This Dumb 7 Secrets To Success In Unlocking Better Opportunities

This Dumb 7 Secrets To Success In Unlocking Better Opportunities

This guide will show you how to unlock the 7 secrets to success and better opportunities in 2022. Many believe that they will achieve significant success if they have more chances in life. It will provide them with additional opportunities to advance in their careers, increase their money, or maybe meet someone new in their lives. When we want something, we may need assistance from others. As a result, anytime we discuss opportunities, we refer to external factors and circumstances. Additionally, we’ll be discussing the external domain, in which we’re referring to the prospects available to us.

We must also act if we are to capitalize on opportunities. It can be a serious matter for those who want to improve themselves and take charge of their lives. Therefore, you’ll have to walk the talk. You can start by plotting your Bazi Chart using this link here.

Step 1. Invest in Yourself

The majority of people will wonder when opportunities will come their way. However, they must understand that opportunities do not always happen their way. Even if it’s simply a wish, it doesn’t mean they’ll obtain it. What are the factors that draw you to opportunities?

To begin, you must possess relevant skills, knowledge, and a positive mindset while adding value to others. For example, in a job opening that arises, you must have the necessary qualifications; otherwise, you will be missing these opportunities. As a result, to become an opportunity magnet, we must have a cause or a method for attracting possibilities. We can accomplish so by increasing our value, improving our skills, and expanding our knowledge. When it comes to discovering better prospects, this is a must.

As a result, regardless of your current age, race, or occupation, you should continue to educate yourself by devoting time and effort to it. You can set aside 10-20% of your earnings to invest in yourself and develop a growth mindset. As a result, you will gain value, and more possibilities will present themselves to you. Opportunities abound, but if our knowledge or mindset is restricted, we may not see them even when they are there in front of us.

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make Is In Yourself

Warren Buffet
Invest in Yourself
Invest in Yourself! It Pays the Best Interest!

Step 2. Embrace Chinese Metaphysics

Each of the Chinese Metaphysics systems serves a distinct purpose. Thus, we can use different systems or combinations depending on what you want to achieve. The three systems listed below are the ones you’ll encounter the most:

  • BAZI – It’s about Awareness
  • QI MEN – It’s regarding Strategy
  • FENG SHUI – It’s concerning Opportunity

These are the top three systems in Chinese Metaphysics that you should learn because they are interconnected. You may require Bazi, Qi Men, or Feng Shui application at times. Depending on the situation, we can use these systems interchangeably.

How Can Bazi Assist You?

When we learn Bazi, we can be aware of our abilities, talents, and future opportunities. The more you know, the more you can plan ahead of time. You can also learn about your love life, your chances of marrying someone wealthy, and the types of people you will attract in life. It can also help you decide on the industry to work in and discover a job that matches your Bazi Chart in your career. You will naturally have additional opportunities once it is aligned. But if you don’t take action, nothing will happen. It gives you the info you need to act, and when you take action on the guidance from your Bazi Chart, your life will change.

What can Qi Men do for you?

Apart from Bazi, we can count on Qi Men to assist us in formulating plans and making sound decisions. It’s a strategy system designed to help you achieve small victories while making progress. Even if you work in a field that you enjoy, you must identify those who can assist you at work to advance your career. If you have numerous projects to work on, Qi Men can assist you in determining which is the most important project to work on to gain recognition. Furthermore, some might use it at work for office politics, corporate ladder climbing, or even acquiring market share if they own a firm. We can use Qi Men for other applications in our lives too.

What is Feng Shui’s Purpose?

When you use Feng Shui, it can help attract opportunities. It is beneficial when you’ve identified your strengths and put in place the necessary strategies. Some might term it luck or good fortune, which occurs when you’re in the right place at the right time. Many people are already quite skilled and know what they’re doing; it’s just that no one can see it. Similarly, you might be a great worker with many skills in your industry, but you might not get a promotion or even a pay raise without opportunities. As a result, Feng Shui will be an effective system for presenting you with the lucky break you need.

The Top 3 Chinese Metaphysics Systems 
(Part of the 7 Secrets to Success)
The Top 3 Chinese Metaphysics Systems
(Part of the 7 Secrets to Success)

Step 3: Align Yourself To Each Year’s Bazi Chart

When we look at the Bazi Chart for 2022, we can see what opportunities are available for the coming year. You can also check to see if your current strategy is compatible with the energies of 2022. It’s vital to remember that the annual Bazi Chart varies every year and is unique. Thus, you will notice more opportunities and fewer hurdles to achieving your goal if it’s aligned.

We can find Indirect Wealth (IW) in the month and year pillars by looking at the top portion (Heavenly Stem). It indicates that in 2022, people will wish to make more money. As a result, we may expect to see a lot of discussions in 2022 about NFTs, crypto, stocks, investments, and how people can make more money. It will be an excellent time for you to start making financial plans. Even if the stock market or the economy isn’t in the best shape (increasing interest rates, economic slump), it’s still achievable if you have the right talents.

