Flying Stars 2022: The New Feng Shui Guide For All Beginners You Need To Know

Flying Stars 2022: The New Feng Shui Guide For All Beginners You Need To Know

With all of the Flying Stars 2022 returning to their original palaces, it will be an interesting and exciting year. It marks the beginning of Period 9 with a system reset. As a result, you’ll be able to see a lot of your traits in their most natural state. However, for individuals who are unaware of themselves or the truth, this year may be a time of anguish as they finally see things in their true colors. It’s because if you can’t see the truth in yourself, going into Period 9, which is all about openness and transparency, will be challenging times. Therefore, this will put your ability to accept the truth to the test.

Most practitioners use the Flying Star chart for 2022 because it is a popular system. There are annual movements in this system. In addition, the Luo Shu (洛书) charts will revert to their original state after nine years. It indicates that all-stars will be returning to their original palaces, also known as the Fu Ying (伏吟) chart. This also implies that all energy has returned to its point of origin, implying that energy is in its purest form. This will be an excellent year for you to learn more about the true nature of the nine stars.

When we talk about Feng Shui, we’re talking about a building’s or apartment’s location or sector. Therefore, we’ll be concentrating on internal Feng Shui in this article. So, let’s take a closer look at each sector to see what the yearly afflictions/blessings will be in 2022, what to expect, and how to prepare for it. Check my previous post here if you’re interested in learning more about the effects of elements when using the remedies for those afflicted sectors.

The Flying Stars 2022
The Flying Stars 2022

Three Ways of Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui practices can be simply implemented in your home using one of three methods. You can plot your Bazi Chart using this link if needed.

·  Your Life Gua is related to one of the nine sectors or palaces. (It is always active regardless of the positive or negative energies of the year)

·  You put yourself in that particular sector to take advantage of the energy. (For instance, consider the sleeping space (bedroom), location of the main door, kitchen, or your working place (study room)

·  You are utilizing activation procedures to gain temporary access to the sector’s energy. If the energies are negative, you can also utilize remedies to counteract them. (Examples include water or fire activation, or groundbreaking activities.) Please keep in mind that the effect will extend to the rest of the household members.

Additionally, you should also be clear about your goals for 2022 and beyond. You’ll have to act and carry out the activities related to your goals, and the energy you’ve activated will assist you.

How to Get the Flying Stars of Your Home

We should begin by determining your property’s orientation, which requires knowledge about your house’s north, south, east, and west quadrants to the center of your house.

  1. To begin, obtain your home’s floor plan. A scaled floor layout is required. Get one from the developer or designer if you don’t have one already. If it isn’t possible, draw one to scale.
  2. Then, to get to the center of your home, square off your property or apartment. You should exclude the garage (if located outside of the house) and any section of the house that is less than one-third of the total area.
  3. Stand in the middle of your house and examine your compass. You can use a compass or an app on your phone to find your coordinates. We don’t need to be overly concerned about the quadrants’ exact degrees being 100% accurate.
  4. Align your home’s orientation to the North-South axis, starting at zero degrees north. Mark each corner of your floor plan to get the eight directions/sectors of your house.
  5. Plot the flying chart for your home based on the year’s flying stars.
Feng Shui Home Orientation
Feng Shui Home Orientation

My view on Feng Shui: Don’t put your bed in front of the door because you won’t get in

Jonas Eriksson

The North Sector – The Pursuing #1 Victory Star (一白贪狼星)✔️

Blessings#1 Victory Star
InfluenceEveryone in the household
Middle Son
Rat sign
Life Gua 1
EnhanceConnecting with others
Business savvy
Success luck
ActivationPosition yourself in the
North sector
#1 Victory Star Blessings

The North sector is where you’ll want to activate when making connections with others. However, you have to put up the effort to make new friends, partners, or colleagues. It is an excellent sector for salespeople to prospect and grow their network through lead generation. It’s also worth noting that the #1 Victory Star encourages you to take risks and explore the unknown. Therefore, if your goal is to cultivate relationships and business acumen, you should use this area from time to time.

