What You Need to Do in Period 9

What You Need to Do in Period 9

Many people have heard of Period 9 but there are a lot of questions in people’s minds. Let us approach these questions from a standpoint of Chinese metaphysics and see how we can benefit and unlock the opportunities for ourselves.

So when is Period 9?

Period 9 is a 20-year cycle that takes place from the year 2024 to 2043. It is part of the 180 year Feng Shui megacycle, with 3 major cycles, and 9 periods. Currently, we are in the cycle of Period 8 which is from the year 2004 to 2023. But the Heaven Luck energy transition to Period 9 has already started in 2017 and will be fully complete by 2024.

So what is Period 9?

Period 9 is a form of energy phase that affects everyone living on Earth, whether we are aware of it or not. Every outcome we want to achieve, such as losing weight, or getting a mate, has a certain frequency. In order for the outcome to occur, then we must raise our energy levels to meet the frequency of the outcome. It’s the same with relationships, we connect to someone when our frequencies sync.

But it has to be within the realm of possibility. We can’t just hope that one day we’ll win the lottery, or get promoted to CEO of a multinational corporation.

We can influence our destiny by taking strategic actions and making critical decisions to get the results we need. Therefore we need to focus more on this Period 9 energy to get the most opportunities in life!

See the below illustration for an explanation of the Cosmic Trinity.

The Cosmic Trinity

The Cosmic Trinity

The 3 factors that influence your success in life:

Heaven Luck: It refers to your destiny analysis – BaZi. We understand our own talents and work with what we have at the moment we are born.

Earth Luck: It refers to your Feng Shui. We can benefit by working in the best location that provides us the positive energy.

Man Luck: It refers to your actions, choices, decisions. It is influenced by your destiny analysis and your Feng Shui.

So how do we achieve what we want in Period 9?

If we want better health in life, we have to constantly increase our energy level by taking good care of our bodies. Maybe, you want to lose weight and need a solution, then you need to take action. When we look better, we can attract better outcomes in life.

If we want to change the Feng Shui of the house, we need to note that Period 8 energy is still in place till the year 2023, and it will only fully transit in the year 2024 to Period 9 energy. The best sector would be the South sector or the house is facing the south direction. We can change the configuration of the house or apply various techniques to allow ourselves to tap into Period 9 energy.

Period 9 Formation
Period 9 Formation

So which areas do we focus on in Period 9?

Three specific segments will benefit in Period 9.

Firstly, the technology sector will get a major boost and gain momentum. These are industries related to artificial intelligence, computers, genome, electronics, semiconductors, the internet, and robotics. Corporations and individuals that have taken action to transform themselves digitally will do well in this period. The advancements in technology will provide us with solutions for a better quality of life.

Secondly, more people will educate themselves and seek growth in wisdom and spirituality. We will be seeing more and more people struggling with mental health-related issues. The future will see an increase in mental health-related solutions as well. The future of mental health is a huge concern for many, with the World Health Organization estimating that by 2030 depression is going to be the second most common illness on the planet.

Last but not least, women in their prime age will experience an increase in power and become more dominant in the workforce. They will occupy higher positions in companies and become more influential. There will be an increasing demand for beauty, cosmetics products, and weight management. There will be more new treatments offering convenience and affordability which is why there will be an increasing demand for them in the future.

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