossip about you. We usually refer to these as the inferior people loathed by others, also known as “Xiao Ren” (小人). You shouldn’t be too concerned about this because, regardless of what you do, there will be those haters and naysayers who will criticize you. In general, the Tiger is still a good sign.

Areas to Note for Tiger in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: The Tiger sign is directly tied to your social standing if it appears in your Year Pillar. You will be prominent in the eyes of the general public. Therefore, you’ll have to be especially cautious with your actions, public appearances, and social media comments. You will almost certainly meet and work with leaders in their organization or community.
  • The Month Pillar: When it comes to your work or business, there will be a lot of expectations placed on you by others. Therefore, always consider twice before making decisions, as others will remember you for years to come. You will succeed if you learn how to live up to it if you are a little more firm and confident. Nevertheless, you can take this excellent opportunity to show that you are proficient at work.
  • The Day Pillar: Your partner will pay extra attention to you, but this is typically manageable. You can give your spouse whatever attention they require. Even if it feels unfair to you, you may be required to take up the leadership role at times. If you’re single, there’s a lot of pressure on you to figure out why you’re still alone. You may become desperate when searching for a partner.
  • The Hour Pillar: It may mean you’re the one putting the pressure on yourself. You might have lofty goals and plans for yourself. However, you will not be disappointed if your activities meet your objectives. It could also signify the addition of new members to your team or the necessity to find someone to whom you can transfer your knowledge and experience. Furthermore, if you have children, they will want you to devote more time to them. However, this also means you’ll have more chances to interact and engage with your child.

The Rabbit in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac) 🐰

The Rabbit 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Rabbit 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch: Rabbit (兔 / 卯)
Ranking in 2022: #3
Auspicious Colors:Yellow, Brown,
Blue, Black
Auspicious Number(s): 8 & 12
Benefactor Sign(s):Goat, Pig
Year:1951, 1963, 1975,
1987, 1999, 2011
The Rabbit 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

The Rabbit sign is one of the top tiers for the year 2022. It has one of the biggest problem dissolving stars called The Sun (太阳). You’ll be able to bring everything out with this powerful star shining on the Rabbit sign. It means that the issue you’re dealing with becomes evident to you. As a result, you have the foresight to figure out how to remedy most of the problems. You will become a source of light for others, providing guidance and direction, and thus you should plan to assist and guide others.

For the Rabbit sign, who you know becomes more important than what you know. It’s because the people you choose to aid in some manner may turn out to be crucial in your financial and interpersonal lives. Because the Sun’s energy is predominantly Yang, the people who will help you will primarily be guys.

Positive Stars for Rabbit in 2022 ✔

Heavenly Yi (天乙贵人) is one of the most well-known nobility stars. This star is referring to people who possess the information that you lack. Some people will become eager to assist you in improving your thinking to present a solution by yourself. They will steer you on the proper path, but they will not solve your problem. With the Sky Noble Star (天魅) in position, there will be people who provide you the solution out of nowhere.

Furthermore, depending on where the Rabbit sign is in your Bazi Chart, the Peach Blossom Star (桃花) and Salty Pool Star (咸池) indicate that you will have a particular flair for attraction. It all comes down to whether you are more open-minded and create trust with others when building long-term partnerships. This star will allow you to do the following depending on how you utilize it.

  • If in the year pillar, it can attract powerful or attractive individuals to you. Others may judge you differently depending on the group of friends you associate with together.
  • If in the month pillar, your coworkers will think you’re a great person to work with side-by-side.
  • If in the day pillar, others may think you physically appealing and desirable regardless of your size.
  • Lastly, if in the hour pillar, your ideas are mentally sought, and others are interested to hear what you say.

Negative Stars for Rabbit in 2022❌

The negative stars are rather forgettable as they don’t cause any issues for the Rabbit sign due to the overwhelming positive stars. You may experience some bodily injury due to the Yearly Sha (岁煞). As a result, to avoid any mishaps, you should strive to limit your participation in physically hazardous activities.

The Sky Emptiness (天空) indicates that you may forget some things from time to time. Furthermore, some of the promises you make may be empty promises. If you don’t want to lose your credibility, don’t make a promise that you don’t mean to keep. It’s not just about what other people think of you; it’s also about you because if you can’t fulfill your word, you may lose faith in yourself.