The #1 Victory Star also symbolizes the Nobleman’s palace. It means that you must seek out someone who can help you and establish physical or virtual connections with others. Further inspection of the Purple White script reveals a 1-4 combination, implying you can attract others and collect a great deal of information from them. You will also be able to grasp their quirks, making it easier for you to collaborate with others. As a result, if you’re out prospecting, you’ll be able to quickly connect with people and determine whether or not they require your services.

However, if you can’t control yourself, you may face relationship problems. You may be spending more time socializing than networking with certain people. In addition, the #4 Wood Star is a peach blossom star, which can make you want to connect with others but prevent you from giving them your full focus. Those worried about activating this sector can choose not to do so because of the Three Killings.

Flying Stars 2022 - The North Sector
The North Sector in 2022 enhances connection & faster information gathering from others

The South West Sector – The Sickened #2 Black Illness (二黑巨门星)❌

Afflictions#2 Black Illness
AffectsElderly & sick
Mother figure
Pregnant woman
Goat & Monkey sign
Life Gua 2
Poor health
RemediesUse Metal to counter Earth
#2 Black Illness Afflictions

The #2 Black Illness star, is located in the Southwest sector for 2022. If you’re already unwell, this is a huge issue because it will worsen the situation. Thus, you have to consider spending little time in that area. However, if you are relatively healthy, you need not pay much attention to this area. If your kitchen is in that area, though, consider moving the stove to another location or ordering takeout instead. Nevertheless, if the Southwest is your main entrance, you should avoid going to any high-contamination areas to avoid getting infections.

Furthermore, #2 Black Illness is also a wealth star, and it will become the primary wealth star when we transit to Period 9 in 2024. It’s also known as the accumulating star in terms of health, wealth, or self-development. Chronic sickness is developed through a long accumulation process. Thus, you will become unwell if you have neglected your health due to poor lifestyle habits. Due to the 2-5 combination, those with Life Gua 2 will need to concentrate on their foundation in 2022.

Alternatively, we can minimize the effect of the #2 Black Illness star by placing metal objects in that sector because it is an Earth Star by nature. Some may suggest the Calabash, also known as the Wu Lou (葫芦) or Bottle Gourd. The Wu Lou is considered a symbol of long life and excellent health. Therefore, you might want to consider obtaining a metallic alloy Wu Lou and putting it in the Southwest sector.

Flying Stars 2022 - South West Sector
The Southwest sector in 2022 is afflicted with poor health; concentrate on laying a strong foundation

The East Sector – The Angry #3 Jade Argument (三碧禄存星)❌

Afflictions#3 Jade Argument
AffectsEveryone in the household
Eldest sons
Rabbit sign
Life Gua 3
IssuesRelationship conflicts
Mood swings
Legal issues
RemediesUse Fire to counter Wood
#3 Jade Argument Afflictions

The #3 Jade Argument star is located in the East part of the house for 2022. Therefore, if your house’s front door is in the East sector, you should expect a lot of work and money-related disagreements. If it’s in your kitchen, it might slightly affect your health. Last but not least, if it’s in your bedroom, it could affect your relationship with your spouse. We don’t usually enjoy the argument star since it causes us to become more contentious.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent sector for athletes, meditators, personal trainers, or anyone who engages in any form of activity that necessitates resiliency. It can enable you to face your arduous tasks and achieve a breakthrough. You’ll be more determined in your training since you don’t want to lose, and it will improve your fighting spirit. However, someone with Life Gua 3 may become obstinate to avoid losing out to the other party. Furthermore, with the 3-6 combination, authority, and power will continuously put your resiliency to the test. Thus, you should select your battles wisely or avoid any conflict.

Consider employing fire activation if you want to decrease the effect of the #3 Jade Argument star. It necessitates ambient heat, such as a candle, a fire stove, or a fireplace. You can also use red light bulbs or salt lamps, but the impact will be minor. If it’s a sector you’re not likely to use or be present in regularly, it won’t have any significant effect on you.

