What Is Your Ultimate People Superpower In 2024 – BaZi Analysis

What Is Your Ultimate People Superpower In 2024 - BaZi Analysis

Do you know your superpower in 2024 regarding people, support, and relationships with those around you? Some might say they don’t care much about people or need supporters, but we all need people and support. It is about turning almost anyone into a supporter, not necessarily a best friend. The goal is to have people support your goals, invest in your business, believe in you, or help you progress in your career. We need others’ help and support to succeed and move forward.

All kinds of support aim for the same goal. We use BaZi for matters concerning people. It’s like a user manual for ourselves. It shows the energy snapshot, influenced by stars and the moon alignment when we’re born. This energy becomes a part of us, affecting how we react. Every year, the energy changes and each person has a unique superpower. Some mixes harmonize well, leading to peaceful relationships. Others clash, causing constant conflict. 

These energy changes also impact our emotions and opportunities. We feel happier and achieve more if the energy aligns with our goals. If not, we face challenges. We can feel stressed and anxious if we can’t understand this energy. Therefore, BaZi helps us harmonize with this energy and navigate life better.

Support Your Social Media Friend
Support Your Social Media Friend

Understanding Your Inner Self

Let’s discuss support and why it’s crucial during tough times. When things aren’t going well, you need a few things. 

Firstly, it’s inner calm, which many of us lack. You will feel calmer when you understand what’s happening and how to handle it. Even though the challenges remain, your reaction will improve. So, in tough times, you should know yourself. Like in 2024, which is unpredictable. Some might panic hearing that, while others might see opportunities, especially investors. But whatever the situation, staying professional and sharp is crucial.

Secondly, your perspective and goals play a role. Even in shaky years, there’s potential for growth if you’re prepared and know how to navigate. But having a well-built support system is crucial. In uncertain times, you’ll encounter two types of people: those who uplift and grow with you and those who bring you down. Thus, your support network needs to be reliable and trustworthy.

Lastly, if you’re in an environment where you want to stand out, especially in Period 9, you don’t need to be flashy or post all over social media. What matters is having a voice. As a result, if you’re willing to speak up, you’ll find support.

All Forms Of Support Are Fighting For the Same Cause
All Forms Of Support Are Fighting For the Same Cause

Understanding Your Superpower in 2024

Let’s look at how people will support you this year. When we talk about your value, it doesn’t just mean money. Value can be emotional strength, career, health, or relationships. Everyone here has different goals and focuses. In 2024, you may have a particular value that might not align perfectly with your long-term goals. 

However, everyone makes money in different ways. You may need to be visible, master skills, or network with the right people. So, when you aim for money, the strategies we suggest aren’t diverting you from that goal; they’re making it easier for you to reach it. 

In 2024, 12 different strategies will increase your value and attract more people to you. These people will be interested in you, seek your advice, need your services, and engage with your company. For these strategies, we will focus on the external palaces in your BaZi chart e.g. Year or Month Pillar.

Rat Zodiac in 2024 🐁(Superpower: Leadership)

This year is about being an authentic leader for those with the Rat sign. Authentic leadership means being honest in your role as a leader. In Chinese metaphysics, money and opportunities are related. Therefore, Rats can expect good income opportunities.

Authentic leadership is crucial because there’s a lot of fake leadership, especially as we move into a new period. Some companies hire people without caring about their qualities. But authentic leaders are different. They may come from various backgrounds but are honest about their experiences and skills.

Being an authentic leader can earn you a lot of support because people respect honesty and genuine leadership. As a result, if you’re a Rat Zodiac, take the opportunity to lead this year. Leadership is not given to you; you must accept it and lead authentically. 

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The Rat
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Rat

Ox Zodiac in 2024 🐂 (Superpower: Troubleshooter)

The Ox Zodiac is doing very well this year. They have the Jade Hall, Heavenly Virtue, and Fortune Virtue. These are all potent financial stars. Therefore, if you have Ox in your month, this year is fine for reducing debt. The opportunities are so good that you can cover at least half, if not all, of your debt. 

Ox people are great at finding solutions and thinking outside the box. This creativity brings in money. This year, you should work a bit harder and sleep a bit less. The extra effort will pay off with significant financial gains. If you have Ox Zodiac in your hour pillar, it’s also beneficial as it can increase your investment opportunities.

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The Ox
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Ox

Tiger Zodiac in 2024 🐅 (Superpower: Experiences)

The Tiger Zodiac can share adventures. If you’re an influencer with Tiger in your BaZi chart in your Month or Year pillar, focus on travel, culture, new sports, trying new foods, and new experiences. Sharing your excitement will attract and engage your audience.

Adventure here means experiences—customer and user experiences, their highs and lows, happy and sad moments. Talk about these to connect with others. 

When discussing a promotion with your boss, share stories from your journey at the company. Remind them of memorable moments, like funny arguments and how you’ve grown closer. This storytelling approach will help you gain support.

