Unlock Powerful Dumb Money With QiMen In 2024

Unlock Powerful Dumb Money With QiMen In 2024

Many people have asked for dumb money strategies to increase their opportunities. 2024 will be financially challenging for most people. Therefore, this post is crucial to help you prepare, even though we are already reaching the middle of the year. We are still early in the game, so now is the time to take action if you have not.

We all want money for different reasons, like buying a better house, a fancy car, or helping the family. Money gives you options in life. As a result, it can give you more freedom. You can decide whether to work or not, be with who you want, and do what you want.

As a result, your goal is to reclaim control of your life rather than being a slave to a 9-to-5 schedule. It is natural for people to feel stuck, but it should not be. We need to recognize that something needs to change. But we do not have endless energy. Even if people live longer, their earning potential is limited. Longer life equals higher expenses, so we must start planning now.

QiMen System for Winners

Each system has its strengths and functions. We prefer QiMen because it approaches life like a battle. If you feel life is a battle, you can fight for what you want. However, there is no free lunch. Therefore, if you think this way, you might like QiMen. It works best if you have a single-minded focus on winning.

Thus, QiMen is about winning and achieving your relationships, health, financial goals, or even dumb money. People may dislike you, but they can’t ignore your success. We all face these battles, and most of us deal with them repeatedly throughout life. As a result, think about the main battle you desperately want to win. There are always problems, but some battles are more important.

If you win one major battle, other things may fall into place. Identify your most important battle. It could be health, wealth, or something else. Some battles have been ongoing for years. The longer you delay, the harder and costlier it becomes to fix. One goal of using QiMen is to shorten these battles so you can move on to new ones.

Small Wins Add Up With QiMen
Small Wins Add Up With QiMen

QiMen System for You

You need to know about your current situation, otherwise it can be tough to improve it. Most of us are probably in the survival group. Therefore, your goal is to progress in the Thriving group.

  1. Struggler: You are struggling financially, maybe jobless, and heavily in debt.
  2. Survivor: You have a job and can make a living, with some savings, but a financial crisis could leave you jobless and unable to survive.
  3. Thriving: You’re financially secure. Even if you stop working, you have enough savings and investments to support you for life. Dumb money flows easily to you.

In Period 9, an energy cycle that shifts every 20 years, starting in 2024, there will be a shrinking middle class. It means the survival group will either move to the thriving group or fall into the struggler group. The world is changing fast, making it harder to earn money as some skills and jobs become obsolete.

Thriving with QiMen
Thriving with QiMen

QiMen System for Luck Opportunities

The first method is the “luck activator” in 2024. Activator means action and hard work. Therefore, you will see opportunities if you align with the year. But if your actions don’t align, you’ll face problems. Refer to your BaZi chart and look at the Month’s stem. Each door has a different energy each year, and you should align your actions for opportunities.

Below are the eight doors and their energies for 2024. Align your actions with the energies to generate opportunities for yourself. In QiMen, doors govern actions and movement, so you need to act to get rewards.

QiMen Doors 2024 (Month Stem)

  1. Harm Door (伤): The key word is execution. You might overthink and second-guess yourself. To create opportunities and make money, act fast. Do your research, but don’t delay.
  2. Life Door (生): Focus on creating new income sources. It could be through assets or investments. If you have one income stream, add another. Thus, you could start part-time if needed.
  3. Rest Door (体): Focus on networking. You’ll meet helpful and possibly wealthy people. Therefore, be sociable and connect with others.
  4. Open Door (开): The market needs you. Thus, you’re in demand. It is an excellent year to make a career move. For business owners, consider expanding into new markets or categories.
  5. Fear Door (惊): Your wealth activator comes from doing well in social media. Aim to become a social media influencer or improve your digital marketing. This year, you can attract a lot of attention.
  6. Death Door (死): Focus on learning new things. Your existing knowledge might become irrelevant. Pursue education and stay updated with new subjects.
  7. Scenery Door (景): Consider unconventional paths for making money. It could be energy-related fields like yoga, or Reiki. Go for something out of the norm.
  8. Delusion Door (): Information is key. Work with data analytics, AI, and automation. Implement these technologies in your business or job. Find creative ways to use information.
8 Ways To Generate Wealth - QiMen 2024
8 Ways To Generate Wealth – QiMen 2024

QiMen Dumb Money in 2024

The second method of understanding dumb money in 2024 is simple. Knowing where dumb money is flowing in 2024 is crucial. As a result, the Qimen chart for 2024 can show you this. You will find more opportunities if your work aligns with this flow.

The wealth indicators are the Life Door (生) in the Northeast, Wu Earth (戊) in the East, and Nine Earth (地) in the Southeast. These boxes contain wealth energy. Thus, if your actions align with the energies in these boxes, you can connect to the wealth energy. Think creatively about how to use this in your business, and you can tap into the wealth energy of 2024. Let’s break it down:

QiMen Dumb Money 2024 Northeast Box:

It contains the Life Door, Ambassador Star, and Chief Deity, representing luxury. As a result for 2024, selling luxury goods or premium products is beneficial. Raise prices only if the quality justifies it. People seek high-end products, so focus on the premium markets.

