Megatrends and Hidden Job Opportunities in the New Period 9

Megatrends and Hidden Job Opportunities in the New Period 9

It’s possible that some of you studied Period 9 and know what to expect. Most of you are aware that we are moving towards Period 9. However, you might not know the megatrends, hidden job opportunities, or what occurs during this transitional era. Whether we like it or not, Period 9 is the new world with new rules that we must follow. As a result, you must find ways to better match with Period 9 energies if you want t,o succeed and advance in your professional, business, or personal goals.

Both global and personal changes will occur as we transition from Period 8 to 9. Since each period lasts for 20 years, there will be various events happening that will drastically alter our lives. Meanwhile, you can read about Period 9 here before we continue. Therefore, the three-step framework provided below can help you navigate Period 9 and take advantage of the chances that are there for the taking.

  • Recognizing the “Big Shifts” of Period 9
  • Knowing when and how it will affect you so that you can increase your capacity for anticipation and mental preparation
  • Determine the activities you need to align to based on your Bazi Chart

The “Big Shifts” from Period 8 to Period 9

We may anticipate things in Period 9 to move quite quickly because it belongs to the fire element. Therefore, it applies to jobs, companies, technology, and government regulations. For example, you may already realize how quickly COVID-19 limits imposed by the government can change by opening up and then closing down again. Since things change quickly, everyone must learn to be flexible and adopt new ways of working; thus here is where innovation comes into play.

Adult working women pursuing progress may also be empowered leaders and business owners. Women will wear “many hats” while juggling different roles in their families, businesses, and careers. Additionally, most people find their true calling in life. Some would start their side businesses with the rise of the gig economy. Services include food delivery, shared transportation, etc.

Unfortunately, it is a time of aggression, and tensions between countries are already beginning to rise. Additionally, those with quick tempers may be affected since everyone will be irritable. They may make rash judgments or actions that they will regret later.

In addition, we can anticipate diseases of the eyes, the heart, and the mind in terms of health. However, this may lead to medical discoveries with technological breakthroughs. Because Period 9 is also about mental clarity, businesses and governments focus more on stress management, mental health, and other topics like dementia, depression, and so forth.

Period 8 vs Period 9
Period 8 vs Period 9

The Megatrends of Periods 8 and 9

In Periods 8 and 9, these were different times. There are distinct rules and unique ways of working. As we move into 2024, we will observe more of the Period 9 energies. However, some of the trends in 2017 were already present due to the energy of the Early Heaven. Therefore, we should be aware of the significant trends or “New World Order” listed below because they concern us all.

Nevertheless, you will want to be mindful of events that affect you or your society. These are exceptional events that cause changes to your circumstances or position. However, events serve as catalysts in changing your status quo. When you experience harsh experiences and make difficult decisions, eventually, you will be forced to pivot to the energies of Period 9.

Period 8Period 9
Year2004 – 20232024 – 2043
ElementEarth 🌍Fire 🔥
NatureSlow 🚶Fast 🏃‍♀️
IndustryReal Estate 🏡Technology 📱
WealthAccumulation &
Building Businesses 👨‍🏭
Flexibility &
Innovation 👩🏻‍💻
OperationsLong Employment
& Training 👨‍🔧
Gig Economy &
Self Discovery 🧏
BeliefsSentimental &
Peaceful 💝
Aggressive 🤬
EmpowermentYoung Male 👱Matured Female 👩‍🦳
Health IssuesDigestive System
& Skin 🤲🏻
Eyes 👁,
Heart ❤️,
& Mind 🧠
Megatrends of Period 8 and Period 9

The Major Events in the Transition

If you read the post about Early Heaven and Late Heaven, you might already know that the transitions commenced in 2017. The main world events and changes will occur in the following three stages. Firstly, the Early Heaven shift in 2017. Secondly, the middle of the period transition in 2020 comes next. And finally, the Late Heaven final push in 2024. It is important to note that these transitions have a range of ±1 year. Thus, the list of significant activities that took place is provided below.

