A Sneak Peek: Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

A Sneak Peek: Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

As we get closer to the end of 2023, it’s almost time to welcome the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024. It means we have around three to four months left to prepare. You may wonder how metaphysics can help you. When you start learning about these topics, one question often revolves around becoming wealthy, having good health, or achieving great relationships.

However, it is vital to note that your destiny chart does not guarantee that you will become wealthy or successful without work. Instead, these charts show your potential for success. It tells that you have the capacity for wealth. However, it’s up to you to take action and unlock that potential. The sooner you learn about your chart, the better your chances of realizing your potential. You can plot your Bazi Chart by visiting the link here.

The Bazi Chart of the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

It’s important to clarify that the energy of 2024 will start to influence events and situations as early as the 7th of December, 2023. This early impact is due to the energy transition as one-year shifts to the next. In 2024, it is the Year of the Wood Dragon. Now, let’s explore how this energy relates to you.

The Bazi Chart of the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024
The Bazi Chart of the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 (4th Feb 2024 1630hrs)

Business Opportunities in the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

  • Water is the smallest element in 2024, and Fire is also limited in influence. Thus, the primary elements are Earth, Metal, and Wood, making up most of the energy. Since Water and Fire have less impact in 2024, you might find it less vibrant for the related industries. On the other hand, Earth’s energy appears to be more prominent and stable. It suggests that industries related to Earth may experience growth. However, market competition will rise as the Earth sectors grow, resulting in tighter profit margins. Refer to our earlier post on the relevant industries based on the element.
  • In 2024, the Day Master, the Wu Xu (Earth Dog), symbolizes an old, stubborn person who resists change. This year, you may notice a surge in activities related to retro or nostalgic trends. Businesses involved in retro products or services might do well for this year. However, this annual energy is temporary, and relying on it for long-term business strategies can be risky.
  • Domestic growth will be more favorable for businesses that don’t heavily rely on international components or cross-border operations. If your products are produced, assembled, and sourced locally, you will experience fewer disruptions. On the other hand, businesses relying on global supply chains, with parts coming from various countries, might face challenges if certain nations impose restrictions or sanctions on trade.
  • The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and increased energy consumption can pose challenges for electrical infrastructure. If there are many EVs charging simultaneously, it could strain the energy grid. Thus, alternative energy generation will most likely rise to remedy this. It includes clean energy sources like wind and solar power. If you’re involved in energy production or services related to the energy industry, this trend could present growth opportunities.
The 5 Elements in 2024
The 5 Elements in 2024

Wealth Opportunities in the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

  • One notable trend for 2024 is the rise of entrepreneurship. You may be inclined to start your own business. It is due to the Year Pillar with a Jia Chen formation (甲辰), representing Indirect Wealth. Many individuals will seek to break free from corporate structures and policies. You will also notice more people around you planning to start their businesses in the coming year.
  • The outlook for making money or finding job opportunities in 2024 might not be as favorable. When we examine the chart and check the wealth elements, the Direct Wealth (DW) and Indirect Wealth (IW) are in the Hidden Stems. It implies that finding lucrative prospects may be difficult. People seeking job opportunities may also find it difficult. Therefore, you shouldn’t make any hasty decisions like resigning without having a new job lined up.
  • The clash between the Dragon and the Dog (Year and Day Pillar), including the clash between the Tiger and the Monkey (Month and Hour Pillar), signifies instability and conflict in 2024. This instability can impact the market and finances. Therefore, you must have a sturdy backup reserve for tough times. Additionally, because of these clashes, things can change rapidly, and the key to success in 2024 will be the quick and efficient execution of your plans.
3 Ways To Manage Your Small Business
3 Ways To Manage Your Small Business

Career Opportunities in the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

  • Your acts and any misconduct (if any) may be exposed and scrutinized more than ever in 2024. The Day Pillar Wu Xu (戊戌) represents an edgy and rocky mountain. On the other hand, the Bing Fire (丙) sits on the Heavenly Stem on the Month Pillar. The sunlight symbolizes increased visibility and accountability. So, if you’ve been lazy at work, you may face issues with your manager as they will be more cautious. However, your talents and efforts are more likely to be acknowledged if you are hardworking and are doing things correctly. You could scrutinize and be diligent in your conduct.
  • The job market in 2024 will likely be very competitive. It is due to the only Direct Officer in the Hidden Stems. Therefore, for you to succeed, you cannot afford to be lazy or complacent. Many people will be fighting for the same opportunities. So, if you’re not already skilled in your field, you might find it challenging to compete with others. It is critical to prepare for a very competitive job market in 2024 and to work on improving your abilities and qualifications.
  • Packaging extends beyond the physical aspect of how you display yourself and your brand. Being skilled at marketing and storytelling is essential. So, whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, learning to package yourself is valuable. You can work on enhancing your image, telling your story effectively, and improving your overall presentation. Packaging yourself can help you stand out in a competitive environment and leave a lasting impression on others.
Personal Branding
Personal Branding

Your Wealth Opportunities in 2024

The position of the Wealth element (Yang Water or Yin Water) within your chart can influence whether you might find wealth opportunities in 2024. 

