Your Key To Success, Money, And Wealth With Feng Shui

Your Key To Success, Money, And Wealth With Feng Shui

Your key to success with Feng Shui begins with a framework. It can make success more predictable and helps you overcome past setbacks or bad choices. We all make mistakes. But with Feng Shui, you can override those choices and make success more dependable.

Feng Shui is a tool that works for you constantly, even while you sleep. That’s what Feng Shui is about—creating an energy environment that supports you 24/7. Additionally, Feng Shui offers a system that can accelerate your progress toward your goals.

A Feng Shui framework consists of five simple aspects:

  1. Understanding the energies of your environment: Feng Shui is about harnessing the vibrational energies from your surroundings.
  2. The flow of “Chi” or energy: “Chi” involves ensuring a balanced energy flow within your space, from the building to you and vice versa.
  3. Application of systems and practices: Feng Shui provides various techniques for your goals, needs, and life stage.
  4. Individuality: You are unique. You can tailor its approach accordingly.
  5. Luck as energy: Feng Shui acknowledges the concept of luck. When you have positive energy, you are more open to opportunities. When your energy levels are low, you may attract bad things.

These factors can interact to create a pleasant and supportive atmosphere. You can boost your energy and attract positive outcomes by practicing Feng Shui.

Your Key To Success - Feng Shui Framework
Your Key To Success – Feng Shui Framework

How Can I Tell If I Have Good Feng Shui?

You can observe signs to see if you have good Feng Shui. Here are some indicators of good Feng Shui:

  1. Synchronicity: You experience events at the perfect time and place.
  2. Flow and ease: You progress smoothly without significant blockages.
  3. Miracles and breakthroughs: Events happen beyond your expectations.
  4. Abundance: You attract many possibilities.
  5. Inspiration: You feel more creative. Therefore, you make breakthroughs in your endeavors.
  6. Protection from bad luck: You can repel negative situations or experiences.
  7. Support and safety: You feel supported, loved, and safe in your environment.
  8. Meaning and purpose: You have a sense of meaning in life.

On the other hand, signs of bad Feng Shui include:

  1. Lack of support: You feel lonely or unsupported, even when surrounded by people.
  2. Lack of passion: You lack zeal in your life.
  3. Cynicism and negativity: You have become unhappy about life.
  4. Fatigue: You constantly feel drained of energy.
  5. Aimlessness: You feel lost, unsure of your purpose or what to do.
  6. Financial struggles: You struggle to have enough for your needs or savings.
  7. Health issues: You experience frequent health problems without apparent reasons.
  8. Unfulfilling relationships: You often attract or find yourself in unhappy relationships.

If you resonate with some of these signs of bad Feng Shui, it may indicate that your current Feng Shui setup is not optimal. However, it’s important to note that Feng Shui adjustments do not necessarily require structural changes to your home. You may improve your Feng Shui by taking easy and more practical methods.

Good vs Bad Feng Shui
Good vs Bad Feng Shui

When Should You Use Feng Shui

The best time to use Feng Shui is when you find it challenging to change yourself, your mindset, or the people around you. In such situations, you can consider changing your environment. Altering your physical surroundings can impact various aspects of your life. However, Feng Shui cannot substitute for self-improvement activities. It can complement your efforts to live a more balanced life.

Therefore, the specific techniques may vary based on your needs and goals. By applying Feng Shui to your environment, you can create a space that aligns with your current goals. Here are some examples of how you can use Feng Shui in different life stages:

  1. Children: It can create a nurturing environment supporting growth and development.
  2. Young Adults: As you embark on your career, Feng Shui can provide guidance and support in finding career direction. Therefore, it can help boost your confidence at work.
  3. Mid-Level Professionals: You may feel the need to stand out, climb the corporate ladder, or seek leadership skills. It can help foster professional growth and enhance reputation and visibility.
  4. Life Pivots and Transitions: During life transitions, it can help you explore new options, find clarity, and make decisions. Additionally, you can break free from routine and discover new passions in life.
  5. Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: It can improve workplace energy flow. In addition, it can attract customers and support long-term corporate growth.
  6. Seniors and Retirees: In the later stages of life, Feng Shui can help you to reflect on your legacy and seek fulfillment in retirement.
Your Key To Success - Feng Shui for Different Stages of Life
Your Key To Success – Feng Shui for Different Stages of Life

What Is Money and Wealth in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, it’s essential to understand the distinction between money and wealth. Although you may use these terms mutually, they represent two different concepts.

