Bazi For Beginners: Complete Guide To The 10 Profiles

Bazi For Beginners: Complete Guide To The 10 Profiles

How can you prepare yourself to be strong and ready when opportunities present themselves? Then you need to figure out what your true talents or skills are. By understanding your innate abilities, you may be able to determine what to do in a given scenario and how to apply your abilities to get the desired results. We call them the 10 Profiles in our Bazi Chart.

There are ten main types of abilities. The key is to understand how to make the most of your Bazi Chart and inherent abilities. Once you’re aware of this, you may determine whether or not you want to devote time to developing these skills. What makes you happy and what success means to you is not the same for everyone. Your profile defines your sense of accomplishment and purpose in life.

If you’re having trouble in life, no matter how hard you try or how many sacrifices you make, keep reading to learn how to make the most of your abilities. Meanwhile, you might use this link to plot your Bazi Chart. Since we’re entering a new phase from 2024 onwards, the guidelines outlined below will also apply to Period 9. If you want to learn more about Period 9, check out my previous post here.

10 Profiles10 Gods (十神格)Abbreviations
The Director Direct Wealth (正财格)DW
The PioneerIndirect Wealth (偏财格)IW
The PerformerHurting Officer (伤官格)HO
The ArtistEating God (食神格)EG
The WarriorSeven Killings (七杀格)7K
The DiplomatDirect Officer (正官格)DO
The FriendFriend (比肩格)F
The LeaderRob Wealth (劫财格)RW
The AnalyzerDirect Resource (正印格)DR
The PhilosopherIndirect Resource (偏印格)IR
The 10 Profiles

Your 10 Profiles – Healthy or Unhealthy?

So, what does it mean to have a healthy profile? If your profile is between 50 and 85 percent, it is considered healthy. It suggests that your profile will tend to be more good than negative. Anything exceeding 85%, on the other hand, may become harmful. Similarly, if your profile is less than 25% or even zero, it is more difficult for you to use those skills.

Your profile’s strength can fluctuate from year to year. The ones you were born with will be displayed as “Natal” and ranked from highest to lowest percentage. It will, however, vary from year to year, as indicated by the term “Annual.” It could make acquiring specific abilities easier if it has a high percentage. Anyhow, it takes time for your skills to develop and mature. Then, the profiles that are least significant to you will be at the bottom of the list.

Every person will have a unique profile. We recommend that most newcomers concentrate on their “Main Profile,” which is the profile that influences their primary abilities, even if your “Main Profile” is 100%. Additionally, we can examine the top three profiles in your Natal Chart. It’s because our top three profiles are the most straightforward to master. It is something to which we should devote more attention. However, your fourth and fifth profiles can add value to others since they are easy to execute too.

Your Bazi 10 Profiles - Healthy or Not
Your Bazi 10 Profiles – Healthy or Not?

The 10 Profiles – The Technicalities

In a nutshell, how did this main profile come about? Technically, based on your date of birth, we can derive your main profile from the Month Pillar. Your best ability is determined when we examine the season at its peak and the element that is the peak of the season. Therefore, your best ability or talent is your main profile. The other profiles play an important role in rounding out your abilities and making you a whole person. It’s also worth noting that the highest-ranked profile may not be your primary main profile. Thus, it can be found in any of the first three spots.

The Director – Direct Wealth (正财格)

Our abilities are the only thing that remains true. If Direct Wealth (DW) is your primary profile or one of your top three, you are more likely to display the traits listed below.

Traits: Manage / Set Rules / Establish Guidelines

Your strength resides in your ability to handle resources effectively. A person with a lot of Direct Wealth (DW) can turn ideas into reality. You can make the unseen visible. DW is adept at resource management. Thus, if you are in charge of a project, you can manage it from conception to completion. Direct Wealth has the power to handle all of the resources along the way, ensuring that there are enough and that the system becomes efficient.

Direct Wealth (DW) is also appropriate for supervisory positions in any business. You enjoy leading others and enforcing regulations. You also find joy in establishing working parameters and rules for your subordinates.

