How To Perform QiMen Forecasting For Answers You Want

How To Perform QiMen Forecasting For Answers You Want

This article is designed for those who are just learning about Qi Men Dun Jia and the idea of Qimen forecasting. This post will be helpful to you if you have heard about Qi Men but are unsure of what it is or how it can help you live a better life or accomplish your goals. As a result, you can start using this Qimen technique right now to see how it can benefit you.

Don’t you think learning this art can help you improve your career, health, relationships, and finances? When your life improves and you notice significant progress, you can decide what you want to do with the knowledge you’ve gained. Therefore, your today’s goal should be to make incremental improvements to become a better person. It will take consistent small wins or victories in everyday life. After a few years, the results will have compounded, and you will notice a significant gain in your life.

Why Do We Use Qi Men Dun Jia?

Qi Men Dun Jia is a functional tool that we can use daily. It may be related to the decisions you must make daily. Thus, it is a tool for victory. Qi Men can forecast a wide range of different situations or activities using accurate techniques. It can map out the potential problems, obstacles, challenges, and issues that may arise from making a specific decision. Each Qi Men forecasted chart helps you obtain information for better decision-making.

There are numerous applications, but the following are the most common:

  • Career (business decisions, project work, climbing the corporate ladder) 💼
  • Investments (whether is it profitable to invest in a specific product, side gigs) 📈
  • Relationships (discover the other party’s intention, manipulation) 💘
  • Personal development (create self-esteem, inner motivation, overcome negativity) 🧑📚
  • Finding lost items and many more… 🕵

During the warring states period, the Chinese developed the Qi Men Dun Jia system over 2000 years ago to win wars. This system helped develop battle strategies and insights. However, since we live in a civilized world, this tool has been updated for today’s society. Thus, we use this tool to forecast our decisions.

Strategic planning benefits greatly from Qi Men forecasting. As a result, if you don’t like the result you’re seeing, you can employ Qi Men in your favor by using different tactics to change the outcome.

The 5 Aspects in Life For QiMen Forecasting
The 5 Aspects in Life For QiMen Forecasting

The 10 Steps to Qi Men Forecasting

Decisions are what ultimately shape your destiny. If you can make more correct decisions in life by following the steps outlined below, you will achieve the desired outcome. The steps for doing a Qi Men forecast are listed below. But first, you might want to check out this link. It takes you to the Qi Men Explorer, where you can create two charts: one for forecasting and the other for your destiny (which requires you to register for a free account).

1. Knowing Exactly What You Want

Because different people face different challenges, they will ask questions throughout their lives that are related to them. There is no such thing as a lousy question because each question is unique to you. So, as long as you have a question, the chart will tell you what possible paths you can take here to reach your desired goal. The only thing you need to know is what you want first. You might need to write it down for what you want.

Therefore, the ideal forecast is to forecast the result of a decision you intend to make. It should be as specific as you want. Some of the questions can include:

  • If I put my current plan into practice, would I be successful?
  • Should I think about leaving my current job if it makes me unhappy?
  • Would I have additional opportunities if I chose this career path?
  • Can I expect to make X amount of money if I buy these shares?

Furthermore, when asking if a particular option is better for you, you may need to define what you want. It could signify more money, more time with family, better friends and colleagues, or even more opportunities to advance. As a result, everyone’s definition of better differs. Therefore, knowing what you want before looking for an answer is critical. Then answering your question will be very simple.

2. Waiting for “Marker”

For beginners, we would recommend that you wait for a marker before you can draw any forecasting charts. We refer to the marker as a signal from the universe. Another term for it is meaningful coincidences. Therefore, what you ask will determine this signal. A marker typically takes about two to three days before appearing. Subsequently, we can open the forecasting chart once the marker is activated. Markers can take the following forms:

  • That particular moment (when you are required to make an immediate decision).
  • When someone discusses a topic relevant to your situation.
  • Whenever a potential contact texts you or calls you back.
  • When a word or situation identical to yours appears in the news, television, radio, or on social media.
  • Whenever changes occur or key milestones.
Examples of Qi Men Markers
Examples of Qi Men Markers

3. Examine the Forecasting Chart

The Qi Men chart is not a magical device. Some people can predict the future because they understand what is happening now. If you grasp this concept, your present moment will shape your future. Therefore, you can forecast the coming times once you understand the energy of the present moment. You can predict your future if you recognize everything on the Qi Men chart. Additionally, you should be aware that the Qi Men forecasting chart is updated every two hours. It’s not the same as your Qi Men destiny chart, which depends on your birthdate for the charting.

