How To Be Successful in 2022 | Bazi & Qimen Analysis

How To Be Successful in 2022 | Bazi & Qimen Analysis

The clash month, which lasts from August to September, is crucial because it can set you up to become successful in 2022 and beyond if you take the correct actions. Additionally, we will expect significant impacts on the financial markets. Therefore, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. You can plot your Bazi chart here by clicking on this link before we continue.

While Chinese metaphysics cannot foretell your future, it can assist you in making predictions about it. However, some individuals mistakenly believe that it causes things to happen to them. Thus, you still need to take advantage of the available opportunities. Only the prepared can take advantage of opportunities. Therefore, a strategy for your success in 2022 will still be necessary.

1. Anticipate What’s Coming in 2023 | Great Market Correction

The Bazi Chart of 2022

The three tigers on the Earthly Branches in the Bazi Chart for 2022 make the entire chart unstable since they are known as “Seven Killings,” which denotes issues, obstacles, and problems. In 2022 alone, we experienced our fair share of impediments, including floods, pandemics, wars, export sanctions, inflation, and market corrections in stocks, forex, and cryptocurrency. You can read more about this subject in my earlier article.

However, a recession consequently looks inevitable. Even though recessions are a natural part of the economic cycle, those enjoying “artificial success” should therefore turn to “reality” and stop simply waiting for things to happen to them. We’re likely to have stagflation, which means the economy has high unemployment and little to no growth despite faster-than-average price increases.

The Bazi Chart of 2023

The Day Master, represented by Yin Water in the 2023 Bazi Chart, is incredibly frail in this chart. It implies that the general public is incapable of handling the wealth elements of the economy. Thus, we could expect potential market corrections following stagflation. Additionally, people may lose employment, and getting loans may be challenging. Reduced sales and growing costs may force small firms to close.

However, it is impossible to predict when a market crash may happen because the underlying conflicts that start a domino effect occur when no one is watching. Problems will arise within the next six to eighteen months when the Bazi Charts of 2022 and 2023 combine. There will be a complete economic collapse. Thus, it’s critical to plan and take action to put yourself in a position to succeed through these trying times. The same philosophy applies when setting up an emergency fund or purchasing insurance.


Yin Fire

Yin Water

Yang Wood

Yin Water

Yin Fire

Yin Fire

Yang Wood

Yin Wood

(Geng) (Bing) (Wu)
+Metal +Fire +Earth
🪓 🌞

(Geng) (Bing) (Wu)
+Metal +Fire +Earth
🪓 🌞

(Wu) (Jia) (Bing)
+Earth +Wood +Fire
🌍 🌳 🌞

Heavenly Wealth (天财)
Blood Knife (血刃)
Blood Knife (血刃) Robbery Sha (劫煞)
Sickness Charm (病符)
Golden Lock (金匮)
Grand Duke (太岁)
6 Realms
Year of the Water Rabbit 2023 (4th Feb 2023, 1044hrs)

2. Recognize How These Events Affect You

An impending market correction may cause most people to experience hardship. Therefore, it results in the collapse of competitors and the demise of unprofitable enterprises. The decade of growth follows the time of recession, so if you arrive first, you’ll be on an upward trajectory. But as recruiting costs become more reasonable, business owners will access resources like talented staff, locations, shops, and offices.

Your reaction to these events will depend on what stage you are in because different techniques, tools, and resources will apply.

  • Strugglers 😰 – are people who have trouble making ends meet due to the lack of job possibilities, inadequate opportunities, and difficulties paying bills. Going all out to achieve a significant change is advised since you have nothing to lose. Realization is essential for change. Therefore, your primary strategy should be staying vigilant and alive.
  • Rebounders 🤐 – indicate that some things are going as planned. At least one element of your life is going well, and you are still making money. Additionally, there are learning opportunities, but there is a budget. To effortlessly advance to the next stage, you’ll need to be flexible, utilize your resources, and respond quickly.
  • Thrivers 😄 – If you ever wanted to add a zero to your net worth, now would be the time to do it. When you have access to tools, money, or a network of like-minded people who can hasten the process of achieving your objectives, you can achieve great success and reach new milestones.
Adversity: Your Stepping Stone to Success

3. Getting Ready for What’s to Come | Recession Ahead

So how can you prepare yourself for the recession without understanding we are technically currently in one? Here is a list and reminder of what you need to do right away:

