Your Complete Guide to the Chinese Zodiac 2024

Your Complete Guide to the Chinese Zodiac 2024

Get ready for 2024 because it’s no ordinary year – it’s the Year of the Wood Dragon. Now, you might be wondering, what does that mean for you? Let us break it down so you can understand your Chinese Zodiac 2024.

The Chinese New Year, known as the Spring Festival, is just around the corner. It’s like stepping into a new energy cycle, which could mean a whole new game for what’s coming your way.

The Wood Dragon is one of the 12 animal signs in Chinese astrology. It’s a mythical and mighty creature in Chinese stories, symbolizing grace, benevolence, and strength. Now, here’s the thing: many people think they only have one animal sign, but that’s not true. We’re talking about unique astrological influences that can shake up your life. It can guide your fortunes in new directions, and maybe even add a bit of spice to your personality.

Astrology has been part of many cultures, with our ancestors looking to the stars for guidance and navigation. Therefore, the stars offer a framework for understanding human behavior, providing powerful insights that empower and illuminate our understanding of ourselves and the world.

Your BaZi and the Chinese Zodiac 2024

Your Astrology Chart, or BaZi chart, is like a map made just for you. It uses your birth date and time to show you possible opportunities, risks, and different ways you can go while working towards a goal or making plans. It’s like a guide personalized for your journey. You can use the following link to plot your BaZi Chart. But did you know that each person may have up to four animal signs on their BaZi Chart?

Every pillar in your BaZi chart will tell you different influences in various aspects of your life. This is what your BaZi chart reveals about you.

  • Year Pillar: It represents your friendships, the people you socialize with, how you see the world, and how you look.
  • Month Pillar: It signifies how well you do at work, your progress in your career, the outlook for your business, and your relationship with your parents.
  • Day Pillar: It symbolizes your close connections with others, your perspectives, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.
  • Hour Pillar: It stands for your well-being, thoughts, dreams, aspirations, motivation, possessions, what you give to others, and your kids.
The 4 Pillars of Destiny
The 4 Pillars of Destiny

The Rat in 2024🐭

Rat Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Rat Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch:Rat (鼠 / 子)
Ranking in 2024: #5
Auspicious Colors:Brown, Yellow,
Blue, Black
Auspicious Number(s):2 & 12
Benefactor Sign(s):Ox, Rabbit, Horse
Year:1948, 1960, 1972,
1984, 1996, 2008
The Rat (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

If you have the Rat in your chart, your theme for 2024 is “Supreme Wealth.” It suggests the highest level of wealth, going beyond ordinary levels. It is potent because water, the element of prosperity in 2024, is paired with the rat zodiac, a water element. Therefore, it symbolizes the potential for great wealth.

However, you must take steps to profit from this powerful wealth status. If you did nothing in 2023, it’s advisable to take proactive steps before the new year begins on 4th February 2024. If you’re male, you may find more opportunities and support from females, so participate in networking events to build connections.

The Rat’s wisdom and intuition will be heightened in 2024. It allows you to have insightful decision-making and a deeper understanding of complex situations. Thus, studying metaphysics and spiritual matters could be an excellent time. If you aspire to become a Bazi or Feng Shui coach, this year could be the perfect time to start your journey.

In conclusion, “Supreme Wealth” is not just about monetary gain but extends to experiences, personal growth, and joy. Embrace opportunities, make informed decisions, and nurture a mindset that attracts prosperity. Let wisdom guide your path in 2024.

Positive Stars for Rat in 2024 ✔️

The Golden Lock (金匮) is considered a wealth star but only rewards efforts. This star symbolizes the reward for a successful campaign, much like an emperor rewarding a general for winning a war. However, to benefit from this, you must assume a leadership role and actively work towards success.

Accompanying the Golden Lock is the General Star (将星), which signifies a warlord or leader in a campaign. Similarly, you need to step up and take on a leadership role. While it may involve some political maneuvers, the chances of success are high in 2024. The idea is to properly communicate your vision and encourage others to join your cause. 

Another positive star is the Taji Nobleman (太极贵人), which is excellent for metaphysics practitioners. This star indicates a connection to the divine. Therefore, it is a great year to enhance your skills and influence more people in your metaphysical practice.

Remember, while the stars indicate opportunities, success requires effort, coordination, and planning. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect things to be handed to you easily; instead, be prepared to work hard to achieve your goals in the year ahead.

Negative Stars for Rat in 2024 ❌

One of the negative stars is the White Tiger (白虎). While it might sound alarming, having the White Tiger alongside the General Star is not bad. The White Tiger was associated with injuries in ancient times, but this does not guarantee that you will end up in the hospital. It indicates a surge of energy, and if you channel this energy into your work or projects, you can turn it into success.

Another star is the Peeling Head (披头). Previously, this star is related to rites such as funerals or diseases. However, in modern times, it suggests taking care of your immune system. Therefore, in 2024, focus on maintaining good overall health to navigate challenges effectively.

Areas to Note for Rat in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: You’ll notice that many of your friends are gearing up for a competitive year. The Rat in the Year pillar symbolizes your network, competitors, and friends. It implies that many will seek positions of authority and may reap the benefits if you don’t take proactive action. To ensure your status, you must be more proactive. Waiting for things to happen might not lead to winning the trophy, so be the first to hear about opportunities and act on them.
  • Month Pillar: There’s a high likelihood of opportunities coming your way this year. These could be disguised as problems within your work. Instead of avoiding these challenges, remember that you’re the general this year. When you encounter issues, step up and take care of it. By doing so consistently, you’ll eventually reap the rewards. Remember that opportunities do not come to you on a silver platter; you must actively engage and grasp them.
  • Day Pillar: Firstly, if you are in a relationship or married, it suggests that your spouse is likely to do well this year. Take joy in their success and celebrate their achievements. Additionally, this year may bring about spiritual growth for you. Focus on your personal development and explore freely.
  • Hour Pillar: The White Tiger star, may suggest that there are some periods with market challenges. However, these challenges also bring opportunities for investments. The White Tiger star can cause the market to move fast. Thus, you can pay attention to what is available during these times.

The Ox in 2024 🐮

Ox Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Ox Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch:Ox (牛 / 丑)
Ranking in 2024: #2
Auspicious Colors:Blue, Black
Red, Orange
Auspicious Number(s):1 & 6
Benefactor Sign(s):Tiger, Snake, Rooster
Year:1949, 1961, 1973,
1985, 1997, 2009
The Ox (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

If the Ox is in your BaZi chart, 2024 is about “Blessings from Heaven.” It means the universe is on your side, bringing divine blessings and positive energy.