Flying Stars 2022 - East Sector
The East Sector in 2022 brings about arguments; learn to overcome your greatest obstacles.

The South East Sector – The Informative #4 Peach Blossom Star (四绿文曲星)✔️

Blessings#4 Peach Blossom Star
InfluenceEveryone in the household
First Daughter
Dragon & Snake sign
Life Gua 4
ActivationPosition yourself in the
South-East sector
Use Water to activate
#4 Peach Blossom Star Blessings

The Peach Blossom Wood Star #4 is primarily associated with two concepts: knowledge and attractiveness. This star is typically utilized for academic purposes because it allows you to collect knowledge faster than others. It has the potential to improve your learning abilities when you are focused on your goals. Furthermore, you can enhance your likability among your friends or coworkers. Nonetheless, individuals working in media, data analytics, education, research, and other fields will benefit from this star.

However, in this sector with the Purple White Script’s 4-7 combo, you can be inundated with information and have trouble comprehending it. You may find yourself in difficult situations where there are many discussions but no resolution. As a result, you may wish to learn to analyze data by filtering out irrelevant information and selecting the appropriate facts.

The Life Gua 4 person will know a lot of material and will be able to regurgitate it with ease. But some may not comprehend your predicament. They may use passive-aggressive tactics to test your understanding, therefore you must know when to leave a conflict. However, you will have more credibility if you speak and write with conviction. Nevertheless, your valuable information sharing will pique the interest of some people and draw them to you.

Flying Stars 2022 - South East sector
The Southeast sector in 2022 will enhance learning capability but you must remain focused and committed to your cause

The Center Sector – The Malicious #5 Five Yellow (五黄廉贞星)❌

Afflictions#5 Five Yellow
AffectsEveryone in the household
Loss of wealth
Victim of politics at work
RemediesUse Metal to counter Earth
#5 Five Yellow Afflictions

Due to its irregular nature and energy signatures, the Five Yellow sector is a major concern for many. We can find the Five Yellow in the center of the building or your home’s sector. Its energy is irregular by nature, making it significant in the center. When it’s in the center, external activities will not activate the Five Yellow for this year. It means that negative energy cannot be initialized from outside sources and therefore only internally through the people who live in the home.

Therefore, we should not carry out any renovations in the center of the house. Due to the vibration energy created by drilling or hammering in renovations, ground-breaking occurrences that occur during renovations will unleash the awful Five Yellow energy. Individuals with a kitchen in this sector should also avoid cooking because the negative energy might be passed on to the occupants, harming their hearts and health. If it’s not practical, try to limit your cooking time or order takeout as often as possible.

Finally, for those who are unaware, there is no Life Gua 5 in Feng Shui. It will either borrow Star #2 (Southwest sector) or Star #8 (Northeast sector). If you’re a man, you’ll be given Star #2, whereas if you’re a woman, you’ll be given Star #8.

Flying Stars 2022 - Center
The Center in 2022 should be avoided and you should be fine as long as you leave it alone

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love

Nate Berkus

The North West Sector – The Ambitious #6 Heavenly Star (六白武曲星)✔️

Blessings#6 Heavenly Star
InfluenceEveryone in the household
Father figure
Dog & Pig sign
Life Gua 6
Decision Making
ActivationPosition yourself in the
North-West sector
#6 Heavenly Star Blessings

The number #6 Metal Heavenly Star represents power and authority. It is the palace you should utilize if you are required to assert your power and dominance over others. It can also assist you in making better life decisions, particularly when faced with difficult choices or when you require more courage. Those who are Life Gua 6 will become more determined in their choices. They may, however, become overly demanding of themselves and others. They will not stray from their chosen route once they have made up their minds.

Further inspection of the Purple White Script reveals a 6-9 combination, indicating that others will dispute your power and authority as you attract unwanted attention. Everyone will notice your desire to go up the corporate ladder. Strategizing your plans may become problematic. Therefore, you may want to put your reputation and ambition to good use. Build a team of people you can rely on to get through office politics. Hopefully, as a strong leader, you will not have to deal with unpleasant situations that challenge your authority.

