Bridging Wealth Opportunities In The Deluge Tiger Year 2022

Bridging Wealth Opportunities In The Deluge Tiger Year 2022

This article focuses on the short-term expectations in 2022. It will provide you with knowledge and insights about what actions you may take this year to increase your wealth and get richer. As a result, you’ll know what to expect in the whole year. Once you have this information, you can plan and be aware of bridging wealth opportunities in 2022 as they arise. It is entirely up to you whether or not to take action, but this article will be helpful to individuals who are unsure what to do in 2022.

You will need your Bazi Chart as we will cover some sections which you will need to refer to your chart to see what kind of opportunities you have. Refer to the link here to plot your Bazi Chart.

We’ll also look at the Qi Men chart for the year 2022. It will be more personalized, and you may use it to personalize your wealth plan and bridge wealth opportunities. Given that one year is a short period, you should begin taking action right now.

Furthermore, we like to point out that nothing in this post should be construed as professional or financial advice, as we have written it from a Chinese Metaphysics perspective. If you have any reservations about the investment’s merits, you should consult with an independent financial counselor.

Analyzing the Bazi Chart of 2022

So what do you think will happen in the year 2022? Regardless, this will be the Year of the Water Tiger. This is a continuation of my previous post (click here to read it). Additionally, below is the Bazi Chart of this year which started on the 4th of February 2022.


Yang Wood

Yang Earth

Yang Water

Yang Water

Yang Wood

Yang Water

Yang Wood

Yang Wood

(Wu) (Jia) (Bing)
+Earth +Wood +Fire
🌍 🌳 🌞


(Wu) (Jia) (Bing)
+Earth +Wood +Fire
🌍 🌳 🌞

(Wu) (Jia) (Bing)
+Earth +Wood +Fire
🌍 🌳 🌞
Study Hall (学堂)
Sky Bright (天星)
Grand Duke (太岁)
Flying Blade (飞刃)
Sky Dog (天狗)
Calamity Sha (災煞)
Heavenly Wealth (天财)
Study Hall (学堂)
Sky Bright (天星)
Grand Duke (太岁)
Heavenly Wealth (天财)
Study Hall (学堂)
Sky Horse (驿马)
Solitary (孤辰)
Funeral Door (丧门)
Separating Edge (隔角)
Sky Bright (天星)
Grand Duke (太岁)
6 Realms
Year of the Water Tiger 2022 (4th Feb 2022, 0452hrs)

The Year Pillar of 2022

Undoubtedly, when analyzing annual Bazi charts, we may begin by looking at the Year Pillar.

  • Heavenly Stem – Yang Water (Ren) occupies the top position
  • Earthly Branches – Yang Wood (Jia) occupies the center position
  • Hidden Stems – Yang Earth (Wu), Yang Wood (Jia), and Yang Fire (Fire) occupy the bottom position

Fear & Conflicts

The top position of the Water element may indicate that many people will be fearful in 2022. Furthermore, they may be perplexed, and unwilling to take risks and make rash decisions. It’s because the elements in the Hidden Stems affect the Yang Water. The Yang Earth opposes the Yang Water, lowering the water’s strength. The Yang Wood, on the other hand, is dependent on the Yang Water for its production, which necessitates the use of water energy. Finally, the Yang Water weakens the Yang Fire by counteracting it. Check out my previous post for more information on the elements.

As a result of the above observations, unfortunately, a war has broken out between Ukraine and Russia. Many people fear for their lives during the war, and this is especially true for those who live in Ukraine. Furthermore, the trade conflicts have intensified, with most countries imposing sanctions on Russia.

On the other hand, each country will approach COVID-19 differently, resulting in disagreements and a delay in border opening. Some countries adopt a zero COVID approach, or they might embrace it as an epidemic. It can affect enterprises and international trade.

Stop War, Spread Love
Stop War and Spread Love. We’re peace-loving people!

Creativity & Innovation

In addition, the Yang Water element forms the Yang Wood element when viewed from the center position. We can also observe that the Eating God is in the Yang Wood pillar, which denotes creativity and innovation. As a result, there will be many innovation breakthroughs. Other elements, such as Yang Earth (Mountain), Yang Wood (Tree), and Yang Fire (Sun), also metaphorically represent being high in the sky. Space travel is just one of the many advancements in technology that we can expect to see in the future. We will also see advancements in cloud computing, drone technology, etc.