Having the Chief Deity on your side is like having an advantage, making it easier to get what you want. Your thoughts are powerful, so staying positive can attract more blessings and abundance in 2024. Try facing the Southwest when manifesting to tap into the Chief Deity’s energy, starting from 4 Feb 2024.

In 2024, it’s not just about money – positive things are coming your way in relationships, personal growth, and finding joy in simple things. There’s a chance your assets, like investments, could increase a lot, making you wealthier. Keep an eye out for opportunities to make your money grow even more.

Welcome these blessings, stay positive, and appreciate the good things in your life. It can open the door to more abundance and fulfilling experiences.

Positive Stars for Ox in 2024 ✔️

There’s a fantastic star called Jade Hall (玉堂) for the Ox sign in 2024. In the past, Jade Hall represented having gold and jade in your home, which meant a growth in your wealth and assets. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll wake up one day and suddenly become rich. The idea here is to reflect on the obstacles and troubles you’ve faced during the previous year. What lessons have you learned, and can you turn those challenges into valuable assets or knowledge? You can only realize the Jade Hall star’s full potential once you’ve made similar steps to conquer previous challenges.

Two other stars for the Ox in 2024 are the Heavenly Virtue (天德) and Fortune Virtue (福德). Heavenly Virtue represents blessings from the universe, indicating that, despite obstacles, the universe is working in your favor. It’s about recognizing that even challenges guide you in a positive direction. Fortune Virtue, on the other hand, signifies a happiness star. Happiness often comes from solving minor issues and problems. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, consider taking this year to address these chronic problems, learn from them, and elevate yourself to the next level.

Negative Stars for Ox in 2024 ❌

For those born under the sign of the Ox in 2024, some challenging stars like Crossing Sha (绞煞), Solid Killing (的煞), Broken Star (破碎), and Curled Tongue (卷舌) deal with petty people. Petty people may not want to see you progress or change when you’re experiencing success. While friends may be well-meaning, some may prefer you to stay the same. On the other hand, mentors are focused on seeing you grow and take on leadership roles, even if they might not always be friendly. Instead of getting entangled in conflicts, concentrate on finding mentors who can guide and support your growth. Friends can be supportive, but mentors play a different role in helping you learn and progress.

One of the inauspicious stars, Yin Sha (阴煞), signifies potential conflicts with women. The saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” captures the essence of Yin Sha. It doesn’t mean only offending women is problematic; it’s about avoiding conflicts with anyone. The advice here is to stay focused on your goals and the meaning of success.

Areas to Note for Ox in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: You may encounter many friends, but not all will be mentors. While these friends may be well-meaning and wish you well, they might not be the right people to help you move to the next level. To grow, you must seek mentors among them, even if they are not always the nicest people. Friends can provide support and love, but mentors are essential for guidance and counsel.
  • Month Pillar: Finding a mentor becomes much simpler. In your career or business, you will likely encounter others who have already achieved what you aspire to accomplish. Your task is to navigate your way into that circle of successful people. When you manage to do so, good fortune follows, and you will unlock the positive energy of Jade Hall, marking a promising start to the year.
  • Day Pillar: Your focus this year should be on home-related matters. The day pillar represents the home, and you may find potential for upgrades or improvements in your household. This year emphasizes your home as the source of happiness. Consider spending more time at home, seeking and providing support within your family. Building a harmonious family environment requires effort. Therefore, you could take the initiative to create the kind of family life you desire.
  • Hour Pillar: It suggests that your assets could appreciate in 2024. Whether these assets are physical, intellectual, or digital, it’s time to take note of your investments and consider how they can grow and appreciate over the year.

The Tiger in 2024🐯

Tiger Zodiac 2024
Tiger Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch:Tiger (虎 / 寅)
Ranking in 2024: #7
Auspicious Colors:Blue, Black
Auspicious Number(s):12
Benefactor Sign(s):Rat, Dragon, Pig
Year:1950, 1962, 1974,
1986, 1998, 2010
The Tiger (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

In 2024, Tigers are like explorers, and the idea is to embrace adventure and discoveries. This year offers new things to explore. The Sky Horse star represents breakthroughs you can find through exploring.

The main thing is to look beyond what you already know, try things outside your usual, and maybe think about doing things in other countries. If you work in a job, joining events where people from around the world connect could help your career. Learning new things and gaining skills that are useful globally can make your professional network bigger.

If you’re feeling bold, you could take a break if you can afford it. Use that time to travel, learn at workshops, and explore things you enjoy. It’s a chance to learn more about yourself and grow. For people who run their businesses, check out new markets, make friends from different cultures, and grow your business in new places. Try new things to keep your business up to date.

Lastly, for relationships, do things or attend events where you meet people from different cultures. Maybe it’s a year to find a partner from a different culture beyond the usual limits.

Positive Stars for Tiger in 2024 ✔️

In 2024, Tigers can expect changes – like maybe a new job, a new house, or a new environment. Some people get scared of changes, but for the Tigers, this is what’s coming in the Year of the Wood Dragon. If you take control of the changes, it might be good for you. But if changes happen without you doing anything, it can feel uncomfortable. The Sky Horse (驿马) is like a moving star, which means making money in different places. Nowadays, it means trying new things, maybe in different jobs or doing something entirely new. It’s all about making changes.

On the other hand, you also have a good thing called the Thriving Star (禄神), which means that if you work hard, plan well, and use good strategies, the outcome will be rewarding. The star alone doesn’t guarantee success – you should plan and put in effort.

Many people do things without planning. You could think about what you want to change in your career and life. What kind of lifestyle do you want? Do you want financial freedom, time freedom, or better relationships? Plan for the long term, like the next 5 or 10 years. It is a great time to plant the seeds for your future success because you have positive energies to support you.

Negative Stars for Tiger in 2024 ❌

If we talk about the not-so-good side of things, some people might wonder, “Are there any setbacks for me in 2024?” Well, there are a couple of stars called the Funeral Guest (吊客) and Sky Cry (天哭), which usually indicate sad events or regrets. If you let the negative vibes of these stars affect you, it could lead to situations where you feel sad or regretful.

To avoid this, you can be proactive in 2024. Don’t be shy about expressing gratitude; if there are people you wish to thank, do so. If there are any old misunderstandings or resentments, be the one to step up and resolve them. Taking the initiative and solving problems might help you avoid regrets.

Another star, Sky Dog (天狗), may suggest getting hurt. While it might mean physical injury, it could also refer to emotional scars or setbacks. To overcome this, confront issues and take the lead in resolving conflicts. Even if others don’t forgive you or apologize in return, forgive yourself – this is key to removing emotional pain and avoiding tears.

