Your Home Feng Shui: Welcome to The New Period 9

Your Home Feng Shui: Welcome to The New Period 9

In this post, we’ll talk about your home Feng Shui, with an emphasis on interior Feng Shui, and teach you some more Feng Shui techniques that can aid you, particularly during Period 9. This article is a follow-up to my previous piece, “Feng Shui: Everything You Need to Know About Your Home in Period 9.” As a result, if you haven’t already done so, feel free to go to the earlier post before returning here.

Feng Shui is the art of harnessing Qi (气) flow into your home. We can use Qi flow to be represented by energy. Emotional energy, energy to perform physical tasks, and even the sensation of love from your partner are all examples of things that vibrate and create energy. The Qi flow in our home, on the other hand, is linked to environmental energy. It can affect us physically, emotionally, or even spiritually too. Therefore in Feng Shui, we harness the energy of the environment to assist us in aligning our physical, mental, and emotional energies.

Introduction of Period 9 & Feng Shui

Every 20 years, the Feng Shui, or environmental energy, changes. In addition, the upcoming change will begin in 2024. However, energy flow does not alter overnight. The shift from Period 8 to Period 9 is underway. Currently, it is starting to rise, signaling the onset of Period 9 energy. Nevertheless, we will transition to Period 9 energy beginning in 2024.

If you can harness the Period 9 energy, you’ll have a good Feng Shui fortune until 2043. There will be less resistance, allowing you to get a better result. Your opportunities will improve due to the increased number of options available to you. You can make better decisions if you have more options. But, if we want to make better decisions, we must first get clarity to recognize the opportunities out there.

Selecting a favorable location is the first step in good Feng Shui. You can use the procedures described below to find a Period 9 compliant house or make your current home Period 9 compliant. However, you might not be able to fix your home. Despite your efforts, some homes have bad Feng Shui. If you can’t acquire good Feng Shui, you should consider moving to a different location.

Utilization of Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui (玄空飞星风水)

The technique you’re about to learn is from the Xuan Kong Flying Star School of Feng Shui. We’ll look at the numbers one through nine, as well as your home’s flying star chart. There will be three numbers in each box, two at the top and one in the middle. However, we will focus on the top two numbers most of the time. Each box symbolizes a different area of your home. In addition, you can identify your house’s facing directions using your compass.

  • The top numbers on the left refer to as Sitting Stars. The Sitting Stars govern the health and social networking features of the residents living in that home.
  • The top numbers on the right refer to as Facing Stars. The Facing Stars govern the wealth, career, and financial aspects of the residents living in that home.

Flying Star Chart of Your Home Feng Shui
Flying Star Chart of Your Home Feng Shui

How To Determine Your House Flying Star Chart

In my previous blog article, I didn’t include this portion. As a result, below is a step-by-step approach for obtaining the flying chart above your house:

  • Regardless of when the house was built, determine the year the first inhabitant moved in. You can identify the period of your property based on this information. Check the period using the table below. Moving to a house in Period 9 is only possible after 2024. However, this isn’t important because our goal is to find a Period 9-compliant home. As a result, a property built in the earlier Periods, such as Periods 8 or earlier, can still get the positive energy of Period 9 if it is compliant.
  • Examine the direction in which your home faces. To begin, look at the building’s intended orientation. It might not be your main door; instead, look at the general design. Secondly, determine which side of the face has the most dominant energy. It could be the most active, facing the main road, or a lake. Finally, if you can’t figure out the facing from the previous steps, see if it’s the lowest in terms of ground level.
  • Determine your home’s flying star chart based on your home’s period and direction. I’ve compiled a list of Period 8 formation charts, which you can find at the bottom of my previous post. Please keep in mind that the actions outlined above can be applied whether you live in a high-rise or a landed property.
UpperPeriod 11864 – 1883
Upper Period 21884 – 1903
Upper Period 31904 – 1923
MiddlePeriod 41924 – 1943
Middle Period 51944 – 1963
Middle Period 61964 – 1983
Lower Period 7 1984 – 2003
LowerPeriod 82004 – 2023
LowerPeriod 92024 – 2043
The 3 Cycles 9 Periods