Meanwhile, many businesses are focusing on riding the META-verse wave. It’s a digital realm where physical and virtual reality collide in a shared online space, radically altering how we work, shop, connect, and have fun. Thus, this industry will receive considerable attention from retail and institutional investors moving forward in 2022.

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Stock Market Crash

The water element, flowing from higher to lower land, will always seek balance and conformity to shape. We can observe that the hidden branches drain the Yang Water element. As a result, we believe the stock market will most likely correct. There will be high volatility in 2022. Nonetheless, you must conduct your due diligence and make your investment analysis.

We can see that the US market is currently experiencing a correction. Some markets, such as the HK market, are going through the same thing. If you recall, most markets had corrected in 2019 due to the black swan (COVID-19) occurrence, but they swiftly recovered. As a result, if you can take action ahead of time, you can recognize more opportunities.

We can also expect significant events to occur in the second half of the year, following the Mother Earth Oracle. Thus, if we want to time the market, we can pay attention to April and August. We expect significant changes in August due to the Yang Earth element and the Monkey sign in its Month Pillar. The Yang Earth element of the Month will oppose the Yang Water elements (mutual overcoming) in the Year and Day Pillars of the Bazi Chart. On the other hand, the Monkey sign will directly oppose the Tiger sign. In addition, the Monkey sign will combine with the Rat sign on the Day Pillar (Three Harmony), clashing with the remaining Yin Water element.

Heat Map of NASDAQ dated 07Mar22
The NASDAQ (technology stocks) is already experiencing corrections in 2022

History Repeats Itself (Sixty Pillars)

By the way, this one-of-a-kind year pillar occurs once in sixty years. Even though the other Bazi pillars, such as the month, day, and hour, were different, the occurrences of events were somewhat similar. It indicates that in 1962, the following inventions, conflicts, and tensions took place:

  • John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit the Earth.
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis was when the USSR planned to place missiles in Cuba.
  • Telstar’s first trans-Atlantic television transmission was broadcast live.
  • Seattle’s Space Needle was built in time for the World’s Fair.
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man makes his debut in the comic books.
  • Race riots erupted in Mississippi over the admission of the state’s first black student James Meredith.
  • The Kennedy Slide: The 1962 Bear Market

Yang Heavenly Stems

When we look at the top row of the Bazi Chart (Heavenly Stem), we can see that they are all Yang. Examples of Yang elements will be masculinity, leadership, activities, and light. Therefore, we can imagine more people will want to be leaders or intrapreneurs in 2022. Because everyone aspires to be a leader, they will want to do something based on their desires or passions. Everyone aspires to be the best and wants to be in charge of their destiny. They may work on projects that are beneficial to both them and the firm.

However, when we are in a world where everyone is a leader, there will be no need for leaders. Therefore, most people will want to resign from their leadership roles. John Kotter and James Hennessey first presented the idea of mass resignation in their book “The Leadership Pipeline.” They first argue that the more people are promoted to leadership positions, the higher the likelihood of resigning from those positions.

Do You Desire To Start Your Own Business
Are you interested in a simple side hustle?

Potential for Coaching

How do we make the most of this chance? What if you’re a business coach, an investing coach, a non-profit trainer, or even a cryptocurrency trainer? In 2022, you will undoubtedly have a high market worth. Many people will require assistance since they want to do things by themselves. If you have this kind of information, you will be in high demand among your peers. Thus, anything that can help entrepreneurs is a win-win situation. It is the moment to learn the skill if you don’t already have it.

Since 2017, the cryptocurrency market has exploded, reaching a high of $3 trillion US dollars in November 2021. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange or payment. It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions to control the creation of new units. Furthermore, analysts expect NFTs to grow in popularity, with a market capitalization of $35 billion in 2022 and more than $80 billion in 2025.

Potential for Coaching
Here are some friendly tips that will help you in coaching others!