In 2017, we saw an increase in the number of fire-related incidents, such as wildfires. The women’s march was to protest sexual prejudice. Furthermore, these protests were about people finding themselves and expressing their beliefs. Finally, we witnessed several confrontational incidents, including tensions between the US, China, and North Korea. Mass shootings and an uptick in terrorist activity also occurred.

We suffered the deadliest pandemic with COVID-19 and the lockdowns during the shifts in 2020. However, online learning, remote working, and e-shopping have become standard for everyone due to movement restrictions imposed by governments. Additionally, there were violent protests in the US and Hong Kong. We saw the US sending one of its drones into Iran and killing one of its generals. Lastly, Kamala Harris was elected as US vice president, demonstrating the rise of women’s power.

Even though 2024 is still a ways off, many things are already happening. Conflicts between Russia and Ukraine are one example. A lot of things are bubbling as a result of the high prices and inflation. On the other hand, organizations and individuals can facilitate the provision of goods and services thanks to blockchain technology and the metaverse. However, we have also seen several instances of burned-out employees abandoning their jobs or resigning after realizing the importance of work-life balance.

Potential Industries and Hidden Job Opportunities in Period 9

1) Technology Industry 🖥️📱💻

What potential fields and untapped job markets are there for you to pursue? Anything that uses technology, whether it is fintech or agritech, will be beneficial for Period 9. Therefore, you can consider the list of industries as follows:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Connectivity & coverage
  • Cyber security
  • Drone technology
  • Data cloud storage
  • Electric vehicles
  • Facial recognition
  • Holograms
  • Internet of things
  • Metaverse
  • Payment gateways
  • Robotics
  • Space travel
  • Video conferencing
  • Virtual reality (VR)

2) Beauty Industry 💄👄👠💅✨💋💇‍♀️👓

The fire element is the foundation of Period 9. It also has to do with pleasing our eyes. When someone describes something as being aesthetically pleasing, they are referring to its visual presentation or how it appears. Consequently, the beauty sector will experience a period of change and growth. Thus, you can consider the list of industries as follows:

  • Aesthetics
  • Cosmetics
  • Clothing (focusing on women’s business attire)
  • Glasses & Lenses
  • Hairdressing
  • Plastic surgery
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Skincare

3) Childcare / Home Cleaning Industry 🍼🧸🧹🧽🧼✨

In Period 9, as moms gain more influence, they will have less time to care for their children or homes. When women are empowered, things like having a higher position within a corporation, becoming a leader in their community or starting their own business come to mind. Women can afford the convenience of caring for their children while pursuing their careers as they make more money. Consequently, the following sectors will benefit from this shift in women’s empowerment:

  • Childcare & daycare
  • Child Enrichment
  • Children products
  • Domestic helpers
  • Home cleaning services
  • Maternity F&B
  • Maternity services

4) Agriculture 4.0 Industry 🚜🌾🌽🌿

Following post-COVID, many countries are exploring ways to become independent and grow food using technology. Countries have stopped exporting food such as wheat, chicken, palm oil, etc. Inflation and food shortages brought on by the most recent conflicts between Russia and Ukraine are also to blame for this situation. We have also seen that recent poor weather and supply chain disruptions impact food yields. Consequently, the agriculture sector will profit in Period 9:

  • Agri-tech
  • Hydroponics
  • Indoor farming
  • Vertical farming
  • Sustainable farming

5) Education Industry 🎓📖📚🏫

We can see that most individuals can learn from the comfort of their homes as technology becomes the foundation of every industry. They can participate in online workshops or seminars or even influence others by posting images or videos on social media platforms. There will not be any need for a physical building to attend classes. Additionally, the growing gig economy in Period 9 has made it simpler for others to purchase information. The following is a list of some of the sectors we can take into account:

  • Edu-tech
  • Freelance teachers / Trainers
  • Freelance speakers
  • Influencers
  • Thought leaders
  • Online courses
  • Online workshops
  • Virtual education institutes

6) Medical Industry 👩‍⚕️🩺💉🩹🩸💊

The medical sector that deals with the eyes, heart, and mind will also gain from the arrival of Period 9. Additionally, governments are already boosting their spending on research into the mental health of their constituents. However, there were many news reports about persons who committed suicide during the COVID lockdowns due to debt, social isolation, or marital problems that led to divorce. Therefore, there is a great need to improve everyone’s mental health.