Your Interior Home Feng Shui for Period 9

When it comes to Feng Shui, we must consider whether your house is well-positioned for Period 9. You should concentrate on the top numbers with the number 9. It signifies that the sectors with the number 9 located at the top are suitable for Period 9. However, you must first activate the sector before it can work for your existing home. These highlighted sectors must include the following aspects for your interior Feng Shui to work for Period 9:

  • Main Door
  • Stove (Kitchen)
  • Bedroom
  • Study Room
  • Balcony

Nevertheless, you don’t need to comply with all of the above. It will suffice for your home if a minimum of one of the above is incorporated. Your home is not Period 9 compliant if it is in other locations such as your storeroom, living room, and so on. Furthermore, you might consider changing those sections of your home to include the above aspects. If this isn’t possible, you might want to spend more time on those sectors with the number 9 as the Sitting or Facing star.

The Main Door / Balcony

One of the most crucial characteristics of your property is the entrance door. This is because the main door connects your home’s external environment to its indoor environment. As a result, having the main entrance door in a good or proper location allows you to draw beneficial Qi from the environment. You can also keep the main entryway clean and clear of debris and impediments. Your main door governs your wealth opportunities.

Other options for the main door and balcony include the Facing Stars 9, 1, or 2. The rationale for including Facing Star numbers 1 and 2 in the Flying Star chart is that there are only nine numbers in the chart, and the number 1 comes after 9, as the next Period will be Period 1 and followed by 2. It is also called the “Future Star.” However, having the Facing Star 9 for your primary door and balcony for Period 9 is still the best option.

The Stove / Bedroom / Study Room

The stove (kitchen) will be where you will do most of your cooking in your home. Your stove influences your health. Residents of the family will be healthy if your stove is in the correct location. When you cook in an environment with positive energy, the food will contain positive energy too. As a result, positive energy will bring health and prosperity to the family.

The bedhead is a consideration for the bedroom. Your bedroom will govern your health and relationships, while the study room is concerned with your academic and career.

Consider placing the stove, bedroom, and study area in the Sitting Stars 9, 1, or 2 sectors. You should avoid the Sitting Star 5 at all costs.

If you can only make one sector compliant, consider reserving it for your family’s breadwinner. In addition, if you are unable to relocate your rooms or meet the following conditions, you may wish to explore renting a Period 9-compliant house.

Your interior home feng shui for period 9
Your Interior Home Feng Shui for Period 9

The Period 9 Xuan Kong Da Gua Technique (玄空大卦)

You can implement this popular technique into your existing home since it’s based on the construction of the Early Heaven. Based on Period 9, the Early Heaven had already begun in 2017. It suggests that we can already use the technique right now.

The Xuan Kong Da Gua method converts the 360-degree compass into 64 hexagrams. As a result, each hexagram will have 5.625 degrees. When employing this technique, you’ll need to be accurate. In addition, each hexagram has a number that corresponds to it. The Gua Element is the top number, and the Period number is the bottom. During Period 9, we should concentrate on the bottom numerals with the number 9.

You can use this approach to align your door, work desk, or even your bed bead in your bedroom. As a result, these are the eight prosperous directions that you should be using. You can disregard the designation of each Hexagram because it is unrelated to this discussion.

No.64 HexagramDegreeDirection
4Increasing (益)16.875°-22.500°N3
11Accomplished (既濟)56.250°-61.875°NE3
18Decreasing (損)95.625°-101.250°E3
25Unity (泰)135.000°-140.625°SE2
36Consistency (恆)196.875°-202.500°S3
43Not Yet Accomplished (未濟)236.250°-241.875°SW3
50Influence (咸)275.625°-281.250°W3
57Stagnation (否)315.000°-320.625°NW2
Period 9 Xuan Kong Da Ga Table

After you’ve completed the aforementioned, you’ll be able to take advantage of Period 9 opportunities. You will be able to see more opportunities, which will be beneficial to you in the long run.