Note: You should only plot once until the circumstance changes or until you achieve a new milestone. Furthermore, you ought to believe the first forecasted chart. It implies that you shouldn’t use the same chart to pose the same question. Even if you are a seasoned expert, prejudice may still exist since, as humans, we tend to hear and see what we want to see. Therefore, attempt to read the chart objectively and without bias.

You should also review the Qi Men chart when you have some free time and are focused. Since some of us occasionally become more biased due to greed or fear, it’s not going to be easy for us to handle our emotions when forecasting charts. Otherwise, you can hire a third party to plot the Qi Men chart.

Qi Men Energy Map
An example of a Qi Men energy map

4. Differentiate Between Asker & Subject Matter

As soon as you have a question in mind, you must divide it into two parts:

  • Asker (the individual who is posing the question) – which is symbolized by the Day stem
    • For instance, you are the asker if you are the one who asked the question.
    • If you ask for someone else, that person is the one who asked.
  • Subject Matter (the outcome or the topic of discussion) – which is symbolized by the Hour stem
    • This is referring to the outcome of the query you are asking.
    • You’ll know whether the Hour stem’s result was favorable or unfavorable.

Note: When determining the Day and Hour stem, avoid using your own Bazi Chart. We will use the Bazi Chart for those two hours when performing Qi Men forecasting.

When either the hour stem or day stem goes into the center palace, it will also go into one of the other eight palaces surrounding the center box. The text will be smaller.

5. Identify the Locations of the Asker and Outcome

Next, we shall identify the Day Stem and Hour Stem in the Qi Men forecasting chart. An example of a Qi Men chart would be nine square boxes (or palaces). There will be many characters inside eight of these boxes in total. Therefore, you will have to locate the “Asker” and “Outcome” boxes.

Find the boxes by looking for the Day and Hour stem element and matching it to the top left corner of each box.

  • In the Qi Men energy map shown above, if the element of the Day stem, for instance, would be Yin Water (癸), then it would be located in the bottom-right box (the northwest corner).
  • Subsequently for the Hour stem, if the element is Yang Fire (丙), it can be found on the bottom-left box (the northeast corner).

6. Recognize the Elements of the Boxes

To start, you must examine the elements of the boxes. To check the box’s element, we will look outside of the boxes and concentrate on that element. You can go to our earlier page that covered this subject because you may want to understand how the five elements function. It is necessary for Qi Men reading. Also to be noted is that it doesn’t matter which way the box faces or its direction.

We can forecast what to expect when you want an answer and what you can infer from your Qi Men forecast once we have the facts listed below. The following list of relationships only includes these:

The answer is “Yes”

  • Regarding the above illustration, the Metal element symbolizes the Day box (Asker) in the NW. Alternatively, the Earth element is represented by the Hour box (Outcome) in the NE.
    • You will find what you’re looking for because the Outcome produces the Asker. It is a good result because you are being “produced” by what you predicted would happen. 👍
  • Imagine that your Day box (Asker) is in the N and is represented by the Water element, while your Hour box (Outcome) is now in the S, which symbolizes the Fire element.
    • You, the Asker, control the Fire element as the Water element extinguishes the Fire element. But it will take a lot of your energy to obtain the fire element since you must work hard to control it. Therefore, it will be challenging, even though you may achieve the desired outcome. ✊

The answer is a “No”

  • Next, imagine that your Hour box (Outcome) is in the NE, which represents the Earth element, and your Day box (Asker) is still in the N, which the Water element represents this box.
    • Since Earth controls the Water element in this situation, the Outcome box influences the Asker. So, the response would be “no.” 👎
  • Assume that your Day box (Asker) is still in the N, which is the Water element, and your Hour box (Outcome) is in the E, which is the Wood element.
    • You are expending a lot of energy as the Water element creates the Wood element, but the Outcome is not rewarding you. Since it is producing outwards, you are unlikely to receive it even after investing a lot of time, effort, and money. 👊

7. Establish Positive or Negative Outcomes

We can check the characters in each box to see if there is a lot of red or black text. Each box will have a minimum of 5 characters and numbers.

