Breaking the 9 Invisible Chains That Make You Poor

Breaking the 9 Invisible Chains That Make You Poor

When we meditate or when Qi Men manifest, there may be many doubts, anxieties, and cynicism. Even while we can genuinely break those invisible chains holding us back using the daily Qi Men charts, generally, we’re sabotaging our efforts to achieve our goals. Many times, if we stopped self-sabotaging, we could realize how successful and content we would be in our life. Thus, you will be better when you give yourself the rules and love in relationships, health, wealth, and career.

Most of us do not wear invisible chains around our necks. However, we are bound to these intangible chains due to our experiences, trauma, grief, and suffering throughout our life. Therefore, to advance, we must metaphorically cut these chains. This article will provide instructions to free ourselves from the invisible chains preventing us from moving forward in all facets of life.

Focusing on a Growth Mindset

You’ll concur that the circumstances we’re in right now are difficult. It’s almost like a domino ready to fall everywhere with the threat of war, the energy crisis, hyperinflation, geopolitical concerns, etc. However, you can now help yourself out of this by using Qi Men Manifesting. Thus, you can tune out the doom and gloom and focus on your priorities.

You already possess a growth mentality when you are willing to make improvements. A person with a fixed mindset wouldn’t want to change because they believe there is a conspiracy and that everyone is out to get them. It might be challenging to assist someone like that. However, innovation can aid in problem-solving during tough times. A growth mentality typically falls into one of these three categories:

  • Security mode: those who constantly moan, long for the past, believe that the world is not benevolent to them, and regard problems negatively.
  • Recalibrate mode: adjusting, pivoting to new things, and concentrating on “Who am I now?”
  • Performance mode: when you are most productive and realize your true potential. Invention flourishes with a conscious, intentional shift toward success.

It can be challenging to get good results when your energies are in the security stage. It’s because you believe that life has betrayed you. However, when you start adjusting to the new norms, you begin shifting towards the recalibrate stage. The final performance stage is when you let go of your fears and search for your true calling. You’ll start to go upward in a spiral to achieve all your goals in life.

4 Types of Manifesting Personalities
4 Types of Manifesting Personalities

Improving Your Intuition

So how do you enter this performance mode? Unfortunately, without intuition, innovation is impossible. Thus, it’s beneficial for you to use your intuition actively. You will inevitably move on to the performance level as your intuition develops and your power to manifest grows.

Therefore, you can take the day chart of Qi Men and examine the 8 Doors in your wealth palace, intuition palace, and other palaces. You will be open to a new level of spiritual consciousness. It is what we refer to as Spiritual Qi Men. To put it briefly, it’s all about answering destiny’s call.

In Qi Men, there are 4 realms. These 4 realms involve the following:

  • Universe – Your spirit (Deities)
  • Heaven – Your thoughts (Stars)
  • Earth – Your emotions (Doors)
  • Man – Your physical being (Stems)

The Doors function as openings or portals to new worlds, opportunities, or experiences. To comprehend which doors to unlock, you must know which keys are needed and reach a different area of your life. Nevertheless, we unknowingly pass through these 8 Doors throughout our lives. It might depict the course of your life.

Leveling Up Your Consciousness
Leveling Up Your Consciousness

Understanding the Law Of Equivalent Exchange

Everything in life has a cost, no matter what you want. A few of these examples can include health, prosperity, and happiness. It also incorporates the things you want to manifest. It comes from the “Law of Equivalent Exchange”. According to this rule, you must be ready to offer something of an equal effort to receive something. As a result, you must work hard if you want anything in life.

So, if you want good health, you must eat well, exercise, and so on. On the other hand, if you want a great career, you must acquire the necessary skills, network with the appropriate individuals, or even win over your boss. Then if you want to be happy in your relationships, you must cultivate happiness with your spouse, family, or loved ones by spending time and effort. Therefore, your goals must be compatible with the type of effort and energy you are investing.

But there is no instruction book for life. There are costs associated with both reaching and failing to achieve your goals. You must first have confidence in your worth. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you won’t try to work more. When you believe you are valuable, you will invest in yourself by acting, even if your intentions aren’t always clear. Therefore, the Eight Doors and the Nine Stars in Qi Men Dun Jia can direct you because they are a form of frequency or energy of the universe.