The Secrets of Purple White Script (紫白诀)

In Chinese Metaphysics, the purple color denotes the number nine. We should pay more attention to the Purple White Script strategy now that we’re approaching Period 9. It is, however, one of the more sophisticated Xuan Kong methods, and learning it will take a long time. As a result, we’ll describe the recognized patterns for utilization in Period 9.

To sum up all of Purple White Script’s secrets, it all comes down to the combination of these numbers:

  • 1 – 4 or 4 – 1

The number 4 denotes someone extremely intelligent, while the number 1 denotes someone wise. Combining the two can represent a person who is both intellectual and enlightened. Therefore, this is one of the most popular Purple White Script combos.

1, 6WaterNorth
2, 7FireSouth
3, 8WoodEast
4, 9MetalWest
5, 10EarthCenter
The Hetu Number Relations

If you’ve ever studied Feng Shui, you’ll know that the number 4 attracts the number 9 due to the HETU (河图) combination. The HETU diagram, often known as the river map chart, is the foundation for several heavenly stem combinations. However, due to modern Feng Shui methods, it is now rarely used. Instead, the Luo Shu diagram is employed. Meanwhile, due to the combination of 10, the number 1 draws the number 9. This combination is also known as the Sum of Ten. The sum of ten is a lucky combination that can increase positive energy.

As a result, the number combinations 1-4 or 4-1 can attract the number 9 and bring good luck to your home during Period 9. Sectors of your home with these combinations are also ideal.

The HETU Configuration
The HETU Configuration
Period 8 Homes with 1-4 or 4-1 combination
Period 8 Homes with 1-4 or 4-1 combination

Using Your Life Gua Number

You may discover your Life Gua number at the top right side of your Bazi Chart if you use the link here to plot your Bazi Chart. In addition, you may also use the Google search engine to locate a variety of Life Gua calculators. There are nine Life Gua numbers in all, and each person’s number is unique according to their date of birth and gender.

For instance, your Life Gua number is 4. Period 9 allows you to occupy the sector of your home where the Sitting/Facing star is 1 and obtain positive energy from the 1-4 combo. Similarly, if your Life Gua number is 1 and your Sitting/Facing star is 4, the same rules apply. However, this can only work if your Life Gua number is 1 or 4.

The number combinations 1-4 or 4-1 are extremely powerful in the Purple White Script. Working in that area of your house allows you to increase your imagination and remake things, which are critical skills in Period 9. Furthermore, it can attract the number 9 and offer Period 9 Feng Shui luck.

Applying The Small Tai Chi to your Home Feng Shui

Alternatively, if you belong to another Life Gua number other than 1 or 4, there is a less powerful technique that can be employed too. The following is a step-by-step procedure:

  • Firstly, you have to divide that sector of your home into nine smaller areas that have the numbers 1 or 4 as the Sitting/Facing star.
  • Secondly, locate the sectors of your home with the numbers 1 or 4 that will complement the ones you are in now. Note where this sector is located, for example, the East sector.
  • Finally, make use of that small space as your workspace.

However, you should be aware that this strategy is less effective and requires more painstaking effort.
The sector with the 1-4 or 4-1 combination of Sitting/Facing stars is still the favored method.

The Small Tai Chi Method Using the 4-1 Combination
The Small Tai Chi Method Using the 4-1 Combination

Changing Your Home Before Period 9

It is not a problem if you can make your home Period 9 compliant. Some of us may contemplate moving if the prior procedures do not work or do not apply to us. On the other hand, some homes are more difficult to comply with. You can still use the techniques mentioned before, but the effect will be diminished. As a result, the following homes will not be able to completely benefit from Period 9. We don’t need to examine anything before Period 6 due to the lack of Feng Shui energy in those homes.

Period 6
(1964 – 1983)
Period 7
(1984 – 2003)
Period 8
(2004 – 2023)
Facing Southwest (SE1-3) Facing East (E1-3)Facing Southeast (SE1-3)
Facing Northeast (NE1-3)Facing West (W1-3)Facing Northeast (NE1-3)
The houses listed above are those that will not be able to completely benefit from Period 9

Buying Your Home in Period 9

Some of us may have purchased a home in Period 9 or earlier. However, the property you reside in will become a Period 9 house only when the first inhabitant moves in on February 4, 2024. Nevertheless, there will be a few residences with favorable flying chart formations to consider for individuals wishing to buy a new home for Period 9.

