Best Feng Shui Principles to Succeed In The New Year

Best Feng Shui Principles to Succeed In The New Year

Feng Shui principles is a practice that involves studying and optimizing the energy flow within your living space, such as your house or apartment. Therefore, it focuses on creating a harmonious environment that supports well-being and positive energy. By understanding the arrangement of furniture, colors, and other elements in your home, you can create a balanced and conducive atmosphere that promotes a sense of harmony and balance. However, it is crucial to consider various factors that can determine whether a house will support your progress or become an obstacle.

The components of your house can influence your ability to accumulate wealth. For example, if you’re losing money, it may indicate that something in your home is hindering wealth accumulation. It’s critical to assess the elements discussed in this article during property viewing to avoid costly mistakes when buying a house. Making Feng Shui adjustments may require structural changes, which can be challenging, especially for apartments. It’s advisable to seek guidance from a Feng Shui expert before finalizing a property purchase to prevent potential issues. Remember that purchasing a home is a significant financial commitment, so making well-informed decisions that align with your goals is vital.

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Recognizing the Types of Feng Shui System

Feng Shui and metaphysics may seem complicated for those new to it. The Luo Pan consisting of multiple layers and formulas can be particularly challenging to grasp. However, the basic idea behind Feng Shui is to study the environment around us and our home’s internal structures. By doing so, we can identify negative energy, also known as “Sha Chi.”

This knowledge helps us to understand what changes we need to make to improve our living space and create a more positive environment. For example, to improve energy flow in our home, we may need to move furniture or modify structures. By making these changes, we can enhance our well-being and create a more harmonious living space.

These Feng Shui systems apply to different timeframes: short-term, long-term, or evergreen. Short-term Feng Shui applies to daily, monthly, and yearly aspects. It focuses on making adjustments and enhancements that bring immediate benefits. Long-term Feng Shui covers a longer span, typically ten to twenty years. It involves planning and structural changes to create lasting harmony and positive energy.

Evergreen Feng Shui is the most enduring and timeless. It is principles and practices that can be applied for centuries. It ensures your space remains favorable for future generations. Whether you need immediate results, long-lasting effects, or a harmonious environment for the future, Feng Shui offers strategies and techniques to suit your needs.

Types of Feng Shui System
Types of Feng Shui System

Considering Items as Feng Shui?

Picture your house or office filled with various Feng Shui items bought, like Ba Gua, ancient coins, talismans, and fortune cats. Some people might see it as a place with too many decorations. However, it’s important to note that space with good Feng Shui doesn’t necessarily require these items.

The unusual art pieces you bought don’t affect your Feng Shui. Instead, they may create a different atmosphere in your home, which some people might find eerie or strange. The aesthetic choices you make can impact the overall ambiance of your living spaces, but they don’t directly affect the energy flow or principles of Feng Shui.

A location with exceptional Feng Shui may not be visible, but if you engage your other senses, you can perceive the flow of “Chi” or energy. It’s not something you can see with your eyes alone, but rather a subtle sensation. By tuning in to your surroundings and paying attention to the energy around you, you can sense the harmonious flow of “Chi” and the positive vibrations in a space with good Feng Shui. It’s about developing a sensitivity to the energy and being attuned to its subtle movements and effects.

How to NOT Feng Shui Your Home
How to NOT Feng Shui Your Home

Receiving Good Energy and Good Feng Shui

Many articles about Feng Shui focus on wealth and its importance. When we refer to the basics of wealth, we’re trading our energy for money. This concept applies to various types of work and businesses. Money allows us to purchase food and services and enjoy a better quality of life. In simple terms, having good wealth is equivalent to having good energy. Therefore, energy can also be known as “Chi.”

A positive flow of “Chi” can have various effects on the following aspects:

  • Health: Good “Chi” can promote overall well-being and vitality, supporting physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • Thoughts: Positive energy can boost your creativity, productivity, and ability to generate new ideas. It can help you perform better in artistic activities, work tasks, or things you do for yourself.
  • Will Power: You feel strong and resilient. This inner strength helps you overcome challenges and stay committed to your goals.
  • Relationships: Positive “Chi” can enhance your relationships. It improves communication, with better understanding and connection with others.
  • Personal Growth and Spirituality: It can help you to explore your potential, gain insights, and develop a deeper understanding of yourself. This positive energy encourages you to embrace personal growth and expand your horizons.
  • Prosperity: The flow of abundant “Chi” can attract wealth and prosperity, creating opportunities for financial growth and success.

If you’re feeling stuck or facing challenges in your life, it could be a sign that the Feng Shui of your property is causing some problems. When the flow of positive energy is blocked or disrupted, it can affect your overall well-being and create obstacles in various areas of your life.

Good Chi Good Feng Shui
Good Chi Good Feng Shui

Analyzing the 3 Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a concept that comprises three fundamental elements: Heaven, Earth, and Man. These elements create balance and harmony in our surroundings.

Heaven represents the powerful forces and energies from the sky that impact our lives. These include the positions of stars, planets, and other celestial events that affect us. It encompasses the unseen forces that shape our destiny. Examples of these include our Bazi, Birth Place, Family, Sex, etc.

Earth refers to the physical place in which you are living on. It includes the landscape, geographical features, and landforms. Additionally, it involves analyzing the natural elements like mountains and rivers to understand their impact on the energy flow and the well-being of the occupants.