The Law Of Equivalent Exchange
The Law Of Equivalent Exchange

Making Use of the Manifesting Framework

You may utilize a framework to make the things you want in life come true. The beginning is always as follows:

  1. Intent: What would you intend to begin? If your purpose is to make money, you might adjust your objectives so that they will help others. Not only do you want more money for yourself, but you also want it to leave your kids, spouse, and parents a better life.
  2. Alignment: You can align to the Day chart from Qi Men. Looking at unique formations like “Green Dragon Returns,” “Flying Bird Into Cave,” “Jade Maiden,” etc. is one approach to using the chart. You could also concentrate on the palaces with the auspicious components.
  3. Command: What specifically are you hoping the universe will do for you right now? For instance, if you own a business, you can ask the Chief deity to introduce you to possible customers. If you’re working for a company, you can command for necessary abilities to boost business profits and make you a valued asset to the firm.
  4. Conquer: It refers to the course of action you ought to adopt. You respond to Destiny’s call. Even though there will be some discomfort or shyness as you leave your comfort zone, this discomfort is only temporary.
  5. Validate: If you are not in sync, what guidelines do you want the universe to provide you? You may receive guidance through words of wisdom or from a mentor. You can pay attention to what people like your boss, colleagues, or friends are saying to you.
Qi Men Manifesting Framework
Qi Men Manifesting Framework

Setting Up Plans and Goals

Your Bazi chart and Qi Men destiny chart remain constant throughout your life. Each box on the Qi Men chart represents one of the eight sectors influencing various aspects of our lives. But using your Destiny Palace as a guide is the simplest. There might be a different door that leads inside your Destiny Palace every year, month, day, or even every two hours. As a result, it will affect the entire outlook. We can schedule the following while considering various time frames:

  • Destiny Chart – The stage of life you are in determines where you should focus. For example, if you were born in the year of the Rabbit, you would begin in the East box based on the illustration below. Your focus point transits every 15 years. Alternately, if you know how to use your Destiny Palace, your Guardian of Destiny, also known as “Deity,” can help you achieve success.
  • Yearly Chart – These are ambitious goals that you hope to attain within the year. Your objectives should ideally assist you in completing one or two major tasks. It can involve making home purchases, making plans for children, etc.
  • Monthly Chart – You can make plans for the one or two projects that take time to prepare. It may involve getting ready for a significant life event or proposing a sales plan for a large-scale project.
  • Daily Chart – You can utilize the daily charts to manifest when you are ready to start your work, embark on a journey, or shift your mentality.
  • Hourly Chart – It is employed in forecasting and strategy planning for your plans. To learn more about Qi Men forecasting, see this older post.
Qi Men Destiny Chart Based on Age Cycle
Example of the Qi Men Destiny Chart Based on Age Cycle

Developing A Greater Purpose

Your why becomes compelling, and your manifestation becomes better when you consider the people who depend on you to be a better version of yourself. Compared to living for yourself, your powers grow when you live for others. You must switch from “me” to “us.” When going through these activities, you can refer to the following questions:

  • What does your mental clarity imply to your family or children who depend on you for a living?
  • How does it affect your spouse, who has relied on you their entire lives, when you gain more self-confidence?
  • What advantages do you see in the next five years from having a growth mindset?
  • How would your loved ones feel if you decided to pursue spiritual development?
  • How will your parents feel about you when you are in charge of your personal and professional development? (even if they are not present anymore?)

There is, of course, no right or incorrect answer to the above questions. But as we are pro-life, your abilities will grow when you live for more than just yourself. The divine, the source, or the maker of the universe is consistently pro-life. Your families and loved ones should come first while you are trying to help others. A giving mindset will give you more power and increase the possibilities that come your way. Making your spouse, children, and parents happy is paramount, even if you are working hard for more money for a living.

What is the importance of having a life purpose
What is the importance of having a life purpose?

Answering Destiny’s Call

All Qi Men charts have the 8 Doors arranged in a circular pattern. It represents a journey through life. Do you act when the relevant door appears in your destiny chart annually, monthly, or daily? Using these doors, you can formulate the upcoming action steps. You don’t need to be afraid of the doors because they all have a part to play in your story. Your decision to change for the better affects those around you, including your partner, children, etc. Therefore, your ability to effect change and actualize outcomes increases significantly when you live for others.

Nevertheless, it always starts with the following arrangement:

life door (生门) ▶ Harm door (傷门) ▶ delusion door (杜门) ▶ scenery door (景门) ▶ death door (死门) ▶ fear door (驚门) ▶ open door (開门) ▶ Rest Door (体门) ▶ back to life door

Life Door (生门)

Opening the Life Door is an invitation to exploration. The Life Door signals your call to adventure when it enters your Destiny Palace. It depends on whether you’ll heed your calling from the universe and follow the predetermined course. Everything has the potential to start a trip. So it might be a divine calling for you to commence your own business, work for a firm, or even follow your passion. You are led toward this stage of life by the inspiration you have received.

Harm Door (傷门)

When there is a problem and discomfort, the following level is the Harm Door. Either you’re going to answer Destiny’s call, or you’re going to ignore it. However, taking the call can occasionally be difficult because it forces you to make a change. Therefore, Harm Door stands for the discomfort brought on by change. It might be painful when you want to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. If you repeatedly disregard Destiny’s calls, the universe will stop sending you signals. You start to lose your sense of intuition and feel out of sync with the universe.