  • Many red characters – this is a favorable situation due to positive energy 🍎
  • Many black characters – this is an unfavorable situation due to negative energy 💣

You can therefore select whether you should proceed with your strategy or stay in your existing scenario by comprehending the components of the boxes (yes or no answer) and the colors of each character (red or black) in the Asker and Outcomes boxes. Furthermore, if you are also familiar with the meaning of each character in the boxes, you can develop better solutions to the problem.

CharactersPositive (Noble)Negative (Not Noble)
10 DeitiesThe Chief (符)
Great Moon (陰)
Six Harmony (合)
Nine Earth (地)
Nine Heaven (天)
Surging Snake (蛇)
Red Phoenix (雀)
Black Tortoise (玄)
Grappling Hook (陳)
White Tiger (虎)
9 StarsHeart (心)
Ambassador (任)
Bird (禽)
Assistant (輔)
Hero (英)
Destructor (沖)
Grass (蓬)
Grain (芮)
Pillar (柱)
8 DoorsOpen (開)
Life (生)
Rest (休)
Scenery (景)
Delusion (杜)
Fear (驚)
Harm (傷)
Death (死)
10 StemsJia Wood (甲)
Yi Wood (乙)
Bing Fire (丙)
Ding Fire (丁)
Wu Earth (戊)
Ji Earth (己)
Geng Metal (庚)
Xin Metal (辛)
Ren Water (壬)
Gui Water (癸)
The List of Positive and Negative Characters in Qi Men

8. Understand the Relationship Between Each Character

Although it is not difficult to understand Qi Men, you may need to spend some time doing so to comprehend and learn the following four components:

  • Deities (神) 👼 – The top right character of each box represents one of the ten various deities that are present. They symbolize the ‘universal energy’ or spirit energy’ that Qi Men Charts so frequently alludes to, and they show a person’s fortunes and how the outcome of an event will be affected.
  • Stars (天) ⭐ – There are nine stars in total, with the stars located in the upper center of each box. The stars represent Heavenly Matters. They thereby represent the “proper time” component of situations and events. Additionally, they depict the motion of celestial bodies and the effects such movements have on Earth and people.
  • Doors (地) 🚪 – There is a total of eight doors located in the bottom center of each box. These doors symbolize the social dynamics and circumstances of the palace in which they appear. Thus, the Door Plate is also known as the Man Plate or the Earth Realm. It directs how people act and plan.
  • Stems (人) 🌱 – Lastly, we can locate the ten stems in each box’s top-left and bottom-left corners. When these stems land in a particular palace in a Qi Men Feng Shui Chart, it will affect the person’s life. It could be a person, an item, or anything that is right next to you. Depending on the distinct characteristics that each Stem represents, this will produce a variety of outputs and results.
Qi Men The 4 Steps to Mastery
Qi Men The 4 Steps to Mastery

9. Analyze the Character in Each Box

Each character fits into one of the four categories mentioned above. A quick summary of each character is provided below for your convenience.

The 10 Deities – Auspicious Energies ✔️

The Chief (值符) – The most auspicious deity as it stands for strength, dominance, a boss or leader, prosperity, and notoriety. It can assist with overcoming challenges when in good combination with other favorable stars. Additionally, it may represent noblemen, valuable individuals, and benefactors.

Great Moon (太陰) – It frequently refers to knowledge or circumstances where you must learn the truth before making a choice. It can signify a nobleman who works behind the scenes to assist you covertly. There may be good fortune and joyous occasions.