Man symbolizes the human factor in Feng Shui. It recognizes the influence of your actions, thoughts, and intentions on the energy of your surroundings. Your choices in design, arrangement, and personal behavior can either enhance or disrupt the energy flow within a space.

By considering and harmonizing these three elements, you can create a more balanced environment that supports your well-being, relationships, and overall success. The interaction and alignment of Heaven, Earth, and Man create the foundation of Feng Shui principles and practices. Therefore, these three factors can shape our overall luck and life experiences.

The Cosmic Trinity - The 3 Elements of Feng Shui
The Cosmic Trinity – The 3 Elements of Feng Shui

Impact of Your Birth Place and Feng Shui (Heaven Luck)

Contrary to what many people believe about the influence of family background and friends, Feng Shui impacts our lives the most. Research undertaken by third parties backs up this claim on why birthplace is significant. It’s interesting to note that even someone born on the same day as you but in a different country will grow up and live a different life.

Big cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, and others have significant water features that bring wealth to the people. These cities have favorable Feng Shui, which helps them recover from economic setbacks and thrive even more. Examples like significant water features in these cities contribute to the accumulation of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, if you want to enhance your wealth potential, you can consider a move to one of these major cities known for its positive Feng Shui.

In contrast, countries like Ethiopia, Libya, Congo, and Niger are known for their economic challenges and poverty. One contributing factor is the absence of significant water features such as lakes, rivers, or seas within their borders. Instead, these countries become surrounded by other nations. The lack of water features in their surroundings can impact the flow of wealth and prosperity.

When we look at those countries with colder climates, for example, Greenland, Canada, Iceland, and Poland, they are not that poor. Research has indicated that residing in colder climates is helpful for your health. Colder air enhances your brain activity and promotes clearer thinking. In addition, they experience four seasons spring, summer, autumn, and winter. These diverse climates contribute to their overall quality of life. Therefore, one of the ways to succeed would be to migrate or change houses.

Your Birth Place Affects Your Heaven Luck
Your Birth Place Affects Your Heaven Luck

Understanding the 4 Celestial Animals in Feng Shui (Earth Luck)

Have you ever heard of the Feng Shui concept of the four heavenly animals? These animals focus on the natural features of the environment. Therefore, they are the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Red Phoenix. Each animal represents a specific direction and has its balance of energy in a space.

  • Green Dragon is associated with the East (left side of the building) and represents vitality, growth, and abundance. It is the energy of wood and represents new beginnings and expansion.
  • White Tiger is connected to the West (right side of the building) and symbolizes strength, protection, and courage. It is the energy of metal and represents resilience and determination.
  • The Black Tortoise is linked to the North (behind the building) and represents stability, support, and longevity. It is the energy of water and symbolizes wisdom and protection.
  • Red Phoenix is in the South (in front of the building) and represents fame, success, and opportunity. It is the energy of fire and signifies passion, transformation, and leadership.

Landform Feng Shui also involves managing the flow of “Chi,” the vital life force energy, to the surrounding environment. Therefore, “Chi” relies on the harmonious interaction of wind and water. When these elements come together, it allows smooth flow and accumulation of positive energy. This favorable combination of wind and water (风水) allows positive energy to gather and circulate. As a result, it can bring good fortune to the occupants of a space.

The Four Celestial Animals in Feng Shui
The Four Celestial Animals in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Burial Site For Ancestors (Human Luck)

Soil burial for ancestors is a meaningful practice in Feng Shui. It involves burying the remains of deceased family members in the ground, usually in a special burial place. It is to honor the ancestors and keep their energy connected to the living. Therefore, it’s believed that by doing this, their presence and support can continue to benefit future generations.

Selecting the right burial site is crucial in Feng Shui. The location should have good energy and be in balance with the natural surroundings. In addition, we can consider factors like the land, hills, and nearby environment to find a suitable and positive resting place for the ancestors.

Some of the Feng Shui principles include:

  • Front, large slow-moving rivers (the presence of Bright Hall)
  • Rear, strong mountain (the support from Noble people)
  • Located at the center of the mountain
  • Energy gathering at the bottom
  • Water mouth and exit points

Burying ancestor’s remains in the ground shows respect for the past and creates a positive and supportive future. As a result, the belief is that by staying connected to our ancestors, their wisdom, blessings, and positive influence can be passed on to future generations.

Feng Shui Principles - Burial Site For Ancestors
Feng Shui Principles – Burial Site For Ancestors

Good Feng Shui Indicates Good Life

When you incorporate good Feng Shui into your life, you will begin experiencing a range of benefits. One significant change is the shift from a victim to a winner mentality. You will feel empowered, confident, and motivated to overcome challenges. This change in perspective can enhance your confidence, motivation, and overall success in various aspects of life. With a winning mentality, you become proactive, resilient, and open to seizing opportunities. It can lead to achievements and pave the way to success.

By embracing the principles of Feng Shui, you can restore and enhance your energy levels. Studies and statistics have revealed that our lives contain countless small decisions and actions that collectively shape our well-being. Even a slight improvement of 0.1% in your daily choices can impact you over time. If you consistently make these incremental improvements, you can experience a remarkable 36.5% enhancement in your overall life within a year.

This concept highlights the cumulative effect of making positive changes daily. Each small decision, and each positive action you take, contributes to your personal growth and progress. By understanding and applying Feng Shui principles, you can make conscious choices that align with the flow of energy that improves various areas of your life. It’s a testament to the power of consistent effort and the potential for significant transformation over time.

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