  • Eye treatment and surgery
  • Optometry
  • Refractive surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Heart treatment and surgery
  • Counseling
  • Eldercare
  • Mental health and studies
  • Psychologists

7) Law Industry ⚖️👨‍⚖️📄

Unfortunately, we might anticipate a surge in divorce cases in Period 9 due to the pressures of societal change. Women now possess the same power as their husbands at home due to their empowerment. As divorce rates rise, more couples are divorcing and getting remarried. Additional liability problems resulting from smart tech, intellectual property, environmental compliance, and other topics are examples of other expanding markets in the legal sector.

  • Divorce lawyers
  • Family law
  • Marriage counselors
  • Global compliance
  • IP lawyers

8) Banking & Finance Industry 💵🤑🏦💱🏧💳

The digital & banking economy, when it doesn’t require a third party or organization to handle your payments, is one of the benefits of Period 9’s self-do-it-yourself initiatives. Additionally, the development of technology will lead to an improvement in payment gateways in the banking sector. Thus, the instances listed below are a few:

  • Automated kiosks
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Digital currencies
  • Mobile banking
  • Payment gateways

9) Alternative Wellness Industries 🌞🧘🏻‍♂️✨☯

People who practice religion or study the spiritual aspects will benefit, as Period 9 represents the fire element. As a result, it may be a time when you are self-awaken and learn more about who you are. You can become a better person and raise your expectations if you can do this. Therefore, everyone will benefit from improving themselves.

  • Astrology
  • Metaphysics
  • Motivational speakers
  • NLP
  • Religious studies
  • Spiritual learning
  • Self-improvement
  • Urban wellness
Hidden Job Opportunities in Period 9
Hidden Job Opportunities in Period 9

The Six Required Skill Sets for Period 9

It is important to note that the industries mentioned above represent a general framework that will experience increased prosperity in Period 9. There are numerous sectors and job roles available. But if none of them fit you, then you must start to make adjustments to your job role. For the next twenty years, you should be proficient in these six main activities or skill sets.

1. Transferrable Skills

You’ll need to have some transferable skills that will let you work in any sector. The term “transferable skills” refers to talents that apply across several sectors and industries and are not necessarily job or industry-specific. For instance, if you work in sales and can no longer sell real estate, you may still sell IT solutions because of your sales expertise.

An individual who possesses these abilities is more employable and has an advantage over others who do not. As a result, you will be able to enter any newly developing industry. Since Period 9 is all about flexibility, you must also be adaptable in your choice of employers and products to sell.

2. Teamwork & Collaboration

Period 9 is also a moment for cooperation and teamwork. Cooperation is an important skill to have in the workplace. You will want to work collaboratively with your coworkers, team members, and even your supervisor. In addition, you must also work well with clients and customers when running a business. Consequently, you want to work with others in your career or side businesses.

It will take a decade to master if you plan to start things the slow and conventional way by starting a business and attempting to build it on your own. Therefore, it will be simple to quickly expand the firm, go public, and exit the company when you collaborate with people and investors at different levels. The more options you create for cooperation, the more opportunities you will have for success.

3. Commanding Attention

You will be more successful the more people pay attention to you. As a presenter, an influencer, or a thought leader, you can seize the interest of others. Additionally, if you are a famous person like an artist, entertainer, or singer, you will gain a lot from being able to attract people’s attention. You can make sure that your celebrity efforts are spread out and not concentrated in one region is a sensible choice.