  • Do you have an emergency fund to pay your expenses for at least six months in case something unfavorable happens to you or your family? It serves only survival needs and is not intended for investments.
  • Do you have additional funds to invest and advance yourself? On the other hand, some possibilities include skill sets, mental faculties, knowledge, and emotions.
  • Have you got the abilities that will be necessary for the upcoming six to eighteen months? These abilities may include knowledge of investment, starting a business, communication abilities, etc.
  • Is there anyone you know who can assist you? However, knowing them isn’t enough; you also need to be close to them or those we refer to as noblemen, coaches, mentors, or investor friends.
  • Do you have a backup plan AKA “Plan B,” as having one can allow you to raise your risk tolerance significantly? It can include side jobs, investments, and part-time labor if your primary source of income is lost.
  • Is your current position safeguarded, indicating that you are in demand and bankable? Since some of us still have the mentality of working from home, there is a significant impact when you arrive for work physically.
  • Have you made a shortlist of investment items you want to buy after the bear market? It may consist of stocks, funds, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.
Planning for success
Planning for Success

4. Utilizing the Four Methods to Address Your Issues

The four options are shown below, and you can see how each one will impact people in different ways:

  • Universe – refers to your spiritual state
    • A high level of spirituality brings creativity and awakening, which draws opportunities your way
  • Heaven – relates to your thinking or state of mind
    • Your ability to perceive things in new ways, comprehend difficult situations, and seek out answers depends on your mental health
  • Earth – influences how you feel emotionally
    • It offers you the drive, joy, and inspiration to follow your dreams and overcome your fear of specific circumstances
  • Man – affects your physical state
    • You can execute things, heal quickly, and experience your goals and results

So, there are four different areas that you can look at when dealing with a problem: your financial situation, your health, your relationships, or your career. Sometimes, you might not see all the options available because you might lack the relevant experience. But, if you focus on changing even one of these areas, you may find new solutions and ways to handle your problems. You will achieve great things when your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and physical state are in harmony.

The 4 realms of chinese metaphysics that will help you to be successful in 2022
The 4 Realms of Chinese Metaphysics That Will Help You to be Successful in 2022

5. Understanding the Energy Influences That Will Impact You

Using Your Bazi Chart as a Guide

You can use the summary below as a quick reference to comprehend the significance of each pillar on your Bazi Chart.

  • Year Pillar: symbolizes your network, friends, industry sector, and market
  • Month Pillar: represents your career, business, wealth accumulation
  • Day Pillar: is a representation of your happiness, health, spouse, and personal relationships
  • Hour Pillar: reflects your plans, goals, aspirations, ideas, and investments, children
  • Luck Pillar: indicates your opportunities in each cycle of ten years.

Most people believe that if their Bazi chart contains components of prosperity, they will become wealthy; nevertheless, this belief is false. The Bazi Chart shows what is possible for you to do in your current situation, but you must go halfway by being ready, valuable, and capable of obtaining it. Each year, the characteristics of your luck cycle vary, and if you can predict what is to come, you may set yourself up for success and avoid obstacles.

Simply concentrating on the Month Pillar—which stands for your work and what you do—will suffice if you are just getting started in Bazi or are having trouble. As for the rebounders, you can concentrate on the Day (on self-improvement), Month (on your work), and Year Pillars (looking at market conditions). Last but not least, for the thrivers, you can concentrate on all four pillars, particularly the Hour Pillar, because that is how you can move your ideas and investments forward.

Bazi Chart - Month Pillar
Bazi Chart – Focusing on the Month Pillar

Utilizing the Annual Qi Men Chart as a Guide

In this section, we’ll pay particular attention to the Heavenly Stems (top column) and the element in your Month Pillar in your Bazi Chart for 2022. The strategies listed below can change the game for you.

Yang Elements

  • Jia Wood (甲) – The Yang Wood is with the Door of Delusion (杜) and Water Palace. You may have a poor risk tolerance and be afraid of future events, which prevents you from making wise choices. Therefore, you can alter your risk tolerance and educate yourself to progress further.
  • Bing Fire (丙) – With the Intelligence Star in August, consider switching your immediate network during that month. Learning from others in your community or your peers is the quickest approach. When you are doing and not only learning in a theoretical way, you can learn quickly.
  • Wu Earth (戊) – The Yang Wood is with the Door of Delusion (杜) and Grain Star (芮). You can alter your surroundings as it gives you more courage and confidence. Therefore, you can use Feng shui on water exits; consider decreasing strategy instead.
  • Geng Metal (庚) – Because Destructor Star (沖) and Harmony Diety (合) are present, you might feel too many distractions are interfering with your ability to manage your energies. Thus, you should concentrate, manage your energy levels, and only contribute to essential things, such as your profession or family.
  • Ren Water (壬) – You’ll need to have sales skills. To compete in the market, you might need innovative sales techniques. On the other hand, you must learn how to sell yourself to potential employers or your current management, even if you are not in sales.

