How You Can Attract Spiritual Wealth and Good Luck in Period 9

How You Can Attract Spiritual Wealth and Good Luck in Period 9

Most people think of money as the ultimate goal of wealth. However, spiritual wealth is an often overlooked aspect of wealth. In this world, you’ll find two distinct groups of people. One group of individuals is all about making money and maximizing profits. On the other hand, the spiritual group prioritizes making a positive impact and doing what they believe is right and just. Often, these two groups seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, with one solely focused on financial gains and the other on spiritual growth and purpose.

However, the truth lies in the balance of both aspects. Spiritual growth can lead to financial growth because wealth is a form of energy. When you experience genuine spiritual growth, you become more connected to the flow of life. This includes financial abundance, health, and fulfilling relationships.

As a result, if you’re seeking spiritual growth and want to make a difference in the lives of others, you must accept that financial prosperity is a necessary part of the journey. When you’re spiritually aligned and making a positive effect in the lives of others, you can achieve your purpose.

Therefore, you can be both spiritual and wealthy. This approach allows you to live a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. You can make a positive difference in both your life and the lives of others.

Spiritual Wealth #personalgrowth
Spiritual Wealth #personalgrowth

Understanding What Is Spiritual Wealth

Spiritual wealth is not about being disconnected from reality or living in a dream state. It’s about living a joyful life. In addition, you wake up feeling great every day and sleep well at night. This state of being involves being present and engaged in life, enjoying the journey, and finding fulfillment in various aspects. As a result, it is a journey that requires self-reflection and mindfulness.

However, spiritual growth and financial abundance are not opposing forces. They complement each other. When you are spiritually aligned and living in a state of joy and productivity, it becomes natural to create and attract wealth as part of that flow. The Yin and Yang of life work together. You can live a more balanced and meaningful life when embracing both aspects.

Living a spiritually fulfilling life means being in tune with yourself. It is your purpose and the world around you. It involves finding joy in the simple moments and making a difference in others. Pursuing financial growth becomes an extension of your purpose in such a state. It is a means to extend your influence on the world.

When you are spiritually aligned and connected with the flow of life, you create wealth and prosperity that align with your values and purpose. It creates a feedback loop where spiritual growth fuels financial growth. Financial abundance can increase your impact and contribution to the world. To put this into practice, you can start by clearing energy blocks and working toward your goals.

Recognizing The Five Energy Blocks

Resolving the five energy blocks is crucial for creating a flow of wealth. These energy blocks can hinder the natural flow of energy in your life and prevent you from achieving your financial goals.

Let’s explore these five major energy blocks:

  1. Mind: Your mind can drive you toward success or hold you back from reaching your goals. You may, by accident, sabotage yourself by having a negative mindset toward wealth. These mental blocks can prevent you from taking action. Therefore, you can address these negative thought patterns to create an empowering mindset.
  2. Heart: Your emotions towards yourself and others may block wealth flow into your life. Examples include emotional blocks, such as trauma, anger, resentment, depression, and cynicism. These can also affect your relationships with others.
  3. Body: It refers to your physical health and energy levels. You may struggle to pursue your goals if your physical well-being is impaired. For example, fatigue, frequent illnesses, and a lack of motivation can slow your progress. Therefore, you should get enough rest, eat well, and exercise.
  4. Spirit: Spirit refers to your sense of purpose, inspiration, and inner drive. If you lack a sense of purpose, it can lead you astray and slow down progress. Therefore, when you are inspired, you are more likely to have a clear vision of your goals and take action toward achieving them.
  5. Willpower: Willpower is your inner strength in making good choices in life. It involves self-control and determination. You can make clear decisions, and develop, and strengthen skills over time.
Your Inner Cosmos of Spiritual Wealth
Your Inner Cosmos of Spiritual Wealth

Balancing the Five Aspects Of Spiritual Wealth

When you talk about wanting abundance, it’s like wanting to do well in different areas of life. Imagine five crucial parts that help you do well: having a strong mind, a good heart, strong willpower, being spiritually aligned, and having a healthy body. You can think of these as building blocks for success. If you’re good in just one of these areas, you can do well in that specific part of life.

For example, if you’re very motivated and have strong willpower, you can achieve many things. Or if you’re generous, your relationships might be good. Feng Shui is a tool that can help you be successful in different parts of life. So, if you want to do well in one area, like making more money or having better relationships, you can focus on improving that specific building block.

But if you want more than just doing well in one area, if you want good things in life, that’s when the idea of abundance comes in. To have abundance, it’s like having a lot of good things to share with others. As a result, it’s not enough to be good in one area. You should be good in at least three of these five building blocks. The more you’re good at, the more you can give to others, and that’s what abundance means.