Career: Management

You must concentrate on management. Thus, you can improve your handling skills in finances, people, events, and even project timelines. Firstly, if you want to handle your finances for your own company, you’ll need to learn how to budget and forecast. You must also be able to read your company’s financial statements, balance sheets, and accounts.

Secondly, you’ll need to figure out how to manage and distribute tasks to your coworkers. Even if they are your peers, you will need to learn to handle their expectations. Following that, you can learn how to plan and manage events. Finally, you must manage deadlines and do your best to meet your objectives within the project time frame.

Relationship: Security

You will want to protect your loved ones and safeguard them from danger if you have a healthy Direct Wealth (DW). It might be ensuring your family’s physical and mental safety. One of the most straightforward approaches is effective financial management. You’ll also need a solid financial foundation, which means you know how to save and earn lots of money. Thus, you are generally cautious and prefer to put money aside for rainy days.

Those with an unhealthy DW are less capable of providing protection and security to others. Some people around you may feel uneasy because you can’t provide them with the emotional stability they require. You may be a large spender who is also poor with money management. There may be periods when you might face cash flow issues. Thus, you’ll need to talk to your partner about handling household finances or hire an accountant to help you. It’s also a good idea to keep an emergency fund on hand.

Wealth: Saving

It implies that you can assist others or yourself in reducing costs, saving time, or conserving resources. You should try to save money if you want to boost your overall cash flow. Those with strong DW can study a problem in its entirety and provide a cost-cutting solution. You may believe that there is never enough money, thus you feel compelled to save money first.

If you must spend money, invest it in something that will grow in value. You must quit purchasing items that provide no value to you and cause you to lose money. As a result, this could be one of the objectives you set for yourself to improve your cost-cutting abilities.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Top 5 Qualities of Direct Wealth (DW)

Strengths and Weaknesses of Direct Wealth (DW)
The Director Direct Wealth (DW)
The Director – Direct Wealth (DW) Guidance to Success

The Pioneer – Indirect Wealth (偏财格)

Our abilities are the only thing that remains true. If Indirect Wealth (IW) is your primary profile or one of your top three, you are more likely to display the traits listed below.

Traits: Entrepreneurship / Big Picture / Deals Maker

Entrepreneurship is the most crucial talent that Indirect Wealth (IW) should develop. You must understand how businesses function and create value to match market demands. You’ll be able to sell information to others if you grasp how to turn it into value. Therefore, it’s all about being resourceful.

Indirect Wealth (IW) usually consists of more forward-thinking business individuals. You enjoy buying and selling businesses because you can see the big picture and are skilled at closing deals. In addition, you are also adept at finding quality offers in your surroundings. As a result, you are more inclined to become an entrepreneur.

Career: Awareness

If you can discover chances, you will have opportunities to make money. It implies that you must improve your market awareness. As a result, you must pay attention to what is going on in your environment or events. You may need to go to the market and listen to what other people say. Subsequently, you might be able to fill in the gaps and most likely sell your items and services to your target market. On the other hand, you can listen to what people complain about and provide them with a solution.

Relationship: Appreciation

You can maintain the loving feelings in your current relationships if you have a healthy Indirect Wealth (IW). We need to be liked and acknowledged as humans. As a result, you can appreciate what your partner or other people have done for you. You also expect people to share your enthusiasm, motivation, and admiration for your work.

However, if you have an unhealthy IW, you’ll likely take everything for granted. You don’t put the relationship’s passion or spark first. Additionally, you risk being ignored if you don’t express gratitude to others. Therefore, it is suggested that you at least express gratitude and appreciation to others.

Wealth: Multiplier

Strong IWs have the power to increase their wealth. You can assist in the profit generation process by selling, providing excellent company ideas, or strategizing the pricing of goods and services. In general, you excel in economics. As a result, you can be the one who is continuously thinking about how to expand your market share. You will feel that money is sufficient for all due to abundant wealth in the market. Therefore, you continuously attempt to make money from your environment.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Top 5 Qualities of Indirect Wealth (IW)

Strengths and Weaknesses of Indirect Wealth (IW)
The Pioneer Indirect Wealth (IW)
The Pioneer – Indirect Wealth (IW) Guidance to Success

The Performer – Hurting Officer (伤官格)

Our abilities are the only thing that remains true. If Hurting Officer (HO) is your primary profile or one of your top three, you are more likely to display the traits listed below.