Areas to Note for Rabbit in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: If you want to become a social influencer, this is a great opportunity because you have that distinct appeal from others. Furthermore, you may meet generous people who can assist you in your spiritual development and provide support during difficult times.
  • The Month Pillar: Due to the existence of the Sun-Star and the Heavenly Yi combo, your male coworkers will bring out the finest in terms of problem-solving. You must step up to the role of guiding light since others will rely on you. To help others, you must adjust your mindset and perception. In addition, male colleagues may provide you with most of the solutions.
  • The Day Pillar: All the love and money in the world can be meaningless if you don’t follow it by action. You should use this moment to shower your partner with more love since this will increase their already elevated attraction to you. For those who are still single, you might have the intention of starting a relationship.
  • The Hour Pillar: You’ll be able to develop solutions for yourself while also attracting or impressing others with your ideas or solutions. Because the Sun Star is all about giving, you may not be as meticulous when it comes to investments. To avoid losing money, you must also pay attention to the minor details when investing.

The Dragon in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac) 🐲

The Dragon 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Dragon 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch: Dragon (龙 / 辰)
Ranking in 2022: #11
Auspicious Colors:Green, White, Gold
Auspicious Number(s):4 & 10
Benefactor Sign(s):Rabbit, Rooster
Year:1952, 1964, 1976,
1988, 2000, 2012
The Dragon 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

In the year 2022, the Dragon sign will hit a difficult period. As a result, you may wish to make preparations that will benefit you in the coming years. Distancing oneself and learning to be self-sufficient are two strategies to consider. Additionally, you may be surrounded by people who are down and sad. However, the unfavorable stars do not provide a significant barrier to the Dragon sign once you have achieved independence. It is suggested that you engage in some self-reflection and concentrate on learning and improving your skills.

Nonetheless, the only constraint you’ve imposed on yourself in terms of spirituality is the one you’ve set upon yourself. You should reflect on yourself and seek wisdom from the inside based on your knowledge and view of the world. Try getting ideas from multiple sources, such as past experiences, books, or seminars. Your capacity to look at something from a distance and try to perceive it from many angles can become your best guide to life.

Positive Stars for Dragon in 2022 ✔

Unfortunately, the Dragon sign will have no positive stars in 2022. You are limited in receiving help from others because of your pessimistic outlook. Therefore, learn to be self-reliant and stand on your own. On the other hand, the Rooster companion will be able to assist and support the Dragon sign.

Negative Stars for Dragon in 2022❌

The Funeral Door Star (地丧) and The Earth Funeral (丧门) do not indicate that you might die in 2022. However, this means that those in your immediate vicinity may become unwell as you may expose yourself to hazardous or contaminated places. Furthermore, you should avoid attending someone else’s funeral because it will bring you bad luck. Keep an eye on your family members’ health, especially if they are elderly or sick.

When combined with the Sky Cry Star (天哭), you might be going through multiple sad external situations. Last but not least, Leopard Tail (豹尾) may cause you to offend others easily. You may be completely unaware that you are stepping on someone’s toes. Thus, you may prefer to remain oblivious of the situation and avoid discovering who you may have offended.

Areas to Note for Dragon in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: You will carry negative energy with you which may affect your social circumstances. Furthermore, you may upset your friends without realizing it. Stop relying on others to get things done and learn how to be self-sufficient. To manage your emotions and ideas, try to intellectually and emotionally detach yourself from situations.
  • The Month Pillar: You may upset someone at work, causing others to hold you responsible for whatever reason. You might want to think about keeping a low profile. Keep doing what you’re doing, and stay away from office politics. Examine issues objectively and try not to take things personally.
  • The Day Pillar: Keep an eye on your family members’ health, especially your spouse. You don’t want to spread negativity to your spouse, so strive to stay optimistic. You can attempt to comprehend your loved ones from a spiritual and intellectual standpoint.
  • The Hour Pillar: Negative emotions will influence your inner thoughts. Internally, you may be hurt and depressed. It may have an impact on persons who have poor emotional management. You can focus on spiritual growth and learn to detach yourself from negativity. If you have children, your relationship with them may be affected too because you may be influencing them without realizing it.

The Snake in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac) 🐍

The Snake 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Snake 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch: Snake (蛇 / 巳)
Ranking in 2022: #5
Auspicious Colors:Yellow, Brown,
White, Gold
Auspicious Number(s):8 & 10
Benefactor Sign(s):Goat, Rooster
Year:1953, 1965, 1977,
1989, 2001, 2013
The Snake 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

The Snake Sign will have a magnificent year in 2022. It has a powerful nobleman star called the Moon (太阴) that may dispel any negative energy present behind the scenes. It is typically associated with business strategies that are discussed behind closed doors. Additionally, you must schedule your time and prioritize which tasks to complete first. Because of the nature of this star, getting a female to help you with your problems will be advantageous too.