Instead of dwelling on potential setbacks, focus on your career. Plan your next steps, and think about financial or time freedom in your job or business. By concentrating on positive goals, you can navigate through 2024 with resilience and success.

Areas to Note for Tiger in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: It signals a year filled with changes in your industry, market space, and the job market. Even though things might seem chaotic, it’s crucial to seize opportunities that come your way. Don’t hesitate to say yes. You could figure out the details later. Waiting for an easier path might cause you to miss valuable chances. While it might feel challenging, it’s better to take the opportunity and possibly face challenges than to have no opportunity.
  • Month Pillar: Be prepared for a year of many changes in your job. You may be required to travel and present in different markets or job scopes. Embrace these changes, even if they seem intimidating. Taking the first step forward can lead to new doors opening for you.
  • Day Pillar: It suggests that in terms of relationships, you might need to put in a bit more effort this year. You could address any emotional issues, traumas, or misunderstandings that have not been discussed or resolved. Open-minded discussions are crucial for this year to clear any lingering concerns. You can move forward without regrets.
  • Hour Pillar: You can be more vigilant when selling your properties or assets this year. There might not be numerous opportunities for profit, so you need to be careful and time your decisions wisely. Once you identify a good opportunity and can make a profit, it’s essential not to be greedy. Seize the moment to cash out and capitalize on the opportunity.

The Rabbit in 2024 🐰

Rabbit Zodiac 2024
Rabbit Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch: Rabbit (兔 / 卯)
Ranking in 2024: #8
Auspicious Colors:Brown, Yellow
Blue, Black
Auspicious Number(s): 8 & 12
Benefactor Sign(s):Snake, Goat, Dog
Year:1951, 1963, 1975,
1987, 1999, 2011
The Rabbit (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

For the Rabbit in 2024, it might seem challenging due to the absence of major auspicious stars. However, there are strategies to turn this situation to your advantage. In the BaZi study, the Rabbit is associated with Yin Wood, symbolizing vines or climbing plants. The year 2024, representing the Wood Dragon, creates a favorable environment like a tree supporting the vines’ growth. It sets the stage for opportunities and support systems for the Rabbit to thrive.

Your theme for 2024 is the “Power of Leverage.” It suggests that you can leverage other people’s resources to accumulate strength and climb the ladder of success. Like vines finding support on a big tree, you can find opportunities and support systems to propel yourself to greater heights. Recognize your value, acquire necessary skills, and exercise leverage on time, ideas, money, experience, and systems.

To deal with less favorable stars, be mindful of feelings of betrayal, communicate clearly, and prioritize health. Embrace activities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Be cautious of impatience and impulsivity to avoid potential issues.

In summary, focus on networking, building alliances, and being resourceful. Learn from other experienced people and create a powerful synergy. By mastering the art of leverage, you can turn challenges into stepping stones and achieve remarkable success in 2024.

Positive Stars for Rabbit in 2024 ✔️

Among the 12 animal signs, the Rabbit has almost no positive stars for this year. Don’t be alarmed, as the significance of positive or negative stars depends on your actions in a given year.

The Surpassing Path (陌越) star, categorized as a positive star, implies that you should exceed your previous limits. This star favors those with a vision, purpose, passion, goals, and dreams. It depends on how driven you are. If you lack motivation, you might perceive 2024 as a year full of problems, health issues, and negativity. However, you could take on the challenges as motivation for improvement.

Therefore, in 2024, you might face naysayers and challenges, but your internal voice should be clear. Consider them as energy that propels you forward. If you don’t achieve your goals, the naysayers are right. Turn negativity into motivation and become better. In relationships and work opportunities, be proactive, fight for what you desire, and persist, even if faced with rejection. Taking a proactive approach can lead to achieving your goals, though it might be a bit more challenging without the support of positive stars.

Negative Stars for Rabbit in 2024 ❌

Now, let’s look at the setbacks or inauspicious stars for the Rabbit in 2024. The first one is the Sickness Charm, like the residual energy from the Grand Duke of the previous year. As the Grand Duke has changed to the Dragon this year, the Sickness Charm (病符) represents weakened energy, lacking vibrancy and zest. You can prevent it by engaging in physical activities and maintaining good fitness. This star is associated with the water element, so be attentive to kidney-related issues, flu, or emotional concerns.

Six Calamities (六厄) signifies disagreements with others. You’ll be fine if you navigate without offending or stepping on too many toes. Don’t worry about backstabbers, and focus on your goals.

Lastly, the Goat Blade (羊刃) star represents temperamental force. If you naturally have a more fiery personality, you might find yourself getting angry easily this year. However, instead of letting this energy block your success, you can channel it towards your goals. Focus on directing this energy towards your career and wealth creation rather than letting it affect your relationships with friends and family.

Areas to Note for Rabbit in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: You might notice in 2024 that many people around you are feeling frustrated with life. Therefore, you should not let these negative emotions influence you. Stay positive and focused on your goals. The environment and the people around you might face challenges, but you can maintain your optimism and not let their drama drag you down. Keep your eyes on your aspirations, and don’t allow others to hinder your positive mindset.
  • Month Pillar: There are opportunities for career breakthroughs in 2024. However, the journey may not be easy, mainly due to the presence of naysayers in your environment. As mentioned earlier, it’s important not to worry too much about these challenges. Instead, focus on channeling the excess energy into your career, avoiding unnecessary conflicts, and keeping your temper in check. You have the potential to achieve a breakthrough in your career this year.
  • Day Pillar: It may indicate a focus on your health that requires attention. Therefore, you can consider a new exercise or wellness program. Early in the year, undergo health tests, adopt a new diet or nutrition plan, and prioritize your overall well-being. It could be beneficial for renewing your energy and promoting your well-being.
  • Hour Pillar: This year may require you to hold on to your investments if you didn’t already cash out from the opportunities presented last year. Exercise patience and navigate through potential volatility before seizing new opportunities. You could stay vigilant and focused on your goals. Avoid getting entangled in personal drama and concentrate on your goals. Once you reach your desired outcome, be ready to cash out and enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

The Dragon in 2024 🐲

Dragon Zodiac 2024
Dragon Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch: Dragon (龙 / 辰)
Ranking in 2024: #11
Auspicious Colors:Blue, Black,
Gold, White
Auspicious Number(s):1 & 10
Benefactor Sign(s):Rabbit, Horse, Monkey
Year:1952, 1964, 1976,
1988, 2000, 2012
The Dragon (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

If you have the Dragon in your birth chart, your key to success is being an excellent leader. It applies to your job, business, or personal life, where your natural charm and ability to lead will help you succeed. Just remember, as a leader, making decisions with confidence is important. Don’t be afraid to make choices, but don’t be unsure.