Money is the flow of currency in the economy. It is a means of exchange and a storage of value. As a result, it is related to the financial aspect of one’s life. Examples include earning income, making transactions, and managing resources.

Wealth, on the other hand, encompasses a broader perspective. It refers to the growth of resources and your potential. Having wealth means having access to valuable assets, which include time and freedom. You can be wealthy if you can do whatever you want when you want, and with whoever you want.

Therefore, you can become wealthy if you can create value for others. In return, you receive money for your services. Money is like stored energy. Understanding it as energy aids in Feng Shui planning to increase energy production and attract chances for financial success.

You can use Feng shui to create an environment that enhances energy flow related to money and wealth. By aligning the energies of your space with your intentions and goals, you can create opportunities to create more prosperity.

However, it’s important to note that feng shui is not a magic formula for immediate gains. It takes time for the energies to align and produce tangible results. Setting precise financial goals might help you redirect your efforts in the right direction.

The Rich Invest In Time, The Poor Invest in Money
The Rich Invest In Time, The Poor Invest in Money

The Importance of Life Force Energy “Chi” (气)

Feng Shui revolves around the concept of “Chi.” It is an invisible force in our surroundings that influences energy flows. Therefore, it is the vital energy that animates all living things.

The study of Feng Shui acknowledges this energy. “Chi” is often associated with the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. In addition, these elements represent different qualities and energies. They can interact with one another. The concept of Yin and Yang, which represent opposing forces, is also essential to understanding “Chi.”

The flow of “Chi” can affect various aspects of your life. It includes your physical and mental well-being. Thus, it can impact your health, relationships, and wealth. By aligning yourself with the “Chi” flow, you can cultivate a sense of balance and positive energy in your life.

“Chi” extends not only to the external but also to your internal condition. It includes your ideas, emotions, and thinking. The flow of “Chi” within you influences how you see and interact with others. You can gain personal growth by addressing obstacles or imbalances in your internal “Chi.”

Therefore in Feng Shui, the ultimate purpose is to elevate your life force energy, or “Chi,” to higher levels. You should reach an awakened state for greater fulfillment. Feng Shui can help you in this upward movement of energy. If you are constantly in pain, shame, or guilt, then you should target to reach at least neutral levels where you can be more productive. When you are at peak performance, you have specific wants and desires. As a result, the universe will support your goals and intentions.

Understanding Life Force Energy Levels
Understanding Life Force Energy Levels (Chi)

Why Should You Use Feng Shui?

Feng Shui can increase your luck by raising your energy levels. Luck is a state of being where things seem to align in your favor. Some people may appear to have luck on their side, even if they started with little education or resources. It is the same as being in the right place at the right time and making the right choices.

When your “Chi” level is higher, you are more likely to attract positive outcomes and opportunities. Additionally, making the right choices and having a strategic mindset can contribute to your success. Your environment also plays a crucial role. When you are in an inspiring environment, it can improve your motivation and overall well-being.

Feng Shui helps in creating an environment that supports your goals and aspirations. A rewarding workplace is one in which you wake up cheerful and ready to work. It sets the tone for the day and allows you to tackle your chores with zeal. Furthermore, Feng Shui can help you acquire skill sets by establishing conditions that make learning easier.

Ultimately, Feng Shui can enhance various aspects of your life, including luck, choices, mindset, skillsets, and environment. You can boost your chances of success by applying its ideas and optimizing your surroundings.

5 Ways To Succeed Using Feng Shui
5 Ways To Succeed Using Feng Shui

What Can Feng Shui Do for Your Success?