Embracing The Natural Flow of Life For Spiritual Wealth

The concept of embracing the natural flow of life is similar to a waterfall. You should align with the dynamic currents rather than resist them to build your spiritual wealth. Thus, you’ll have a better grasp of flow and how to navigate it efficiently.

  • Flow of Life: A waterfall analogy illustrates the ever-changing character of life. Life brings with it its own set of difficulties and uncertainties. You can handle life’s ups and downs more easily if you recognize and grasp its dynamic cycle.
  • Perception and Awareness: You must be aware of your environment, understand the forces at play, and be in tune with the natural flow. Observing and connecting with the “Chi” flow allows you to make better decisions and align with positive energies.
  • Proactivity: You can benefit from being proactive rather than rejecting life’s problems. When you understand and work with the flow of life, you may anticipate changes and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Cycle Awareness: Life moves in cycles, much like the changing seasons. Understanding these cycles, such as the annual and monthly energies in Flying Stars Feng Shui, can allow you to anticipate shifts and harness favorable periods. i.e. Period 9. You’ll be able to ride the waves of life rather than feeling overwhelmed by them.
  • Embracing Both Good and Challenging Energies: Life has positive and negative experiences, just as Feng Shui contains positive and negative energy. Accepting the complete range of energy allows you to learn, grow, and adapt.
  • Alignment and Action: It is critical to align with positive energies and act with your aims and aspirations. You can improve your efforts by understanding the best time to activate specific energies (such as the Nobleman star in Feng Shui).
5 Steps to Embracing Flow
5 Steps to Embracing Flow

Utilizing The Five Thriving Numbers in Period 9

In the current period, three specific numbers: 9, 1, and 2 are potent energies. These energies can have a significant impact on your life and environment. When these numbers land on specific areas in your living or working space, those areas become important. These numbers bring good energy to those spots. As a result, it can affect different aspects of your life, like wealth, health, or relationships.

On the other hand, the He Tu is a crucial model in Feng Shui. The He Tu represents the Early Heaven with unique number configurations. These combinations symbolize a state of balance in the energy. Thus, this concept is captured by the numbers:

  • North: 1, 6 (Water element)
  • South: 7, 2 (Fire element)
  • East: 8, 3 (Wood element)
  • West: 9, 4 (Metal element)
  • Center: 5, 10 (Earth element)

During Period 9, the neutral number 4 gains significance when paired with 9 or any other prosperous numbers in the cycle of Flying Stars. As we transition from Period 8 to Period 9, some energy from Period 8 still lingers. The number 8 has a beneficial influence when joined with the number 2, also known as one of the future prosperous stars. Therefore, the five thriving numbers in Period 9 include 1, 2, 4, 8, and 9. The other numbers might be less favorable but still have specific uses.

You can learn how to plot the 8 Mansions and Flying Stars of your house by referring to this earlier post. Look at the top right corner of your Flying Star chart. This chart displays the arrangement of energies in your space. Those sectors having 1, 2, 4, 8, and 9 hold significance during this period and play a crucial role in your Feng Shui analysis.

The HETU Model
The HETU Model

Analyzing The Five Thriving Numbers in Your House Chart

Once you’ve identified these sectors with the numbers, your next step is to study each area and understand how they relate to different types of problems you might have. Let’s go through each of these numbers and their significance:

  • #One (1): This represents the mind. Activation of this star can attract noble and great minds. You might have helpful people entering your life. You recognize others’ strengths and learn from them. Star 1 is also known as the Nobility Star. It is about mental growth and development.
  • #Two (2): This is related to feelings and emotions. Activation of this star can improve emotional well-being and relationships. However, if the formation is negative, it might lead to emotional love-hate and heart-related problems.
  • #Four (4): This represents intelligence, inspiration, and imagination. When you activate this star, you can improve your ability to believe in favorable outcomes and have faith. It is essential for mental and emotional well-being.
  • #Eight (8): This is about willpower and choices. Activation of Star 8 allows you to make clear decisions, conquer inner doubts, and show discipline. It’s like a mountain, providing a solid foundation for your choices.
  • #Nine (9): The Star 9 is not just the wealth star. It represents the energy to execute your ideas. Activation of this star is related to perseverance, drive, and the ability to inspire others. It’s your physical embodiment of wealth and action.
The Nine Periods in Feng Shui
The Nine Periods in Feng Shui

Enhancing With Elements for the Five Thriving Numbers

Each of these numbers is also associated with an element:

  • #1: Water 💧
  • #2: Earth 🏔️
  • #4: Wood 🌳
  • #8: Earth 🏔️
  • #9: Fire 🔥

As you look at your property chart, focus on these five areas related to these numbers. Understanding the energies of these stars and their associated elements will help you recognize the areas of your life that might need improvement or adjustment. It is a crucial step in effectively using Feng Shui to enhance different aspects of your life.