The Water Wealth Element

Water is the wealth element in 2022. In the Bazi Chart of 2022, we can see a total of three water elements. Two Yang Water (Ren) are present in the Heavenly Stem, while we can find one Yin Water (Gui) in the Hidden Stem. Both Yang Waters, on the other hand, are sitting on the Seven Killings (7K). It signifies that this year’s riches will be dynamic and ever-changing in character. However, in the case of Yin Water, it is directly countered by Yang Earth (Wu), reducing the water element’s effect.

Furthermore, the water element is abundant in 2022 with the seasonal combo of Pig, Rat, and Ox signs. The Pig sign has a Six Harmony combination with the Tiger. Because the Bazi Chart contains three Tiger signs, we are sure this combination is almost certain to occur. As a result, we may visualize the Pig sign being drawn into the Bazi Chart even though the Pig symbol does not appear in the Bazi Chart.

A Winter combination consists of animals connected with the Northern directions. Thus, it creates the Water element. Water is a winter element because it is strongest in the winter. Following this, we can find the Rat sign on the Day Pillar. The Pig, Rat, and Ox signs together are associated with the Winter combination. We should expect the Ox sign to appear too because of this combination. It’s also worth noting that the Rat and the Ox have a Six Harmony combination.

The Water Wealth Element
Is abundant water in 2022 an issue?

Stack Small Wins

The Water element can signify money in the economy. We might say that the market has too much cash because the Bazi Chart has too much water. Thus, consumers can demand more products because there’s so much money out there for them to spend. Furthermore, in 2021, the central bank imposed low interest rates, allowing consumers to borrow money without paying interest. In a nutshell, we anticipate inflation in 2022. However, we can’t control the money if the Earth element in the Bazi Chart is weak. The Fed will raise interest rates to keep inflation under control. Thus, you’ll need to figure out what to do next.

As a result, if you ask about the wealth prediction for 2022, you may expect it to be variable and subject to quick change. As interest rates rise, some businesses may be unable to borrow money, putting a halt to spending. It will almost always result in price drops, especially in the stock market. Regrettably, in the first quarter of 2022, technology stocks had a significant downturn.

Therefore, you might want to try stacking small wins on top of each other. If you find some winners and manage to meet your profit margins or targets, it’s time to plan for your exit strategy. In some instances, it might not even make sense to you. As a result, the wealth aspect in 2022 should be volatile.

Stack Small Wins
Expect a lot of volatility in 2022 and you should plan your exit strategy accordingly

Develop Your Selling Skills

You will find the Direct Wealth (DW) element under the Hidden Stems on the Day Pillar. Direct Wealth refers to a career or a skill that you are prepared to trade for money. However, in the entire Bazi Chart, we can only find one Direct Wealth. On the other hand, the Yang Earth (Wu) on the Day Pillar represents the general public or people. But there are also multiple Yang Earth elements located in the other pillars. When multiple Yang Earths are vying for the same Direct Wealth, it can lead to fierce competition.

When there is a lot of competition, you need to sell better or learn how to sell. If you’re strong at selling, you’ll be able to provide yourself with more opportunities. For example, when going for a job interview, you are actually “selling” yourself to your employer by marketing yourself as the best candidate for the job. Since the Earth element creates the Metal element, “Selling” is the Metal element that is missing from the Bazi Chart. Any technical talents you have are beneficial too, but they will be more so once you sell yourself, your products, or your services.

Develop Your Selling Skills
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New Medicine And Diseases

Because the Bazi Chart contains significant Water and Earth elements, it can signify illness and spreading diseases. The reason for this is that the Earth’s elements will contaminate the water. When these elements are combined, murky water results. There will be a substantial likelihood of several ailments. Therefore, the solution is to introduce the Wood element to this problem. By absorbing water and isolating it from the Earth element, the Wood element will reduce the impacts of water.

Fortunately, the Bazi Chart has a lot of Wood elements. The element of Wood can represent either innovative and traditional medicine or health care. As a result, many people will focus their efforts on developing alternative medicine or therapeutic healing. Since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2019, many countries have been attempting to find a cure or vaccine to end the pandemic.