You can apply Feng Shui depending on your needs and goals. Here are the five major applications of Feng Shui:

  1. Assessment: Feng Shui can evaluate your property’s energy flow, potential, or risks. As a result, this assessment allows you to know how the environment may affect the occupants and their objectives.
  2. Diagnosis: You can use Feng Shui to diagnose the underlying. It involves identifying the factors contributing to the issues and providing suggestions or solutions. 
  3. Enhancement: Feng Shui can be utilized for enhancement purposes when things are going well but can be improved further.
  4. Correction: It focuses on fixing negative energy within your home. Therefore, you can use it to fix issues and improve energy flow.
  5. Prediction: Feng Shui allows you to anticipate potential outcomes. You can take proactive measures and plan for the future. 
The 5 Feng Shui Applications
The 5 Feng Shui Applications

Finding Your Personal Palaces

Firstly, you can plot your personalized Feng Shui chart here. The result is a chart that shows your personal energy map, which remains consistent throughout your life. You can use this map to assess any property you live in. Additionally, it can quickly identify your Life Star and Life Gua using your date and time of birth. Finally, it can convert the data in the table below for easy reference. Keep in mind that if your Gua number is 5, males will have a Life Gua of #2 and females will have a Gua of #8.

Your Gua
Life Gua
1Kan (坎)South EastEastSouthNorthWestNorth EastNorth WestSouth West
2Kun (坤)North EastWestNorth WestSouth WestEastSouth EastSouthNorth
3Zhen (震)SouthNorthSouth EastEastSouth WestNorth WestNorth EastWest
4Xun (巽)NorthSouthEastSouth EastNorth WestSouth WestWestNorth East
6Qian (乾)WestNorth EastSouth WestNorth WestSouth EastEastNorthSouth
7Dui (兑)North WestSouth WestNorth EastWestNorthSouthSouth EastEast
8Gen (艮)South WestNorth WestWestNorth EastSouthNorthEastSouth East
9Li (離)EastSouth EastNorthSouthNorth EastWestSouth WestNorth West
Life GuaPersonal
Creation &
Health &
IdentityAdventureSpiritualLikeabilityTrials &
Identifying Your Personal Palaces

Plotting the 8 Mansions and Flying Stars

To apply Feng Shui to your house floor plan, you start by squaring off the living areas of the ground floor. You can exclude the garage and focus on the main living spaces. Following this, stand in the center of the property and determine the north, south, east, and west directions using a compass.

Once you have identified the compass directions, draw the corresponding quadrants over the floor plan. It will help you understand the orientation of sectors within your house.

If you have more than one story, repeat the process for the upper floor. You can exclude any balconies or external areas. Square off the upper floor and find the center. Lastly, you can use the compass to determine the north, south, east, and west directions, and draw the quadrants over the floor plan.

Next is to plot the natal chart of your property. You first need to identify the facing direction of your property. Stand inside the property and look towards the outside. The direction you are facing is the direction of your property. For example, if your property faces South, it is considered “Facing South 1” if the orientation is between 157.5 to 174.4 degrees.

Once you know the facing direction, you can plot the natal chart for your property. The natal chart will show the distribution of numbers in each sector of your property. You can also find period-specific charts online. For Period 8 formation charts, you can refer to the earlier post.

Plotting the Eight Mansions & Flying Stars of Your Property
Plotting the Eight Mansions & Flying Stars of Your Property

How to Use the 8 Mansions to Your Advantage

In Feng Shui, you can classify the personal sectors into eight palaces. Four palaces are Yang (active), while four are Yin (passive). These sectors represent different aspects of life and have unique potential. It’s important to note that there is no positive or negative sector; each palace has its uses and benefits.

The Yang sectors are as follows:

  1. Creation & Wealth Palace: Linked to opportunities for financial growth and visualization.
  2. Health and Well-being Palace: Related to physical and mental health, promoting overall well-being.
  3. Social Charisma Palace: Creating true friendship, intimacy, and respect from others.
  4. Identity Palace: Reflects your ego and how you view yourself.

On the other hand, the Yin sectors are:

  1. Adventure Palace: Symbolizes exploring new experiences and getting unstuck in life.
  2. Likeability Palace: Pertains to charm and create positive impressions on others.
  3. Spiritual Palace: Linked to spiritual growth and deeper meaning in life.
  4. Trials and Tribulations Palace: Stand for challenges for growth and learning, creating breakthroughs.

Two things are required to awaken the potential of each palace. Firstly, you should grasp what each represents. Then you must understand the conditions to activate the energy. In addition, the combination of knowing your personal Yin and Yang sectors, along with the flying stars of your house, can provide new insights into your living space.

