The Best 3 Secrets Of Feng Shui Applications

The Best 3 Secrets Of Feng Shui Applications

We can assume that most individuals have heard of the term “Feng Shui” and that they are familiar with the meanings of the words “Wind” and “Water.” Nevertheless, each person has a different impression or perception of what Feng Shui is. All Feng Shui energies and elements come from the natural environment. Landform Feng Shui, therefore, has the most impact. People initially assume that when we discuss Feng Shui applications, we are talking about hanging objects in the house, placing crystals, or using lucky colors in each area. Hence, most people think it’s about internal arrangements.

In this article, we’re going to look at a new perspective of the Feng Shui application. Even if you are an experienced practitioner, this article might benefit you too. Therefore, using the advice provided below, you may be able to determine whether a property has excellent or bad Feng Shui. To determine whether a house is good or awful, you don’t always need to enter the house. You will also comprehend how Feng Shui functions and how to get your desired outcomes. Therefore, even in a down market, you could achieve a breakthrough if you can locate a property with reasonably good Feng Shui.

The 3 Groups of People that Benefit from Feng Shui Application

Firstly, if you are new to Feng Shui and have only recently begun reading books about it, this article may save you some time because it will put you on the right way if you decide to do your DIY research and learn this subject independently. You can also waste too much time reading material that is not quite Feng Shui. Therefore, you should first have a basic understanding of the concepts of Feng Shui if you want your environment to influence the way your life is.

Secondly, new practitioners—or even seasoned practitioners—are the ones who gain the most. They are acquainted with the BaGua, Eight Mansions, and Flying Stars. You may, however, still feel as though you are in a rut because you haven’t yet seen any exponential outcomes. Additionally, you could be questioning whether the formulas were flawed. As a result, you will understand how a Feng Shui system genuinely functions.

The last category of clientele includes those who want to work with Feng Shui experts but don’t have the time or the knowledge. You might own a business, be an investor, manage real estate, etc. Additionally, you’re looking for a house, office, or asset that will bring you lucrative returns without you having to master the Feng Shui system.

The 3 types of people that benefit from Feng Shui Applications
The 3 types of people that benefit from Feng Shui Applications

The 3 Benefits of Feng Shui Application

Even if some forms of Feng Shui don’t always work, the proper circumstances must exist. If the right conditions are met, Feng Shui can support you in removing some of the challenges and accelerating your success rate. It might even soften up a few of your falls. However, this does not imply that using Feng Shui will guarantee success. Although everyone may have ups and downs throughout their lives, it is preferable to experience more ups than downs.

You will have stability with the appropriate Feng Shui, especially during difficult times. However, the best way to achieve this in difficult times when you are desperately trying to acquire assistance and support is to be able to sustain yourself. People typically think about their spouse, close friends, or others when they need help. However, you will have the courage to persevere through more difficult times as long as the environment you are living in is supportive of you.

Most importantly, Feng Shui may assist you in developing this momentum to succeed even under challenging times. Consider the COVID pandemic or the current economic unrest, for instance. You can use Feng Shui to your advantage as the whole world enters Period 9.

The Many Indicators of Bad Feng Shui

How might having poor Feng Shui make you feel? If you’ve made adjustments to your bedroom and placed frogs and other items throughout your home but are still experiencing problems, then it’s not a simple Feng Shui application. Here are some warning indicators to watch out for:

  • You fall sick consistently without much explanation
    • It makes sense if you had COVID and became ill, but you can’t keep getting sick all the time
  • Your mind is continually bothered by your negative, repeating thoughts
    • When you are aware that you are not a pessimist but yet feel miserable all the time
  • You consistently experience financial setbacks and losses
    • There are ups and downs in business, but it can’t be continually that you’re losing money
  • You never seem to be able to find the right individuals to help you
    • They only stay with you briefly despite your efforts in extensive hiring
  • You are always tired despite your best efforts to practice a healthy diet or nutrition
    • A healthy lifestyle is based on three pillars: diet, exercise, and sleep
  • You experience chronic stress
    • Many people feel chronic stress, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it—certainly not by yourself
  • You keep passing up opportunities and are unable to increase your wealth
    • It isn’t because you aren’t doing anything about it; it’s just that you keep missing opportunities
  • You are in a relationship that is difficult and demanding all the time
    • Every relationship may occasionally face issues, but demanding partners make them seem more dangerous than they are
  • You have difficulty falling asleep, lack tranquility, lack patience, and are quickly annoyed
    • Although insomnia is a common sleep disorder, if it persists, then it’s not a norm anymore

The 4 Factors in Feng Shui

These four factors, which are essential for Feng Shui to work, are discussed in all classical forms of the practice. Therefore, we take into account the following four criteria when applying Feng Shui:

  • Environment 🏞️: The external surrounding that determines the chi flow
  • Building 🏢: Refers to the structure of the unit in which people reside or work
  • Residence 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦: Applying your birth date/Bazi chart to the building
  • Time ⏳: When the structure is prosperous or out of balance with the energy

Out of the four factors, environmental considerations are the most important. The basic foundation of Feng Shui also discusses “Qi” (气) management. It involves utilizing and establishing a connection with Qi, the energy of life. So the issue is that most people believe it to be internal to the home: Whether I should install a waving cat, a golden frog with coins, or a Bagua mirror in the room, etc. However, you cannot create Qi flow by performing these internal arrangements.