You’re also lucky to have a creative side. Use this to create creative solutions for problems, encourage new ideas, and express your thoughts. Therefore, you should build stronger connections with others, as this year might make you feel a bit lonely emotionally.

Regarding your health, be careful. You can get hurt if you’re handling sharp objects, playing sports, or driving. If you’re thinking about having a baby, then you ought to pay extra attention to your reproductive health.

Dragons are looked after by the Nine Earth star, which is related to real estate. Thus, you could look for opportunities to gain wealth through property deals and real estate investments, especially in April, August, September, or December.

Positive Stars for Dragon in 2024 ✔️

If you’re wondering whether you’ll make more money in 2024, there’s a positive star called the Golden Carriage (金舆). It represents opportunities for wealth, similar to a carriage full of gold. Making money doesn’t just mean dollars and cents; it can also come from better relationships and happier connections.

Everyone will pay attention to you with the Grand Duke’s arrival (岁驾). In today’s world, attention is considered a valuable currency. Those who can command attention also command the flow of wealth. It might be your year to shine and attract positive attention.

So, regardless of negative stars or challenges, focus on the prospects and embrace your leadership role. It could make you more money and prosper in 2024.

Negative Stars for Dragon in 2024 ❌

For those born under the Dragon sign in the Dragon Year, there’s a belief about “offending the Grand Duke (太岁),” which traditionally suggests a year full of problems and challenges. The Grand Duke represents leadership and mentoring others to become better. Thus, offending the Grand Duke happens if you don’t take on a leadership position. It’s about missing an opportunity to step into a higher-ranking role with more responsibilities. 

If you avoid this position due to fear, lack of courage, or thinking you’re not ready, the opportunities that come your way might take on a challenging form. This self-punishment can result in obstacles, problems, challenges, and even health issues. To change this situation, be proactive in taking on new roles, suggesting changes, and assuming responsibilities. Therefore if you don’t lead, you might face various obstacles. So, the key is to embrace leadership roles to avoid self-inflicted challenges.

Other negative stars include Sword Edge (剑锋) and Hidden Corpse (伏尸), indicating the potential for injuries. However, these injuries happen when you are not conscious of your actions. Therefore, being mindful and aware can help you avoid getting hurt easily.

Areas to Note for Dragon in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: It indicates opportunities for leadership, especially in your work. Therefore, it means there’s a chance for you to take the lead in your business or industry. When you notice a gap or an opportunity in the industry and step up, there’s potential to start a new business or offer a new service to others.
  • Month Pillar: There will be opportunities for career advancement. However, these opportunities do not certainly come to you. You need to take on a leadership role and be the leader who guides and supports a team. Even if you don’t have a team, you should define your vision and learn how to work well with others.
  • Day Pillar: It might bring some challenges in terms of relationships. Your spouse may be more domineering due to the Grand Duke’s influence. Thus, you could take it easy and not interpret everything as an attempt to offend you.
  • Hour Pillar: The presence of the Golden Carriage suggests investment opportunities. 2024 could be a favorable year for you to study market trends. You can take the time to carefully analyze and comprehend the opportunities that arise, as you might come across one or two that could benefit you during the year.

The Snake in 2024 🐍

Snake Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Snake Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch: Snake (蛇 / 巳)
Ranking in 2024: #3
Auspicious Colors:Brown, Gold,
White & Yellow
Auspicious Number(s):2 & 10
Benefactor Sign(s):Ox, Tiger, Rooster
Year:1953, 1965, 1977,
1989, 2001, 2013
The Snake (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

If you have the Snake zodiac in your BaZi chart, your theme for 2024 is “Dreams come true.” It is the year to realize your desires or dreams. You will gain clarity in your priorities, helping you set significant goals. In addition, you could overcome challenges by seeking guidance from male colleagues or mentors.

2024 is an excellent time to upgrade your skills, which could lead to potential career advancement and increased income. You will have opportunities to enjoy good food and to build connections and network effectively in 2024.

In summary, Snakes can expect an incredible year of dreams to come true. Seize the opportunities and stay focused on your goals. It is time to shine, manifest your aspirations, and experience success, joy, and fulfillment in 2024.

Positive Stars for Snake in 2024 ✔️

In the year of the Wood Dragon, Snake is one of the best animal signs with four positive stars. However, having positive stars doesn’t guarantee success; you need to align your actions for them to be effective.

The first positive star is the Sun (太阳), considered one of Chinese astrology’s most significant nobleman stars. The Sun is like a giver of warm energy. Thus, you are encouraged to be a giver or mentor to others. It may involve providing valuable insights, guidance, or support to others. The key is to provide what others want and need. Therefore, you must become the mentor rather than constantly seeking one.

Now, another relationship star is Sky Happiness (天喜). This star brings about likeability, fostering long-term friendships and relationships. If Sky Happiness appears in your Day Pillar, you might meet your special one. For those already in a relationship, this star can strengthen your bond further. It may manifest as additional family members, the addition of grandchildren, or other family-related joys.

The Intelligent Star (文昌) allows you to turn knowledge into profit. You should be eager to learn new things. Therefore, you can consider scheduling this into your yearly plan because what gets scheduled is more likely to get done. Acquiring new skills is essential. Thus, these skills could be related to your work, business, or personal relationships.

Lastly, the Heavenly Chef (天厨) is about enjoying good food and the pleasures of life. Indulging in the finer things, and treating yourself are all encouraged. This star emphasizes the importance of not holding back when it comes to enjoying the pleasures that life has to offer. So, go ahead and savor the flavors, treat yourself, and embrace the opportunities for joy and fulfillment in 2024.

Negative Stars for Snake in 2024 ❌

The negative stars, such as Bad Qi (霉气), Sky Emptiness (天空), and Robbery Sha (劫煞), can pose challenges if you don’t take proactive steps to channel the positive energies available in 2024. Bad Qi may bring about feelings of darkness and regrets, Sky Emptiness may signify unfulfilled plans, and Robbery Sha may indicate the potential for envy or attempts to sabotage your efforts.

However, astrology doesn’t determine your fate; your actions play a significant role. Rather than blaming external factors and negativity, the key is to focus on the positive aspects, embrace the opportunities, and work towards your goals. By doing so, you can mitigate the impact of negative stars and cultivate a more favorable environment for success and fulfillment in 2024.