Unfortunately, the Snake sign has both Ungrateful Punishment (刑太岁) and Harm Tai Sui (害太岁) due to clashes with the Tai Sui. It signifies that you don’t receive any rewards after accomplishing the objectives, and the other party will come back to criticize you for becoming involved. You will feel ungrateful and unloved as a result. Unless someone directly asks you to participate, you should observe from afar instead. Do not become involved in situations when your presence is not required. As you place yourself in uncertain situations, you may experience feelings of resentment and mistrust. Therefore, you should approach situations carefully and try to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Positive Stars for Snake in 2022 ✔

The Moon (太阴) will also provide you with money-making ideas. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll be able to come up with new ideas for your projects and services, as well as new ways to make money. However, if you have yet to become an entrepreneur, you should take advantage of this opportunity to take the first step toward doing so.

Heavenly Yi (天乙贵人) and Taiji Nobleman (太极贵人) are two of the most popular nobleman stars in the Snake sign. These stars can assist the Snake sign in resolving mundane or challenging tasks. It has the potential to assist in achieving a breakthrough to the extreme. The more individuals you can meet and the more people you can help, the longer your good fortune will last. However, this implies that the Snake sign must be psychologically prepared to address these challenges. When it comes to sequencing your solutions, you’ll need to prioritize the problems too.

You’ll also meet helpful people who can aid you with your work or help you see things from a different perspective. Take advantage of this opportunity to reach out and strengthen your bonds with others. Furthermore, the Sky Gracious (天鉞), being a minor star, can assist with the resolution of minor issues.

As for the Jade Hall Star (玉堂), your assets will appreciate meaning your wealth will increase in 2022. If you’ve already built up a collection of assets, this could be the year to sell some of them for a profit.

Negative Stars for Snake in 2022❌

The Solitary Star (孤辰) might indicate that you will feel lonely in 2022. On the other hand, Death God (亡神), Piercing Rope (贯索), and Hook Spirit (勾神) have a lot to do with persistent concerns. The most difficult obstacles you’ll face will be from within you. To keep your relationships intact, you must learn to control your fleeting emotions. You’ll undoubtedly forget things now and then, but it won’t be a significant problem.

Last but not least, the Six Harm (六害) and Triple Punishment Stars (三刑) indicate you have too much on your plate to chew. If you can’t manage it, you should cut back on unnecessary activities and avoid volunteering if it’s too difficult for you to handle. Learn how to keep your expectations in check.

Areas to Note for Snake in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: More people will come to you for assistance. You may wish to limit your social circle to people who require your assistance since they need you to save them. To avoid exhausting oneself, learn to be focused and perhaps self-centered at times. Listening more than you respond can improve the situation and generate new solutions. You might even meet some inspirational teachers or mentors.
  • The Month Pillar: It’s best to keep your own business at work until your coworkers ask for your assistance. When working on projects, try not to get involved in your coworkers’ work until they have received approval from your line manager and have specifically requested your assistance. If you’re miserable at work because of skeptics or jealous coworkers, ignore them and concentrate on your goals. There will be opportunities to excel and learn from a good mentor too.
  • The Day Pillar: There could be some challenges, but you will be able to provide suggestions to help your partner or yourself solve problems. Couples should be more patient with one another because their partner may be more emotional. If you are single, you may have the opportunity to meet people of high caliber. Attempt to be more open-minded and courageous in taking the first move.
  • The Hour Pillar: Allow yourself to let go of what has already occurred and go on. Making preparations in advance can also be beneficial because you will eventually solve the problems. You may hear criticism and be dissatisfied, but filter out the negativity and reconsider issues from different angles. If you’re having trouble with your children, the Snake sign can help too. Additionally, if you own any assets, now would be an excellent time to sell them for a profit.

The Horse in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac) 🐴

The Horse 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Horse 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch: Horse (马 / 午)
Ranking in 2022: #6
Auspicious Colors:Red, Orange,
Yellow, Brown
Auspicious Number(s):8 & 10
Benefactor Sign(s):Horse, Goat
Year:1954, 1966, 1978,
1990, 2002, 2014
The Horse 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

The Horse sign has some auspicious stars that will guide them in 2022. You’ll have a higher chance of being promoted, and people will put you in a position of power. Additionally, there will undoubtedly be some money coming in. Make sure you’re improving your authority level now that the Three Harmony (三合) is in place so you can go to the next step. It refers to your readiness to make decisions on behalf of others while also accepting responsibility for the consequences. It is time for the Horse sign to be proactive and learn how to make their own decisions.

The second point is that you’ll almost certainly attract some detractors as well as legal issues. If you don’t learn how to deal with them, these individuals and issues will inevitably bring you down. Learn to manage some of your fame due to your increased power and influence, and accept aid wherever feasible. Due to the Three Harmony combination, many individuals will come to your aid. However, you must remain in charge, as too many chefs would spoil the soup. You can delegate tasks to your subordinates to help them finish your work. Delegation is a display of faith and confidence in your employees.