Six Harmony (六合) – It is an auspicious deity governing partnerships and relationships. Thus, it will benefit those in collaborative ventures, teamwork, gatherings, and deal-making at business. It can also signify someone outgoing, laid-back, and amiable. It may also serve as proof and evidence of court proceedings.

Nine Earth (九地) – It can symbolize kindness, composure, and tranquility. The situation or people will become more compassionate, respectful, and humble. But certain people are more open to being influenced due to their malleable nature.

Nine Heaven (九天) – It is related to being energetic and active. Thus, it shares a bond with dynamism, attractiveness, and intelligence. Someone ambitious, energetic, and has high standards for themselves. It can also mean traveling. Attacking can be the favored tactic over defending.

The 10 Deities – Inauspicious Energies ❌

Surging Snake (螣蛇) – It symbolizes being secretive and crafty. There will be concerns and issues. It is frequently related to ominous and peculiar happenings. It could also mean someone who tends to be overly sensitive, pessimistic, shallow, and suspicious.

Red Phoenix (朱雀) – It is an inauspicious god who is a symbol of slander and disputes. You might need to dispute what is right or wrong in tense disagreements or other circumstances. It can also stand for the power of speech, the confidentiality of information, and intellectual property rights.

Black Tortoise (玄武) – It can signify robberies, fights, and theft. There could be negative energy causing you to lose money or experience betrayal from others. Additionally, it may represent someone arrogant, unwilling to admit defeat, or phony and shallow.

Grappling Hook (勾陳) – It represents failure and catastrophes with unexpected problems. There will be litigation issues or events that might lead to imprisonment. It can also be related to events like land, property, and servitude.

White Tiger (白虎) – It indicates damage and wounds. It can connect to harm, fatalities, accidents, epidemics, injuries, illness, and war. A person who enjoys competing may appear fierce, vicious, and aggressive. They may also have a short fuse and be generally irritable.

The 10 Gods in Qi Men
The 10 Gods in Qi Men

The 9 Stars – Auspicious Timing / Influence ✔️

Heart (天心星) – The Heavenly Heart has to do with having strong leadership qualities and a lot of influence. It also represents strategies, plans, medical procedures, and military operations. It is a lucky star and is beneficial for healing the ill and finding treatment.

Ambassador (天任星) – The Heavenly Ambassador governs wealth, money, life, and good energy. This star almost seems lucky in every way. It also represents knowledge, education, teachers, or culturally aware individuals. However, it can be unsuitable for construction and migration.

Bird (天禽星) – The Heavenly Bird is a star of generosity, kindness, honor, loyalty, and faithfulness. It may signify someone gifted in bringing people together to achieve a common goal. It can also refer to pets and animals.

Assistant (天輔星) – The Heavenly Assistant is a symbol of wisdom and learning. It is a lucky star. Also beneficial are travel, professional pursuits, academic pursuits, and hobbies that raise your social standing. It is intimately related to both culture and education.

Hero (天英星) – The Heavenly Hero denotes radiance, allure, and beauty. It has a propensity for flamboyant behavior and heroic acts. This kind of conflict frequently results in harm and perhaps even bloodshed. Thus, it can be considered a neutral star.

The 9 Stars – Inauspicious Timing / Influence ❌

Destructor (天沖星) – The Heavenly Destructor can symbolize unexpected activity, movement, change, and plan execution. It is brimming with vibrant energy. However, it is inappropriate for business, marriage, relocating, and construction.

Grass (天蓬星) – The Heavenly Grass denotes oppression, thievery, and loss of investments. It is unsuitable for marriage, long-distance travel, construction, and development. But it also stands for intellect, wisdom, and the capacity to manage significant issues.

Grain (天芮星) – The Heavenly Grain is a symbol of sickness. It is typically viewed as an unlucky star in divination because it represents disease, decay, and gloom. The usual suggestion when this star is received should be to promote morals and pursue appropriate lessons and education because it symbolizes darkness. It embodies the process of bringing “light” into the dark.

Pillar (天柱星) – The Heavenly Pillar is an unyielding star with a powerful, furious will and represents a love of conflict. It has to do with harm and suffering. Thus, it is inappropriate for business, marriage, or strategic planning. Debating will be optimal in the application of law and legislation.