Therefore, we can focus on biotechnology or pharmaceutical firms when assessing this opportunity. If you’re searching for a sector to invest in, this is an excellent place to look as long as the companies are fundamentally sound and have an economic moat that allows them to compete. Additionally, if you work in one of these businesses, you can expect the company to make a lot of money in 2022.

Baby its COVID outside
Since the COVID-19 outbreak, pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies have benefited from these times

The Missing / Scarce Element

The Bazi Chart depicts the Five Elements’ interrelation. In 2022, however, we observe that the Metal element is missing. Because water is the wealth element this year, the missing metal element can’t produce more water (also known as the cycle of mutual generation). It suggests that the water will be devoid of substance since it lacks the impetus to propel the economy. As a result, people are more likely to trade or invest in something intangible, virtual, or fictional. Digital assets will be one of the significant components of 2022.

People are increasingly investing in cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). For many years to come, this will be the norm. However, whether you make money or not will be determined by your research and dedication. Many people lose money in this market. Therefore, you’ll still need to understand how to invest wisely, as some cryptos and NFTs are either scams or overhyped. The few successful people you see on the news are the exception; most data shows that most crypto traders do not achieve returns higher than the market and consequently lose money.

Invest in Crypto
Invest safely in the Crypto verse

Short Supply of Fire Element Industries

There is always a supply and demand for goods and services based on market principles. Prices will rise if demand is strong when supply is low, and vice versa. As a result, scarcity is always in high requirement. When we look at the entire Bazi Chart, we can see that the Water element is abundant in 2022. We can’t consider it because the Metal element is absent. As a result, Fire is the sole element in short supply. The presence of the Fire element in the Hidden stems weakens the Fire element even further. Because there is a lot of water in the Bazi Chart, you’ll need the Fire element to warm it up.

Because the Fire element will be in high demand, anything associated with it will almost certainly witness a price spike due to a worldwide shortage. Energy, oil & gas, artificial intelligence, semiconductors, electronics, and so on are all tied to fire. As a result, if you invest or work in these businesses, you will almost certainly gain from rising pricing and profit margins. With the Russian war in Ukraine, we’ve already seen this observation of climbing crude oil prices. Furthermore, commodity and palm oil firms’ stock values have risen dramatically in the first quarter of 2022. We can anticipate the trend to continue until the second quarter.

Shortage of energy, electronics & electrical steel
Short Supply of Fire Element Industries which include electric vehicles, crude oil, semiconductors, and so on.

The Hour Pillar of Water Tiger Year

The Hour Pillar can symbolize a country’s GDP, supply chain, or economic output capability. When we examine the Hour Pillar more closely, we can discern Yang Wood (Jia) at the top and bottom of the Bazi Chart. It means that the supply chain will be slow, and the trend of congested ports to continue. As a result, we can expect more delays in logistics due to strained global supply chains. Furthermore, without the Metal element assisting in controlling the Wood element (the cycle of mutual overcoming), the current condition will most certainly persist until the end of 2022.

When supply chains and operations fail, businesses struggle to provide items on time, resulting in increased prices for consumers. Because supply is limited, demand for commodities may rise, increasing the costs of goods. The result of supply chain disruption is observed in various ways. For example, when Hurricane Katrina hit the US Gulf Coast, there was an increase in the price of food items due to a lack of food production and transportation which led to a shortage of supplies. Similarly, we face the same challenges in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Logistics issues
Strained global supply chains in 2022

Analyzing the Qi Men Chart of 2022

So what would be your strategy in 2022? We must first learn about the Qi Men Destiny Palace (also known as the Life Palace). You can find it on the first page of your Bazi Chart. Meanwhile, we can refer to the Qi Men Chart for 2022 below.

The Qi Men Chart of Tiger Year 2022
The Qi Men Chart of Tiger Year 2022

Stroke of Good Luck

The “Life Door,” which signifies ultimate energy, is always mentioned when discussing the wealth element for Qi Men. We can find it in the west palace of the Qi Men chart for 2022. As a result, if you find your Life Palace in the West, you will almost certainly have some dumb luck. Dumb luck means that you can get money even by doing things unintentionally and without preparation.