Furthermore, with the Seven Killings (7K) in the hour pillar, a power struggle will occur, whether it’s a hostile takeover of a firm or a country (in the case of the Russia-Ukraine war). It may not be the year to rest and nourish your inner self. The Tiger year of 2022 is going swiftly, with numerous changes due to the high pace.

You can also check out my previous post to learn more about bridging wealth opportunities in 2022.

Bazi Chart of 2022
Pay attention to the top Heavenly Stem in the Bazi Chart of 2022

Step 4: Attract People’s Attention

If you have either one of these animal signs in your Bazi Chart for 2022, you will be able to attract a lot of attention. The following are as follows:

  • TIGER sign (寅) 🐯
  • PIG sign (亥) 🐷

It will be great news for you if you are a diligent worker who can perform well under pressure. However, if you are a slacker, you must alter your mindset and buckle up by getting your act together. Otherwise, all of your mistakes will be readily apparent. Create an attitude and a goal for yourself to become the best you can be. It’s the most straightforward technique to attract more attention and opportunities.

It can appear in any of your pillars: year, month, day, hour, or luck. The optimal location would be the year, month, or luck pillars since these pillars represent external factors. Getting seen by others is what attention is all about. Your spouse will pay greater attention to you if you are in the day pillar. Finally, since the hour pillar mirrors your thoughts and ambitions, you are looking for more attention and maybe planning anything to get it.

As a result, if you are a social media influencer or a key opinion leader, this is advantageous because your followers will pay more attention to whatever you share with them. It would be beneficial for you to take advantage of the opportunity to increase your followers.

I’ve also published an earlier post to help you plan for 2022, which you can find here.

The Art of Attracting An Audience in 2022
The Art of Attracting An Audience in 2022: The Tiger and the Pig Sign

Step 5: Unlock New Revenue Streams

There are other scenarios where money will come to you unexpectedly, such as an extra income, or new sources of revenue while still working full-time, but you need to take action. It is known as Heavenly Wealth or “Dumb Money.” These are instances in which the amount of money you make is not directly equal to the amount of time you put in but rather the amount of effort you can produce through value and leverage. Passive revenue from book sales, money earned from online advertising, affiliate marketing, and so on are examples.

However, this does not take into account your monthly salary. It is the same as earning money with your time and skills. By looking at your Bazi Chart, you can see if you have these elements for 2022:

  • Yang Water (壬) 🌊
  • Yang Earth (戊) 🌎

It can appear in your natal chart or even your luck pillar. The presence of Yang Water and Yang Earth in the various pillars will signify distinct sources or directions from which you can obtain this additional money.

Year Pillar (年): Leverage On Social Media

  • The Year Pillar: You will be able to create your source of wealth through social media. Thus, consider starting an Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube account to boost your social media presence. You’ll want to sell stuff on the internet and establish your brand. If you build a life off of social media, you must understand the importance of updating your accounts regularly. You’ll also want to make sure that your account has the correct kind of content so that people can find it and follow it quickly. Additionally, you can also organize some social activities to meet old friends or establish new ones. Perhaps, you might come up with some ideas and possibilities to collaborate on, strike a deal, or start something together.

Month Pillar (月): Learn New Skills

  • The Month Pillar: Learning a new skill that you can use at work is a great way to increase your wealth. You will be able to add value to your clients and the company by learning new skills. There are many opportunities to learn and develop new skills in the workplace. You might not realize it, but they could make you a more valuable employee. If you own a firm, you will need to develop a new product or service for your customers. Otherwise, they will go to your competitor. To stay afloat and grow, companies must establish new products or services for their customers.

Day Pillar (日): Build On Your Hobbies

  • The Day Pillar: You might be able to turn a hobby or interest into a side hustle if you have one. Finding something you enjoy doing and then figuring out how to make money from it is the key. Some people have turned their interests into side hustles by developing blogs or selling things online. Others have made money by giving speeches or teaching classes in their field. Even housewives can transform their kitchens into home-based businesses by baking or selling food.

Hour Pillar (时): Generate Money-Making Ideas

  • The Hour Pillar: You’ll come up with a flurry of money-making ideas or monetize your existing knowledge. Thus, you should pay attention to the thoughts that come to mind. It will help you identify what kind of thoughts you need for creativity to happen. You can improve your creativity if given enough time. If you’re not going to do anything about it, share your ideas with your friends so that they can benefit from them too. You might also schedule some time for yourself to reflect on your life’s path. Spend an hour every two weeks to figure out what’s essential to you. It is also beneficial for manifestation, therefore learning Qi Men will aid in amplifying the results.