However, if you work in marketing and find it difficult to draw attention, you should seek out information and learn about it. The more you know about your industry, the more likely you are to create an effective campaign. Therefore, you can start by looking at what successful campaigns have done in the past. In addition, you can also look for examples of what other companies are doing in your industry. The new currency in Period 9 will be to command the attention of others.

4. Work Flexibility

Flexibility is the key to a healthy work-life balance. Regardless of your job title or industry, flexibility at work will be crucial for everyone. You can’t expect consistency in any aspect of life, so why should it be different at work? There will be employment changes, market factors that compel you to quit, or personnel reductions at the company. Many businesses have to lay off employees due to recent economic problems and COVID-19.

5. Entrepreneurship

Many workers will realize that they should no longer become bound by the politics and policies of their employers and should instead leave working for them during this awakening phase. As a result, most individuals will begin to take the initiative and pursue their passions.

They will be able to make more money and have more freedom by becoming freelancers or entrepreneurs. It is because there is a growing trend in the workforce where people are becoming freelancers. They can make more money, have more freedom, and work on their terms. There will be a lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers, especially women, as they gain greater authority in Period 9.

6. Maintaining the Human Touch

If all else fails, you should engage yourself in a position requiring human interaction. The need for interpersonal interaction is growing in the world in which we live. It’s not just because of the technological environment in which we live but also because human empathy is required. This is why it might be time to reconsider your career if you feel like you’re having trouble finding your place in an advanced society.

F2F consultations, counselors, customer service representatives, chief happiness officers, etc. are a few instances of this kind of work. Robots won’t be able to replace you in the next 20 years if you can motivate others through speech or care for them physically or mentally as long as there is a human contact component.

The 6 important skills for Period 9
The 6 Important Skills for Period 9

The Timeline of Your Transition

Moving forward, you will need to plot your Bazi Chart using this link. You only need to concentrate on your Month Pillar and the Animal Sign in your Bazi Chart. We work for 60–70% of our lives to create wealth, and the Month Pillar stands for your career or business. You may determine the timing of your transition phase by referring to the four event triggers listed below.

  • Clash
  • Combination
  • Destruction
  • Grand Duke

The “Clash” ⚔️ (六冲)

The clash will begin for those with the Monkey sign in their Bazi chart in 2022. A clash year of attempting new things will be challenging and exhausting. In general, we don’t like clashes in our chart because a breakthrough will require a lot of toil, blood, and sweat. People who resist change, though, could begin to face a downward cycle in their lives. Additionally, when there is a clash in the year’s month, it becomes more pronounced.

Animal SignsClashes
Rat (Dec)Horse (Jun)
Ox (Jan)Goat (Jul)
Tiger (Feb)Monkey (Aug)
Rabbit (Mar)Rooster (Sep)
Dragon (Apr)Dog (Oct)
Snake (May)Pig (Nov)
Animal Sign Clashes
Earthly Branches 6 Clashes
Earthly Branches 6 Clashes

The “Combination” 🤗 (三合 & 六合)

There are various ways to use animal signs to strengthen the connections between the day, month, and year. The trinity combination sometimes referred to as the “Three Harmony,” comes first. These are trios of animals who are closest friends that encourage, make up for, and strengthen each other’s personality strengths. It is because of their similarity, collaboration, and shared simple objectives. Therefore, joining forces with these friends for professional or social endeavors is an excellent idea. The table below shows that there are four groupings in total.

Frames / Structures3 Harmony
WaterRat, Dragon, Monkey
MetalOx, Snake, Rooster
FireTiger, Horse, Dog
WoodRabbit, Goat, Pig
The Three Harmony Combinations
Earthly Branches 3 Harmony
Earthly Branches 3 Harmony (三合)

The second combination, commonly known as the “Six Harmony,” discusses hidden relationships between the animal signs. These are the combinations of two animal signs that reveal a concealed strength and combine to become one of the five types of energy.