Positive Stars for Horse in 2022 ✔

First, there’s the Three Stages Star (三台), which indicates a rise in your ranking if you’re working your way up the corporate ladder. If you’re seeking a promotion in your career, you’re nearly guaranteed to get one if you can perform when the time comes. Generally, it helps to improve your reputation and position.

In addition, the General Star (将星) denotes designated power, and your line manager will assist you in your ascension. In any case, the stage will be set up for you, and you will be wasting your time if you do not take advantage of it. You may certainly learn from each experience if you take the proper steps.

Lastly, the Golden Lock Star (金匮) indicates that you will be able to keep some of your wealth and money. It is more likely to apply to those who like to save their money. If you work in the sales department, you will have many opportunities to succeed. However, if you operate a business, this means that you have the opportunity to sell more.

Negative Stars for Horse in 2022❌

On the other hand, the Officer Charm (官符) and the Flying Charm Star (飞符) indicate some legal issues. You may be in the wrong location at the wrong time and thus get called to settle these issues. As a result, you may have to deal with legal personnel. The Flying Blade (飞刃) denotes the possibility of physical damage from sharp things. To avoid being cut, you should be more careful when handling sharp things.

Finally, the Five Ghosts (五鬼) is about questioning oneself and one’s ability. When you are placed on the stage, you may feel unprepared. It’s a star that signifies fear, and you’ll be severely affected if your spiritual energy is low. As a result, maintaining a high level of energy is encouraged. It could even develop into a sixth sense, allowing you to become more intuitive.

Areas to Note for Horse in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: Your friends will be improving themselves as the year progresses. The good news is that you’re with these folks who are upgrading, so there’s a strong possibility they’ll pull you up with them. If you have maintained a positive relationship with them, they will return to help you. For those in business, this could mean the ability to connect to a market with more authority, allowing you to charge more. The quality of your customers may improve as well.
  • The Month Pillar: Requesting a promotion has the extra benefit of allowing you to advance your career as long as you have a good track record. You can demonstrate your abilities and progress up the corporate ladder if you can seize the opportunity to perform. It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time so that you can deliver when the time comes.
  • The Day Pillar: If the Horse Sign appears in your spouse’s Bazi Chart, it is more advantageous for the family’s breadwinner. It can improve both the family’s and the breadwinner’s status. You might be distracted by several family matters that need your time and attention, as your partner may become more demanding and order you to perform certain things.
  • The Hour Pillar: You will be considering upgrading to a higher level. In addition, due to a shift in perspective, you may be able to plan something more ambitious. Your ideas will usually work, and others will want to collaborate with you. However, you may still feel unqualified for the work at times, so you must control your thinking. It can also represent the likelihood of making good investments, recruiting amazing people, or working with a fantastic team.

The Goat in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac) 🐐

The Goat 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Goat 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch: Goat (羊 / 未)
Ranking in 2022: #4
Auspicious Colors:Green, Blue, Black
Auspicious Number(s):4 & 12
Benefactor Sign(s):Rabbit, Pig
Year:1955, 1967, 1979,
1991, 2003, 2015
The Goat 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

The Goat Sign will be happy in 2022 since its stars are well-balanced. They are unaffiliated with the Tiger sign and do not oppose the Grand Duke. If you want to tap into the beneficial energy of the stars, you’ll need a strategy. In 2022, you should make it a point to meet more people. It will be a good year for you if you are proactive in developing quality relationships.

You can easily acquire others’ trust this year because it is a terrific year for you to create relationships. You should create long-term trust with individuals. To gain others’ trust, you should borrow something from them, such as their reputation, resources, time, or even money, and then repay it with interest. As a result, your interpersonal relationships may improve, propelling you to the next level.

Positive Stars for Goat in 2022 ✔

National Treasure (国印) and Sky Happiness (天喜) are significant stars for the Goat Sign in 2022. Others regard you as a National Treasure, indicating that you are well-liked. If you need to borrow something from someone else, it will be effortless due to your financial authority. You can understand asset allocation and financial planning as a way to build your long-term wealth. You can also utilize it to gain access to other people’s money, time, and expertise. However, you must remember to reciprocate the favor or pay it back before the end of the year.

The Sky Happiness is one of the top-tier peach blossom stars as there are no side effects. It implies that you might meet someone with whom you can develop a long-term meaningful relationship. It can also provide you with an upgrade to your current status. As a result, if you’re single, you’re more inclined to begin dating. If you’re married, you might consider starting a family. If you are very old already, you might get to upgrade your status from parent to grandparents and so on.

Finally, the Month Virtue star (月德) indicates that you have a large stockpile of good karma that will benefit you. It implies that you will be exempt from minor punishments. Others will easily forgive you if you have done something wrong. You’ll be able to fix issues comfortably as well.