The 9 Stars in Qi Men
The 9 Stars in Qi Men

The 8 Doors – Auspicious Actions ✔️

Open (開) – The Open Door represents the start of everything. It is especially beneficial when starting a new firm, a new career, or growing existing operations. New opportunities will present themselves, and everything will move forward without too many obstacles.

Life (生) – The Life Door is the door to beauty, majesty, and abundance. It stands for development, advancement, and growth in life. It controls wealth and prosperity as well as one’s way of life and means of making money.

Rest (休) – The Rest door is the door of recovery and rebirth. It depicts the source of life and energy coming back or revitalized. Therefore, it is appropriate for happy, leisurely activities that foster relationships. There might be good and helpful people, so events will go smoothly without obstacles.

Scenery (景) – The Scenery Door is a metaphor for superficiality, where underlying issues could be present. Making an official declaration, creating legal documents, or delivering paperwork to a figure of authority may be beneficial. Trust, branding, and reputation are other positive factors.

The 8 Doors – Inauspicious Actions ❌

Delusion (杜) – The Delusion Door is associated with introverts, emotional problems, darkness, and misfortune. It governs peace of mind, stillness, and tranquility. There might be obstacles due to a lack of chances for advancement. Life can have mysterious, unforeseen outcomes.

Fear (驚) – The Fear Door associates being stern and bringing anxiety and suffering. Additionally, both sensible and irrational worries can lead to disagreements, discontent, and conflict. Jittery, worry, uncertainty, frustration, troubling thoughts, and suspicion would all be present.

Harm (傷) – The Harm Door represents harm and devastation. There may be unfavorable consequences, setbacks, and obstacles in life. However, it is suitable for individuals who want to thrive in physical pursuits like sports, exercise, or outdoor adventures. The Harm Door will not assist someone in the following endeavors: business expansion, job advancement, or travel. There will be unfavorable results for building something new, renovating, remodeling, or even marriage.

Death (死) – The journey concludes with the Death Door. It stands for punishment, and everything is enigmatic, covert, and hidden. There could be pessimistic or inactivity from non-moving energy. It governs sickness, aging, and death. There’s a chance of misfortune, mishaps, and problems.

The 8 Doors in Qi Men
The 8 Doors in Qi Men

The 10 Stems – Auspicious Results / Entities✔️

Jia Wood (甲) – The Yang Wood is a lucky omen that resolves any lingering issues and that the route forward will be clear. It has a positive effect, helps less fortunate people, and can gain the support of others and keep their loyalty. It blends traits of discipline, willpower, fortitude, and the bravery to speak out with virtues of kindness, happiness, and auspicious occasions.

Yi Wood (乙) – The Yin Wood governs effective communication, devoted connections, and helpful networks. Additionally, it is a healing stem that bestows health and life power. It might also be considered a political player, endowed with persuasive and negotiating skills. They are often behind the scenes, shaping the course of events and even persuading their adversaries to join them. It can refer to the female of question in a relationship.

Bing Fire (丙) – The Yang Fire is known as the Heavenly Power and brims with majesty and charisma. It symbolizes authoritative people or someone with power and many talents. It also bestows confidence, faith, and courage. Alternatively, it might refer to guys (a third party) in a relationship.

Ding Fire (丁) – The Yin Fire is frequently associated with traits like extroversion, networking, and the capacity to bring out the best in individuals. It also indicates knowledge, wisdom, and academic accomplishments. But there’s also a connection to a feeling of dishonesty. It is in favor of obtaining an advantage by cunning and stealth. Alternatively, it might refer to ladies (a third party) in a relationship.

Wu Earth (戊) – The Yang Earth symbolizes power and thoughtful planning. Thus, it is perfect for motivating others and carrying out strategies effectively. Alternatively, it can also stand for capital, money, or wealth. It is appropriate for travel but not for job searching, investment, or trading.

The 10 Stems – Inauspicious Results / Entities ❌

Ji Earth (己) – The Yin Earth stands for hidden issues, disease, and traps. Therefore, caution is required. Additionally, graveyards and gloom are associated with it. However, it is also associated with a sense of innovation and the capacity to solve problems quickly. Its creative ability is its greatest asset, but it might involve cunning, unethical, and dishonest tactics.