QiMen Dumb Money 2024 East Box:

It contains Wu Earth, Destructor Star, and Harm Door, representing sales. Therefore, there is a market for online selling and digital marketing. Seize this opportunity to increase your business conversion rates if you work in digital marketing or sales.

QiMen Dumb Money 2024 SouthEast Box:

It contains Nine Earth Deity, Assistance Star, Delusion Door, and Yi Wood, representing health and education. As a result, it is an excellent industry for those working in well-being or health-related fields. Focus on anti-aging, stress relief, and holistic health.

QiMen Chart 2024 - Flow of Dumb Money
QiMen Chart 2024 – Flow of Dumb Money

QiMen Manifestation for Success

This next method involves QiMen manifestation. Manifestation helps you increase energy levels and tune into specific frequencies to attract what you want. It could be a job, wealth, a person, or even dumb money.

Manifestation is about matching your frequency with the thing you want. Have you ever noticed how you begin to connect with a new set of people at certain stages in your life without even trying? It is because your frequency changes. The same idea applies to manifestation. The goal is to fine-tune your frequency by facing a direction.

The earlier method talked about wealth energy in general, which requires action. Manifestation, on the other hand, involves facing or backing a specific direction to fine-tune your energy. This method is simple and can be carried out anytime, anywhere. It’s not about specific sectors, just the direction. QiMen is straightforward and powerful, so keep it simple and tap into this energy to benefit throughout the year.

QiMen Manifestation for Intelligence in 2024

For 2024, you want to be more intelligent to comprehend information better, make quicker judgments, and learn faster. We’ll use the Northwest direction in the QiMen 2024 year chart.

The Northwest box in the chart has the Moon Deity (阴), representing wisdom and curiosity. Curiosity is crucial to learning. This box also has the Open Door (开), which represents a willingness to accept new information. If you’re open to new ideas, you can learn and grow. The Ding Fire (丁) in this box represents technology, so you’ll be more open to technological changes and learning new things.

To use this energy, face the Southeast direction (which means your back is to the Northwest). You can do this anywhere—at home, in a library, or a café. While facing this direction, read a book, research, or work on your laptop. It will help you tap into the energy for the whole year.

QiMen Manifestation for Dumb Money in 2024

This method is about manifesting dumb money and noble people in 2024. Therefore, you can attract more money and noble people. We will focus on the Northeast box. In QiMen, the Chief represents Noblemen, and the Ambassador represents value. Together, they indicate high-class noblemen with substance.

The Northeast box also has the Life Door, which represents money. In addition, the Life Door in 2024 is boosted by the “Envoy”, making it very powerful. The Ren Water represents flow, emphasizing the importance of spending and investing, not just saving. To benefit from this, you need a flow of money. Wealth is about flow; if money doesn’t flow, it stagnates. Successful people invest in their growth. As a result, the QiMen chart suggests investing in yourself to increase your value.

Now, let’s manifest this. Backing the Northeast direction, take a few deep breaths, relax, and say a positive mantra or prayer about attracting dumb money and opportunities. For example, “Wealth flows into my life effortlessly, bringing abundance and freedom. I step into financial freedom and prosperity through positive thoughts and actions.”

In addition, if you have the Ox or Tiger sign in your BaZi chart, you’ll benefit more from this manifestation. You can check your BaZi natal chart, including the luck pillar, for these signs.

QiMen Manifestation Planner
QiMen Manifestation Planner

The Hidden Period 9 Strategy

Many people overlook it, but it’s crucial to know since we’re already in Period 9. Period 9 started in 2024 and will last until 2043. Therefore, knowing where you stand and positioning yourself well to make the most of it.

Most people focus on annual analyses, looking at which animal sign is favorable each year. If their sign is good, they celebrate; if not, they feel down. But successful people, the top 5%, think long-term. They plan for the next five to ten years, not just the following year.

The difference between the majority (95%) and the successful minority (5%) is mindset. The 95% think short-term, worrying about annual bonuses and pay raises. However, the 5% think about building their net worth over the long term.

Therefore, are you in the 95% or the 5%? It’s about shifting your mindset from short-term gains to long-term success. Winning a few small battles won’t help if you lose the big war. To thrive in Period 9 financially, focus on long-term planning and strategies.

The Hidden Period 9 Destiny Portal
The Hidden Period 9 Destiny Portal

QiMen Your Period 9 Transformation

Where is the hidden code for Period 9? We can refer to the QiMen chart again for 2024. Do you see the number nine in the Southwest? It means the energy of Period 9 this year is in the Southwest.

The original position of number nine is in the South. Although in 2024, it’s in the Southwest, the South supports the Southwest because the South is Fire and the Southwest is Earth (producing cycle). So, the number nine in the Southwest this year is very strong.

Look at the details in the Southwest box. The Tiger deity represents change, and the Grain Star represents the foundation. It means a huge change is happening. The Death door symbolizes a new chapter, indicating that life will never be the same again. The hidden fire represents optimism and growth. Therefore, you must embrace changes to benefit from Period 9.

Those who benefit in Period 9 will be willing to make big changes. It’s a chance to reset your destiny. Think of it like a company reorganizing—there’s a brief moment where you can make significant changes.

The crucial years for transformation are 2017, 2024, and 2044. Since 2017 has passed, your next opportunity is in 2024, with the following in 2044. It is your chance to reset your financial destiny!

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