Negative Stars for Goat in 2022❌

The Lesser Consumer Star (小耗) is quite self-explanatory; it denotes small amounts of expenditure and spending on low-ticket things. Thus, you will spend your money on goods and services that are neither necessary nor practical. You should purchase customized gifts for others to gain favor as a remedy solution, such as your line manager, your clients, and so on. There are no major financial issues, but excessive spending may pose a problem in the future.

The Death Charm Star (死符) does not necessarily imply that you will die. Instead, it signals that you frequently visit places where you may become infected. As a result, avoid going to regions with a COVID outbreak. To avoid getting sick, stay safe and stay protected.

Areas to Note for Goat in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: You gain the trust of others with minimal effort. If you borrow money from others, be careful to pay it back with interest if at all possible. You can invest in people who are worth your time when it comes to building long-term relationships. Additionally, many of your friends may begin new partnerships, and if you are newly married, you may have a child.
  • The Month Pillar: You will be able to elevate your interpersonal relationships to new heights. You can turn prospects into paying clients if you put in the effort. Others will quickly forgive you if you make a tiny error at work. Those with businesses may be able to locate long-term collaborators.
  • The Day Pillar: You should monitor how much money your partner spends on unnecessary purchases. Additionally, your love and loyalty to your relationship are rekindled and reinforced this year. Your relationships may face some challenges, but you will quickly resolve them. If you’re still married but without children, your relationship may improve, and you could be expecting a kid soon.
  • The Hour Pillar: You may decide to spend money on items and give them to your children or others younger than you. You can take advantage of this moment to establish a rapport with them and gain their support. Moreover, some of your investments may reach maturity, and it’ll be time to cash them in.

The Monkey in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac) 🐵

The Monkey 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Monkey 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch: Monkey (猴 / 申)
Ranking in 2022: #8
Auspicious Colors:Red, Orange,
White, Gold
Auspicious Number(s):6 & 10
Benefactor Sign(s):Snake, Rooster
Year:1956, 1968, 1980,
1992, 2004, 2016
The Monkey 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

This year the Monkey sign is quite problematic as it clashes with the Grand Duke. It indicates that the energy of Jupiter is precisely opposite the Monkey sign. Even though the Monkey has a lot of great stars, how you play your cards is crucial. There will be significant transformations. Thus, it will be a rough year for those who are reluctant to change. Those who quickly adapt to change may make a breakthrough. If you are proactive, you may be able to take the risk you seek, such as starting a business or making a life transition.

Unfortunately, the Monkey sign has both the Year Breaker (岁破) and Ungrateful Punishment (刑太岁) for 2022. There will be a lot of resistance moving ahead while going up against the Grand Duke. You might rush into situations without thinking, only to discover afterward that you were not supposed to be there.

Make sure you’re covered because you could be involved in a severe accident that could cost a lot of money. If you already have insurance, double-check to see if your coverage is adequate. The good news is that your friends will come to your rescue, so now is a good time to figure out who your actual friends are. Last, but not least, use this occasion to learn a valuable life lesson since the Monkey sign will have to pay a huge price in 2022 for being fantastic. Learning how to deal with the situations that come your way will evolve and grow your character.

Positive Stars for Monkey in 2022 ✔

In the year 2022, the Monkey sign has a lot of lucky stars. However, the monkey will still get in trouble with the Grand Duke. The Sky Relief (天解) and Relief God (解神) stars indicate that whatever the Monkey sign began with has a positive outcome in the end. Furthermore, the Month’s Emptiness star (月空) might help to invalidate a lot of what is going on in your life. However, you should still avoid taking risks because you may end up in a lot of trouble. Whatever challenges you face will be resolved as the year continues since most of the issues will happen in the first quarter of 2022.

With the Taiji Nobleman Star (太极贵人), helpful people may come to assist you in advancing to the next level. You may, however, confront a scenario that is more complex and harder to handle on your own. In addition, you will be taught a lesson after getting into trouble due to Study Hall Star (学堂). You can take advantage of this opportunity to extend your horizon, but be aware of the implications.

Finally, with the presence of the Eight Seat Star (八座), you may be welcomed into an elite group and enjoy the support of others. Your ego may become a little bigger now that you’re in a better situation. You may be able to solve your old difficulties quickly, but you’ll confront sizeable new issues to handle. If at all possible, the Monkey sign should avoid confrontation.

Negative Stars for Monkey in 2022❌

The Greater Consumer Star (大耗) is the larger counterpart to the Lesser Consumer Star (小耗). It implies that you will be spending a significant amount of money. The best recommendation is to invest the money in yourself by improving your skills.

Due to Blood Knife Star (血刃), the Monkey is prone to accidents and should aim to restrict your risky actions. You should consider postponing any complicated surgery since the bleeding may be uncontrollable. Furthermore, the Instability Star (浮沉) may indicate that things are unstable and that you have little control over what is occurring to you. You can strive to maintain your composure and refrain from making any hasty judgments that you may come to regret later.