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The Tiger
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Tiger

Rabbit Zodiac in 2024 🐇 (Superpower: Narrator)

Rabbits have the least auspicious stars this year. They also have a sickness star, so health is a big concern. But you can turn this into something positive. Talk about health, eating right, changing lifestyles, and shifting mindsets. Share your own struggles and family stories. 

Though the Rabbit sign has few good stars, sharing these personal experiences will draw people to you for support. They will listen, admire you, and share their own stories. This approach helps you gather strong support.

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The Rabbit
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Rabbit

Dragon Zodiac in 2024 🐉 (Superpower: Innovation)

Your greatest value this year is innovation if you have a Dragon in your Month or Year BaZi pillar. Therefore, the more creative you are, the more opportunities and support you will receive. If Dragon is in your luck pillar, there is potential, but you should make an effort. You can try new things, meet new people, or launch new projects. 

Innovation means starting something new, building something different from the norm, or creating something unique. It can be artsy or intellectual. It can be a business skill or a personal talent like being a great drummer, guitarist, or songwriter. For example, if you’re in the music industry, create new sounds or break out of your usual style.

If you’re an influencer, change your video format, filming location, or content. If you’re a business owner, change your menu or products. Do something different and innovative to stand out and draw people to you. It will help you see a lot of success in 2024.

Having a dragon makes you very busy this year because people will find you for solutions. Creative people thrive on excitement. As a result, for 2024, you can use that to attract more clients or followers.

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The Dragon
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Dragon

Snake Zodiac in 2024 🐍 (Superpower: Positivity)

You’re in for a good year if you have Snake in your BaZi chart, especially in your Month or Year pillar. People will be drawn to you, whether you like it or not. You will be like a bright light in a gloomy year, attracting many people. It is due to the Sun star, which helps you solve problems and spread joy. Your energy and optimism will make others feel better and drawn to you. As a result, if you can spread joy in your business or career, you will do very well. It can mean more meetups, webinars, or workshops on positivity and happiness. 

However, there’s a small caution: the Robbery Sha star. Therefore, you should be careful with people you rely on for support or investment. They might take your ideas or not give you full credit. Just be cautious and protect your interests.

Overall, it’s a year for you to spread joy and positivity. If you have a product, package it with something cheerful, like a funny quote. Even a small gesture can brighten someone’s day. Just be careful with competitors, and don’t announce big plans prematurely.

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The Snake
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Snake

Horse Zodiac in 2024 🐎 (Superpower: Bravery)

For those with Horse in their BaZi chart, your key to gaining support this year is by being brave. In Chinese metaphysics, we don’t hide our flaws. Bad years don’t have to ruin your life. Being authentic and vulnerable might attract more support, as people resonate with your struggles and understand what you’re going through.

The Horse has many challenges in 2024, but there are also opportunities. Risk is involved. However, no risk means no reward. By showing courage and sharing your journey, you can gain support. Stand up for yourself and take bold steps forward, but do so with careful planning.

If the Horse is in your luck pillar, choose the most favorable elements in your BaZi chart to guide your actions. Sometimes you need to meet new people or try new things to improve your situation.

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The_Horse
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Horse

Goat Zodiac in 2024 🐐(Superpower: Insight)

So, as someone with a Goat in your BaZi chart, share your wisdom. Talk about your philosophies and experiences. Be wise, maybe naggy, and share valuable insights. You will think and act more maturely this year, offering advice that reflects a deeper understanding of life.

This insight involves understanding that everything has its opposite. As a result, you can learn to balance doing good with sometimes needing to confront issues. You might need to stand up and address wrong things, even if it feels uncomfortable. Life is about balance— good and bad, yin and yang. You can’t always avoid the tough conversations. It’s okay to confront and correct others when necessary.

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The Goat
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Goat

Monkey Zodiac in 2024 🐒 (Superpower: Popularity)

Monkeys have a good year ahead, even with few stars. The good thing is the bad stars aren’t too adverse. They have the Three Stages star, a Fame star. This year, focus on marketing yourself or your product. Therefore, if you want success or promotion, be visible. Volunteer, appear in newsletters, and launch projects. Make sure everyone sees you. 

Monkeys have a positive Fame star and a harmonious relationship with the Dragon this year, which boosts their visibility and influence. So, go out there and shine. You don’t need to care about what others say. Fame can bring jealousy, but it doesn’t matter. Just shine and be bold!

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The Monkey
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Monkey

Rooster Zodiac in 2024 🐓(Superpower: Transparency)

Roosters might not feel as excited about this year as some people say. It’s not as awesome as they hype it up to be. It’s better than last year, but not the best. It can be a good year with many opportunities, therefore you shouldn’t mess it up. 