The positions are as follows:

  • Year Pillar: You can succeed if you want to be an influencer or make money using online platforms or e-commerce. The year pillar represents the world of social media, making it an auspicious time for these endeavors.
  • Month Pillar: You could focus on improving your skills and performance at work to increase your chances of success. You may also need to develop better connections with your superiors, as your opportunities could come through your ability to manage and please your boss.
  • Day Pillar: You have the potential to turn your hobbies into sources of income. Therefore, you can consider converting your interests into a business or a side gig to generate wealth. Your hobbies could become profitable ventures in 2024, allowing you to pursue what you love and make money.
  • Hour Pillar: It suggests you may have various money-making ideas and creative thoughts throughout the year. You should pay attention to your thinking and make sure to capture and document these ideas. Thus, you can jot down your thoughts as they come to you by keeping a notebook or a digital note-taking device nearby.
  • Luck Pillar: It relates to your ability to detect market trends and external opportunities. You may benefit from recognizing and taking advantage of current market trends. Therefore, you can tune in with what’s happening in your environment and utilize that awareness to make informed decisions.

Once you identify where it is, you can gain insights into the areas where wealth opportunities may arise in your life. You can check all five pillars in your Bazi chart to determine the wealth opportunities associated with each of them. 

Missing Water Element in the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

Those of you who do not have a water element in your 2024 chart may be feeling frustrated.

The first solution is to be patient. This lack of water element is only for the year 2024. Waiting for one year can be difficult, but it’s a simple solution.

Second, you can work with friends or acquaintances with the water element in their hour pillar. The hour pillar represents ideas. Many people have great ideas but don’t execute them. You can organize a dinner or a gathering and ask your friends about their ideas.

So, even if you don’t have a water element, you can tap into the wealth opportunities through your network. Make the most of your connections and ideas from friends to prosper in 2024.

Wealth Opportunities 2024
Wealth Opportunities 2024

Your Quality of Life: Bazi Chart

When you look at your Bazi chart, there are five crucial pillars: Year, Month, Day, Hour, and Luck. Each of these pillars occupies about 20% of the chart’s significance. However, the most crucial is your Month pillar. It represents your quality of life from your work or business. If you do well in your job or business, you’ll have a better quality of life for yourself and your family.

So, if you want to make positive changes for the upcoming Wood Dragon 2024, the Month pillar is the first you can focus on. Therefore, you can focus on setting clear goals. Having a clear target is crucial. Many people set goals at the beginning of each year. Examples include losing weight, changing jobs, writing a book, or starting a business. So, if you plan to make significant life changes in 2024, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out plan to achieve your goals.

The Goal-Setting Bazi Strategies

The idea of setting goals is familiar to everyone. You may often hear that “winners in life set goals.” However, both winners and losers set goals. The difference lies in how they approach these goals. Losers may start with enthusiasm but often lose motivation and struggle to progress toward their goals.

Goal fatigue is a common experience where people initially set ambitious goals but eventually lose steam and return to their old habits. Many of us have faced goal fatigue and want to find ways to combat it. It is especially crucial as we enter a new year like the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024.

The question is, “How can you change this pattern and make 2024 different from 2023 by staying committed to your goals?” We aim to discover strategies to help you maintain your motivation and achieve your goals effectively in 2024.

The 5 Structures in Bazi

We have five structures on your Bazi Chart: Wealth, Influence, Resources, Companion, and Output. You should find which of these is the highest in your Bazi chart. To do this, look at the Bazi chart with the beige color diagram, which is your natal chart.

Wealth Structure (Highest)

You tend to be impatient and want to see quick results. You expect things to happen rapidly. If they don’t, you get frustrated and lose motivation. Thus, it’s crucial to cultivate patience. Understand that many things in life take time to develop and achieve. Learning to be patient can help you stay motivated and persevere in your pursuits.

Influence Structure (Highest)

You are less adaptable to new situations and resist change. This inflexibility can hinder your ability to adjust accordingly. Thus, you could remain flexible and try different approaches. While your ultimate goal may remain the same, the path to achieving it may change along the way. Being open to new ideas and ways of doing things can help you stay on track.

Resource Structure (Highest)

You tend to be indecisive. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the abundance of information available. Thus, it can lead to hesitation when making decisions. You don’t need to gather every piece of information available. Instead, you could limit the info gathering you allow yourself. Establish a deadline for making decisions, and within that timeframe, gather the required info and make a choice. This way, you will move forward with your goals.

Companion Structure (Highest)

You might be physically exhausting yourself. It includes factors like diet, sleep, and overall health. It is difficult to follow through on your goals when you are passionate and driven yet lack the energy to sustain your efforts. Therefore, you should prioritize managing your energy. Pay attention to what you eat, ensure you get enough quality sleep, and take care of your overall well-being.

Output Structure (Highest)

You might struggle with procrastination. This tendency often occurs because your initial goals are too ambitious or too large to be managed. Thus, you could break your goals into smaller, more achievable milestones. You will create a sense of progress and build your confidence. It can lead to considerable success in the long run.

5 Tips for Success in 2024
5 Tips for Success in 2024

Activating Your Courage To Start For 2024

In 2024, Yang Wood represents the Courage Star. It symbolizes the attribute of courage. This star in your Bazi Chart indicates that you will have the bravery to try new things and take action. Many people become successful not solely because of their intelligence or capabilities but because they dare to act. This Courage Star will help you overcome fear and start something new.

However, having courage doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always heading in the right direction. You must ensure that your actions are consistent with your goals. This Courage Star will be a favorable influence in 2024. It can motivate you to make adjustments and take strides toward your goals.

Concluding Remarks

There may be multiple solutions to the same problem. You can approach challenges from many angles, depending on your background and experiences. This variation in problem-solving approaches explains why you get various solutions from different people.

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