As a result, you should learn how to exercise power and control. You must also learn to make decisions and accept responsibility for your choices. You should also demonstrate your conviction by informing people of your plans so that they can support you. Action speaks louder than words. When your intentions are good, those who agree with you will rally around to support your cause.

Flying Stars 2022 - North West Sector 2022
The Northwest Sector in 2022 can assist you in making difficult decisions and increasing your authority

The West Sector – The #7 Robbery Star (七赤破军星)❌

Afflictions#7 Robbery Star
AffectsEveryone in the household
Youngest daughter
Rooster sign
Life Gua 7
Office politics
RemediesUse Water/Fire to counter Metal
#7 Robbery Star Afflictions

The #7 Metal Robbery Star has a lot to do with interacting with others and negotiating. You’ll find yourself conversing with others regularly. It is a sector to consider if you need to enhance your communication, practice speaking, and cover a variety of themes. Nowadays, speaking and negotiating are the most common methods of getting things done. Lawyers, keynote speakers, radio DJs, copywriters, and others can all gain from using the West sector in 2022.

We will see the 7-1 configuration when we look at the region with the Purple White Script, where Metal Star #7 is creating Water Star #1. It suggests you may have a lot to talk about, but you may be discussing sensitive topics that the other side does not enjoy. Furthermore, it can become all talk and no action. As a result, you may need to restrain your words and only speak when required. Make an effort not to communicate excessively.

However, you can write down your conversations with people so that they may be viewed and acted upon by others. It may assist in bridging the communication gap and avoiding misaligned expectations. You’ll regain control of the entire discussion, which will help you avoid confusion when there are too many things to cover. Finally, you’ll need to allocate responsibilities and take action accordingly.

Flying Stars 2022 - West 2022
The West sector in 2022 will enhance your communication skills but you might over-communicate and end up with no action taken

The North East Sector – The Auspicious #8 Wealth Star (八白左辅星)✔️

Blessings#8 Wealth Star
InfluenceEveryone in the household
Youngest Son
Ox & Tiger sign
Life Gua 8
Wealth luck
ActivationPosition yourself in the
North-East sector
Use Fire to activate
#8 Wealth Star Blessings

On the other hand, the North-East sector will be the wealth area of your home. The #8 Wealth Star indicates perseverance, physical labor, and the capacity to safeguard your wealth. If you are thrifty and adept at saving, some extra effort and hard work will get you the results you need to become wealthy. Take, for example, owning and operating a business. However, those employed may not fully gain from this because their hard work does not necessarily constitute higher pay. Thus, for those who are working, you might want to explore using your extra time and energy after work to establish a side gig or business.

Furthermore, there is an 8-2 combination in the Purple White script that is the sum of ten. It increases the star’s power by bringing you good fortune throughout the year. Long-term returns are governed by Heaven Star #2, whereas hard work and effort are governed by #8 Earth Star. When you engage the positive energy, it can present you with both short-term and long-term gratification.

Your entire strategy for positioning yourself in this area is to generate long-term wealth and increase your chances of making money over time. Nevertheless, you have to put up the effort to improve your diligence and tenacity for your long-term goal. Because Grand Duke and Three Killings overlap, you can only use the Northeast 2 sector (between 37.6° and 52.5°), which can be a tricky sector to employ.

Flying Stars 2022 - North East Sector
The Northeast sector in 2022 can motivate you to work hard on long-term goals and achieve results

The South Sector – The Renowned #9 Future Prosperity Star (九紫右弼星)✔️

Blessings#9 Future Prosperity Star
InfluenceEveryone in the household
Middle daughter
Horse sign
Life Gua 9
EnhanceFame and recognition
Joy and celebration
ActivationPosition yourself in the
South sector
#9 Future Prosperity Star Blessings

The South sector, also known as the celebration palace, is a fire element that governs fame and attention. It’s predominant for people who operate in entertainment or marketing industries, such as internet influencers, actors, models, and others. As we enter Period 9, this sector will become more energetic due to fire energy. Fire, by its nature, is transparent, allowing others to see inside of you. However, if you do not have any boundaries or restraints in place, it may cause you some problems. This is especially true for people who value their privacy.