Areas to Note for Monkey in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: When traveling with friends, stay safe and watch for reckless accidents. If possible, avoid long-distance driving because you are prone to accidents. You might find new opportunities in the external market and meet individuals. Additionally, you might anticipate changes to your industry due to some transformations.
  • The Month Pillar: If you work in an environment with any danger of injury, you must look after yourself. Always take safeguards or switch to desk-bound work. You can carry out risk assessments to mitigate any potential risks. You might even start doing more side jobs or have an increased workload. Depending on your preparation, this could be the year to change careers or become a business owner.
  • The Day Pillar: Your perception of your relationship with your spouse may change, or you may feel the need to find a mate if you are single. However, you and your partner may disagree on a variety of issues. There will be changes at home as you spend less time at home. Make sure you’re not acting on impulse. If you’re having trouble in your relationship, have the confidence to make the necessary changes.
  • The Hour Pillar: There could be a significant shift in your thought process. You may have set long-term goals and ambitions, but nothing will happen if you procrastinate and postpone. Take note of moments when you feel like giving up on your future and attempt to remain hopeful. If you have children, you should devote more attention to them. Your investment risk appetite may shift, or you may have a new perspective on blockchain technology, equities, and other topics.

The Rooster in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac) 🐓

The Rooster 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Rooster 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch: Rooster (鸡 / 酉)
Ranking in 2022: #1
Auspicious Colors:Red, Orange
Auspicious Number(s):6
Benefactor Sign(s):Snake
Year:1957, 1969, 1981,
1993, 2005, 2017
The Rooster 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

In 2022, the Rooster is one of the most impressive animal zodiac signs, accompanied by one of the most fortunate stars. There will be no external negative energy focusing on the Rooster sign because of no interaction with the Grand Duke. As a result, you are not limited by anything external to you, and you should take advantage of this opportunity to complete many previously unfinished tasks.

Others may perceive you as a leader and approach you with their problems. Leaders must shoulder the obligations of others who are unwilling to do so. Therefore, you must assist others in making difficult decisions, but you risk being chastised by others if things do not go your way. Many people may be opposed to your success. Additionally, you should attempt to maintain a humble demeanor and refrain from boasting. Nonetheless, with the Dragon Virtue (龙德) shining on you, you will be forgiven quickly for anything you have done wrong.

Even though the Rooster sign is at its finest in 2022, it will have significant obstacles in 2023 owing to a collision with the Tai Sui. You must develop an action plan that you can carry out without backlash from others, and that will help strengthen your foundation and relationships with others. You can use this year’s positive energy to assist more individuals so that they can aid you when the time comes.

Positive Stars for Rooster in 2022 ✔

The Dragon Virtue (龙德) is one of the most potent problem-solving stars in the Rooster sign. It signifies that whatever you did in 2022 will be forgiven, which is the most incredible energy you can receive. This year, you can do whatever you want and, if you experience anything unpleasant, you will not be affected as all negative energy will be negated.

Furthermore, as one of the commanding authority stars, the Emperor Star (紫微星) permits you to obtain authority and power in 2022. Thus, you’ll have a lot of room for advancement. You get the ability to command others to perform tasks for you. As long as you become conscious and ask others for help, you will be provided various opportunities and support in the form of mutual assistance, financial assistance, or educational resources. Others can also benefit from the Heavenly Chef’s (天厨贵人) blessings. However, you may have to fend off any intruders who try to jeopardize your safety.

Make the best use of your newfound power and authority to raise the community’s standard. You can take advantage of the opportunity to bring everyone up to speed with you and ensure that they are having fun as well. Although it is simple to rise in the ranks, you should assist others too. Thus, you should not get too excited when you accomplish success because it is only temporary; when you’re stuck in the mud, you’ll need the help of people whom you’ve already aided.

Negative Stars for Rooster in 2022❌

The Brutal Defeat Star (暴败) denotes the possibility of losing everything. It suggests you deal with a problem as soon as feasible and avoid dragging it out. The longer you drag your feet on the issues, the more likely you get into trouble.

The Dark Sky Star (天厄) may make you feel pessimistic and as though catastrophe is approaching. You may feel a little more lonesome and lonely inside if you are not as emotionally expressive. Because you don’t have to confront your challenges alone, learn to be more open and interact honestly with other people. There will be people around you who can listen to you, and talking to them will make you feel better.

The Broken Star (破碎) indicates that you may have a damaged asset, such as your physical assets. One of the peach blossom stars, Bath Star (沐浴), suggests that you are in a vulnerable state. Temptations and seduction are easy to come by for you. As a result, the best advice for the Rooster sign is to get things done faster and resolve them as soon as possible; don’t drag things out, and don’t stand out too much to avoid attracting others’ envy.