Delusion Door (杜门)

The Delusion Door alludes to obstacles. It implies that you need to train to prepare yourself. Therefore, even though you heeded Destiny’s call and followed this call to adventure, you will frequently run into roadblocks, issues, challenges, and doubters. However, you grow as a person as you overcome each challenge. You won’t be able to accomplish anything if you haven’t overcome any barriers. Additionally, you can build your strength, spirit, energy, and character. Therefore, the Delusion Door is also known as the preparation phase.

Scenery Door (景门)

Due to your education, training, or mentorship, when you meet at the Scenery Door, it implies fresh insights and viewpoints. Perhaps you met someone whose words changed your perspective or motivated you to see things differently. You’ll devise new answers to your difficulties when you look at the same situation from several angles. As a result, you are motivated to adopt a new path to success. Even though you now have a contemporary viewpoint, you may still need to confront your fears.

Death Door (死门)

Death is not a literal meaning of the Death Door. The old you is gone, and you discover a new version of yourself. Therefore, it means rebirth. When we examine death in this context, it denotes eliminating a negative aspect, such as a difficulty or task. It can mean breaking a bad habit. You can break free of your previous self here. Given that you have already entered the earlier doors, you will learn new things. You will be able to face the following stage with the new abilities.

Fear Door (驚门)

The Fear Door alludes to conquering your adversaries. You must, however, face it head-on with your newfound confidence and abilities. But you will be able to control the problems thanks to your newly discovered abilities. Despite how harsh the Fear Door appears, there is a lack of energy or excitement in this place. Arguments, discontent, and strife may be related to it. Although there is kindness and morality to be reached through the Fear Door, it may not be an essential worry.

Open Door (開门)

Your ascent to new prospects and a new life begins the moment you go through the Open Door. These new opportunities can refer to any stage of your life. There will be no obstacles in the way of advancement, especially for pioneering initiatives. You’ll be able to go over difficulties and hurdles. You reap the benefits at this point by returning to your regular life after living an amazing one, and that is where you move up to the next door.

Rest Door (体门)

You return to balance when you reach the Rest Door. Additionally, it’s where you get together to celebrate with your family and loved ones. It is also the door to family, joy, and fulfillment. The Open Door, Rest Door, and Life Door—all known to be auspicious doors—reflect just your everyday existence. By heeding destiny’s call, you have lived an incredible life.

Answering Destiny's Call via Qi Men Doors
Answering Destiny’s Call via Qi Men Doors

Manifesting Positive Outcomes

We can free ourselves by identifying the invisible chains imprisoning us and using the appropriate Qi Men charts to cut them loose. There are simply two items you’ll need:

  • Daily Qi Men Charts – provides information on the energy that has arrived at specific sectors on the best days and types of instructions to break invisible chains.

Being honest and realizing your vulnerability in terms of what holds you back is crucial. However, if there are possibly one or two chains preventing your manifestations from materializing and you are asking why, you must first remove these restraints.

When we say someone is “poor,” we don’t mean they lack money. Money is only one of the nine invisible chains. We will explain the different aspects listed below in detail. Consequently, the Heavenly Stars contain the answer to each sector of your life. You can bring about the desired result by backing into one of the Doors or Stars.

Qi Men Manifestation
Qi Men Manifestation By Backing Towards The Favorable Palace / Formations

The Many Aspects of Life (Emotional)

  • LOVE 🥰 – You can’t give and receive love if you don’t have enough “love.” Even selfish love might take on this shape. Your definition of love can be someone who needs to live by your rules. Due to your loneliness and desire to find the ideal partner, you will have difficulty manifesting love.
    • Heavenly Pillar (天柱星) – It refers to your ability to communicate. The meaning of love is how you correspond, interact, and spread happiness & joy. In addition, you’ll feel appreciated by others.
  • SPIRIT 🤗 – If your “spirit” is lacking, everything you encounter in life will only frustrate you. You only notice life’s flaws and never its beauty. In addition, innovation, passion, and tenacity are lacking. Your energy level is usually low.
    • Heavenly Hero (天英星) – It represents your spirit and high morals. You’ll be able to recognize other people’s positive traits and assets. Additionally, you exude confidence and encourage others.
  • WISDOM 🧐 – You can be a person who is well-read and keeps up with current events, yet you lack wisdom. Knowing when not to act is more important than knowing what to do with the information. If you’re wise, you’ll understand how to solve issues and fully live your life.
    • Heavenly Grass (天蓬星) – It is a part of the water element associated with wisdom. Understanding the dark, cunning, and dishonest things comes with that knowledge.