The Sum of Ten Formation (合十)

  • Sitting Stars with the Sum of Ten: This formation is for people who want to maintain good health, longevity, family harmony, and satisfaction in their relationships.
    • All numbers on the upper left will add up to 10 when combined with the number in the middle of each of the boxes.
  • Facing Stars with the Sum of Ten: This formation is for persons who are interested in money, starting a business, or wealth prospects and are entrepreneurs, business owners, or aspire to become rich.
    • All numbers on the upper right will add up to 10 when combined with the number in the middle of each of the boxes.

However, there must be no missing sectors in your Period 9 house for these special formations to work.
It will not work for you if you have any missing sectors.

Facing and Sitting Star Sum of Ten for Period 9 Homes
Facing and Sitting Star with Sum of Ten for Period 9 Homes

The 7 Stars Robbery Formation (七星大劫法)

Due to its indestructible nature without the influence of time, this is another highly respected or sought-after Feng Shui formation. In addition, this unique formation can counteract mishaps or bad luck. This entire formation is designed to rob other stars from all periods so that you can prosper regardless of which time you are in presently.

We must begin counting from Period 1 and counting seven times to get Period 7 to obtain this unique formation. We will get Period 4 by counting from Period 7 once more. As a result, we receive the GUA parent string formation, the 1-4-7 structure. We can have other formations like 2-5-8 and 3-6-9 using the same formula for the calculations. However, because of the occurrence of the number 9, we should be using the unique formation 3-6-9 for Period 9.

The following are the reasons why this formation is so powerful in Period 9. Below are the positions of the Early and Later heavens.

  • Li Gua – it signifies the South direction/sector.
  • Zhen Gua – it signifies the East direciton/sector.
  • Qian Gua – it signifies the North West direction/sector.

Criteria for Using the 7 Stars Robbery Formation for Your Home Feng Shui

You’ll notice a unique 3-6-9 configuration when these sectors are connected. These combinations are formed when combining the South, East, and North West. As a result, you’ll need a Period 9 house facing South1 to get the unique 7 Stars Robbery Formation.

However, for this construction to be effective, the following characteristics must be met:

  • Your Period 9 home should be facing South1.
  • There should be no missing sectors in your home’s infrastructure.
  • A window or door in the South, East, or Northwest sector should reside there to allow easy Qi flow.
  • There must not be any obstructions between the three palaces.
  • Ideally, you should be able to see a mountain in the south.

However, if you can meet some of the traits indicated above, you will gain from the formation too. For example, a house facing Northwest 2/3 and East 2/3 are the two less powerful formations. You can still apply it to gain some of the benefits of the 7 Stars Robbery setup. Nevertheless, it is most suited for those who live on landed property because they can develop their dwellings into this distinctive layout due to the rigorous requirements.

The 7 Star Robbery Formation
The 7 Stars Robbery Formation

Final Remarks

You have a lot of information to act on, so you can pick whichever is best suited for you based on your current situation. The ideas discussed above can be applied to your house, office, or even if you own a small business such as a shop, restaurant, or cafe. Consider moving out or renting a property that will offer you the benefits for the following twenty years if your home does not meet Period 9 requirements.

However, the Direct and Indirect Spirit locations, where the mountain and water formations may bring positive Qi flow from the environment into your home, remain the most powerful formations. Some of us who live in urban areas will find it difficult to follow this method; nevertheless, you may still employ the other strategies mentioned here.

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    1. Hi Benny,
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      1) The 7 star robbery formation mentioned in this article is applicable only to houses built from 2024 onwards in Period 9.
      2) If your house is in Period 8 and you are doing well, there is no need for renovations. Instead, you should consider shifting house.
      3) Your garage is considered “missing” if you square-off your home and it is located outside the square.
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