Traits: Power Of Influence / Marketing / Branding

It’s all about theatrics for the Hurting Officer (HO). Thus you might want to work on your presentation skills. It all comes down to your capacity to express yourself through your talent or performance. Therefore, you should pursue anything related to marketing or branding because you can influence lives through speaking.

You’ll also need to learn how to communicate effectively and advertise yourself to others. In addition, you can consider yourself a celebrity who requires attention. As a result, you may attempt to place yourself in the spotlight to improve your speaking skills and inspire others. Once you’ve mastered the art of speaking, you’ll find it easy to gain popularity.

Career: Presentation

At work, you’ll need to improve your presentation. Firstly, you must comprehend the presentation, ideas, or customers’ goals. You can communicate your proposal to them easily if you grasp their needs and true intentions. Thus, you’ll be able to market your idea if you’ve managed to connect your message with your client’s objectives.

On the other hand, you can also focus on branding and marketing. You might try to advertise yourself by branding yourself. Brand and broadcast your products and services to others if you have them.

Relationship: Communication

Those with a low Hurting Officer (HO) may not be discussing what’s on their minds or even what the problem is. They tend to avoid direct communication by beating about the brush. If they can’t express themselves, quiet animosity may develop, which becomes counterproductive. In some countries, it may be a product of their social upbringing or community, such as a refusal to speak out.

Those with a high unhealthy HO, on the other hand, may talk excessively, using harsh words and intonation. When they argue, they shout at each other and try to intimidate one another.

As a result, the best method is to communicate appropriately and always strive for effective and fair communication. Your thoughts and speech should be in sync, and you should convey what you mean. You have to avoid any verbal attacks on your loved ones. If you have a strong HO, you will always want someone who communicates well.

Wealth: Attention

You should master the art of distraction. We call it a distraction since you can attract people’s attention to something. You’ll be able to hold people’s attention. Therefore, you’ll be able to make viral films on TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube that can help you or others gain popularity. You can put together a campaign that gets people’s attention. Additionally, you can also come up with something contentious unlike anything else.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Top 5 Qualities of Hurting Officer (HO)

Strengths and Weaknesses of Hurting Officer (HO)
The Performer Hurting Officer (HO)
The Performer – Hurting Officer (HO) Guidance to Success

The Artist – Eating God (食神格)

Our abilities are the only thing that remains true. If Eating God (EG) is your primary profile or one of your top three, you are more likely to display the traits listed below.

Traits: Subtle Strategy / Problem-Solving / Creativity & Innovation

Because of your inventiveness, you will be able to innovate product and service development. The late Steve Jobs is one of the best examples of a strong EG person. He was one of the top business people who came up with the idea to develop the phone with his Apple phone, which changed the mobile phone industry forever. Thus, if your main profile is Eating God (EG), you’ll need to figure out how to harness your creativity. Popular career choices include artists, celebrities, storywriters, journalists, and authors.

You will also be able to deal with challenges with ease. When you put yourself in a fast-paced, slightly stressful situation, you can find that you flourish there. Therefore, you can’t work in a relaxed environment. You won’t be able to grow and will become easily bored if your career becomes too mundane and dull. Irritation and anxiety may begin to creep in once this happens.

Career: Creativity

The Eating God (EG) is highly associated with creativity. Because creativity can take various forms, you can bring your creative side to work and devise innovative ways to solve problems, complete sales, or even design something valuable for your job. You should also anticipate problems and assist in their resolution. Additionally, you can adopt a problem-solving mindset. Obstacles aren’t scary. As a result, you should strive to figure out what’s causing the issues and come up with inventive solutions. You will be able to generate a concept.