Areas to Note for Snake in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: It suggests that you may encounter many individuals with leadership qualities, as represented by the Sun. Thus, it could lead to opportunities to connect with good leaders, mentors, or teachers. Furthermore, if you are looking for a life mate, there may be worthy suitors this year.
  • Month Pillar: It is advisable to step up and take on leadership roles. The symbolism of the sun implies that you should position yourself as a giver, adding more value to your industry, business, or company. You could take on leadership responsibilities, share your knowledge, and be proactive in your work environment.
  • Day Pillar: It’s a year where you might enjoy indulging in good food and luxuries. Therefore, you could pamper yourself and savor the finer things in life. Whether it’s a special meal, a relaxing getaway, or other forms of self-care, take the time to acknowledge and appreciate your feats.
  • Hour Pillar: It is a promising year to focus on personal development. You could keep an eye on market trends. Therefore, your focus should be on learning and expanding your skill set, enabling you to identify investment opportunities and make informed decisions.

The Horse in 2024 🐴

Horse Zodiac 2024
Horse Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch: Horse (马 / 午)
Ranking in 2024: #9
Auspicious Colors:Brown, Orange,
Red, Yellow
Auspicious Number(s):6 & 8
Benefactor Sign(s):Dragon, Goat, Pig
Year:1954, 1966, 1978,
1990, 2002, 2014
The Horse (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

If you have the Horse sign in your BaZi chart, the theme for 2024 is “Rise From the Ashes.” This theme symbolizes renewal, resilience, and transformative possibilities, similar to a Phoenix emerging from its ashes. Therefore, you should let go of baggage hindering your journey. Identify and release habits contributing to procrastination, forgive past grievances, and assess your lifestyle to align it with your goals. In addition, you could prioritize self-care through regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and sufficient rest.

The Horse sign has many opportunities in 2024, containing the primordial seeds of Period 9, which officially begins in 2024 and extends for 20 years. As a result, you might make proactive, educated decisions that would turn opportunities into success.

In summary, envision yourself as the Phoenix rising from challenges, transcending setbacks with grace and determination. Let the theme of “Rise From the Ashes” guide you through the year of rebirth, where the past becomes the foundation for a vibrant 2024 and Period 9.

Positive Stars for Horse in 2024 ✔️

For those born under the sign of the horse in 2024, there are only two positive stars, while there are ten negative stars. Whether you approach this information with optimism or pessimism can influence how you perceive and navigate the year.

In astrology, every animal sign will have a mix of positive and negative stars. If you tend to be more pessimistic, you might focus on the 11 negative stars and worry about potential challenges. However, if you approach it optimistically, you can still make the year fantastic by concentrating on one or two positive aspects.

The presence of the Relief God (解神) brings positive energy for solving problems. Life is better when you face and tackle the issues that hold you back. Often, it’s not the big, dramatic problems causing setbacks but the small, chronic ones we tend to ignore. This year presents a fantastic opportunity to address and fix these lingering problems. Thus, the Relief God star encourages you to take charge and actively seek solutions for a better and more fulfilling life.

Lastly, the Eighth Seat (八座) is associated with fame and recognition. It can benefit influencers who enjoy attention and acknowledgment. Even if you’re dealing with various challenges, achieving fame is a separate matter. If you’re working on building a personal brand or gaining recognition for your work, this star suggests that you may attract a lot of attention. However, it’s crucial to be strategic in seeking this attention. Being mindful of your image and the content you create can lead to positive outcomes and better opportunities.

Negative Stars for Horse in 2024 ❌

Looking at the negative aspects, those born under the Horse sign will face significant challenges in 2024. Firstly, the Instability star (浮沉) suggests emotional ups and downs, potentially leading to frustrations and suffering. On the other hand, Funeral Door (丧门) and Earth Funeral (地丧) point to situations where you may feel stuck or unable to progress. There might be challenges in handling situations that seem beyond your control.

The Great Sha (大煞), Flying Chaste (飞廉), and Blood Knife (血刃) are stars associated with health aspects, suggesting sudden health concerns. Therefore, you must be more vigilant about your well-being and those around you, especially those under your care. On the contrary, the combination of Calamity Sha (災煞), Separating Edge (隔角), and Prison Star (囚狱) suggests you might become trapped in a situation you didn’t willingly enter. You could evaluate situations carefully, ensuring they are advantageous and align with your well-being.

Last but not least, the Red Chamber Sha (红艳) is associated with poor decision-making in relationships. It can contribute to friction and problems with your partner. Therefore, it’s crucial to be mindful of your decisions and your potential impact on your relationships.

Areas to Note for Horse in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: There’s a chance that you can find support from others. It may involve stepping out of your comfort zone and being open to new communities. The key is to be receptive to meeting new people who can bring different perspectives and solutions to your life. Embracing change and expanding your social circle can be a valuable way to find relief to your problems by tapping into diverse support networks.
  • Month Pillar: It suggests aspects of your career and business that require attention. It is a time to focus on streamlining and improving efficiency. Consider freeing yourself from mundane tasks by delegating responsibilities to the right people. Recognize the value of your time and concentrate on tasks that align with your expertise.
  • Day Pillar: It signals a time to focus on your relationship matters. If you’re facing challenges or issues in your relationship, it’s crucial to address them. Take a closer look at the problems – are they something you can personally change or let go of? If not, it might be the right time to consider moving on.
  • Hour Pillar: It is an opportunity to let go of older assets. Consider cashing out on some of your assets or selling a particular idea. Therefore, you could identify what you have to offer, as this understanding could allow you to find the right buyer. Lastly, this year could be favorable for transitioning to a new platform or exchanging your ideas for funding.

The Goat in 2024 🐐

Goat Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Goat Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch: Goat (羊 / 未)
Ranking in 2024: #4
Auspicious Colors:Blue, Black,
Orange, Red
Auspicious Number(s):6 & 12
Benefactor Sign(s):Rat, Rabbit, Monkey
Year:1955, 1967, 1979,
1991, 2003, 2015
The Goat (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

For the Goat animal sign, the theme of the Year 2024 is the “Hand of God.” This theme suggests a year where cosmic forces might significantly shape your destiny for the better. Therefore, you could pay attention to subtle signs from the universe, which could lead to positive outcomes. Divine intervention might manifest in meeting influential people, unexpected job offers, or assistance during crises.

Effective communication with women can be beneficial. The Moon Star also suggests receiving creative or innovative ideas and solutions. Strategic use of these qualities can lead to promotions, business growth, and a strengthened reputation.

In summary, approach the year with optimism, resilience, and the belief that you can turn challenges into stepping stones toward success. May 2024 unfold with positivity and purpose, fulfilling your endeavors.

Positive Stars for Goat in 2024 ✔️

It is a year when the Heavenly Yi (天乙) is inside the Goat sign. If you’ve been hoping for a mentor or a helpful person to enter your life, 2024 might be the year for it. However, having this star doesn’t guarantee help. But it allows you to connect with influential people. The key is to present yourself in a valuable way so mentors see you as worthy of their assistance.