The 8 Mansions Based on Your Kua
The 8 Mansions Based on Your Kua

Assessment: Determine Your Identity Palace

The “Identity Palace” in Feng Shui refers to the sector in your home that reflects your ego. It represents how you see yourself. These reflect your identities acquired through various influences. As a result, it can include culture, upbringing, education, and experiences.

The items or symbols you place in your Identity Palace can help you connect with your life and work towards your growth and success. Thus, it can include items related to your heroes, aspirations, ambitions, or anything. These are objects that align with your future self. It serves as a reminder and inspiration for your desired identity and goals.

When practicing Feng Shui, involves considering the overall environment of your home. However, as a beginner, it’s best to start with a simple view. For instance, pay attention to the objects and symbols present, such as altars or prayer rooms. These can reflect your spiritual beliefs or family values. In addition, it can have an impact on your subconscious state.

Diagnosis: Analyzing Your Identity Palace

The first stage is to observe the energies in your Identity Palace. You can look for indicators such as the overall atmosphere, ventilation, etc. In addition, you should consider what exists in the space. These could be items placed there, as these reflect your subconscious world.

Next, you can consider how you see yourself and who uses this space. If it’s your son’s room, his presence may represent a healthy relationship in your life. However, if someone else occupies the area and has an unfavorable bond, it can affect you too.

For advanced users, you can consider the annual or monthly flying stars in the Identity Palace. These stars represent energy flows in your identity Palace. For example, if you have a Wealth Star in this sector, then you are in a great house. Therefore, analyzing the features of flying stars can reveal the frequency that affects you.

Correction: Evaluating Your Identity Palace

If you notice any negative exterior or interior aspects in your Identity Palace, it could suggest a financial problem. Structures, electric pylons, or T-junction roadways that clash with your home are examples of negative external features. On the other hand, lower ceilings, sloped flooring, or limited lighting are negative internal features. For more examples of “Sha Chi”, please refer to the earlier post. Lastly, you should use your common sense too.

Therefore, to improve the energy in your identity Palace, tidy the area and create a well-lit place. It can help to support a good flow of energy. By removing any physical blockages, you can create an area that allows you to pursue your financial dreams.

West Group Gua Numbers:

  • 2-Kun SW Sector: It could be due to a poor mindset. The SW sector is linked to Star Two. It represents the accumulation of wealth. However, these negative features may limit your beliefs. In addition, you may develop a negative outlook toward money. As a result, you should cultivate a positive mindset with good financial habits.
  • 6-Qian NW Sector: It could indicate issues related to obligations and leadership. Therefore, you may have heavy money burdens. Examples include taking on too many loans with high interest rates. As a result, these obligations hinder your ability to save and build wealth. You may need to reduce your credit and research loan refinancing options.
  • 8- Gen NE Sector: It may suggest limited sources of income. The NE sector represents income streams. In addition, the Gen Gua is a form of wealth star. Therefore, you may be depending on a single source of income. You can explore additional income or diversify your investments.
  • 9-Li S S Sector: It can manifest as a blockage in taking action toward your financial goals. The South sector represents the element of fire. You may lack the discipline and motivation to pursue wealth opportunities. As a result, taking action and creating a proactive mindset will assist you in overcoming your roadblocks. It can allow you to chase wealth chances with discipline and drive.

East Group Gua Numbers:

  • 1-Kan N Sector: It could indicate a fear of taking financial risks. The North sector represents darkness and water elements. This fear may manifest as a lack of knowledge. Therefore, you could educate yourself about financial strategies and seek help from mentors. You acquire confidence in your talents by gradually exposing yourself to calculated risks.
  • 3-Zhen E Sector: It can impact your ability in long-term financial planning. Therefore, you lack clear financial goals. The East sector represents the Star Three. It is associated with poor choices and a lack of long-term view. Thus, you can overcome it by setting goals and engaging in long-term planning.
  • 4-Xun SE Sector: It could be due to a lack of financial education. The Xun Gua symbolizes knowledge. Therefore, these negative features could prevent you from learning finance and wealth strategies. You may want to read more books and articles about building financial wealth.
  • 7-Dui W Sector: It may indicate inadequate savings and budgeting issues. You have a lack of discipline to save. As a result, you may tend to overspend. You could try to learn about budgeting and managing your spending.
Your Key to Success - Identity Palace to Improve $$
Your Key to Success – Identity Palace to Improve $$