Luck Pillar (大运): Observe Your Surroundings

  • The Luck Pillar: Your external environment will influence your wealth and opportunities. As a result, you must pay closer attention to daily happenings, your surroundings, global events, or even a recent external event. It’s all about the journey of where you go and what you experience. By reading more news, talking to people, and analyzing market trends, you may be able to obtain precise information that can lead to money-making chances.
How to unlock new revenue streams in 2022
How to Unlock New Revenue Streams in 2022

Step 6: Manifestation of Energy

As previously stated, Qi Men can provide us with the approach we need to help us in specific situations. We can examine the most potent Qi Men energy for each month. Some months are ideal for boosting confidence, while others are ideal for cultivating self-love and thankfulness. There are a lot of options to deploy the strategy we need.

The monthly Qi Men chart will affect us from April 5th to May 4th, 2022. However, it is a Fu Yin month. It means that all stars and doors will return to their original locations. It denotes a standstill in the status quo or a non-changing situation. Therefore, self-reflection can also be an option in this situation. We might use this occasion to reflect on our heritage and humble beginnings by remembering our roots. You can contact your parents or close friends who have aided you along your life’s path.

Next, you can use this page to plot your Qi Men charts. There are two ways to benefit from the energies:

  • Backing toward the Qi Men direction
  • Using your own Qi Men Destiny palace

If you can tap into the energy on your Wealth Day, you can amplify the effect of your manifestation. Your Wealth element, either Fire, Wood, Water, Earth, or Metal, is associated with your Wealth day. To check your Wealth element, look at the 5 Structures in your Bazi Chart.

Check your 5 Structures
Check your 5 Structures Wealth Element. The above example shows the Metal element.

South-East Direction: Exponential Learning on Financials

It will be a fantastic palace for furthering your education and gaining new talents that will help you open up new doors. Others will not be able to bother you while you are learning since the Delusion Door is present. Furthermore, Wu Earth, which is associated with capital management, will be a favorable condition for you, particularly in areas with which you are unfamiliar. It’s because of the Snake deity, who can help you when you’re unsure about anything. I believe it will be an excellent resource for financial learning, particularly in cryptocurrency, equities, options, and forex.

With the Wind Hexagram, you will receive a lot of information. Thus, you may need to filter out part of it. In addition, we observe the Thunder Hexagram, which indicates that you will receive fresh information that may bring new surprises to you.

When you need to command the Deity and bring about the energy, use the chant below:

“I command the Snake Deity to imbue me with exponential learning abilities, allowing me to 10X my learnings. Once I can apply what I’ve learned to my financial challenges, I’ll be able to develop new skills that will help me attain my financial goals. Please give me the capacity to learn new things. From now on, I expect nothing less than excellence. I know opportunities will be coming my way as this is my destiny.”

Qi Men South East Palace April 2022
Qi Men South East Palace April 2022

Step 7: Expand Your Options

Feng Shui can assist us in increasing our opportunities. The ability to generate possibilities is central to Feng Shui. As a result, we can use the annual Feng Shui chart for 2022 for analysis. It’s also known as the annual Flying Star chart, and it reflects the energy of the current year in your home, which is subject to change each year. You can also incorporate the monthly Flying Star Chart or the Purple White script if you want to add extra levels of analysis to it. However, if any of those sectors are missing, you will be unable to use those energies in that area.

The monthly Flying Chart that impacts us from April 5th to May 4th, 2022, is found in the illustration below. The larger number indicates annual flying stars that do not change throughout the year, whereas the smaller number represents monthly flying stars that change each month.

Please see my previous post for additional information on the Flying Stars for 2022.

Flying Stars 2022 - April Month
Flying Stars Chart for April Month
(from 5th April to 4th May 2022)

North-West Sector: Improve Relationships While Executing Your Plan

This combination is superb because it is a Hetu configuration with the 1-6 combo that attracts Noblemen and makes things happen. The Number 1 star is about building relationships, coming up with new ideas, and broadening your knowledge. On the other hand, the Number 6 star can assist you in turning your thoughts into reality once you have them. It is a fantastic sector for people who struggle with procrastination. This sector can also help you if you need more ideas or have trouble putting them into action. It’s able to help you bring your brilliant ideas to life.

You can spend time in the northwest sector of your home to reap the benefits of this positive energy. It is a relationship-themed combination as well. It can benefit those who are single and want to increase their chances of dating someone. However, you must also follow up on your activity of striking up a conversation with a potential partner or pals. Your potential partner will find you more appealing because you will be able to connect with others more easily with this energy.

However, please note that this unique configuration is only valid for April 2022. Furthermore, if you do not have this sector in your home, you will not gain from this activity. Thus, it would be sensible for you to put this energy to good use whenever possible.

2022 Monthly Flying Stars Charts
2022 Monthly Flying Stars Charts

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, we need a minor triumph to get started. Once you’ve had a taste of success, you’ll be able to build up the necessary momentum to begin seeing more success and opportunities. You will also have the confidence and determination to achieve your objectives. The water element at the top of the Bazi Chart indicates an excellent year to start something new or transform your life. Nevertheless, you have to take action on the above to reap the benefits.

Knowing is not enough!

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