Thus, it’s crucial to recognize that not everyone born in the goat year will receive this help. Your attitude and actions play a significant role. Some people dismiss opportunities, believe everyone is against them, or have a mentality that blocks helpful people. Therefore, you could watch out for mental or emotional barriers that might hinder you from accepting support. Additionally, understand that having a mentor is a two-way street. While they can guide you, you must reciprocate by doing your part. Meeting misfortune with the intent to transform it into auspicious outcomes is the key to turning challenges into prosperity.

Having the Moon (太阴) in your chart is highly beneficial, especially for business owners. If you’re not a business owner but are considering ways to make money, this is an excellent time to explore investment opportunities in other people’s businesses. Therefore, don’t let fear hold you back; instead, seek the guidance of a mentor or teacher to help you understand the intricacies of investing. Be a good student, absorb knowledge, and apply it to your endeavors.

Negative Stars for Goat in 2024 ❌

When it comes to the negative stars, such as Great Assembly (卒暴), Heaven Sha (天煞), Piercing Rope (贯索), Hook Spirit (勾神), and Year Sha (岁煞), you could view them as part of the journey rather than obstacles. These stars may bring pressure, stress, and resistance from others, including naysayers, backstabbers, and keyboard warriors. However, encountering challenges and criticism is natural as you strive for success.

Therefore, you could adopt a mindset that allows you to ignore negativity and focus on your progress. Pay no attention to petty people or those trying to bring you down. What matters most is your forward movement and the creation of the life you desire. As you work towards your goals, consider the positive impact you can make on the people who truly matter in your life.

Cynics may surround you, but their opinions should not derail you from your path. Instead of concentrating on negative influences, focus on your goals and where you want to go. You can overcome obstacles and progress toward the life you want if you keep a positive attitude and stay focused on your journey.

Areas to Note for Goat in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: This year holds significant potential for you to encounter the right mentors and teachers. Therefore, you could approach this opportunity with humility and readiness, inviting the right teachers into your life and being open to learning from them. This alignment signifies the presence of one of the best nobleman stars you can receive.
  • Month Pillar: It signifies opportunities in your business or work to explore new markets, initiate new product lines, increase prices, and enhance the quality of your products. Therefore, it suggests a promising wealth opportunity. However, be prepared for a challenge, as potential backstabbers, cynics, and individuals may disagree with you. Despite these challenges, overcoming these obstacles is often a crucial step toward transformation. Keep moving forward and focus on creating the career and business that align with your goals.
  • Day Pillar: It has implications for your relationships. This aspect could favor women, as the Moon is associated with feminine qualities. This alignment promotes women, especially those who play the role of the wife in a family. But if you are a man, it indicates that you will be more active in household matters this year. It could be an opportunity to understand and appreciate things from your wife’s or girlfriend’s perspective. However, if you’re single, focus on being kind to yourself.
  • Hour Pillar: It indicates favorable conditions for exploring investment opportunities. Therefore, this year is particularly suitable for seeking experienced advisors. The Goat brings the energy of a helpful person, suggesting that finding the right advisor or mentor can benefit you. Financial planning, asset management, and fund allocation are areas where an informed advisor can guide you in making informed decisions.

The Monkey in 2024 🐵

Monkey Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Monkey Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch: Monkey (猴 / 申)
Ranking in 2024: #10
Auspicious Colors:Blue, Black,
Orange, Red
Auspicious Number(s):1 & 6
Benefactor Sign(s):Dragon, Snake, Rooster
Year:1956, 1968, 1980,
1992, 2004, 2016
The Monkey (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

For Monkeys, the theme for 2024 is “The Star is Born.” It symbolizes a moment when your talents get recognized on a bigger stage. It could be a job promotion, a breakthrough project, or a significant achievement that puts you in the spotlight. Therefore, this is a great time to reflect on your strengths, upgrade your skills, and set ambitious goals aligned with your passions.

However, in 2024, you may encounter issues from authorities, regulations, and legal matters. Therefore, you should know details in your work, business, and personal life to minimize potential impacts. The Monkey’s connection with the Dragon in 2024 is known as the Grand Duke Harmony combination. It can open doors to connections with influential individuals. You could focus on networking to build meaningful connections that enhance your visibility.

In summary, Monkeys, you’re blessed with the energy of “The Star is Born” in 2024, promising growth, new opportunities, and a chance to shine brightly. Set ambitious goals, hone your skills, and cultivate positive relationships. Let your unique brilliance guide you toward a vibrant and rewarding year.

Positive Stars for Monkey in 2024 ✔️

If you have the Monkey sign in your Chinese zodiac chart, you have the Three Stages (三台) in 2024. It is a favorable star for enhancing your rank and position in your workplace or personal endeavors. When opportunities arise for advancement, embrace them without fear of judgment or criticism from others.

The Three Stages star implies progress and ranking up. Embrace the chance to rise in your career by demonstrating your capabilities and proactively taking on new roles. While there might be some detractors or critics, don’t let that deter you. The key is to upgrade yourself, whether it’s through career advancements, business growth, or personal improvements.

It’s important to note that the idea is not just about looking good in front of others but genuinely enhancing your skills, position, or personal life. Whether it’s upgrading your business, home, or even your car, consider these improvements part of your growth. So, seize the opportunities that come your way during this period and use them to elevate yourself to the next level.

Negative Stars for Monkey in 2024 ❌

If you are the Monkey sign in 2023, it has been an eventful year, offering numerous opportunities for positive transformations. However, if you’ve found yourself hesitant or suspicious, especially when trusting others, you should address this in 2024.

The year 2024 brings the presence of the Five Ghosts (五鬼), with this star signifying suspicion. Thus, this star can amplify your suspicion of others in deals, friendships, or opportunities. If you’ve been naturally cautious, the transition to 2024 might magnify this trait, potentially leading to fear that restrains you from taking action or accepting new friendships. Instead of succumbing to fear, consider stepping back and knowing that much of it might be a product of negative thoughts. Use your imagination positively to cultivate faith rather than fear.

Additionally, there’s the Back Poking Star (指背), which symbolizes gossip or negative talk. While it may affect your emotions and mental health, especially if you allow it, it shouldn’t deter you from pursuing greatness. If you’re on a path of transformation and making an impact, don’t fear naysayers. You should rise above negativity and focus on your goals.

