How to Improve Your Feng Shui Luck for Period 9

How to Improve Your Feng Shui Luck for Period 9

A quick intro of Period 9…

Period 9 is a form of energy cycle in Chinese metaphysics. As we enter Period 9, there is a shift in the subconsciousness of people, on how we deal with life, work, and other issues. Period 9 begins in 2024 and ends in 2043, therefore we are still in Period 8 which runs from 2004 to 2023. However, we have already entered Period 9 and we can use Feng Shui to benefit and optimize the energy of this period.

The use of Feng Shui…

Feng Shui is an old technique that is utilized to harmonize our buildings with the natural environment. When the areas we live and work in are in harmony with nature, the ideal conditions for prosperity and luck are created. By positioning ourselves in an environment with positive energy, we can improve the quality of our Feng Shui luck.


Feng Shui techniques to use…

Below are the following beginner-friendly techniques to improve our Feng Shui luck for Period 9. These techniques are also useful if you are searching for a new house to purchase for Period 9.

  • Evaluate your existing home and/or environment first. Staying in your present Period 8 (or earlier) home does not necessarily suggest that it is a terrible house; in fact, it may even be better! We should never doubt that staying in a non-Period 9 house is harmful to us, it is important to align our thinking on this aspect. Many people are still living in older homes and are doing very well in their lives.
  • Determine the best sector in your home. The best sector for Period 9 is South, as this is where the energy flow is most ideal. From 2024 to 2043, the South will become the most prosperous sector. If this sector is missing in your home, you will have trouble harnessing the positive energy for the next 20 years! As a result, the South sector must be present in your home.

Period 9 Formation
Period 9 Formation Chart

Also including…

  • Examine your external surroundings for the presence of mountain and water formations. Ideally, we should be staying in a home overlooking the mountains in the South direction, and water in the North direction. This is because mountain formation regulates health, relationships, and happiness. Areas with elevated terrain, hills, and mountains with plentiful plants and trees are examples of healthy mountain formation. The water formation, on the other hand, will create more financial chances and wealth. Ponds, lakes, and rivers with clean, slow-moving water are examples of healthy water formation. The combination of these forms will greatly improve your home’s Feng Shui luck.

Feng Shui Luck in Period 9
Feng Shui Luck in Period 9

So what can we expect in Period 9…

  • Recognize the upcoming trends in Period 9. Firstly, women will begin to emerge as the dominant and influential figures in the workplace and at home. Secondly, technology will advance and adoption rates will grow with increasing popularity. Thirdly, we will see an increase in the demand for spirituality and healing practices like yoga, meditation, and tai chi. These methods are becoming more popular as people try to find alternative ways of relieving stress.

Moving forward into Period 9, we would see growth in new technologies, new ideas, and ways of thinking, as well as a shift in values. It can be a time where some people are called to make changes or take on new responsibilities. It is also important to plan ahead of your career knowing these trends. If you intend to start your own business, then these are the industries you should focus on in Period 9.

In conclusion, Period 9 Feng Shui Luck is all about the idea of balance. The Feng Shui techniques listed above will assist you in your decision-making on your home during Period 9. You will start to notice significant changes in your well-being if you take steps to boost your Feng Shui luck in Period 9. Generally, your health, relationships, wealth, and opportunities will improve and this will make you happier in life.

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