Prediction: Setting Up Your Feng Shui Goals

To set your Feng Shui goals, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify your true desires: Take some time to reflect on what you truly want to achieve within the next 12 months. Therefore, you should go beyond surface-level goals and dig deeper into your aspirations. Write down the top three goals that resonate with you the most.
  2. Define your measurement of success: For each goal, you should clearly define what success means. Be specific and detailed in your descriptions. As a result, you can consider what milestones will signify that you have achieved your goals.
  3. Identify obstacles: Determine what might be stopping you from reaching your goals. Be honest and identify any limitations. It may be your beliefs or external factors that might hinder your progress. Therefore, you will need to recognize the challenges to overcome.
  4. Mind over matter: Consider the mindset and attitude required to achieve your goals. Identify any new skills you may need to develop. As a result, you can embrace a growth mindset. In addition, being open to learning and acquiring new knowledge is your key to success.
Keys to your Financial Success
Keys to Your Financial Success

Understanding The Flying Stars of Your Property

In each box or sector of the chart, there are three numbers. However, let’s take a closer look at the numbers in each box:

  • Top left corner: It is called the “sitting star.” (山星) This Sitting star represents the Yin aspect. It governs a person’s inner self, including feelings, thoughts, internal perspectives, and receptivity.
  • Top right corner: It is called the “facing star.” (向星) The facing star governs Yang-related activities. Examples are money-making endeavors, your job, and the value you actively create.
  • Center: It is called the “base star” or “period star.” (运星) It is represented by the period number when the chart was established. It refers to the opportunities in the current period. In addition, it also governs the market share and industry trends.
Flying Stars of Sector
Flying Stars of Sector

Timely & Untimely Stars

There are three groups of stars: timely, neutral, and untimely. Let’s break them down for a better understanding of Period 9:

Timely Stars (9, 1, 2):

  • These stars have positive and favorable energies.
  • #9 brings good fortune, prosperity, and joyful interactions.
  • #1 represents new beginnings, entrepreneurship, and creativity.
  • #2 brings asset accrual, harmony, cooperation, and supportive relationships.

Neutral Stars (4, 8, 6):

  • These stars’ influence depends on the space’s configuration.
  • #4 can be positive as it represents academic pursuits and romance.
  • #8 is related to wealth and abundance, it can have varying effects.
  • #6 can be positive if it aligns with favorable sectors as it represents authority and leadership.

Untimely Stars (5, 3, 7):

  • These stars tend to bring challenges or negative energies.
  • #5 represents obstacles, conflicts, and instability.
  • #3 is related to arguments, disagreements, and miscommunications.
  • #7 can bring theft, deception, and betrayal.

Period 9 started in 2017, and its influence is significant now. The energy of the Stars changes with different periods, so their meaning also changes accordingly. Therefore, the synergy between these stars can influence the energy of those sectors. Similarly to human interactions, some may complement each other. On the other hand, some may amplify certain traits, and others might clash or diminish energies.

Flying Stars Base Elements and Zodiac
Flying Stars Base Elements and Zodiac

The New Wealth Currency

As you approach Period 9 from 2024 to 2043, the fire element can also symbolize attention. Attention is crucial for building wealth in Period 9. This new wealth is your ability to attract attention. As a result, having attention can be valuable for startups and businesses.

If you are considering starting your own business, this is a great time. While having a stable job is good, owning and running a business can lead to significant financial growth. Proper Feng Shui techniques can increase your chances of success. You can pursue your dreams of growing wealth.

In Period 9, attracting attention is essential for all business models. It depends on three key components: capital, product, and reach. Being in sync with this flow and using the proper systems and people to support you can lead to favorable outcomes. By commanding attention, you also gain control over the direction of wealth and success. Therefore, understanding and harnessing the power of Period 9 can benefit your financial endeavors.

Attention - The New Currency in Period 9
Attention – The New Currency in Period 9

Assessment: Determine Your Likability Palace

The Likability Palace is important in Period 9 because attention is the new currency of this era. In Period 9, if you can command attention, you can also control the flow of wealth. Traditional celebrities may take time to build up their fame and network. However, in today’s world, almost anyone can become a celebrity or gain recognition through their platforms. It makes the Likability Palace a powerful tool for wealth creation.