Areas to Note for Monkey in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: It suggests a presence of backstabbers and naysayers around you this year. However, it’s essential to understand that these people can’t truly harm you unless you allow them to. The key is to rise above the negativity and focus on your growth.
  • Month Pillar: It indicates opportunities for advancement and openings in your career. Whether in a job or running a business, it’s a favorable time to step up your game. There may be opportunities for growth in your current job or a different capacity. On the other hand, it’s a good time for business owners to explore joint ventures or collaborations.
  • Day Pillar: It suggests you must be cautious and attentive to your thoughts. The presence of the Five Ghosts star can amplify suspicions, leading to negative thoughts about your relationships. Examples, such as wondering why your partner is not at home. Therefore, you could quiet down these suspicions and not let them drive you to overthink or damage your relationships.
  • Hour Pillar: It’s a favorable indication for upgrading your assets and increasing your wealth. This year provides an opportunity for you to enhance your ownership and financial portfolio. Instead of waiting for money, take proactive steps to grow wealth and make your assets work for you. Thus, you could reflect on your future goals and optimize your resources for long-term growth.

The Rooster in 2024 🐓

Rooster Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Rooster Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch: Rooster (鸡 / 酉)
Ranking in 2024: #6
Auspicious Colors:Brown, Yellow
Orange, Red
Auspicious Number(s):2 & 6
Benefactor Sign(s):Horse, Monkey, Dog
Year:1957, 1969, 1981,
1993, 2005, 2017
The Rooster (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

For Roosters, in 2024, the theme is having an “Irresistible Magnetic Presence.” It means your charm will get a boost, bringing many opportunities and positive vibes into your life. Being the center of attention is crucial in Period 9, where attention is the new wealth. People who capture attention and lead others will attract wealth and good things. If you’re in sales, marketing, public speaking, or coaching, it could lead to more people wanting your help.

You might have chances to learn from experienced leaders in your industry. Use your connections to meet and get advice from VIPs in your field. If you meet someone with the Rooster sign, they might be willing to support you. Therefore, you could monitor the real estate market for opportunities, especially in April, May, and September.

In short, 2024 is about showing off your irresistible charm. Be confident, be yourself, and let the universe boost your charm. You could trust in what you can do and leave a lasting impression on those around you. It’s your time to stand out and attract positive vibes.

Positive Stars for Rooster in 2024 ✔️

In 2024, the Rooster has many good stars, offering many chances. You can seize these opportunities by taking active steps toward your goals. But remember, the positive vibes will only turn into results if you match them with your actions and plans.

The Dragon and Rooster’s Six Harmony combination signals a year of teamwork and trust. People will be more open to working with you if they find you trustworthy. Prove your trustworthiness through your actions, history, and reputation. This year is full of chances for you.

If you’re into real estate, the Earth Relief star (地解) is on your side. It’s great if you are buying, selling, or investing in real estate actively. Stars related to relationships, like Peach Blossom (桃花) and Salty Pool (咸池), show you’re appealing and attractive. As a result, it can benefit jobs like sales or marketing, where communication and influence matter.

Using these positive vibes can lead to more money, better relationships, and increased respect. Remember, it’s not just having these stars; it’s about earning and using them to achieve your goals.

Negative Stars for Rooster in 2024 ❌

The Lesser Consumer (小耗) may indicate spending money, but it doesn’t mean losing money. It is fine if you spend deliberately, such as on marketing or business expansion. So, don’t be concerned; it’s all about making informed decisions.

The Death Charm (死符) and Flying Blade (飞刃)  might suggest potential health issues. It could be due to overexertion or neglecting personal well-being while focusing on creating something. Taking time for self-care, like spa days or meditation, can help balance things and improve your overall well-being.

Lastly, the Cascading Cloud (流霞) might bring back past relationships, possibly ex-partners. Even though this may be difficult you handle such situations responsibly and have open, respectful conversations. Not every ex-partner means to hurt you. Thus, a mature approach can help you avoid avoidable fights.

Areas to Note for Rooster in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: It’s like having a spotlight on your friends, connections, and the industry you’re in. It is beneficial if you work in entertainment or have a business promoting and connecting with people. The opportunities are many, and the Peach Blossom star indicates a year for making connections.
  • Month Pillar: It’s a fantastic year to work with authorities or people who can provide funds. Therefore, you should have a solid plan if you intend to raise money for your company or project. It’s crucial to have a solid project or idea before seeking funding. Meeting them halfway by doing your part is essential for success.
  • Day Pillar: It suggests an arousing year for your relationships. You might experience a renewed passion for your partner, discover new places, or uncover hidden aspects of your partner that bring you closer. It’s a time to fall in love again, making it a great and exciting year.
  • Hour Pillar: You need to be cautious in your sexual relationships. The Rooster in the hour pillar indicates the presence of the Salty Pool, which is related to children. It means you should be careful and responsible in your choices to avoid unintended consequences.

The Dog in 2024 🐶

Dog Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Dog Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch: Dog (狗 / 戌)
Ranking in 2024: #12
Auspicious Colors:Gold, White
Auspicious Number(s):10
Benefactor Sign(s):Rat, Tiger, Goat
Year:1958, 1970, 1982,
1994, 2006, 2018
The Dog (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

In 2024, the theme for the Dog is the “Era of Destiny Transformation,” indicating a shift in your life journey. This shift may lead your destiny in a new direction. The Dog clashes with the Dragon, creating unstable and disruptive cosmic energy known as the “Year Breaker.” During a Year Breaker, expect life changes, bringing challenges and opportunities.

Clashes with the Grand Duke might bring unexpected changes. The question is whether these changes will be favorable or unfavorable. If you are not for the surprises, you may find them bothersome throughout the year.

However, if you are ready and even initiating these changes, 2024 could be a year filled with pleasant surprises working in your favor. So, instead of fearing the clash, consider how you approach and respond to unexpected events. Your preparedness and proactive attitude can impact how the year unfolds for you.

Positive Stars for Dog in 2024 ✔️

In 2024, even though there’s a clash with the Grand Duke, people born as Dogs have two good things going for them. One is the National Treasure Star (国印), which stands for power and authority. This star brings chances for you to take on new roles that can make a big difference in the lives of those around you. This star is also useful for dealing with finances. It helps turn numbers into helpful information for making decisions. Therefore, if you improve your money management skills, you may advance to higher jobs and have better prospects.

Another good thing is the Month Emptiness (月空). It helps turn big problems into smaller ones. So, if you have to make important choices like moving or changing jobs, this star can help. It’s a great time to address lingering issues, solve problems, or your health.

Even though there might be some uncertainties and surprises, if you take the lead and use these positive stars to your advantage, 2024 can be a year of positive changes and fulfillment for those born as dogs.