Moreover, those who have a northwest palace will also benefit. It’s because the Metal element is present in each of these palaces. Finally, individuals with the North Life palace will reap the most benefits because it belongs to the Water element; the metal element will produce water based on the productive cycle. Therefore, you may want to pay attention to opportunities that come your way, but you must have the ability and capacity to work on them too.

As a result, here is a list of the top palaces with a lucky wealth break in 2022:

  1. North Palace (⭐⭐⭐)
  2. West Palace (⭐⭐)
  3. North West Palace (⭐)
Do you have dumb luck
Do you have a stroke of good luck in 2022?

Looking at the activities listed below can help you in bridging wealth opportunities and can even be done part-time or at your own pace.

Luxury Goods Trader – North Palace

The North Palace is home to the Chief Star, which might symbolize something valuable. In addition, the Yin Metal (Xin) can symbolize elegance and beauty, while the Grain Star can symbolize ladies. Yang Earth (Wu) is also present in the palace, indicating natural products such as leather or vegan equivalents. The Delusion Door can imply a closed door or an inner circle, both of which represent limited-edition merchandise. As a result, all of this can signify pricey and attractive products like luxury purses, polished watches, and so on that have limited quantities.

Thus, if you are a trader of expensive goods with high value to others, you can expect to profit in this field in 2022. The value of the product is not the only thing that matters. It also depends on how much people are ready to pay for it and how much demand there is.

Virtual Metaverse Space Investor – West Palace

Even if your Destiny Palace isn’t listed above, you can still perform something related to the palaces. We can find the Assistant Star in the West Palace. The Assistant Star can represent data, knowledge, intellectual property, or information. Additionally, the West Pillar also contains the Moon Star. The Moon Star is a combination of something virtual and intangible. The Yin Earth (Ji) could represent land or assets.

Therefore, the West Pillar can relate to digital assets, virtual commerce, or virtual land, altogether referred to as the Metaverse. It might be a virtual environment where people can engage with one another. Furthermore, due to the existence of Yang Fire (Bing), this will be a massive occurrence. The West Palace can refer to any of the world’s western states, implying that the technology will most likely originate in the United States. It is the decade’s big buzzword. Even Facebook has lately changed its name to META.

As a result, you can look into wealth opportunities from the Metaverse, such as virtual dating, e-commerce, and even augmented reality. If you can understand more about the Metaverse and its related technology, it will benefit you in the long run.

Spiritual Healer – North West Palace

The northwest palace contains the Snake, Harm, and Hero stars. The Snake star can symbolize attachment, the Harm star can symbolize agony, and the Hero star can symbolize spiritual vitality. As a result, this palace may represent spiritual suffering or persons who had faced trauma or torture. Others may have betrayed them or faced physical harm due to their inability to let go. Additionally, the northwest palace can represent the brain, when coupled with the Biting Hexagram, can imply that people may struggle to articulate their emotions.

Therefore, if you can assist others in relieving or healing their pain, you will gain from this role. Therapists, healers, counselors, reiki masters, and even Qi Men coaches are examples of these positions. You can also use the other five senses, such as sound, smell, sight, taste, touch, or other modern approaches to help others cope with their spiritual stress.

Your Winning Plan for 2022

Based on your Destiny Palace, everyone will have a different strategy. As a result, if we look at the Qi Men chart, we can still use specific strategies to make money in 2022. You can implement the below strategies depending on your Destiny Palace.

West Palace

Due to the presence of the Assistant Star and the Moon Star, the West Palace is all about hidden knowledge, which you can use this exploit to generate money. Both stars signify information that is hard to come by and highly sought after by others. You can make money in a niche sector like the stock market, cryptocurrency, or social media platforms, provided you know particular tactics or formulas. As a result, any knowledge that isn’t widely available and that you can turn into your interpretation will be crucial to your 2022 winning plan. This palace represents the monetization of information!

North West Palace

The Biting Hexagram (not visible on the Qi Men chart) is found in the northwest palace and signifies speech since it’s related to the mouth. The presence of Harm Door and Hero Star denotes taking action, but your popularity has a bearing on your success. Furthermore, Yin Water (Gui) represents teaching or coaching. Therefore, you should work hard to establish a compelling online presence so that you may gain a large number of social media followers. The most important thing for you to focus on is gaining followers, which will generate an additional revenue stream for you.