Areas to Note for Rooster in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: You will meet strong people who may assist you in resolving some of the issues you have encountered. Approach any friends with whom you may resent and ask them to forgive you for whatever they have done, or use this occasion to forgive anyone who has wronged you. You may also feel distant from your social network.
  • The Month Pillar: Even if you are not in a position of power, everyone else will still look up to you. It’s also appropriate for business people, as you will resolve most issues. Your colleagues expect you to show leadership skills and take on greater responsibility at work. However, you should help others with their concerns so that you may build a solid basis for 2023. As you establish your thoughts, you may tend to become an entrepreneur.
  • The Day Pillar: When performing duties, you will be self-assured. Your spouse might become bossy, but most of the disagreements with your spouse should be simple to resolve. It will be easier for you to make decisions in challenging situations. If you aren’t good at making decisions, now is the time to learn how to do so.
  • The Hour Pillar: It aids your self-control and self-governance in your aspirations and desires. However, try to keep upbeat and optimistic because things will get better. It’s critical to recognize that our motivational system is in charge of our actions and thoughts, and we should strive to keep it in top shape. Others may present you with investment opportunities, but you must be aware of the potential for significant losses. Small victories along the way can help you reduce the majority of the problems.

The Dog in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac) 🐶

The Dog 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Dog 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch: Dog (狗 / 戌)
Ranking in 2022: #10
Auspicious Colors:Green, White,
Auspicious Number(s):4 & 10
Benefactor Sign(s):Rabbit & Rooster
Year:1958, 1970, 1982,
1994, 2006, 2018
The Dog 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

Unfortunately, the Dog is one of the least lucky animal zodiac signs in 2022, although not by much. Because the Dog is a part of the Three-Harmony (三合) formation, noble people may be able to assist you. However, in 2022, your inflated ego may compel you to refuse others’ assistance and even upset them. Nevertheless, learn to work alone but don’t forget to ask for help when available. Thus, you must have the heart to allow others to assist you because they will be coming to aid you.

Others may perceive you as a threat and despise you for no apparent reason. With those keyboard warriors and their nasty online behavior, you might have a lot of haters this year. As a result, you may wish to explore working alone and concentrate on your task so that this will no longer be a problem for you. If you are a bit sensitive, learn to de-sensitive yourself.

Nonetheless, in 2022, you should take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new talent, re-enter the sector, or begin a new career in a different industry with a new skill. Technology is one of the most valuable abilities to have. As a result, some of these examples may include online marketing, affiliate sales, constructing sales funnels, and actively generating positive networks and connections with others.

Positive Stars for Dog in 2022 ✔

The Elegant Seal (华盖) is the only positive star in the Dog sign. This star is in charge of a person’s attractiveness and inventiveness. In the year 2022, your artistic side will emerge via your expressive flair in whatever you undertake. Unfortunately, this suggests that you might be working alone, which most artists generally operate. The elegance you have will attract admiration from others. To get the things you desire to do, you can focus on your creative side.

Furthermore, you will notice a significant boost in your intellectual development. You might focus on activities related to your creation and creativity. Working on a book, blog, YouTube videos, or anything else related to online content development will be a fantastic opportunity. Take advantage of this opportunity to master and learn the abilities required to increase your income exponentially.

Negative Stars for Dog in 2022❌

Most of the negative stars are related to fighting. These include the White Tiger (白虎), the Sky Warrior (天雄), the Flying Chaste (飞廉), and the Great Sha (大煞) star. The Yellow Flag (黄幡), the only non-fighting star, attracts injuries and mishaps, endangering your health.

All of this suggests that the Dog sign is causing many problems for itself. As a result, working alone is preferable. If you must travel frequently, you must be aware of current fighting situations to avoid getting yourself into unnecessary problems. There will be fewer problems for you if you concentrate and function independently.

Areas to Note for Dog in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: You may meet people from various industries with diverse interests that you can learn. Some people may notice and adore you because of your elegance. However, if you expect others to come to your aid, this may not be a good idea because things may become problematic. While others may assume you’re separating yourself from them, you’re only attempting to avoid escalating the situation.
  • The Month Pillar: If you operate in the creative industry or develop intellectual property, you might come up with something fresh using your abilities. You may be assigned to work as part of a team and expect to deliver solutions. As you grow more innovative, you may desire to perfect your work and look for old opportunities to refresh and sell it to your customers.
  • The Day Pillar: You will feel more confident and self-assured, but this does not necessarily imply that you are correct. On the other hand, your spouse will give you face value. You may be putting too much attention on yourself and overthinking things. Thus, you can try to pay more attention to your vocabulary and less to yourself to avoid offending your spouse. Over-analyzing your relationships can lead to dissatisfaction and loneliness.
  • The Hour Pillar: You may come up with some original ideas that you may utilize to start a new channel about something you’re passionate about while also making a difference in society. Invest in your education to expand your knowledge and develop new abilities. After that, it’ll be much easier for you to migrate into things like products (ebooks/videos) and other services once your audience is engaged in what you’re doing (speaking engagements). Furthermore, investors will be able to accumulate a variety of assets.