Negative Stars for Dog in 2024 ❌

If you’re born under the animal sign of the Dog and it’s the Year of the Dragon, it’s said to clash with the Grand Duke, known as “Sui Po” (岁破). According to astrology books, this clash is a bad omen, predicting accidents, loss of wealth, and relationship troubles. However, this isn’t entirely accurate.

A clash indicates abrupt or unexpected changes, whether for better or worse. Think of it like surprises. Some people enjoy receiving positive surprises, such as birthday gifts. On the other hand, if the surprises are problems or challenges, they might not be as enjoyable.

There’s a star called the Greater Consumer (大耗), and it shows up when the Year Breaker arrives. This star indicates the chance of losing money, but it mainly happens if you’re not careful with your spending and lack a financial plan. So, it’s a chance to pay attention to your finances and decide how to use your money wisely. To avoid the impact of this star, plan how you divide your money for things like living expenses, emergencies, investments, learning, and fun activities.

The Leopard Tail (豹尾) warns about the risk of upsetting people. However, you might not need to worry too much about that. Some people like to criticize others, but if you focus on improving yourself, those negative influences will eventually go away. Don’t let the fear of upsetting others stop you; work on being a better person, and everything else will work out.

Areas to Note for Dog in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: Friendships might change. Loyalties may be tested, leading to the discovery of true allies. Embrace opportunities to form new, meaningful connections. 2024 may be a year surrounded by sensitive people. They might get offended easily over the small things you say. While you should try your best not to upset others, don’t let the fear of offending hold you back. Offending a few people will not be an issue for you.
  • Month Pillar: There could be changes in job direction or even thinking about resignation. In this scenario, you might need to make decisions about personnel, including the possibility of letting some people go. While it’s not enjoyable to consider letting people go, sometimes it’s necessary for the overall success of the team or company. Business owners might experience unexpected transformations, including reevaluating strategies and forming new partnerships.
  • Day Pillar: Singles might connect with someone significant, leading to a change in relationship status. For married couples, expect changes that could rekindle romance or lead to new shared experiences. On the other hand, there might be moments when you question your family’s principles or the reasons for maintaining the relationship. The clash indicates changes, and it’s a time to reflect on why you are sticking with the relationship and whether it aligns with your values.
  • Hour Pillar: Your priorities, focus, and values may shift, impacting the overall direction of your life. It’s a time for a renewed focus on self-care and aligning your priorities with your core values. However, having the Dog in this position also suggests a possibility of losing money. Avoid relying solely on hearsay when it comes to financial matters. Instead, double-check your decisions and seek advice from advisors with a proven track record.

The Pig in 2024 🐷

Pig Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Pig Zodiac 2024 (Chinese Zodiac 2024)
Earthly Branch: Pig (猪 / 亥)
Ranking in 2024: #1
Auspicious Colors:Brown & Yellow
Auspicious Numbers:2 & 8
Benefactor Sign(s):Ox, Rooster, Pig
Year:1959, 1971, 1983,
1995, 2007, 2019
The Pig (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

For those with the Pig in their chart, your theme for 2024 is the big boss. It means you’re likely to experience a year that encourages you to take on leadership roles, whether at work, in your business, or within your family or community. With the right mindset and strategies, you have the potential to make significant decisions that can shape the events around you.

If you’re an employee, becoming the boss represents more flexibility and the ability to determine your destiny. This metaphor highlights how bosses have unlimited possibilities. In 2024, you’re encouraged to explore, take risks, and seize diverse opportunities, just like a boss would. On the other hand, if you’re starting a business, 2024 is an excellent year coinciding with the ultimate leadership. You’ll attract positive outcomes effortlessly, but remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

In summary, for those with the Pig in their chart, 2024 is like being the big boss. Embrace new experiences, conquer challenges, and savor success. Take the lead, serve others in various ways, and you may experience immense growth and blessings.

Positive Stars for Pig in 2024 ✔️

The Pig animal sign in 2024 is like an Emperor. It’s a year for making big moves due to the Emperor star (紫微) in your destiny chart. This star brings power, authority, and the ability to solve problems, giving you the potential to make transformative changes in your life.

With the Emperor star and Dragon Virtue (龙德), you can be a great leader and a positive force for change in your family, work, or community. Being an emperor isn’t just about enjoying luxury; it’s about serving others, breaking generational chains, and making a positive impact. You can choose whether you want to be a good or bad emperor. Being a good emperor means having a vision, focus, and determination to create something meaningful. This year is perfect for gathering support, sharing your vision, and exploring possibilities. Dragon Virtue is most helpful when you actively take on challenges.

The Academy star (学堂) in your destiny chart encourages learning. Spend time picking up a new skill for your job, business, or relationships. Films, videos, and online courses are available to help you learn. Investing time in learning can enhance your overall skills. Thus, this year can bring about major changes and shape a better future for yourself and those around you.

Negative Stars for Pig in 2024 ❌

There are other inauspicious stars, such as Brutal Defeat (暴败) and Dark Sky (天厄). These stars typically go with the Emperor star. As mentioned earlier, if the Emperor is not up to par, it can lead to brutal defeat, signifying a sudden downfall.

When people experience a stroke of good luck or a windfall, they may reach a certain level without relying on skills. Therefore, you should be cautious if your success is on luck alone. Instead, focus on acquiring skills and knowledge to sustain and build upon your success. Simply getting rich for a day is not enough; the key is to stay rich by continually learning and developing genuine skills. Otherwise, the Brutal Defeat star could lead to a sudden downfall in the year.

Areas to Note for Pig in 2024 📝

  • Year Pillar: It means that people will look up to you for leadership. There may be problems in your community that require answers, which is an opportunity for you to step up as a leader. With the presence of Dragon Virtue, it’s particularly effective when there are problems to solve. So, if you encounter issues, it’s a chance to demonstrate your leadership skills.
  • Month Pillar: It’s good news for those focused on their careers, whether you work in a business or as an employee. The Emperor star allows you to take on an important and respected role. If there are challenges in your workplace that need solving, this is your opportunity to shine and get noticed. It’s time to improve your skills and advance your career.
  • Day Pillar: Your spouse might act like an emperor this year. Therefore, you could take things easy and avoid unnecessary arguments. It can be challenging to win arguments. So, this year, you might need to be more accommodating to your spouse’s actions and decisions. If you’re single, it’s an opportunity for you to take the lead in your relationships. You could find someone special and discover your queen or king this year.
  • Hour Pillar: It includes access to other people’s resources such as time, energy, effort, money, and funds. Therefore, it could be a fantastic chance for you to raise funds for a project or gain valuable information about a potential investment. In addition, it is an excellent time to learn new skills and knowledge.

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