Why You Need to Build Wealth in Period 9

Why You Need to Build Wealth in Period 9

Wealth doesn’t come easily to most people, or with a simple explanation. However, that does not mean it’s impossible to achieve. And there are many great reasons why wealth is important. You may want to leave something behind for future generations that will make them proud, or maybe you just want to have the peace of mind knowing that if anything were to happen in your life, your finances would be in order. As a result, understanding Chinese metaphysics will allow us to improve our financial situation.

This article may not be appropriate for you if you are already financially independent or a member of the FIRE (financial independence retire early) group. Your only issue is that you may be unsure of how to spend your money. However, I feel that many of us out there are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic during this period. I will encourage you to continue reading this article.

Financial Independence Retire Early
How good are you with your wealth for Period 9?
How good are you with your wealth for Period 9?

The understanding of wealth transition

Although the Chinese metaphysics system was developed hundreds of years ago, it remains a powerful and relevant system today. The way we use this knowledge today will be different from how we used it in the past. Period 9 will start from 2024 to 2043, however, the transition from current Period 8 to Period 9 has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has brought us events that have been either beneficial or detrimental to all of us. Others who were able to adapt to the changes prospered, while those who were unable to do so suffered. The fact that we are hardworking or kind does not guarantee that we will be wealthy. We have to be aware these are separate issues towards building your wealth in Period 9.

Don’t you agree that the method we make money isn’t the same as it once was? Academic qualifications were once considered a guarantee of one’s future. Everyone aspired to earn a bachelor’s degree or a doctorate and get a high-paying position at a multinational corporation. However, as the world continues to evolve, academic qualifications are no longer as important for financial success. We need to find new ways to generate wealth and money by increasing our self-awareness first.

The awareness of wealth transformation

The first step towards wealth transformation is to become aware. Money, we can all agree, plays a crucial role in our lives. Every action we take costs us money, such as drinking water, eating our meals, and so on. Many of us work for money to cover our expenses and support our families. We might not be able to retire early if we don’t have enough money, and we might have to work for the rest of our lives. Some of us might even be struggling financially to make ends meet.

With money, though, we shall be able to do whatever we desire. We have the freedom to pursue our interests and passions. We would buy able to buy many materialistic things such, as a car or a house. The money we’ve earned can help our children enjoy a brighter future. As a result, money can have a good impact on us in a variety of ways. What matters most is how we spend our money.

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The mindset of money

It is important to have a positive mindset towards wealth and money. If we are not positive about money, then it will be hard for us to accumulate wealth. This is because if we don’t think of money as something that will come in handy in our life, then we won’t spend it wisely and make sure that it doesn’t run out. Furthermore, when we have a negative relationship with money, attracting money into our lives becomes quite challenging. This is because every cell in our body determines our energy level, causing us to repel money.

When it comes to wealth distribution, 20% of the world’s population controls 80% of it. According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of all causes (or inputs) for any given occurrence result in 20% of all outcomes (or outputs). This is the 80-20 rule in action. This allows us to focus on the 20%, which makes 80% of the difference. Therefore by aligning ourselves to the right mindset, we can create the best wealth opportunities for ourselves. Even if we are in the wrong industry or the wrong job, we will be able to make it work with a strong mindset.

The 80-20 rule - The right mindset
The 80-20 rule: Having the right mindset is crucial to your success.

The creation of wealth and opportunities

From a Bazi’s perspective, we will examine the natal month pillar as this is where our career and wealth are located. Your natal chart is the blueprint for the life that you were given at birth. Alternatively, we can use our Ten God’s Profiling System to look at the annual chart for 2021. This allows us to see the wealth opportunities available for the coming year. Below are some of the actions we can take to get the most out of 2021.

Metal element 🔩:

If your metal element is the strongest, you will need to be adaptable and flexible in managing your tasks. You must be more open-minded and progressive to keep up with the constantly changing environment. Besides this, you can come up with innovative ways to work to increase your productivity.

Water element 💧:

If your water element is the strongest, you will tend to be emotional. Instilling faith and optimism in your thinking will benefit you greatly. After all, having faith and an optimistic outlook about the future helps you to find meaning in life, reduces anxiety and depression, and helps you to feel more connected with the world around you. You will be able to draw more opportunities to you if you can make positive decisions.

Wood element 🌳:

If your wood element is the strongest, you will need to ponder less and take more immediate action. The key to success in your future will be taking action as soon as possible. The days of contemplation and overthinking are coming to an end. If you have an idea, consider generating the process and then execute it.

Fire element 🔥:

If your fire element is the strongest, you will need to know how much your network is worth. Your network determines your net worth. Make it a point to network and make new friends. In addition, you may consider reconnecting with your old friends and invite them back into your relationship.

Earth element 🌍:

If your earth element is the strongest, you will need to simplify your life as you are carrying a lot of burdens. Things could be complicated due to the physical or emotional weight that you are carrying. One way to simplify your life is to follow a minimalist lifestyle. This kind of lifestyle focuses on removing physical clutter from your home and work environment, as well as mental baggage (i.e., burdens) you carry around with you every day.

Natal vs Annual
Natal vs Annual chart. (Plot your Bazi chart)

The wealth of the new world

Period 9 is the future. Period 9 will begin in the year 2024 and will last until 2043. However, in the year 2021, the energy transition of Period 9 has already begun, and we are seeing changes during the start of this decade. As time passes, the way we do business and the roles we play in our careers will change. As a result, we need to know what to expect so that we can take advantage of the upcoming wealth opportunities.

When you examine closely the Tri-gram, you’ll notice that the “LI” is a fire element. This could be a representation of beauty or a reference to the feminine industry. We can gain when selling to these potential customers by delivering products and services tailored to women. We can expect cosmetic companies such as Sephora, Cover Girl, and L’Oreal to do really well.

Furthermore, the “LI” also benefits the virtual environment or industries that utilize virtual technologies and artificial intelligence. Companies that provide virtual meetings, such as Zoom, Microsoft, and Google, have seen their profits skyrocket as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) will become more common, as they can be utilized for simulation training in several industries or even the gaming industry. We can also see cryptocurrency booming as a result, and crypto exchanges are reaping the benefits.

The Period 9 Trigram
The Period 9 Trigram

The new currency to use

So, to build new wealth in Period 9, we must first understand the currency in use. Attention, recognition, or even money might be this new currency. From the Bazi’s perspective, the current currency for Period 8 is “Direct Wealth”. We are currently in Period 8, a 20-year cycle that runs from 2004 through 2023. “Direct Wealth” is about securing a job, receiving a paycheck, and building wealth using this method. For many, this was the preferred method because there were minimal risks and it provided them with enough money and food to sustain their families. As a result, “Direct Wealth” was formerly considered the holy grail.

However, our job might not provide us security anymore. As a result, the “Hurting Officer” and “Rob Wealth” are two key Bazi stars we should have in Period 9. Attention is the new currency for Period 9, and these two Bazi stars command it. For example, a YouTuber or Titoker with a high number of viewers and subscribers will be able to monetize his or her account and earn money. This is why there have been so many online influencers and so many young people who desire to be one. It’s worth noting that “Direct Wealth” is still important in Period 9, but its effectiveness is reduced.

Hope this article has inspired some of you to take action in Period 9. Meanwhile, if you are looking for wealth opportunities, you can check the below link to one of my partners:

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