You should build a strong base. Don’t cut corners, hide problems, or mislead others. If you do, it could backfire badly. So, create a solid foundation. Be honest, transparent, and reliable. If you do this, it will be a great year. Only look at the luck pillar if your whole BaZi chart is negative. Otherwise, don’t worry about it.

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The Rooster
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Rooster

Dog Zodiac in 2024 🐕 (Superpower: Growth)

Dogs are okay this year, not too bad. They usually like stability, but they’re not very adaptable. They prefer things to stay the same and can be a bit bossy. Therefore, in 2024, they need to change their approach. They still have authority, but they should adjust how they use it. It’s a year of growth, so they need to evolve their rules or improve their ways.

On the bright side, the Dog Zodiac still has money luck. But to make the most of it, they should be willing to change internally, not only externally. It’s about adapting to see more success and growth.

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The Dog
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Dog

Pig Zodiac in 2024 🐖 (Superpower: Brilliance)

Pigs are doing well this year because they have some great stars in their chart. They have the Emperor Star, Dragon Virtue, and Academy Star, which are all very positive. Most Pigs in the Year or Month pillar will have a good 2024 and make a strong impression on others.

You could make a good impression on others this year because it will last for the next few years. About 80% of pigs will have a great year and build long-lasting relationships. But for the other 20%, if they make a poor impression, it will stick for a long time and could cause problems next year.

So, while there are plenty of opportunities for pigs this year, it’s crucial not to upset people. You could leave a positive impression on everyone you meet.

Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower - The Pig
Chinese Zodiac 2024 Superpower – The Pig

Understanding Your True Self (Using The 10 Profiles)

Being your true self is crucial to drawing support. Love is essential, but authenticity resonates even more. When you’re true to yourself, you attract more support. For example, if you’re naturally impatient or blunt, embrace it. Your stubbornness can help you achieve your goals but also make you stick to some ideas too firmly. However, being authentic means being yourself, good or bad, without negatively impacting others. Below is the list of 10 Profiles traits (referring to your main profile) on your BaZi chart:

  • Diligent: Direct Wealth (DW)
  • Foresighted: Indirect Wealth (IW)
  • Funny: Rob Wealth (RW)
  • Kind: Friend (F)
  • Confrontational: Seven Killings (7K)
  • Supportive: Direct Officer (DO)
  • Inquisitive: Direct Resource (DR)
  • Tactful: Indirect Resource (IR)
  • Strategic: Eating God (EG)
  • Outspoken: Hurting Officer (HO)

Different personality traits resonate with different people. Some are naturally funny, relatable, or outgoing, while others are more strategic, sensitive, or curious. Embrace your authentic traits to connect with others effectively. For instance, if you’re naturally funny, you’ll naturally attract people with your humor. If you’re friendly and relatable, people will feel comfortable around you. So, be yourself and embrace your unique qualities to attract the right people into your life.

Ways to Spot Someone's True Self
Ways to Spot Someone’s True Self

Understanding Your Connection To Others

Now, about connection: People look for like-minded leaders. Do you have charisma in 2024? Connecting with people means attracting like-minded leaders. Below are the Chinese Zodiac signs with better charisma than others in 2024:

  • Snake Zodiac (Sun Star)
  • Monkey Zodiac (Three Stages)
  • Rooster Zodiac (Peach Blossom Star)
  • Pig Zodiac (Emperor Star)
  • Horse (Eight Seats)

The Snake and Monkey, are more charismatic in 2024. The Snake brings happiness wherever it goes, and the Monkey will have many opportunities for visibility and recognition. However, the Pig and Rooster face challenges due to negative stars, like Brutal Defeat and Cascading Cloud. Avoid being nasty or taking things for granted to prevent setbacks. Similarly, the Horse has a negative fame star due to many negative stars. 

The Heavenly Sha (天杀) Combination

You can check if you have the Heavenly Sha in your chart. This star is related to public speakers, activists, politicians, or union leaders. Here’s how to find it in your BaZi chart:

1. Look at the Year Pillar in your BaZi chart

2. Each animal zodiac has a corresponding Heavenly Sha, refer to the table

3. Check if you have the zodiac sign in your BaZi chart

Heavenly Sha (天杀) Animal Zodiac Formula Table

If you do, you might have strong leadership qualities and be someone who fights for causes. For instance, if you have a few of the corresponding animal zodiacs in your BaZi chart, you could be a natural leader.

Even if you do not have the Heavenly Sha in your Natal BaZi Chart, you might still experience periods of social charm. For example, you can look in your Luck Pillar or the Months related to your Year animal zodiac and include the Heavenly Sha combination.

In conclusion, everyone has a month in which their social charisma peaks. Therefore, you can use this opportunity for considerable causes or start large projects. The Heavenly Sha enables you to attract support and lead when fighting for these causes.

12 Heavenly Sha Combinations
12 Heavenly Sha Combinations

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