The Four Factors in Feng Shui
The Four Factors in Feng Shui

The 5 Components of the Environment

The Yin and Yang natural energies in our surroundings create the Qi flow. Therefore, its meaning is “Mountain (Yin) and Water” (Yang). Water is seen as a Yang element because it is continuously in motion, but the Mountain is regarded as a Yin element since it is immobile. Consequently, the environment consists of five crucial components.

  • Dragon 🐉: Refers to a range of mountains
  • Mountains ⛰️: These are independent stand-alone mountains
  • Water 💦: Includes any body of water, including rivers, lakes, and swimming pools
  • Meridian ♨️: Area of the landscape with the highest concentration of Qi
  • Facing 🏫: How the building is positioned or oriented

Therefore, a building is akin to one without a WiFi signal if it has no connection to the energy of the outside world, regardless of how the internal Feng Shui is adjusted. No matter where you travel, you won’t be able to get the energy if there isn’t a signal. Seventy percent of the energy in feng shui originates from the surroundings. It does not imply that everyone will be successful, though, as the secret to releasing the Feng Shui energy is personalization and a connection to the mountain, water, and building to your Bazi Chart.

Because homes with excellent Feng Shui are frequently pricey, learning how to choose your environment can be daunting for most people. However, renting the space gives you the same result as well. Consequently, you might rent good Feng Shui! You might consider purchasing the unit if conditions are better and you have the funds.

The Five Components of Environment
The Five Components of Environment

The 1st Secret: Choosing Your Environment

Finding the presence of this inherent Qi is the first step in the practice of Feng Shui. Mountains are Yin in nature, whereas Water is Yang, similar to how men and women are. As a result, the Yang nature of the Water activates the surroundings to make the Qi, while the Yin nature of the Mountain produces the Qi. Meridian points are found in or on hills since they give birth to Qi (identical to the female counterpart). Thus, do you live in a region with hills or a mountain range? Or do you happen to spot any of these nearby?

The Mountains and Dragons can be further classified into 3 categories:

1. High-Level Dragons 🐲⛰️

These are defined as mountains and hills that are higher than skyscrapers — one of the most potent forms of natural Feng Shui. Examples include the Great Smoky Mountains in the United States, Colorado Casinos in the United States, and Genting Highlands in Malaysia. Additionally, hills and mountains are home to many spiritual locations. Another illustration is how people used to build castles on hills. However, there are guidelines and standards to follow to find these powerful energy areas. If not, it becomes too “Yang,” which is inappropriate for habitation.

2. Mid-Level Dragons 🐲🏞️

It is a more typical type of landform, a hilly terrain. These hills are still within a building’s height range. San Francisco, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and other hilly cities are examples. Even certain parts of Singapore, including Bukit Timah, Mount Faber, and Goodwood Hill, have hilly portions where the land’s contours bring some type of prosperity to the local property owners.

3. Flat-Land Dragons 🐲🏞️💦

Because they appear flat, these hills are difficult to perceive, but we can recognize them by their curvature or the motion of enormous bodies of water. The cities of New York, London, Tokyo, and Ho Chi Minh are only a few examples. We can see the convergence of several water sources in New York, where Wall Street is situated. With the presence of water, there will be some land that is protruding and sloping indirectly. Curved water features, including rivers and streams, define the terrain as flat-land dragons.

Choosing Your Environment
Choosing Your Environment

Flying Stars for Your Home Based on Mountain Formations

Assume that you excel at Flying Stars and believe it’s a more practical strategy. You may determine the Flying Star chart for your unit based on its facing orientation and move-in period. It makes sense that your neighbor would feel the same benefits of feng shui if they shared your period and facing direction. However, which house has access to a strong, majestic mountain makes a difference in the quality of the homes.

An enormous steep hill in front of your house acts as a star and can boost any Flying Star number between one to nine. For instance, the numbers 4 and 5 in Period 9 will be untimely. But these numbers 4 and 5 can be considered appropriate if the mountains or water structures nearby are prosperous and have the right landforms since energy comes from the environment.

On the other hand, one of the potent stars of prosperity is the menacing Five Yellow. Even the Five Yellow, a negative star, can become a positive star if the formation is strong enough. Thus, the key is to fundamentally comprehend the strength that the environment’s natural resources offer. It benefits you when the area around the property has mountains, or at least a range of mountains, within your line of vision. You can check out our previous article to learn about the Flying Stars in Period 9.