The Pig in 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac) 🐷

The Pig 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
The Pig 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)
Earthly Branch: Pig (猪 / 亥)
Ranking in 2022: #2
Auspicious Colors:Green, Yellow,
Auspicious Numbers:4 & 8
Benefactor Sign(s):Rabbit & Goat
Year:1959, 1971, 1983,
1995, 2007, 2019
The Pig 2022 (12 Animals Zodiac)

In 2022, the Pig is one of the lucky and happy animal signs. It has the Grand Duke’s Six Harmony combo (六合) and the Destruction Tai Sui (破太岁). With the Destruction Tai Sui, there’s a chance that the Pig sign will develop a harmful habit due to overindulging. It’s also important to stay grounded and comfortable with your existing situation. But if you get too comfortable with your current situation, you may miss out on possibilities that come your way.

Networking and connecting with others would be effortless. You should network and connect with others, but you must socialize with caution too. You should network for a specific reason and strive to associate with influential people or meet new people. With the power of attention granted to the Pig sign, you will gain credibility and authority.

Try not to over-glamorize your actions or flaunt them publicly, such as on social media platforms, because you can draw unwelcome attention that could lead to damage, such as robbery or theft. You may incur additional charges due to your time and effort spent networking with others.

Positive Stars for Pig in 2022 ✔

The Heavenly Virtue (天德 ) and the Fortune Virtue (福德) are some of the most prominent stars in the Pig sign. This star can bring good fortune as well as assist in networking. When you attract others to you, you can take advantage of their knowledge and support to help you solve your challenges. You will also bring abundance to others, and they will gain from cooperating with you. As a result, it offers the extra benefit of resolving your issues.

Additionally, the Prosperity Star (福星) and Thriving Star (干祿) bestow wealth upon you. Things will improve for you, and you may receive extra money through help from comrades. It will be an opportunity for you to collaborate and connect with people if you enjoy doing so. You can also share your knowledge with other high-quality people with whom you’d like to network. Furthermore, you will also have the guts and drive to work on your ideas and aspirations, something you lacked in previous years.

You are friends with the Grand Duke since you have the Grand Duke Combination (岁合). As a result, people will look at you and support you. You can use others to your advantage since they notice your newfound popularity. You can seek support, connections, and assistance from other people if you know how to ask and practice asking smartly. Additionally, the Heavenly Virtue Star (天德贵人) can also provide support to you in unanticipated situations and safeguard you from any potential accidents.

Negative Stars for Pig in 2022❌

The negative stars are modest and will not pose significant problems for the Pig Sign, as you will have many happy occasions, but all of these events may become a bit of a show-off display to ill-intended people. Because of numerous stars such as the Robbery Sha (劫煞), Crossing Sha (绞煞), and Clouding Sha (流霞煞), there will be those who will physically hurt you or you may suffer a financial setback. Additionally, the Curled Tongue Star (卷舌) may indicate that people gossip behind your back. Last but not least, the Drapes Star (披麻) may cause others to frame you due to some emotional troubles, despair, or uneasiness.

Areas to Note for Pig in 2022

  • The Year Pillar: Networking and sharing your good fortune with others can benefit your relationships. It is simple to join and network with others. Your friends and markets may change, and more opportunities may present themselves. There will be numerous parties and festivities to attend but choose who you party with carefully because there may be people of better calibre present. In addition, because of your social media popularity, you may earn new followers.
  • The Month Pillar: Attend networking events to broaden your professional social circle and meet influential people. You can assemble your co-workers to assist you in resolving any problems you or they may be experiencing. Prospecting and lead creation are significantly easier to do if you’re in sales. You will have many possibilities to collaborate on various projects if you work for someone else.
  • The Day Pillar: The prosperity stars will help your spouse, resulting in a joyful partnership in which you both have fun. It might be as simple as changing the environment or adding a new spice or taste to your cuisine. You might want to keep an eye on lifestyle inflation and try not to grow addicted to it.
  • The Hour Pillar: With a better outlook on life, you can remain upbeat even when things aren’t going well. The more you concentrate on these positive parts of your life, the less likely you will become depressed or frustrated by minor irritations. You may also notice new opportunities in the market. More people will be open to your ideas and desire to collaborate with you.

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