On the other hand, we can envisage the #3 wood star being added to the #9 fire star with the 9-3 combo from the Purple White Script, making the fire much more substantial and brighter. It indicates that the attention you receive will be long-lasting. It can also promote confidence for those investing or seeking a promotion. However, you must possess the necessary skillsets to fulfill your job. Otherwise, others may notice that you can’t do your tasks, and you will cause yourself problems. Nonetheless, if you can keep people’s attention and handle yourself properly, you will succeed and obtain help from others.

Middle-aged women should also engage in this area to profit from these energies while getting a head start on Period 9. See my previous article for further information. Furthermore, if you have a bad day, using this sector might help lift your spirits and increase your general happiness.

Flying Stars 2022 - South 2022
The South sector in 2022 can help you achieve long-term happiness and fame, propelling you to glory

The North Sector – The Three Killings (三煞)❌

AfflictionsThe Three Killings
AffectsEveryone in the household
Rat, Ox, Pig sign
IssuesAccidents and mishaps
Loss of wealth
Persistent issues
Consider your options carefully
Avoid high-risk activities
Face North if you can’t shift
The Three Killings

The Three Killings’ naming convention may give others the creeps. The Year Sha (岁煞), Calamity Sha (災煞), and Robbery Sha (劫煞) are the three major components. To prevent activating the Three Killings, you should avoid any groundbreaking activity in the North sector, such as renovation. The Three Killings includes compass directions from North West 3 to North East 1 (between 322.6° and 37.5°).

To begin, the “Calamity Sha” might allude to natural disasters, which can result in the total loss of your property or assets. Plagues, floods, earthquakes, and other natural calamities are examples of natural disasters. Furthermore, it can result in a large number of deaths. Thus, if you have awakened this energy, you have a significant chance of visiting these regions with disasters looming.

Following that, the “Year Sha” denotes physical harm. You may find yourself in dangerous situations. However, unless you are aware that you are involved in a high-risk activity, determining if it is harmful is difficult. As a result, self-awareness is critical for staying safe.

Finally, the term “Robbery Sha” conjures up images of robberies. If you accidentally activate this section, you risk losing your fortune, a companion, or your career. You can also notice a decrease in vitality and a drain on your life force. As a result, it has the potential to impact your mental and emotional well-being.

Is the Three Killings completely bad?

The Three Killings can also improve your risk-taking abilities. It can be an issue for most people because they are oblivious that the scenario is dangerous. However, it can improve your chances of being successful. Those who practice Feng Shui and desire to become wealthy rapidly will activate the Three Killings. It’s because becoming wealthy necessitates the willingness to take risks. If you want to keep safe, you will certainly not get rich over time. Thus, to become wealthy in life, you may need to take a significant number of calculated risks.

The Grand Duke (太岁) and Year Breaker (岁破)❌

AfflictionsThe Grand Duke
The Year Breaker
AffectsEveryone in the household
Elderly & sick
Tiger, Monkey sign
Poor health
Unwanted issues
RemediesAvoid groundbreaking or renovation
Minimize noise
The Grand Duke and The Year Breaker

The Grand Duke, also known as the “Tai Sui,” is the year’s most intense energy, residing in the Northeast 3 sector of the house (between 52.6° and 67.5° NE3 compass direction). It is where most of the energy enters your home, causing situations to become more intense.

The Year Breaker “Sui Po,” on the other hand, works in the opposite direction of the Grand Duke, reducing the positive energy entering the home. The Year Breaker is located in the house’s Southwest 3 sector (between 232.6° and 247.5 SW3 compass directions).

You should prevent activating negative energy by not knocking, drilling, or moving any huge objects that can make loud noises.

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