Animal Sign6 HarmonyEnergyEffect
RatOxEarthStability, Trust, Security
TigerPigWoodGrowth, Productivity
RabbitDogFireElegance, Performance, Beauty
DragonRoosterMetalPower, Authority
SnakeMonkeyWaterWisdom, Intelligence
HorseGoatFireCommunication, Wealth
The Six Harmony Combinations
Earthly Branches 6 Harmony
Earthly Branches 6 Harmony (六合)

The “Destruction” 🥵 (六破)

Destructions occur when two certain branches in the natal chart are beside one another or when it enter through the Luck or Annual pillar. The result is a sense of helplessness as you find yourself stuck in a situation with no other options. Additionally, it usually denotes a situation where they are unwilling to let go of a particular circumstance.

Destruction also signifies that everything must come to an end and that something new must begin. During this transition, many people become emotionally stuck. Therefore, it could result in adverse effects or bleak outcomes down the road. You can find the six possible formations below, which result in various life circumstances.

Animal SignsDestructionEffect
RatRoosterAbusive, Health issues
OxDragonUnsettled, Unhappy
(Good to bad/Bad to Good)
RabbitHorseAshamed, Judgemental
(Good to bad/Bad to Good)
GoatDogStress, Depression
Animal Sign Destructions
Earthly Branches 6 Destruction
Earthly Branches 6 Destruction (六破)

The “Grand Duke” (太岁)

2022 is your year serving as The Grand Duke if you were born under the Tiger sign according to your Bazi Chart. It indicates that you will experience a period of heightened energy vibration and an urge or desire to act. For those who are proactive, this is fantastic for you if you want to go ahead and take matters into your own hands instead of waiting. However, if you play it safe this year, you may unintentionally hurt others or offend your superior if this energy flows freely. For more info about the 12 animal signs, refer to my earlier post.

Animal SignsGrand Duke (Annual)
Grand Duke in Animal Signs
Earthly Branches Grand Duke
Earthly Branches Grand Duke (太岁)

Utilizing Your Talents in Your Bazi Chart

In one of our earlier posts, we looked at some of the concepts and your talents behind the Ten Gods. Let’s go through it once more in this post, again we are focusing on the Month Pillar in your Bazi Chart.

  • The top Heavenly Stem: It is what you are actively accomplishing in your work through a series of activities based on your job role. – “What do you do
  • The bottom Hidden Stem: You must excel at what you do if you want to advance in your job. These are skill sets or talents that help you progress further. – “How you do it well

Therefore, if you can grasp the idea, you can use the summary table below to your advantage in Period 9.

10 GodsSkillsets
Direct Wealth (DW)Flexible resource allocation
Indirect Wealth (IW)Entrepreneurship and financial planning
Hurting Office (HO)Influence and mass communication
Eating God (EG)Develop solutions, be innovative, and strategic planning
Seven Killings (7K)Leadership and problem-solving
Direct Officer (DO)Discipline, systematization, and governance
Friend (F)Networking, expansion, and leverage
Rob Wealth (RW)Exchange of resources and benefits
Direct Resource (DR)Analysis for swift decision making
Indirect Resource (IR)Situational awareness
Skillsets based on 10 Gods for Period 9
Hidden Skillsets The Ten Gods in Period 9
Hidden Skillsets The Ten Gods in Period 9

Concluding Remarks

Utilizing the previously mentioned three-step structure, you may look back on your past and map it out to look forward and understand where you are heading and what you need to execute. Additionally, you can find hidden job opportunities and prominent industries to work in by studying the megatrends of Period 9. As a result, once you realize the crucial skill sets for Period 9, you may use your Bazi Chart to find the abilities you can employ to accomplish your objectives.

Gaining awareness and clarity is crucial to eradicating the sense of being lost and ensuring that you know where you are heading. Therefore, the next step is to choose your goals and the path to achieving them. Finally, you have to create a plan of action and techniques you may use. I wish you well as you work to fulfill your life’s goals. Good luck!

By becoming self-aware, you gain ownership of reality; In becoming real, you become the master of both inner and outer life.


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