More opportunities will open up as you can address more problems. You can manufacture more items and services and sell them to the industry if you are a business owner or self-employed. If you work for a company, on the other hand, you can assist your boss with their issues. As a result, the more problems you assist in solving, the more likely you are to be promoted and survive in the firm.

Relationship: Intimacy

Those who have a healthy Eating God (EG) will want to engage in sexual intimacy, mental connection, or both options. In the bedroom, sexual intimacy can imply that you connect mentally with your partner through your body, mind, and spirit. Additionally, mental connections can indicate that you can have intellectual conversations with others. On the other hand, it could mean that you have a special emotional bond with others and that you can finish the sentence of your spouse when they speak.

You will also want to enjoy the finer things in life and indulge in some pleasures. Good cuisine, travel, great conversations, and connection with others are some examples. As a result, those with low EG (or zero EG) may have reduced sexual drive. It could be for them to have a baby, after which they are unconcerned about it.

Wealth: Creation

The strong EW will want to leave its mark on the universe by inventing something new. Your significant impact will come through your creations. You can create new items and services, new intellectual property, or new formulations and recipes. Additionally, because of your distinctive way of thinking, you may have inventive ideas that you can use. Therefore, you should strive to develop new products and introduce them to the market. Blogging, writing, or becoming a book publisher are all possibilities too.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Top 5 Qualities of Eating God (EG)

Strengths and Weaknesses of Eating God (EG)
The Artist Eating God (EG)
The Artist – Eating God (EG) Guidance To Success

The Warrior – Seven Killings (七杀格)

Our abilities are the only thing that remains true. If Seven Killing (7K) is your primary profile or one of your top three, you are more likely to display the traits listed below.

Traits: Power / Authority / Problem-Solving

Those with a high Seven Killings (7K) would exude a sense of power and authority. As a result, you may possess a charming charm that others will notice. You may rise to the top of your profession due to your charisma. It’s because you sense that you belong somewhere higher up in the hierarchy. Therefore, most people you meet are usually prominent and influential in your fields.

Another characteristic of 7K is that they readily attract issues. Thus, you’re a natural problem solver. You should do something that requires you to solve problems. Since your role will always be to assist others in resolving their issues, people will approach you seeking your advice and solutions. It will be easier for you to resolve complicated problems if you have power, authority, and influential friends.

Career: Courage

At work, you’ll need to be more courageous. Thus, you can be more daring and take some risks. Go for it if you can take the lead on some tasks or projects assigned by your manager. However, if you’re a business owner, you might want to try something new. On a personal level, you can try to be more adventurous and visit locations you’ve never been to before.

Those with strong Seven Killings (7K) make quick decisions. However, you can weigh the benefits and drawbacks before deciding and carrying it out. Once you’ve resolved to do it, you shouldn’t offer more excuses. You can go on with your ideas first because it’s in your character to try something without first understanding it. Thereafter, you can take some time to see if your plans are working and make any necessary changes.

Relationship: Growth

A healthy Seven Killings (7K) wants to see their relationships and themselves grow. It can also relate to physical appearances. You can’t live with the internal stagnation of doing nothing. Thus, you’re always looking for better opportunities, even if it involves moving to another country or adopting a different lifestyle. You will tend to embrace changes if there is growth in the relationship. There will be some misalignment and tension if your spouse does not grow.

Those with an unhealthy 7K prefer to shun progress and are content with their current circumstances, no matter how bad they are. They are also resistant to changes. When obstacles arise, they may have already given up on life or submitted themselves to fate.

Wealth: Speed

The pace of execution is crucial for Seven Killings (7K) to activate this skill. You will need to be quick. It’s all about getting things done quickly. As a result, you must master the art of execution. You can look into growing your business into new markets and expanding your region. Speed to markets would be critical.

Thus, a sturdy 7K should concentrate on speed and getting things done quickly. When consumers order something nowadays, they expect it to arrive as soon as possible. As a result, the value you can add is to accelerate things that are already slow. You can make things easier for others. When you work quickly, you may not have time to think about other stuff. Therefore, you are qualified to reorganize something that is not overly emotional.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Top 5 Qualities of Seven Killings (7K)

Problem SolversBlunt
Strengths and Weaknesses of Seven Killings (7K)
The Warrior Seven Killings (7K)
The Warrior – Seven Killings (7K) Guidance to Success

The Diplomat – Direct Officer (正官格)

Our abilities are the only thing that remains true. If Direct Officer (DO) is your primary profile or one of your top three, you are more likely to display the traits listed below.