North Palace

The presence of the Chief Star, which is one of the most beneficial deities, will enable you to obtain assistance from others, whether directly or indirectly, even if you do not ask for it. The Grain Star and the Delusion Door also depict someone conservatively working behind closed doors. It could imply that you should work discreetly behind the scenes until you are confident in your ability to close the sale. You don’t need others’ approval because you are qualified to carry out the tasks. As a result, you should not reveal your plans to others until you have proven your worth in the circumstance.

North East Palace

The Reform Hexagon (seen on the Qi Men chart but not on the Reform Hexagon chart) might reflect contentious thinking and doing something different from the norm. Furthermore, the Pillar star is divisive since it deviates from the usual. The Scenery Door and the Nine Heavens star indicate creativity and inspiration. As a result, if you want to flourish in 2022, you must set yourself apart from the competition. You can strive to come up with content that is controversial and unique. However, it must be true, and you must be able to back it up with evidence.

East Palace

The Death Door with the Stagnation Hexagram (seen on the Qi Men chart but not on the Death Door) can symbolize necessary changes. The Heart Star can indicate that you need to shift your perspective and mindset. You might want to consider whether you’re being held back by negative energy. If so, you may need to alter your self-talk, as it may be preventing you from achieving success. You may want to reflect on what life means to you, as some people believe that life is a gift, a dance, or even a test for them. Nevertheless, you may want to rewrite your own life story. This palace is all about internal cultivation!

South East Palace

Because the Tortoise Star and Fear Door are present, it can signify creativity in which you can create ways or solutions to what people fear. The Grass Star can also symbolize vanity and outward attractiveness. Therefore, now is the time to solve things that people fear, particularly when it comes to anti-aging. You can educate others about nutrition and fitness to stay healthy and attractive. Additionally, happiness coaching can help others enhance their overall health and lead a healthier lifestyle. This palace is about taking action!

You must take care of your body and mind by educating yourself on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The link below will provide you with some tips for staying healthy, happy, and attractive.

South Palace

We can find the Big Livestock hexagram in the South Palace (however not shown on the Qi Men chart). It can imply that you are prepared and capable of taking action. Because the presence of an Open Door can also signify opportunities. While the Tiger Star symbolizes bravery, the Ambassador Star is often associated with prosperity. As a result, you’ll need to summon the guts to dream big. If you want to go big, think big because you are much better than you believe. When you think bigger or establish a bigger objective, you’ll get a lot more opportunities. Therefore, you might try to challenge your benchmarks and elevate your standards. This palace is all about your thoughts!

South West Palace

The Harmony Star is a symbol of collaboration with others. However, the Destructor Star is present in the same palace too. Thus, it requires unfriending some of the people holding you back. People who are envious of your success, try to belittle you, or gossip behind your back are examples. It could even be your close acquaintances, coworkers, relatives, or family members. Therefore, these aren’t the types of people you want to hang around. If you succeed, you might meet new people who will benefit you because of the Rest Door.

You can also try getting rid of any burdens preventing you from growing into a strong-minded person due to the Relief Hexagram (which isn’t shown on the Qi Men chart). In addition, we associate the Southwest Palace with the monkey sign. Because the monkey and tiger sign will clash in 2022, this will be the best time for you to unfriend those pulling you down, as you will have the confidence to do it. You can consciously do this to re-establish new friendships and possibly new prospects for earning money.

Bridging wealth opportunities in 2022 based on your Qi Men Destiny Palace
Bridging wealth opportunities in 2022 based on your Qi Men Destiny Palace

Concluding Thoughts

I hope the following techniques resonate with you and inspire you to take action to bridge the wealth gaps of 2022. Some people are solely focused on learning, and as they learn more, they get increasingly perplexed. However, while you digest all of this information, it is even more critical that you put these techniques into practice so that you may profit from them.

Even if you could only use one piece of information, it would be sufficient to influence your life choices. Last but not least, I hope that this has been useful to you and that you will be able to utilize the above information to make better judgments in 2022 and beyond. I wish you the best of luck in realizing your ambition!

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