The Many Aspects of Life (Mental)

  • ATTITUDE 😎 – A poor attitude spreads quickly through life. You start to see things negatively and become jaded or snobbish. It’s kind of like an energy vampire. In contrast, you can’t perform and deliver subpar work.
    • Heavenly Bird (天禽星) – With a Yang polarity (opposite of the Grain), you should be pure, ethical, righteous, and nurturing to others. You develop into a charismatic leader who successfully pulls others together to work for a common goal.
  • CHARACTER 😁 – It implies that you are someone who cheats and lies. You make promises but don’t follow through. Additionally, you tend to freeload on other people and lack integrity. It’s difficult for others to rely on you.
    • Heavenly Grain (天芮星) – It alludes to your reliability and tolerance. You approach life and work with an optimistic attitude. You can also determine what is right and wrong.
  • DISCIPLINE 😅 – You could lack the stamina or resolve to follow through on your commitments. Additionally, you have difficulty following through and finishing any jobs or projects you start. It’s critical to monitor your discipline in all areas of your life, including your job, relationships, and education.
    • Heavenly Destructor (天沖星) – It alludes to having high moral standards and being honest and truthful. Even though it might regularly be harsh and oppressive, it usually has good intentions. Being more proactive and getting started early can help you succeed in whatever you do.

The Many Aspects of Life (Physical)

  • FINANCE 🤑 – When your financial situation is poor, you dislike discussing money. You dislike hearing other people talk about money. Thus, you develop resentment toward people who try to sell you products. Additionally, you can’t sell yourself to your spouse and kids on any changes since you don’t like to sell, which makes it impossible for you to gain the next promotion.
    • Heavenly Ambassador (天任星) – It controls expansion and advancement. Additionally, it is said to help give life vibrancy, set goals in motion, and help ideas blossom into deeds. It also has a bearing on fiscal, financial, and economic progress.
  • HABITS 😬 – You can postpone all the time or become perpetually lazy. Alternatively, you might be using drugs, alcohol, smoking, or gambling. You could even assign blame to your parents for this trait of yours. Such a habit keeps you in poverty.
    • Heavenly Heart (天心星) – It takes deliberate action and effort to break some of these unconscious habits. Your life improves when you become aware of them and possess the power to alter them.
  • INERTIA 🙄 – It entails sticking with your current course and showing no sign of change. You repeatedly engage in the same old behavior. You may have some inkling that change is necessary, but you lack the motivation to make any changes.
    • Heavenly Assistant (天輔星) – It can assist you in comprehending and overcoming that inactivity. In addition, it can assist you in advancing your career, going for higher education, or even forming new connections. If you also require direction and help from others, it is fantastic.
Break Your Invisible Chains With Qi Men
Break Your Invisible Chains With Qi Men

Reaching Your Full Potential With These 4 Manifesting Hacks

In the end, even if you are unsure of what you want to manifest, you can still improve your life and maybe forge a positive destiny by doing the four tasks listed below. It can enhance and confirm whether things are going your way in this manner:

  • Deep Focus – It is performing at your highest level every day. Your life will change once you can give everything you are doing your full attention every day. When everyone says you’re the best, you know you’re the best because you’re doing everything in your power to be the best you can be.
  • Discipline – With discipline, you may accomplish a lot and put an end to distractions. It enables you to gain the fortitude necessary to overcome setbacks, losses, or other setbacks. We are all aware that life is not ideal. As a result, you have the discipline to finish the tasks on hand.
  • Energy – You essentially have an edge when you have more energy than other people. You become more appealing, stronger, and better able to influence people. Because of your energy levels, not your intelligence, you can outlast your competitors.
  • Compassion – Even though many people claim to be compassionate, they are not. It indicates that you care about them and are ready to lend a hand. When the goods and services you provide do not benefit others, you are not addressing their problems. You require compassion to solve other people’s problems and help them achieve their goals.
Manifesting Hacks To Get More Done
Manifesting Hacks To Get More Done

Final Remarks

Every person travels through life. We will all encounter opportunities at some point in our lives; the decision is yours as to whether you will heed the call of destiny. Not every chance comes knocking on your door. You must answer the call. Even if this isn’t your final destination, you need to have some faith in your ability to navigate this new path and seize new opportunities.

You can locate people who can mentor you in life, your job, and your relationships when you connect with others or your mentors. But no mentor can provide you with the answers to your difficulties. Ultimately, it’s still up to you to handle your problems. You should verify the advice, internalize the knowledge, and consistently apply it before you can break the invisible chains that have been holding you back and start serving as a mentor to others.

You need to find a group of people who share your goals and who will support you in achieving them. When you can direct your manifestations to the techniques mentioned before, or even just the final four hacks, you will eventually know what you desire and materialize a happy outcome.

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