Traits: Operations / Compliance / Nurturing

The Direct Officer (DO) is all about bringing order from chaos. You can define regulations, standard operating procedures, or best practices for doing specific tasks. In addition, you can also ensure that everything runs well because they have a present system. For example, everything is so disorganized in a startup company. A strong DO person can establish systems that regulate and organize things.

As a result, you’re virtually always the boss’s pet, and excellent bosses are essential for your success. The greater your boss’s position in the company, the more opportunities you’ll have. Once you have more opportunities, you’ll be able to contribute more.

You can also serve as excellent cheerleaders and advisers. Because you have this nurturing capacity, people will want to talk to you. You can predict what other people desire even before they express it.
It is simple for you to make friends or gain a following.

Career: Systematic

You can become more methodical in your job style. In your professional life, you tend to follow the system or protocol. Additionally, you should avoid doing anything that goes against the rules. However, if there are no procedures to follow, you can design your own. Others can follow the process you created and make fewer mistakes.

To make oneself more productive, you should always try to automate some of your workload, processes, and operations. Consider how you might delegate some of your routine tasks to free up additional time.
Finally, the best thing you can do is simplify. Others will appreciate your efforts if you can make things simple for them to understand your concept or processes.

Relationship: Supportive

If your Direct Officer (DO) is in good shape, you’ll be supportive of your spouse and work to align expectations. Because you understand what others are going through, you can be patient with them. You also have compassion for people and feel empathy for them. In addition, you are also a wonderful listener and are frequently the first to console your loved ones when they are distressed.

But, they can’t be supportive of each other if their DO is unhealthy. They could be nagging one other all day, yelling, and heaping expectations on each other. Furthermore, they may lack the empathy to grasp what their partners are going through. Others do not feel emotionally supported when talking to them.

However, this has lately become an issue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people lost their employment and were unable to maintain their families financially. It’s even more difficult if both partners have lost their jobs simultaneously. Conversely, either one may have gone through a painful experience.

Wealth: Protection

You have the power to restore order to the situation. Thus, you may recognize an unsafe environment and make it safe for everyone once again. However, you might be preoccupied with what could go wrong. You may also be skilled at identifying and resolving issues. It could be related to data protection, compliance, or even cyber security. Lastly, you may be scrutinizing the fine print of documents to protect the interests of others.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Top 5 Qualities of Direct Officer (DO)

Law AbidingStrict
Strengths and Weaknesses of Direct Officer (DO)
The Diplomat Direct Officer (DO)
The Diplomat – Direct Officer (DO) Guidance to Success

The Friend – Friend (比肩格)

Our abilities are the only thing that remains true. If Friend (F) is your primary profile or one of your top three, you are more likely to display the traits listed below.

Traits: Networking / Simplification / Growth

The Friend (F) is all about making things simpler and straightforward for others. You are also concerned with personal development. You will almost certainly have a sizeable network of friends and colleagues, although you may not enjoy socializing with them. But my advice is you can network with others and create your own network. It could apply to your clients too. As a result, mostly you are working on developing people or simplifying other people’s tools. If you’re a businessperson, this ability will come in handy.

Career: Networking

You’ll have to collaborate with others. Therefore, you can learn how to become interesting when networking. You can pique other people’s interest in you. Storytelling is one of the methods to be intriguing. People will be interested in listening to your stories if you can tell them well. You can offer your expertise, experience, and personal experiences over the last ten to twenty years. All you have to do now is make it seem intriguing. The more you share, the more people will see your sincerity, then the more friends you will gain.

You can concentrate on these three groups of people when developing your network. They are your frenemy, mentor, and noblemen.