As a result, you can engage in activities that benefit your brand and image—for example, building an online presence and creating engaging content. By showcasing your expertise, and connecting with your audience, it can help to increase your likability and visibility.

The key is to use this sector with intention. When you focus on activities that align with your goals and aspirations, you can tap into the energy of the Likability Palace. Thus, it can attract attention, opportunities, and wealth for you.

The presence of these numbers 9, 1, or 2 in your Likability Palace can allow you to command attention. You may perform better in activities related to social media. These can include creating your social platform or establishing yourself as a non-traditional celebrity. As a result, owning one’s art and content is crucial in today’s digital age. Having these numbers in the right field can lead to the creation of an entire ecosystem of wealth.

Assessment: Determine Your Wealth Palace

The Wealth Palace represents your ability to bring your inner visions and ideas into the external world. It may involve creating something valuable. Generally, it symbolizes wealth. However, being in this sector or sleeping in this area alone will not lead to wealth creation. It requires specific actions to manifest its attributes. You must actively engage with its energy and take steps to realize your financial goals.

Therefore, you must take inspired action. You can explore how to create wealth via investments. It may involve attending investment fairs and working with like-minded people. Alternatively, you can use your creativity and talents to build something of value. It’s about being proactive and focused.

If you have the numbers 9, 1, or 2 in the top right corner of your Wealth Palace, it indicates a positive potential for wealth creation and success. As a result, this configuration suits business owners or entrepreneurs who can create wealth and drive positive change in their industries.

It also suggests you have the potential to excel in business ventures, content creation, or disruptive industries like online marketing. Therefore, it aligns with creators, innovators, and visionaries. The positive energies make it easier for you to realize financial success and make an impact.

If the numbers 9, 1, or 2 appear in other Palaces of your property, they can still have the potential to generate income, value, and success. If it appears in your Spiritual Palace, it may signify that pursuing a career or business related to transformation, teaching, or helping others can benefit you.

Diagnosis: Small “Tai Chi” for 9,1, & 2 (小太极)

If the facing numbers 9, 1, and 2 are not in your Wealth Palace, but you still want to use them for activating opportunities, there is a technique called “Small Tai Chi.” This technique involves superimposing the big Feng Shui chart onto the specific room or sector where you want to activate these stars. It creates a scaled-down version of the chart.

Traditionally, many people focus on applying Feng Shui to their bedrooms. However, bedrooms are not the most essential place in your house. In the modern world, you should focus on creating value and connections with others. You can build relationships via intellectual values, intimate discussions, and emotional connections.

By using small Tai Chi in the relevant sectors, you can influence the flow of natural energies and consciously work towards your goals. It’s about understanding how to use the technique to achieve your desired outcomes.

Enhancement: Applying Small “Tai Chi” Technique

Assume you are staying in an apartment and wish to activate the 9-1-2 stars in a room. First, you superimpose the Flying Stars chart over that room, aligning the directions accordingly. It allows you to see the distribution of the stars within that room.

Determine the room corner corresponding to the sector on the overall chart where the 9-1-2 Facing stars are situated. In this case, the East corner of the room contains the #9 Facing Star.

Now, you can be intentional about that space. If it’s your Wealth Palace sector, you can consider what inspires you regarding success and wealth. For instance, you can place a photo or object of someone you idolize or an item that symbolizes your desired achievements.

On the other hand, you can consider enhancing the sector of the West area if that is your Wealth Palace. The West sector is associated with the metal element (with the 4-9 Hetu Formation). Therefore, you can place a metal trophy or use a metallic photo frame for your vision board. By activating the 9-1-2 stars in this way, you create an environment that supports your ambitions in your work and creative pursuits.

After the activation, you must take action to manifest your goals. Feng Shui is not a substitute for hard work, dedication, and determination. It’s crucial to work diligently towards your goals while leveraging the supportive energies from the activated sector. When you combine activation with hard effort, you create a drive that can push you to success.

Applying Small Tai Chi - Feng Shui Technique
Applying Small Tai Chi – Feng Shui Technique

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