Ying Elements

  • Yi Wood (乙) – You can exert more emotional restraint. Therefore, you shouldn’t be stressed out and overburdened by problems. Your ability to control your emotions will help you make fewer mistakes and avert financial disasters.
  • Ding Fire (丁) – Depending on your platform, such as your media channels via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, etc., you can assemble a group of individuals and connect with others. Therefore, consider developing and improving your platform to access markets and new leads.
  • Ji Earth (己) – To meet the demands of your market and industry, you will need to refresh your present abilities. Learn from those who are the best at what they do to improve. As a result of Yin Earth’s with the Assistant Star (輔) and Life Door (生), earning money requires learning new abilities.
  • Xin Metal (辛) – You most likely struggle with making critical decisions and have experienced a lot of indecision. It results from the Qimen Chart’s Yin Metal and Yang Water in the same box. You must therefore improve your capacity for making decisions. As long as you’re moving forward, it’s not necessary to always have the best result.
  • Gui Water (癸) – You must alter your sense of urgency and quit relaxing this year. Additionally, you could feel less inclined to work hard to reach your goals since your priorities in some areas have changed. So instead of putting off crucial and urgent tasks, you should start working on them now.
Qi Men Energy Map
Qi Men Chart for Tiger Year 2022

Using the Animal Zodiacs as a Guide

Each pillar (Year, Month, Day, Hour, Luck) in your Bazi Chart contains an animal zodiac representing different aspects of your life. Additionally, each animal’s zodiac carries positive and negative stars that might influence how you apply them and favor particular activities.

You can therefore create an action plan for those whose animal signs are in the pillars based on the influence of the auxiliary stars, the Qi Men chart for the remaining months, and the following six months’ effect on the animal signs in 2022.

Strong Return
Goat 🐐
No Progression
Horse 🐎
Monkey 🐒

change in plans]
New Career Prospects
Snake 🐍
Pig 🐖
Rooster 🐓

[Risky if a recession
occurs in 2023]
Unending Issues
Tiger 🐅
[Grand Duke &
Year breaker
Long Wish List
Goat 🐐
Monkey 🐒
[Sell assets,
reduce spending]
Gaining Weight
Pig 🐖
[Begin a
fitness regimen]
Disastrous Downfall
Dragon 🐉
Rat 🐀

[Control your emotions]
Escalating Events
Monkey 🐒
Broken Promises
Horse 🐎
Pig 🐖
[Ensure a contract,
& payment request]
Sick & Fatigued
Ox 🐂
Rat 🐀

[Get a health
Money Making System
Rabbit 🐇
Snake 🐍

[Monetization of
business, content]
Rigid Life Values
Ox 🐂
Dragon 🐉
[Relax with
your SOPs]
Out of favor
Dog 🐕
Rooster 🐓

[Ensure your worth]
Haters Gonna Hate
Tiger 🐅
Pig 🐖
[Accept criticism as
one’s learning path]
Natal Bazi Chart Focusing on the 12 Animal Zodiacs

6. Progressing To The Next Level | Access To Resources

Your ability to endure the financial market contraction, and the impending severe recession, and to succeed in life depends on the resources you have access to at different points in your life. Therefore, we will consider allocating these resources as listed below whenever we want to develop ourselves.

  • Money 💲 – You can use the money to buy particular asset classes that generate income through speculation or investments. On the other hand, those prospering can spend the cash on getting solutions to their problems.
  • Time ⌚ – Since everyone has the same amount of time available to them—24 hours—if you want to succeed, you must plan how to make the most of that time because you have a lot of tasks to get done. Therefore, you might consider engaging people using money to acquire their time.
  • Energy 🔋 – Positivity, appeal, and passion are contagious. Thus using these to your benefit could develop new ideas and novel procedures. Therefore, you might even find your soul mate or discover new possible business partners.
  • Network 🌐 – You might improve your circumstances if you have mentors or “noble people” who might be able to aid you in desperate conditions. But it depends on who you know and whether you have developed a solid relationship with your social circle.
  • Knowledge 📚 – If you have specialized knowledge and abilities, you can use these to your advantage to improve your financial status by selling them to others. Given the popularity of informational websites and the ease of access, thus it might be the most accessible resource. As a result, if someone is willing to devote time and effort to it, this resource is the easiest to work on.

7. Develop A Secondary Source of Income

Those who are struggling can gain a lot from starting a side business. While you look for a full-time job, you may do it on a part-time basis. You can nevertheless take into account the following tactics even if you are in a comfortable stage of life or seeking some level of contentment. When analyzing your Bazi Chart’s 10 Profile section, it is advisable to use a percentage of around 80% based on your Annual 2022, because it is simpler to use the skill to develop a side business (about the second or third position).

According to your 10 Profiles, you could pursue the side jobs listed below:

Wealth Stars

  • Direct Wealth (DW) – You can conduct training, coaching, and mentoring. Additionally, you can establish yourself as an authority in a particular sector, such as writing and selling your knowledge by giving speeches or presentations at conferences or seminars.
  • Indirect Wealth (IW) – E-commerce, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing for small businesses are options you can explore. In addition, these are affordable strategies for expanding your audience and marketing your goods and services.