The 2nd Secret: Recognizing the Possibilities of Your Environment

Understanding the type of Qi in your environment is the second step. Luan Tou Feng Shui (峦头风水) was the initial name given to the system of landform Feng Shui. It alludes to the mountain’s face. You can recognize the potential energies a mountain can offer when you examine its facing. You must therefore be aware of the class of mountain or water landform since every mountain and natural body of water is a living star. There is more to it than just the “Green Dragon White Tiger,” a name for the mountains to the left and right.

There is no guarantee that everyone will have the same outcomes even though each house has the same wealth or career corner. Because not everyone lives in a similar environment, you will experience a different star whenever it is at a different angle from the same mountain. Applying internal feng shui depends on the surroundings you have.

You should keep in mind these three important concepts:

1. Status

It alludes to being recognized for the good things you have done for your family, neighborhood, and society. Status is not just about ego or feeling important. It does, however, refer to the capacity to receive credit for your efforts and labor. If you position yourself for a particular title within an organization, you are achieving the recognition you deserve. It also has to do with leaving a legacy and being able to transmit what you know or possess. We can also describe anything as status if you have the power to influence people or change the world.

The Mountain that governs status is the Number One star also called the “Greedy Wolf Mountain” (贪狼山). It stands for the Star of Nobility. It also relates to being recognized, wise, intelligent, and leaving a legacy. The Mountain resembles a cone and has a thin, rounded top.

Greedy Wolf Mountain
Greedy Wolf Mountain Governs Status

2. Power

The second kind of mountain, dubbed “Military Arts Mountain” (武曲山), is more prevalent. It is also known as the Metal Star or the Flying Star Number Six. It establishes power, leadership, and servitude. Additionally, it possesses the traits of a round-body hill. When you have this mountain in the vicinity, it empowers the Star Six. The Metal Star causes the Five Yellow, an Earth star, to become neutral and stop its negative effect on your environment.

Power and authority are the capacities to direct, carry out, and complete tasks. Being able to govern others is only one aspect of power. One who is capable of managing others, leading, and serving others. As a result, this star demonstrates executive intelligence and skills.

Military Arts Mountain
Military Arts Mountain Provides Power

3. Money

Wealth refers to the amount of cash and assets you have. It can also be your capacity to generate wealth through your career, businesses, or side gigs.

The third type of mountain is related to the Number 2 Black Star. They resemble a plateau in that they have a flat top. This mountain formation is called the “Huge Door Mountain” (巨门星). In addition, we recognize them as the Wealth Star. Examples of these mountains include the one in Hollywood or Bishops Avenue in London where the entire environment is a hill.

As a result, for any of your home’s wealth-related interior corners to truly function, your exterior setting should preferably feature a wealth star. Any computed Feng Shui or the Flying Stars of your home are theoretical without being close to these mountains. The Feng Shui activation is different in a location with a Wealth Mountain than in a place without one.

Huge Door Mountain
Huge Door Mountain Generates Wealth

The 3rd Secret: Connecting To Your Environment

Just because you live in a region with mountains and water doesn’t mean that your Bazi Chart’s link to those elements applies to you. The relationship is a component of the “San He Feng Shui Formula” (三合风水), which relates to landform Feng Shui and implies Three Harmonies. In this instance, the Three Harmonies are:

  • Mountain
  • Water
  • Orientation (refers to the home and people)

We can use the San He formula, which shows your animal signs or life palace (Gua) based on your Bazi Chart. Since each person has a unique trigram, your Gua is also a location on your property. Alternatively, your animal sign can also determine the sector and direction. You can use the following link to plot your Bazi Chart.

Therefore, if you check the direction of your Life Gua or Animal Sign, you can identify any of the mentioned mountain landforms or water features if any connection to you. It’s because your personal Life Palace is oriented in that particular direction when you are born. For instance, you will benefit from the influence of the mountain if your Life Gua is South East and you look in the same there’s a mountain in the South East direction. If South East, it also benefits the Dragon or Snake animal sign.

24 mountains template
24 Mountains Template

Concluding Remarks

Overall, these three secrets will completely revolutionize how you apply Feng Shui. If you’ve tried and experimented with Feng Shui and are wondering why it doesn’t work, it’s most likely because the environment doesn’t have the energy or the right kind of energy you want.

As our surroundings are unchangeable, we can alter our actions and behavior to adapt to the environment since every landform has potential. Maybe you’re just acting in a way that is inappropriate for the situation. Consequently, you can consider adjusting one or two things, such as choosing the appropriate industry or job that will connect you to the potential of the landform. If you want to learn more about the industries you can work in based on your element, please refer to our earlier article.

A property’s potential is limited if no mountains or water features nearby. You can look up a location using Google Maps before shifting to the new place. Therefore, you will have far better Feng Shui if you can connect with nature than if you try to decorate your home with lucky colors or plants. You’ll never get better if you only rely on internal Feng Shui.

Finally, you will be able to determine the property’s growth potential and whether it is compatible with the energies of the new Period 9, which will make things better for you in the long run.

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