  • A frenemy is someone who possesses both friend and foe characteristics. You need a friend who can help you grow and support you. This friend may also have the same network and net worth as you. However, the same friend might also be your rival as you strive to improve.
  • A mentor is someone who has been there and done that and is eager to share their knowledge. These are individuals from whom you can learn.
  • Lastly, noblemen are people who can help you when you face adversaries. But, they may hold opposing views and might even reprimand you. It can allow you to reflect on your mistakes while working toward your objectives.

It’s critical to maintain these friendship groupings to stay motivated. When attempting to contribute and create worth for others, you may need to find your value. Because you can’t constantly be on the receiving end, you must also give value back to others. Thus, you have a better chance of enlisting help.

Relationship: Ego

If your Friend (F) is in good shape, you’re likely to be patient with others and give in to your interactions. You don’t let your ego get in the way of your relationships. Someone who can protect your identity, or provide you that “feel good” factor is what you require from others. Your F profile will determine whether or not your ego is healthy.

In some relationships, having an unhealthy Friend (F) may experience a complete lack of self-awareness or ego. They can even lose their identity as the person they used to be. Furthermore, they may have been sacrificing their desires for keeping the family together. Thus, some people may even put their careers on hold to keep their marriage together. Their spouse may need to understand that they have a lot of energy and that it’s best to use it at work rather than at home to avoid more problems.

Additionally, they may become intolerant of others’ actions. It’s because they need reassurance from their relationships and prefer to be in charge at all times. They want to be correct all of the time, which can be exhausting to handle. Therefore, people may find it difficult to communicate or create meaningful relationships with them.

Wealth: Service

You have to master the art of deal-making. Thus, you can connect the buyers and sellers and profit from the transaction. Negotiation is a talent that will help you achieve success. You might even imagine yourself as a top-notch customer service representative. People purchase from you because they have faith in you. It’s not always about your product; it’s about their trust in you that keeps them coming back to buy from you.

As a result, you have the power to make people feel like the most important person on the planet. You will be able to win the hearts of others if you can master this skill, as you provide them with the attention they require. Additionally, you can also help all parties reach an agreement in the middle ground, resulting in win-win solutions. When you get support from others, they may even be willing to share insider information.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Top 5 Qualities of Friend (F)

Personal GrowthNarcissist
NetworkingPeople Pleaser
Strengths and Weaknesses of Friend (F)
The Friend Friend (F)
The Friend – Friend (F) Guidance to Success

The Leader – Rob Wealth (劫财格)

Our abilities are the only thing that remains true. If Rob Wealth (RW) is your primary profile or one of your top three, you are more likely to display the traits listed below.

Traits: Teamwork / Collaborations / Platforms

Rob Wealth (RW) is a person who cares about others. You will rely heavily on others who work with or under you. It’s all about you leading a group, and you may or may not be leading with authority or issuing orders. You will be setting a good example. Therefore, it’s all about working together, cooperating with others, and developing common platforms that benefit everyone on your team.

When your followers work together to achieve something significant, this is the power of a strong RW. Thus, the more individuals you bring together and the more people you know, the greater your opportunities. You’ll also be fantastic at entertaining others and motivating them. Friendships may become essential to them as well.

Career: Leadership

You can concentrate on being influential and effective. Therefore, you could desire to increase your speaking skills by influencing others with high-impact words or actions. A high-impact speech is similar to a presidential address or an elevator pitch, in which you have a limited amount of time to attract the attention of people. You can learn persuasive speaking skills by watching YouTube videos, reading internet materials, and practicing with others.

You can also observe what your competitors are doing, study their strategies, and try to do it better or faster. Aside from that, you can try to influence them to earn more fans or followers. Finally, improve your sense of humor to ensure that you are a delightful person when hanging out. You have effectively triggered your Rob Wealth (RW) ability as long as people are captivated around you.

Relationship: Partnership

For Rob Wealth (RW), what they seek is a partnership. It means that your other half is your best friend and your partner in crime. You’ll want to do things together and cherish your special relationship.

When the RW is unhealthy, though, they tend to abandon others. Others may feel unwelcome or undervalued as a result of their actions. It’s crucial to be aware of this behavior because awareness is the first step toward change.