Geng Metal (庚) – The Yang Metal is the most misfortunate stem in Qi Men, representing challenges, issues, stress, punishment, and suffering. It has an affinity with disharmony and interpersonal problems resulting from conflicts. Additionally, it favors legal disputes since it promotes justice and the penalty for wrongdoing. It can refer to the male of question in a relationship.

Xin Metal (辛) – The Yin Metal prefers cunning strategies for plotting or punishing wrongdoing. It symbolizes someone morally upright with noble objectives but whose actions may be questionable. Thus, it can portray perpetrators of crime, masterminds, or wrongdoers. It also stands for difficulties, troubles, and suffering.

Ren Water (壬) – The Yang Water is for settling legal disputes but is bad for starting new business ventures. It describes someone caught in a pattern of behavior or whose complicated internal dialogue causes hesitancy and indecision. Despite being associated with traits like extroversion, it may not always be trusted to be honest and can even be downright cunning.

Gui Water (癸) – The Yin Water represents conflicts, disagreements, and misunderstandings. It is generally introverted and enjoys the security and comforts of home despite being connected to imagination and creativity. It may symbolize the sensation of being bound to a place or a group of people, becoming drawn into their issues, and lacking the will or the capacity to act independently.

The 10 Stems in Qi Men
The 10 Stems in Qi Men

10. Special Circumstances

Fu-Yin Chart (伏吟)

When both stems have the same element in the same box, the result is a Fu-Yin chart. It typically indicates that things will move slowly and possibly to a standstill. It will be challenging to move forward in this condition. You should hold off on taking action and wait for a new marker before plotting a new Qi Men chart. Additionally, you can look at the DE (Death & Emptiness) location on the chart, which indicates how long you should wait.

When analyzing someone else’s destiny chart, it is often that they typically have their thoughts and behavior very much in line with their personality. When they decide to accomplish something, they can act directly and decisively. However, it may suggest that they are frequently stubborn when devoted to a cause. Only they can alter their own beliefs and way of thinking.

Fu Yin Qi Men Chart
Fu Yin Qi Men Chart

Fan-Yin Chart (反吟)

On the other hand, a Fan-Yin chart resembles a mirror pattern in that its stem mirror faces the other way. It typically means there is a great deal of uncertainty and that the topic under discussion will vary. Additionally, everything will happen pretty quickly. For example, trips might be cut short, people might change their minds abruptly, and the asker may only partially finish projects. The result will materialize, but not in the manner anticipated. The image below serves as an illustration of a Fan-Yin chart.

When performing a destiny reading, an individual’s attitude and behavior may alter at odd moments. They might be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time in certain situations. In some circumstances, their relationships, businesses, careers, health, and all other facets of their lives can be a mess.

Fan Yin Qi Men Chart
Fan Yin Qi Men Chart

Death & Emptiness (空亡) – DE

When Death & Emptiness (DE) are present in a Palace, it means that the outcome of the activity in issue will be jeopardized, lessened, or in some other manner affected. The Palace’s contents (and all they stand for) are said to have “gone into Emptiness.”

However, it need not result in a bad outcome. Death & Emptiness can make any constructive formation in the Palace meaningless, but it can also make any destructive formation meaningless. It essentially neutralizes the Palace’s implied meaning.

As a result, on a Qi Men Dun Jia Chart, palaces that “enter into Emptiness” are considered weak positions (or directions). Depending on other aspects of the forecast or reading, the influence of Death & Emptiness may be helpful or problematic.

Death & Emptiness in Qi Men
Death & Emptiness in Qi Men

Sky Horse (驿马) – HS

The Sky Horse (HS) denotes movement, speed, and potential routes. The consequence or results will occur quickly if Sky Horse is present in the Palace. It is valid whether the outcome is favorable or unfavorable.

Sky Horse in Qi Men
Sky Horse in Qi Men

If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and know Earth, you may make your victory complete”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War (5th century BC)

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