Output Stars

  • Eating God (EG) – Become a content creator, freelance writer, or podcaster. Learn copywriting. It is because copywriting is the art of creating content that resonates with an audience. In addition, you can learn this skill for free online through a variety of resources.
  • Hurting Office (HO) – Work on any creative projects or creating, such as logos, graphics, and poster designs. Alternatively, you can also create your products to sell on the market, such as your t-shirt designs or even posters that you have designed.

Companion Stars

  • Friend (F) – You can advertise products through virtually recreated circumstances or experiences by organizing live-streaming brand awareness events. Therefore, it is a way for brands to connect with their customers, promote their products and services, and keep them updated about the latest happenings. However, the trick is getting everyone on board.
  • Rob Wealth (RW) – Consider attending workshops for teaching or speaking. This is because workshop attendees are usually encouraged to practice speaking in front of others and offer constructive feedback while they are there. So when you give advice to others or comment on videos online, those who are interested in what you have to say will do as you suggest.

Resource Stars

  • Direct Resource (DR) – Think about training to be a programmer or data scientist. For instance, businesses today make a lot of decisions based on data. Thus, you can enroll in data science or statistics courses to learn how to use databases like SAS and SQL to extract data from enormous datasets.
  • Indirect Resource (IR) – You may attempt consulting, coaching clients online, or even providing advice to others. Additionally, if you can put your skills into a course, you could even be able to charge people for it. Lastly, advising other people can be done in multiple ways, through books, blogs, essays, or even social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Influence Stars

  • Seven Killings (7K) – You might have to take on the most challenging role in project management or on the other hand, turn into a micro-influencer where you offer certain services or products that your audience might be interested in learning.
  • Direct Officer (DO) – You may manage your social media accounts and purchase advertisements. Alternatively, you can work for a business as an online community manager for platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Reddit, where you can benefit others by providing them with entertainment and information.
10 Fastest Ways To Develop A Secondary Income
10 Fastest Ways To Develop A Secondary Income

8. The Secret to Increasing Your Success Using Feng Shui

Although we covered side jobs in the last part, using some Feng Shui drivers will increase their efficiency twofold. Consequently, you can utilize the Flying Stars chart for the year 2022. But you will require your house plans and compass readings. You can check out my prior link if you want further information on this. Nevertheless, the tactics listed below can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Good Feng Shui Sectors

  • Star No. 1 (North Sector) – You can work in that field and improve your intuition if you want to develop and get better. Additionally, if you have the capability, mindset, and skill sets necessary to accept them, you can leverage this sector to draw opportunities your way. Thus, you can install a water feature there or change the water to renew the energy cycle and activate this sector.
  • Star No. 4 (South East Sector) – The South East sector can be activated when you desire to stand out, be admired by others, or improve your visibility at work. You can place both wood and water simultaneously. Therefore, you can find a plant that can grow on water.
  • Star No. 9 (South Sector) – Employing this sector for modest festivities or carrying out some noteworthy events worth celebrating might improve your mood. As a result, you’ll be happier as happy events lead to another.

Bad Feng Shui Sectors

  • Star No. 3 (East Sector) – If you want to be respected at work and be a leader to others, you might choose to position fire in the East Sector. Fire can appear in many different ways, including candles or burning lamps. As a result, this action transforms the No.3 wood star into the Brilliance Formation, where you’ll be more persuasive, empathetic, and articulate.
  • Star No. 6 (North West Sector) – Perhaps all you need to do is engage in everyday exercises like meditation in this area if you want to improve your health. Therefore, it can help you to nurture and commit to anything mentally, spiritually, or in terms of discipline.
  • Star No. 7 (West Sector) – You need to be able to connect, communicate, and ask for favors if you want people to support you without conditions, elicit favors, and join your network. Therefore, this is the art of speaking. The West Sector is a suitable place to put still water to help you internally. However, any external water source, such as a swimming pool or fountain, is not recommended.
The Flying Stars 2022
The Flying Stars 2022

Ending Remarks

With the help of the above straightforward procedures, you can now fix some potential problems or improve what you currently have once you are aware of what will happen in the remaining months of 2022 and what will happen in 2023. Lastly, if you are experiencing a blockage, it might not be because you are unsure of what to do; rather, it might be all in your head or heart due to some sort of negativity.

So that you can survive the ensuing mayhem when all hell breaks free, you should take some time to declutter your head. Therefore, you might try backing your Qi Men destiny palace direction, which enables you to interact with your guardian of destiny and establish a divine connection with higher intuition and intelligence. When you are positive, good things can happen to you, and you have an excellent possibility of accomplishing several things. Lastly, we also wish you luck and hope you never give up. Stay vigilant and alive!

Positive Mind Positive Vibes
Positive Mind Positive Vibes

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