Third-party involvement in a relationship is not necessarily for amusement. When a relationship reaches this point, it’s usually due to a lack of communication, appreciation, sexual intimacy, and mental connection. As a result, the marriage or relationship is opening up to a third party because it no longer feels like a partnership. They will outsource their needs to a third party. When priorities shift, neither party wants to communicate with the other, resulting in hurtful feelings and emptiness.

Wealth: Unity

Rob Wealth (RW) is all about attracting good people to a team and persuading them to work together on a project. Your success is dependent on the people that surround you. Therefore, you’ll be able to bring people together through crowdfunding or attract investors to help you achieve your goals.

When you have the power to bring a group of people together, you can accomplish targets by uniting them around a common goal. It could be through religion, a company motto, or a shared goal. You will have the opportunity to work with people who have more experience or intelligence than you because others will want to follow you. As a result, you can bring together a group of people with diverse skills to work toward a common goal for a better future.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Top 5 Qualities of Rob Wealth (RW)

Strengths and Weaknesses of Rob Wealth (RW)
The Leader Rob Wealth (RW)
The Leader – Rob Wealth (RW) Guidance to Success

The Analyzer – Direct Resource (正印格)

Our abilities are the only thing that remains true. If Direct Resource (DR) is your primary profile or one of your top three, you are more likely to display the traits listed below.

Traits: Analyst / Numbers Specialist / Nurturing

You are truly good at nurturing others if you have a healthy Direct Resource (DR). The majority of you may end up in the medical field due to your kind nature. If you don’t, you’ll probably end up as an analyst. As an analyst, you enjoy looking for patterns and analyzing data, facts, and figures. Therefore, you will tend to do anything related to analyzing things. Nevertheless, health issues will still pique your interest.

Career: Analyzer

You must improve your market research skills and gain a deeper understanding of your target customer. In addition, you can try to collect feedback from your customers and study the information they provide.
As a result, by conducting more data analysis or interpreting numbers, you will be able to better plan and strategy. Finally, if you can’t evaluate any data, try learning something new or reflecting on previous errors. Try to relearn your past mistakes, so you don’t make the same ones again, and discover what you can do to improve yourself.

Relationship: Adaptable

You may feel the urge to be socially acceptable by your family if you have a healthy Direct Resource (DR). It is not an issue for you because you can adjust to the culture and environment. You can blend in with your spouse’s family. However, if you listen to many people, you might not be able to make your conclusions.

Due to social pressure, marriage may have been the only option for some. Even if the other half is the ideal mate, the unhealthy DR will feel forced to establish their own family due to social expectations. It could also be comparable to an arranged marriage. To save the marriage, some of them may even have a child. As a result, they failed to evaluate the connection and determine whether the other half was the correct person for them.

Wealth: Intel

Information is the key to Direct Resource (DR) success. It implies that you should become an expert in the field in which you work. If you’re interested in investments, you should strive to become a financial market guru. You will be the first person people turn to for information and advice. Therefore, DR is also known as the guardian of information.

If you have a strong DR, it’s almost as if you’re a walking encyclopedia or Google. It means that you are knowledgeable. You can apply what you’ve learned to help yourself and others overcome challenges. In addition, you can also examine a large amount of data and use that information to make better judgments. It is also a DR skill if you engage in high-frequency trading.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Top 5 Qualities of Direct Resource (DR)

Strengths and Weaknesses of Direct Resources (IR)
The Analyzer Direct Resource (DR)
The Analyzer – Direct Resource (DR) Guidance to Success

The Philosopher – Indirect Resource (偏印格)

Our abilities are the only thing that remains true. If Indirect Resource (IR) is your primary profile or one of your top three, you are more likely to display the traits listed below.

Traits: Trend Analyst / Innovation / Indirect Healers

The Indirect Resource (IR) is more of a forward trend spotter. You enjoy analyzing trends and are frequently ahead of the curve. In addition, you usually fancy coming up with new ideas. You might even enjoy coming up with a new product for the market. Similarly, you enjoy participating in activities that allow you to heal others indirectly or as an alternative healer.