However, there’s an important point to remember. If any of these sectors is missing, there’s nothing you can do to change that. Don’t go carried away trying to “fix” a missing area with mirrors or other devices. Instead, focus your attention on the remaining sectors that you do have. A significant lesson is to focus on what you have rather than what you lack.

#One Water Star

When focusing on Star One, you can check the internal and external environment for water elements. It could be physical water features like a pond, lake, or Flying Star combinations like 6-1 from the He Tu. Metal can also produce water. For example, if you have a metal sculpture of someone you admire in that spot, it could stimulate the water energy linked with the metal element. The important thing is that this symbol connects with your goals. It should align with the energy already present in that area, enhancing its effects.

#Two Earth Star

Whether you’re on Star Two, check around to see whether there are any Earth-like elements. For instance, if you have a giant dead tree in that area, it’s a clash since Wood counters Earth. It weakens the energy of Star Two. Thus removing the conflicting element, like the tree, could be beneficial. Star Two relates to emotions and feelings. If you notice a clash of elements in the area, it might impact your emotional state. Thus, it could affect your resentment or feelings about making a living.

#Four Wood Star

Star Four corresponds to the wood element. Look at the area around Number Four. For example, if it’s in the West sector related to the Metal element, there could be a clash. Therefore, the Wood element (number four) can’t grow in a Metal environment. To balance this, you can consider adding some water to the area. This adjustment can assist with inspiration and ideas coming through. However, be careful not to add too much water, as too much water can cause issues with Direct and Indirect Spirit. For this situation, stick to a small amount of water using a mini water feature.

#Eight Earth Star

This star represents your willpower and ability to make decisions. If Star Eight is in an area that counters its element, as Wood counters the Earth element, it signifies a weakened Star Eight energy. To enhance it, you can introduce the Fire element. Fire supports the Earth element, which in this case, strengthens the Star Eight energy.

#Nine Fire Star

Star Nine is often associated with the Fire element. However, in this upcoming Period 9, Star Nine holds a different status. Star Nine prefers the presence of the Water element to support its wealth-enhancing properties. The Water element represents a more aggressive approach to wealth creation. On the other hand, using the Fire element can bring about intellectual and spiritual wealth. You can choose between these two. But both Fire and Water elements should not be present in the same sector. If you spot good natural water sources nearby, it’s generally favorable for Star Nine.

5 Powerful Stars in Period 9 For Spiritual Wealth
5 Powerful Stars in Period 9 For Spiritual Wealth

Speeding Up Your Spiritual Wealth Success for Period 9

You can speed up your Feng Shui results by activating your Nobleman star using a technique that involves the monthly Flying Star Charts. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Identify Your Nobleman Direction: Look at your destiny chart or personal Gua information to determine where your Nobleman Star is located. Note down the directions or sectors associated with it. For example, if your nobleman star is in West 2 and North West 3, these are the sectors you will focus on.
  2. Check Monthly Flying Star Charts: Obtain the monthly Flying Star chart for the year. Scan through the months to find the month where the #One star (The Number One Star is associated with nobility and helpful people) arrives in your sectors. It indicates a period when your Nobleman star is active.
  3. Activate the Nobleman Star: During the month when the Number One star aligns with your nobleman direction, activate the energy in that sector. You can do this by placing water features in the associated sectors, such as West 2 and North West 3. This water feature activates both the Number One star and your Nobleman star.

Remember that this technique focuses on short-term activation. Therefore, if you need immediate assistance and quick results, this monthly activation technique can be very effective. It’s crucial to have clarity about what you want to achieve and to take action towards your goals during the activated period.

However, activating your Nobleman star isn’t a one-time fix. Continuous effort, positive actions, and networking are also essential for attracting helpful people into your life. Feng Shui can provide supportive energy, but being proactive is equally crucial for success.

Monthly Flying Stars 2023_January to April
January to April_Monthly Flying Stars 2023
Monthly Flying Stars 2023_May to August
May to August_Monthly Flying Stars 2023
Monthly Flying Stars 2023_September to December
September to December_Monthly Flying Stars 2023

Concluding Remarks

In short, you should keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate your Feng Shui efforts. Remember this: “Don’t overdo Feng Shui.” There’s no need to obsess over achieving the perfect setup. If you can take action, even if it’s not 100% perfect, it is better than doing nothing.

You don’t need to aim for perfection in all aspects. If you can focus on just one or two areas and make them strong, you’re already on the path to success. Feng Shui and enhancing spiritual wealth is about finding a balance that aligns with your activities and goals. It’s the synergy between your actions and your environment that matters.

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