Career: Innovate

When you need to come up with something fresh, you may need to rely on your intuition. Therefore, you can trust your instincts and be open to receiving information from others or your surroundings. You should not block your mind, be obstinate, or believe that you know everything. Try to be a seeker of knowledge, which means accepting that you don’t know everything. There is still wisdom out there for you to discover. If you have a high Indirect Resource (IR) for a year, you might need to unlearn some things before relearning them.

You can also predict future trends and learn how to spot them. With expertise and insight, you may be confident that the direction will succeed. Consider what other individuals are doing when analyzing trends. You can learn to think creatively and unconventionally. Instead of following in the footsteps of others, try something different.

Relationship: Warmth

If your Indirect Resource (IR) is in good shape, you are probably someone who enjoys taking care of your home. You take pleasure in making everyone happy by providing a clean living environment with clear rules and regulations. Because IR also necessitates a worthy connection, some may consider it borderline OCD. You’re concerned about the domestic well-being of your relationship and family.

An unhealthy IR may not feel compelled to keep a relationship warm. They have no concept of how joyful family members should be, the importance of cleanliness, or the rules of a home. Because objects are frequently misplaced, the home can become a cluttered atmosphere. Domestic violence could be a possibility for those with severe conditions.

Wealth: Vision

The Indirect Resource (IR) must be forward-thinking. You observe trends and can probably predict what will happen in the following few years. Furthermore, you might perceive the trend earlier than others even before it even occurs. It can even aid you while investing in stocks or trading the market if you can foresee the future trend. Thus, you have a knack for predicting trends and excel at market forecasting.

When you can see something’s worth, which means you can look into the future. Therefore, you’re more likely to invest in growth stocks because of the prospective earnings. You may even assist others in seeing the big picture. Therefore, you can lead everyone on the correct route since you can see something’s future potential. Since you see it before anyone else, you can become a disruptor in the industry.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Top 5 Qualities of Indirect Resource (IR)

Strengths and Weaknesses of Indirect Resources (IR)
The Philosopher Indirect Resource (IR)
The Philosopher – Indirect Resource (IR) Guidance to Success

Bonus: The 10 Profiles – Your Winning Arena

Now that you learned the potential of your abilities, you can determine which areas you should operate on based on our Bazi Chart. The traditional interpretation of our Bazi Chart can help us comprehend the following:

  • Year Pillar: Your network
  • Month Pillar: Your career
  • Day Pillar: Ourselves
  • Hour Pillar: Your children

Nonetheless, as long as you are doing what you are good at and in the correct job position, you may never be unemployed.

The 10 Profiles – Period 9 Strategy

However, when it comes to Period 9, these pillars have different meanings. You may be capable of excelling in at least one of the areas since each pillar contains the 10 Profiles too. But, if you have the following profiles in the right pillars, it will benefit you greatly. It can appear in the top row (Heavenly Stem), or the bottom row (Hidden Stem).

  • Year Pillar: Attention — IW/HO/RW
    • You can use virtual means to attract attention. But, a robust social media presence is required. You can also try to increase the number of people who follow you on social media. Additionally, you must also present yourself nicely and communicate clearly.
  • Month Pillar: Solution — DW/DO/DR
    • You have the best chance of succeeding in the corporate world. But, you have to determine what your client’s requirements are. If you’re self-employed, figure out what your corporate clients are demanding and provide a solution.
  • Day Pillar: Philosophy — F/EG
    • It refers to your way of thinking, like if you were thinking of creating your own business, comparable to indie businesses. You can work as a freelancer or start a home-based business. Moreover, you may create a niche market for yourself by having your product and services.
  • Hour Pillar: Leverage — IR/7K
    • You can work on any of the categories that are mentioned above. It’s because you’re able to bring people together. You can use others to fill in the gaps that people require, even if you don’t have the answer yourself. Additionally, you can also be an angel investor.
The 10 Profiles - Period 9 Strategy
The 10 Profiles – Period 9 Strategy

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